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Urine Density (Experiment)


Looking for minimum of 10 preferably 20 healthy people to sleep 5 degree head down tilt for two nights 5 degree head up tilt for two nights and horizontal for two nights, collecting urine output and measuring the specific gravity / density of the collected urine using a hydrometer which can be obtained from any wine / beer making outlet or a second hand store / car boot sale for next to nothing.


 Choose a method to tilt your bed to five degrees, this can be blocks of wood, bricks, frame or wooden wedge under mattress.

 Tall slender glass or vase deep enough to allow a hydrometer to float freely in the contents and a larger sealed container to collect all of the urine produced sleeping and on waking in the morning.


Normal night time and morning urine output over two days is to be monitored using the hydrometer recording the density when the urine has been collected and cooled to normal room temperature. Measurements should include each sample of urine and an average sample of urine taken by combining all of the samples of urine in a large container for each of the sleeping positions used in this experiment labelling each container as HUT (5 degree to the horizontal Head Up Tilt) H (Horizontal) HDT (5 degree to the horizontal Head Down Tilt)

Urine output is to be monitored in the early part of the week negating confusing results with unusual alcohol consumption at weekends. Diet should again be kept more or less on a steady path during this experiment also.

 Urine samples should be photographed next to each other showing respective labels as (H) (HUT) (HDT) so that a like for like comparison can be made.

 Odour of urine requires inspection also in order to again determine any differences between the sleeping models.

 If correct we should see a clear gravity / renal / urine output interaction.

 Once proven, this simple experiment should change the outcome of patient care in hospitals all over the world and improve and save many lives.

 I would also like to determine heart and respiration rate changes during this important experiment. This would require a third party to measure these changes when sleeping in the 3 angles described previously. I have measured these

changes on my wife, 2 sons and 3 bull terriers sleeping at an angle of five degrees. The results were conclusive then and should be conclusive during this experiment. This tells us that circulation and respiration is also influenced by gravity.

Important NOTE:  sleeping head down for a healthy person should not cause too much discomfort, it may cause weight loss and may also loosen stools as more fluids pass through the bowls.

Anyone with a suspected heart condition or who has trouble breathing and a history of respiratory problems should not take part in the head down experiment.

 Andrew K Fletcher