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Bedwetting and Inclined Bed Therapy. Does IBT Help with Nocturia?

Q: Zinnia asks: Has anyone suggested that perhaps inclined bed therapy would work wonders for the millions of children that are enduring night time bed wetting? It would be such a relief for the child and their care givers to find this is a remedy.

A: The answer is a definite YES! A lady commented on Youtube about her success using IBT for her son who had been unable to find anything that prevents bed wetting.

How I suspect it works, first of all, IBT maintains the body temperature during the whole night. Unlike flat bed rest where the body temperature dips by up to 2 degrees at around 4.30 am, ironically the time most people die in their sleep.

Keeping the body warmer provides us with better evaporation rates. This means that urine becomes denser and there is far less of it produced.

Sleep patterns are very different using IBT, a lighter sleep develops and dreaming becomes more lucid because the brain remains in a more active and alert state while sleeping inclined. Could it be that this allows us to awaken when the urge to urinate becomes apparent?

Please come back and let us know what you find from your own experiments with tilting your child’s bed.