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MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Andrew Fletcher's Bed Treatment To Be Investigated

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Andrew Fletcher's bed treatment will now be fully investigated. Picture: Steve Porter
Andrew K Fletcher Featured in Sunday Independent

Of the many people who have enjoyed improvements in their health using the gravity bed, none was more dramatic than the case of 69-year-old John Cann.

The former commercial diver had no feeling in his legs for eight years after an operation went wrong and left him paralysed.

He was told that, however much movement he had after two years, there would be no further improvement, but then he tried raising his bed and the results were spectacular.

When John, from Gunnislake, was first featured in the Indy last April he had got the feeling back in his legs and was able to stand.

But now, just five months on, a delighted John is walking further with the help of parallel bars and is determined to get on to crutches as soon as possible.

He is getting some specially made boots to support his ankles and says he has never felt better.

He said: 'I am getting stronger and stronger every day and the only thing that's holding me back now is my ankles and my knees.'

John, who lives alone, is noticing more and more feeling in his legs as the nerves recover and his long term aim is to walk unaided.

Ministers pledge on bed project

HEALTH ministers have pledged to look into the benefits of a simple bed treatment, pioneered by a West Country man, which is having a dramatic effect on spinal injury and multiple sclerosis sufferers,writes ANTHONY ABBOTT.

It marks a real breakthrough in Andrew Fletcher's five-year battle to gain official recognition for the Naturesway Sleep System that appears to be succeeding where conventional medicine has failed.

Thanks to the backing of Torbay MP Adrian Sanders, Andrew, who lives in Torquay, has received a letter from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health, Lord Philip Hunt, saying officials will examine the benefits of the gravity bed.


The Minister said that the Government was always interested in developments that might lead to improved care for patients.

Andrew said: 'This is long overdue. It is absolutely incredible to me to think that there is something here that doesn't cost anything and I can't understand for the life of me why everyone isn't doing it.'

 First revealed in theSunday Independentthree years ago, the Naturesway Sleep System involves raising the bed a few inches with blocks of wood or ordinary house bricks.

The discovery followed several experiments by Andrew who found there was a circuit which made water carrying salt and nutrients flow upwards. He wondered how gravity and the flow of water would affect the human body.

Andrew set up a controlled study on the Internet and scores of sufferers around the world found their condition improved with the treatment.

Original Inclined Bed Therapy Article in Sunday Independent