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I learned of IBT through the combination of words in a sales presentation of a bed salesperson.  I had never heard of inclined bed therapy, so when I heard the presentation I searched online for the meaning.  I was shocked to find that there was little to no information available through the medical community in the US.  As I continued my search I found you on YouTube and finally your website.

My wife had been treated for allergies at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA.  I immediately went to their website in hopes to find testing at their hospitals.  As you know, I found nothing.  They offer a tilted table test to try and diagnosis someone having fainting spells https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/tilt-table-test/about/pac-20395124 but that is where it stops.  

My wife is not easily convinced to try new things, but after a little discussion and her arriving home from work to find our bed tilted, she agreed to try.  

On 6/22/2019, we started sleeping inclined.  After a few weeks she found that symptoms of her rheumatoid arthritis had improved dramatically.  She woke with little or no pain and was able to start her day without the aches and pains.  

We are close to 2 months into our test of sleeping inclined and we will never sleep flat again.  I wake clear-minded and free of the need to rush to the bathroom when waking.  I have audio recorded my entire night’s sleep to find that my #snoring is now almost nonexistent.  My wife rarely uses the bathroom at night, where before she would need to go in the middle of most nights.  

Sadly, I feel I’m in the smallest group of believers.  I have 2 guest bedrooms in my home, one elevated and one flat.  When we have guests, I gently present how we sleep, discuss some of the first night improvements, share your website and offer the choice.  Do you want to try inclined sleep?  I’m 2 for 2 on visitors and have made believers of both.  

Jon Sampson
United States 

Posted Date : 19-08-2019
Jon Sampson