Astronauts Showed Us How Sitting Ages Us

Dr Joan Vernikos explains how prolonged bed rest mirrors the rapid ageing experienced by astronauts living in space.

In this 2012 talk at NASA's Ames Research Center, Dr. Joan Vernikos explains how studying astronauts both during and after space travel, as well as volunteers lying continuously at -6 degrees, has shown that as we use gravity less, the rate of physical aging increases. Joan's Website:


How long does it take an Astronaut in long term space flight to recover after 14 months continuously?

Dr. Joan Vernikos visits NASA's Ames Research Center and tells the story of George Mueller, and how simply standing up frequently throughout the day helped this 91 year-old get back on his feet

George Mueller, Mr Appolo stood up from his wheelchair every 20 minutes and got himself up out of the chair permanently and walking by using only gravity to heal himself.