How To Make an Inclined Bed From A Door To Improve Your Sleep and Health
The simplest method of making a bed for inclined bed therapy
Auryn Tales  " I could not sleep so i build my first inclined bed. i hope i will sleep now like a bear! Good Night"

Auryn has provided these images showing the simplest method of inclining a bed. A door frame was removed and raised at the head end using books. Now what is your excuse for not trying IBT?


What is your excuse for not trying Inclined Bed Therapy?
Using either a plywood sheet, or removing a door from it's hinges and propping up one end with books, bricks or blocks of wood, place a mattress on top and your ready to sleep as nature intended us to.

When is a door not a door? When it's an inclined bed that improves your health and wellbeing
Open Your Mind To The New Way To Sleep. The Ancient Egyptians Slept This Way 5 Thousand Years ago