40 dollar inclined bed frame ibt 1Inclined Bed Therapy:  Sleeping Inclined To Restore and Support Your Health For Free.  Fascinating Science, Discovery, History and Medical Research In Circulation And Posture, by Andrew K Fletcher.  Read the Success Stories.  Check the Forum.

Who Is Andrew K Fletcher?

Andrew K FletcherFor more than 23 years, Andrew, 60 years young, has worked tirelessly, selflessly, and self-funded. He has been helping people around the world regain control of their health by simply advising them to raise their beds at the head end to a five-degree angle.  

This is based on his new understanding of the role that gravity plays in driving our circulation.  

As a free-thinking child, Andrew would take things apart, needing to understand how it all works.  He did the same with the science text books, which he states will never look the same again.  He openly admits to being a difficult, stubborn student questioning lessons and tutors, rather than accepting subject content as facts.  Andrew left school early to enter a career as a vehicle mechanic, later moving into heavy engineering as a fabricator welder, and obtained many other skills from a wide range of disciplines.

Andrew’s love of the natural world and problem solving was fuelled through absorbing countless Open University Programmes (OUP) about nature, history, science, medicine, art and engineering.  As a moralist, philosopher and a humanist Andrew has much to say about poverty and inequality throughout the world.

How Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) Started

Odd as it may seem, Andrew’s insatiable appetite for problem solving was aroused by a television programme addressing irrigation problems in deserts in 1994. The Operation OASIS (Overseas Arid Soil Irrigation Solution) project found that soil was made too salty by high evaporation, effectively rendering soils unproductive.  However, in the backdrop from the camera footage, Andrew noticed that the trees appeared to be unaffected by the same irrigated water.  

He asked: What are trees doing with salts and minerals?

To answer this problem Andrew obtained a textbook: McKean, DG. GCSE Biology. Hodder Murray, 1989.  McKean was very critical of the explanations of sap flow and lack of supporting evidence for fluid transportation in plants and trees.  These unconvincing descriptions prompted Andrew to re-examine the facts and ignore all unsubstantiated assumptions of a one-way flow to the tree’s canopy.

Andrew reasoned that if a tree stood vertically it was using gravity in its long tubular structures.  If it was not using gravity it would grow horizontally!  It is a fact that 98% of the water entering through the tree’s roots evaporates through the leaves.  This process is called transpiration.

Andrew applied his knowledge and experience of siphons and non—pumped hot water systems to build up a hypothesis.  The simple flow and return mechanism of a non-pumped hot water system relies upon density changes.  Heat from a boiler causes water to rise.  The transfer of heat from a tubular coil inside a tank to the hot water supply causes the water inside the coil to cool, making it denser, generating an efficient gravity driven return flow.

Recently, his experiment at Brixham, Devon, where he caused water to flow vertically up 24 meters in a single open ended tube, was verified in Nature Journal, under Scientific Reports, after three doctors tested it to 15 meters to try to determine the height limit of a siphon, which is believed to be 10 metres. Initially, no recognition was given to Andrew.  This has since been corrected in a Corrigendum, attached to the original publication.  

Sap Circulation Discovery

Andrew then applied the analogy of a simple flow and return system to the tree.  The tree is warmed by the sun and transfers heat to the tree’s long continuous tube cell structures.   It made sense.
Realising that for sap density changes to take place and initiate circulation, it would require the down flow to be denser than the return flow.  McKean confirmed this to be the case in his book but this explanation was not sufficient to explain observed sap flow rates.  

Andrew concluded that the leaves producing sugar by converting carbon dioxide in a process called photosynthesis combined with dissolved nutrients and minerals from the soil water, increases sap density in the leaves.  

Evaporation from the leaves serves to further increase sap density by the same amount of water loss from transpiration.  Transpiration is the process of water movement to the atmosphere,  from aerial parts such as leaves, stems and flowers, by evaporation.   

Therefore, soil water entering the tree from the roots contains a dissolved, dilute solution of minerals and nutrients, dilutes sap density. Dilute sap flows up the tree transported in the xylem vessels , which are long thin non-living tubes, powered by the loading and concentration of sap with sugars produced by the leaves  which flows down in the aptly named phloem vessels to a sink (lower  reciprocal).   

The sink is always the path of least resistance and can be fruits, where sugars are stored. Or by being taken up in the trees continual cycle of expansion and growth in the trunk and branches, providing the tree with a means to offload sugars and nutrients from the heavier downward flowing sap, ultimately reaching the roots under a positive pressure.  (Think of sap flow behaving like a liquid plunger in a syringe, creating a positive pressure in front and a lower pressure behind it)

Having off loaded sugars and nutrients on it's journey down the tree, the sap becomes less dense and is ultimately re-diluted by incoming water from the soil into the roots, pulled into the tree by the lower pressure generated in the xylem  which is also under applied tension, caused by the down-flow. 

For every action there must be a reaction!  A down-flow must cause a return flow! This is  how trees and plants circulate sap!

Cohesion is the property of liquid molecules bonding together and reaches out beyond the sap in the roots, connecting with soil water molecules, pulling water into the roots. Therefore, the downward flowing sap inevitably causes the less dense sap to rise because sap molecules are linked together through cohesion .  (Think of water  in sap behaving as liquid rubber).

Osmosis, root pressure and capillary action are effectively redundant in  his theory.

Andrew’s Eureka Moments

Tall trees now made sense!  Instead of asking how a one-way flow from roots to leaves operates, which has baffled scientists for hundreds of years, because they asked the wrong question, we now have a robust circulation theory for plants and trees, supported by many experiments with plastic tubes, showing how gravity can raise water to great heights.  

The Birth of Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

Almost instantly, Andrew, who thinks laterally, made the connection with gravity for our own circulation systems.  He hypothesised that there must be an imbalance in the density of our blood and other bodily fluids-due to evaporation from our lungs, upper respiratory tract, sinuses, skin and eyes, all of which excrete water to the atmosphere and therefore must concentrate the fluids from which evaporation originates.

He obtained more medical and science text books to see what was already known and, just as he found a wholly inadequate explanation for sap flow in trees, he found inadequate explanations for the origination of human circulation.  Andrew also found that there was little research or understanding into how primary circulation occurs, long before the heart is formed, it beats in a developing embryo. A Pulsate flow is visible in the vessels that develop into the heart. in fact there were contradictions and doubts about all circulations.

Andrew’s Logical Approach Appears to Fit Well with Blood Flow

Andrew’s hypothesis argues that respiration in the lungs must concentrate the blood because of the water lost due to evaporation.  So, the blood exiting the lungs is denser than the blood entering the lungs and therefore must contribute to circulation.

Homo-Erectus (When we Stood Vertical)

Being upright now meant so much more to Andrew, because homo sapiens were obviously benefiting a great deal more than anyone had realised.  Our vertical posture was indeed a very smart move in our evolutionary path.

By standing on our own two feet, we got ahead of other species due to this boost in our circulation.  This argument raises many more interesting questions about how our intelligence surpassed that of primates and many other species. Dean Falk and Professor Michel Cabanac in the radiator theory, http://deanfalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/1990-Falk-Brain-evolution-in-Homo-The-radiator-theory.pdf raised interesting observations. Falk studied  early human skulls and noted that the holes in the back of the skull, which accommodated blood  vessels to and from the brain, had migrated to the top of the skull when we stood upright.

Cabanac discovered that blood flow from the brain reverses against the flow from the heart, when our body temperature is raised through exercise. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02335925?no-access=true 

What this tells us is that our circulation changed permanently in the upright posture.

Andrew deduced that blood density  from higher evaporation, due to exercise, changed the direction of flow and must have played a significant role in the relocation of these vessels over generations, indicating a remapping of vessels may well have contributed to our thinking patterns.

Andrew’s question was obvious:

If gravity was more important than anyone could have imagined, why are we ignoring it by sleeping horizontally in bed? 

The direction of blood flow through the long tubular vessels in our body, which run from head to toe, made Andrew question whether flat bed-rest was efficient in replenishing  and maintaining the human body.

Andrew’s questioning of why we all sleep on flat beds, prompted him to ask friends and family to raise the head end of their beds on bricks, blocks or books to a five-degree angle to see what would happen.  Within four weeks two volunteers reported back significant improvements in varicose veins.

This again meant that the literature needed serious review, because patients who were being advised to put their feet up higher and now placed their feet lower, were responding to what must be the simplest non-invasive method of study available.  A raised bed at the head end position seemed to improve wellbeing.

Andrew’s mother was the first to report being able to move her ankle and wiggle her toes for the first time in over ten years after only four weeks of  IBT.  Later her sensation in the limb became normal.

Following more compelling reports from patients who trialled IBT, there became an inevitable positive change for people with neurological conditions, which were believed to be irreversible.   People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) were observing substantial improvements.   

The argument against Andrew's results were that MS could relapse and remit, despite there being reports from people with primary progressive MS. This argument was thwarted when he extended his theory and research to patients with complete spinal cord injury, who also reported significant improvements in bowel and bladder control, sensation and movement.

Successes prompted Andrew to research cerebrospinal fluid circulation and the onset and lack of progress in many neurological problems, including Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches, Strokes, Comatose patient care, restless leg syndrome , broken bone growth and many more conditions, all of which appeared to benefit from IBT. 

An independent report from the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC), was conducted by John and Jean Simkins, titled: Raised Bed Survey, also published here.  Documented how ten people with MS and two people with spinal cord injury positively progressed using IBT.

Andrew’s battle to alert the medical profession and science communities to his findings, inviting them to challenge his discovery by testing the results, instead of dismissing them out of hand as being anecdotal evidence, has been relentless.
A lesser man would have given up long ago.  But Andrew is driven on to help many more people, with or without ‘academic recognition’ to establish the truth.

History of Beds

Andrew’s research into the history of beds and how we used to sleep took him to rediscover how the Pharaohs and their followers slept inclined in Ancient Egypt.  Those ancient beds are in museums around the world and no one is asking why our ancestors slept inclined.  Andrew also found images of inclined beds in an ancient Constantinople hospital and C sections carried out successfully using an inclined bed, by natives in Africa.  Images of babies swaddled in cots and cribs were also found, indicating a long since forgotten wisdom.

Astronauts and Space Travel

Andrew asked what happens to our physiology when we enter orbit in microgravity. He Found a great deal of evidence from various Space Research Studies, which used prolonged flat bed rest and head down bed rest as a model to replicate the rapid ageing, which according to Joan Vernikos, former head of NASA Life Sciences, is 10 times faster than here on Earth. 

These prolonged bed rest trials revealed  that the same degenerative processes experienced by astronauts were present in healthy young people who were confined to bed and studied for many months.  Astronauts experience heart atrophy, fluid shift, bone decalcification,  osteoporosis, muscular atrophy, skin thinning, psoriasis and other skin conditions, sight degeneration, immune deficiency, kidney stones, liver stones, bladder stones, urine infections, circulatory disorders, vestibular disorders, chronic inflammation,  sleep disorders, accumulation of carbon dioxide, lymphatic disorders and more. On return to Earth, they are unable to walk or even stand upright. 

Studies, Work and Documentation

Andrew had documented and shared his results in mainstream media, including the Daily Mail, Woman’s Realm, BBC World Service, Carlton TV News and many more publications.

At the London International Inventions Fair in 1997 his inclined bed invention won a gold award after he demonstrated a circulation model in tubes that showed clearly how circulation in humans and animals benefit from the direction of gravity.  

He invited visitors, including many scientists, doctors, inventors and the public to lay on his inclined bed to determine the differences between sleeping flat against sleeping at an incline.  Most could determine the differences immediately.

Andrew has documented many of his early fascinating news cuttings, letters (including support and rejections by doctors), and articles from both science journals and charity sites on his website.  These are supported with a compelling bank of evidence, including astonishing testimonials and case histories.

Andrew has continuously campaigned to have clinical studies conducted to test Inclined Bed Therapy results to establish IBT in hospitals to improve patient recovery and survival rates.  The simple modification to a bed can follow the patient home and continue to aid recovery from surgery and prevent many complications, improving patients’ lives and saving overburdened health services a great deal of resources, time and money.

Diabetes Trial Success.

One such study has been conducted into Diabetes, which showed that IBT lowers blood sugar levels and helps with many other diabetes associated symptoms.

INCLINED BED THERAPY: NEW HOPE FOR DIABETES By Erica Billen Pohnpei Island Central School & Tetaake Yee Ting College of Micronesia-FSM Pohnpei, Micronesia


To put an end to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
To put an end to SIDS by encouraging parents to place babies on an inclined mattress of no more than 5 degrees.  Andrew met with Dr Chantler, senior medical research advisor to the Foundation for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, now named the Lullaby Foundation and convinced her that the science was correct.  After hearing Andrew, and seeing his experiments at her home in London, he proved he had solved SIDS!  And yet to – date, no further research has been forthcoming.  

To put an end to Sudden Unexplained Adult Deaths (SADS) Which appears to mirror (SIDS)
Healthy adults are going to bed, never to wake up? It should tell us all something about the dangers of bed rest?

To save patients from losing limbs and in some cases their lives to gangrene, leg ulcers, pressure sores and many other infections, including pneumonia, scarlatina, thrombosis,

To Introduce IBT as normal practice in aiding and speeding up recovery in all hospitals.

To spread the word about IBT in developing countries affected by AIDS and many other debilitating conditions.


Reward a child for thinking and not just for remembering and regurgitate someone else’s beliefs.  Then we will see foundations crumble and brick walls fall!”  Andrew K Fletcher

When asked why do you continue?  Andrew will always reply: “Because it is the right thing to do!”.


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   A discovery in how trees circulate sap using gravity, leading on to applying it to our how own circulation, Andrew questioned why we sleep in flat beds. He has spent more than 23 years helping people from all over the World, by asking them to avoid sleeping on a flat bed.
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Photograph of Andrew K Fletcher Originator of Inclined Bed Therapy

24 years ago I made a phenominal discovery in circulation and how gravity acts upon fluid density changes that take place in all fluids where water is evaporated. In trees (Where this theory began) evaporation from the leaves alters the density of sap. In the body, the warm lungs and airways provide the same density changes in the blood and other fluids. It was not long before it became obvious that posture was incredibly more important than anyone could imagine. To make use of these density changes and allow them to assist the circulation all we needed to do was to manage our posture.

This was a Eureka moment of such magnitude it went off the scale for me and instantly gave birth to Inclined Bed Therapy.

Andrew K Fletcher with Clive De Carl, Seeking Solutions

Click Here to listen

Transcript of radio Inclined Bed Therapy Interview with Clive De Carl

"Clive" Hello it's Clive De Carle here with another episode of Solutions Revolution, Thank you all very much for joining us and today I am very happy to invite Andrew K Fletcher on to the show and Andrew is an expert in Inclined Bed Therapy http://inclinedbedtherapy.com

Now if you haven't heard of this it really is rather a magic thing

I came across it something like 15 years ago and I love it, I really really like it.

But other people are experiencing huge benefits from a health perspective so welcome Andrew

Thank's for that Clive, It's not magic it's science and hopefully I can explain it in a way that it makes sense to everyone.

Excellent Thank you. So you discovered this about 20 years ago I think?

Yes it was rather an incredible journey

For example: Who Told Humans That We Should Sleep On A Flat Bed?

Yeah good point. So when every I go camping I am always drawn to a very slight incline so that my head is higher and I have heard you say that animals generally sleep on an incline?

Yes if you look around the fields, if there is a hill side you will see cattle and sheep and they will all be facing up hill if they are lying down. Sheep seem to know a great deal about sleeping and a great deal more than we do. If you look at chimpanzees in the wild or in the zoo as well. In the wild they will be up in nests and the branches are not flat and they tend to sleep with their heads up and gorillas will sleep resting up against a tree. The evidence is all there you just have to learn to look around

And of course a lot of people used to sleep in chairs, didn't they, in the old days, quite often as I understand it.

I also understand that people used to have two sleeps a night quite often.

So tell us some more about the inclined bed therapy and what it actually is first of all so people know what we are talking about.

Yeah well it is first of all simply raising the head end of the bed up six inches or 15 cms, if you are metrically "Inclined" and you raise the bed at the head end causing the whole bed to slope down from head to toe.

A lot of people make the mistake and say I have tried Inclined Bed Therapy and it hasn't worked for me and then when you dig around a little bit and ask a few questions they tend to tell you that they raised the upper half of the bed and have their legs raised or flat, or have one of these new fangled electric beds and some people have their knees up in the air on these electric machines, so they have not actually tried the inclined bed.

Now if you are sleeping with the bed folded in the middle IE an electric bed, what you are doing is you are compressing the spine.

If you are on an angled bed then you are doing the exact opposite, you are decompressing the spine, but you are doing a great deal more as well.

Because I had worked out how gravity was driving the circulation in the body. A tall claim I know but if you listen up you will learn what I learned.

If the literature states that gravity doesn't play a role in circulation because it acts equally on the blood flowing down as it does on the blood flowing up, same with the lymphatic system, same with cerebrospinal fluid. But what they have failed to take into account is that for every breath we take we evaporate water from the lungs and that water is donated by the blood that flows through the lungs, so as the blood flows through the lungs it becomes denser on exiting, so that denser blood then passes through the heart and enters the main artery, so it's a bit like placing a pinch of salt at the top of the blood tree. And then gravity if we are the right way around according to gravity, I.E. head up and feet down, standing, sitting correctly, gravity will pull on those density changes and drag on the blood causing it to be pulled down which gives the heart a bit of a boost. And it pulls the salts and the minerals through the kidneys a little bit more efficiently and then the blood that passes through the renal system is less dense having got rid of the salts that we excrete in the urine so the blood flowing up will always be more dilute than the blood flowing down. It's very simple really.

And the same applies to the lymphatic system and the same applies to the cerebrospinal fluid, in fact there is a paper just been published by Leszek Herbowski and he attributes, well he has done some temperature checks on the cerebrospinal fluid and he has written a paper Thermodynamic Approach to Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation saying that the cerebrospinal fluid that flows down is always denser than the cerebrospinal fluid that returns back up.

Right very interesting and so this is going to presumably give your heart a rest, my Step mother for instance died in her sleep of a heart attack, had she have had an inclined bed would she have stood a better chance do you think?

Well, I am just looking at my notes here and one of the things I have to mention is that the medical profession actually know how harmful and how dangerous a flat bed is. In fact all of the literature states that it's the last thing on Earth that you want to do is spend time in bed.

Around 3.30 in the morning the body temperature dips by 2 degrees, that is the time that most people will pass away in their sleep. Now when we, my wife and I tested our mouth temperature in exactly the same manner that the graph was compiled of in the literature, there was no 2 degree drop in our temperature, our temperature staid level, well you have peaks and troughs but it didn't drop off the 2 degrees that the flat bed produced.

How very interesting, so would you get long term benefits to your heart, presumably you must do?

Yes, again the heart rate was really important during the initial research, so I had two reliable volunteers, the two bull terriers, fast asleep, they were lying horizontal and I measured their heart rates and then I got them to sleep, well it's not difficult getting the bull terrier to sleep, so I measured their heart rates while they were on an angle and their heart rate and their respiration rate decreased. The heart rate decreased by 10 - 12 beats per minute and respiration rates decreased by 4-5 breaths per minute

So the next thing step was to see if the same applied to humans. I measured my sons while they were asleep and I measured my wife's while she was asleep and then she did the same for me. And we found and this is really interesting because our heart rate and our respiration rate decreased by exactly the same rate that the bull terriers had shown.

How interesting, so that should relate in the end to longer life shouldn't if you are not.

I would presume so but there is no claim for immortality with IBT because there is one thing for sure we will all die.

It appears that way Yeah.


It's been a fascinating adventure, another spin off which is pertinent to today's problems with the ebola virus, is that a great number of people have reported that they don't seem to get the infections that other people are getting i.e flu, coughs and colds and if they do get them, they get over them within a very short space of time, when people around them are dropping like flies. And one important report came last year which was from our Granddaughter at nursery. The whole classroom had gone down with chicken pox, except she didn't.

Have you any explanations to why that may be?

Yes I have, for a virus to infect a cell, it usually infects through the fluids, it would require the fluids to stagnate or slow down in order for it to penetrate the cells. And I believe that if we keep that circulation running at it's optimum level then we can skip a lot of the infections. But also the metabolic rate appears to have increased on the inclined bed because people with cold feet and poor circulation, and cold hands, suddenly find they have got nice toasty warm hands and feet, now viruses don't like increases in body temperature, in fact that's our defence. Our body temperature goes up we get a fever and we manage to kill the virus or defeat the virus.

I have know for some time that if, well if you think about the statement early with the flat beds that can cause multiple organ failure, neurological damage, cause the bones to de-calcify, and this is well known by the medical profession, but there is no research being done on what an inclined bed could do for these same people. And I believe that if the ebola patients were not put on these flat beds, I reckon they would fare a damned site better than they are doing now.

Well that's very interesting, wonder if it is having an effect on the thyroid, because usually if the thyroid is low, people end up with cold hands and feet. That's one of the symptoms of a low thyroid, possibly because they have low iodine?

Possibly because they have got low circulation as well.

Yes, and what other sorts of benefits have you seen?

How many hours do we have?


Two hours

I don't know where to start really, I did a great deal of research with people with multiple sclerosis


Had some phenomenal results with ms,

I had an original pilot study, where by we had a small group of people with ms, Roger Kirk was the first guy to try the sloping bed and Roger was in a very bad way, he couldn't walk. Roger's improvements were incredible, he came with me to a local chapter in Kingskerswell of the MS Society, And we got a group of people interested. Most people in the hall didn't receive the information that we were talking about and carried on business as usual talking to each other and I could tell that it wasn't striking any chords with them, but a small group of people did,

And that small group of people suddenly started to improve, incredible results.

Two ladies, one lady in Teignmouth and One lady In Paignton, both their ophthalmologists wrote to me asking me how could placing two blocks of wood under someone's bed restore someone's eyesight that was blind?


Yeah, I had people walking that couldn't walk, sensitivity came back, bowel and bladder control came back where it was lost, but in that same pilot study, because I had learned by now that the medical profession were a bit defensive and would go to extreme lengths to protect the status quo.

I realised and it had been said that multiple sclerosis could fluctuate anyway, i.e you can get relapsing and remitting ms, so they could be having good days or bad days, in fact quite a few of the people on that study were progressive ms, which didn't fluctuate, but nevertheless I included to patients with spinal cord injury. Now it had been said that if one person with a complete spinal cord injury regained sensitivity and regained function, then that would be a major breakthrough and it would be accepted,

Well the first two people with spinal cord injury made incredible progress, they both got bowel and bladder control back, one gentleman who is tetraplegic developed the ability to write and could write his own name, his own address. When I met the guy his hands were locked up in two fists, so he couldn't move his hands at all, he couldn't feel anything from the armpits down and his kids used to dive all over him and being a former boxer, the guy was, it was very frustrating, he couldn't defend himself and laughed it off most of the time. But all of a sudden he was able to make crazy progress, so sensitivity returned below the level of the injury, sensitivity returned to his hands and to his feet, it was just incredible.

And the other guy, John, who has passed away now, he died from lung cancer, but his spine according to Tromans and Grundy at Salisbury was smashed to smitheries, he had fallen from a two story building and literally shattered his spine. And he was told that he would never be able to fend for himself, he would always be dependent on others and low and behold he got a great deal of function back.

His bladder for instance, he told me the one day that he uses a bladder wash to flush out his urine and he noticed that he was able to push the urine back up into the bladder bag, so he regained the ability to control his urine but it's not just those two guys, there have been more people with spinal cord injury that I have helped and they have also reported very similar improvements.

Now back to ms, I tried to work out why these people with ms were having significant results and I did a great deal of research into ms and we have all heard about the myelin sheath, but not a lot of people have heard that myelin behaves exactly like liquid crystal in an lcd screen. Providing it is in it's liquid state it functions, now we have talked about circulation and if you can compromise circulation, i.e, cause those fluids to slow down or stagnate, then that circulation is compromised and those crystals will no longer be liquid and become solid, and when they become solid, they become visible under an mri scan. So I suspect that the circulation increasing would eventually re-establish the liquidity of this myelin.

Are you there?

Yes, well that's amazing and I believe also that people who are having to urinate at night you know just because they are getting old, actually it's usually a nutrient deficiency, but they are also getting positive results?

Yes that was another report that came in many times, nocturia I think they call it. And infant bed wetting as well.

I have explained that the two degree temperature drop and if we feel cold we need to urinate but if we are not cold then we don't need to urinate and also because we have increased the metabolic rate, evaporation is taking place more effectively from our lungs and from our skin and if we are evaporating more water away then there is less urine being produced. One caveat to that is that if someone has oedema, ie they have swollen legs and swollen hands and swollen feet, the medical profession will recommend raising the legs.

Now that's great because that shifts the fluid from the swollen limbs back into the trunk, but it doesn't actually push it back into the circulation, but the sloping bed does the opposite, if we raise the head end of the bed and lower the legs, then what we have seen time and time again is that that excess fluid in the body is drawn back into the circulation through the venous return, whipped around the circulation and flushed out by the bladder.

So initially if someone has a great deal of fluid, they will probably experience none-stop urination for quite some time.

How long would quite some time be?

Well it can go on for 3 or 4 days. There's a guy over in Torquay, when I met the guy he was severely swollen, the chap had Parkinson's disease and when I met him his limbs were like giant water balloons. He couldn't walk, the couple were struggling to try to get him to the bathroom and back to his seat. Getting him up stairs was a nightmare and we tilted the bed and then over the course of a few days his clothes literally fell on the floor, he had lost that much fluid.

His wife was ringing up frantic the one day saying that I don't know how to stop my husband from urinating, and yet all of the time the fluid was being drawn back into the circulation.

And this was backed up by a guy called Peter Lewis a vascular surgeon, because he did exactly the same, he had head about what had happened to this guy. I had met Lewis at his home along with another vascular surgeon called Celeste from Trinidad and I explained all about the mechanics, how the body works and how the circulation fitted with the new theory and he was fascinated, then he put me to the test, because he had a lady with a severely swollen body and ascites, which is the abdominal cavity fills with fluid because of liver problems. And he went back to the hospital because he had tried diuretics and nothing had worked and when he came back he said he couldn't believe the changes in the lady. He said it was incredible and that he had never seen anything like it.

Well it's good to hear that doctors are listening.

Yeah, there is a great deal of Doctors now standing up and actually doing something with this. It has been published in a few doctors books as well.

Well that's good, the worst case of swollen limbs that I have seen is lymph oedema.


It would clear lymph oedema would it?

I would imagine that it would, I have not come across a case of lymph-oedema yet. Elephant tiasis is another good example of that and I often thought that these people that have got these huge problems with their legs would...

Actually, My Father was taken ill in hospital, he has passed away now he had pancreatic cancer.

While he was in hospital on the flat bed his legs were swelling up to the point where his pyjamas had to be cut. I tried to lift one of his legs up and I couldn't lift his leg up.


His kidneys had packed up, his liver had packed up and we were told that it was a matter of hours before you know, my Father would pass away and he was in a coma and I fought tooth and nail with the doctors and the nurses at Russells Hall Hospital and I was very stubborn and insisted that his bed was put on an angle and every time I turned my back they had put the bed back down.

I got really angry with these people but anyway, we tilted his bed and within hours his circulation had increased that much that the bloody urine that he was producing the tar urine ran clear and yellow, so his kidneys had began functioning again and over the course of a few days the yellowness was going from his skin and his eyes, so his liver was functioning again and he come out of his coma as well.

And then he came home and had an extra 8 months of life.

Wow, amazing.


Absolutely amazing.

That's my own Father, unfortunately, you know, they did put a stent in after they told me that there was nothing that could be done for my dad. And I said I am going home to research this and as soon as I got through the door, now that's a 200 mile journey, the phone rang and it was the doctor who said we are putting a stent in for your dad. So there was a surgical procedure that could have been done and yet they were trying to avoid it and deny it.

Stent's unfortunately are very seldom as effective as they say.

Yes Yes

So the oedema, how does that work with the oedema? Now if we have got oedema in the limbs, that's because the pressure in the venous return is greater than the pressure in the surrounding tissue.

So because of the semi-permiability of the veins, the fluid is being pushed by the pressure into the surrounding tissue. Now when we tilt the bed as I have said previously, we change the density of the blood which then in the arteries, which pass through the lungs, that arterial blood is then influenced by gravity and pulled upon and that applies tension to to every molecule in that blood and that tension stretches back to the venous return all the way back through the kidneys and back to its self. So affecting one molecule will have a chain effect on every molecule of blood in the body.

Now if we are applying a downward pressure by gravity to the arterial blood, which is dragging on the density changes, we are applying tension to the venous return and if we apply tension to the venous return, the blood starts to pull the walls in. Now the first evidence for this happened very quickly. Within 4 weeks of tilting our bed, my wife's varicose vein went flat and so did a nurses called Stephanie Ness.

Her varicose vein went flat as well.

And that proved to me that we had nailed something very very important.

And if we apply tension we are also increasing the positive pressure because of gravity in the arterial side, so we are increasing the arterial pressure.

But for every action there must be a reaction, we a re decreasing the venous return pressure. We are in fact lowering the pressure lower than the surrounding tissue. So the excess fluids migrate from the surrounding tissues back into the veins, around the circulation through the kidneys, where they are filtered and the spent salts are excreted in the urine. And if you stand there at the toilet and decant your urine, your hot urine down the pan, you will see that it sinks straight to the bottom of the toilet.

Now you would think that because it is warmer it would float on the surface, but it contains a great deal of minerals and salts so it is heavier and it sinks.

And have you had any people with end stage kidney failure get their kidney function back.

Not been tested for dialysis, although I have tried and tried with a friend in fact I have a bit of a problem with my own kidneys, I have a polycistic kidney.

Polycystic, generally has a relationship with low iodine

I am taking Lugols Iodine

How many drops are you taking?

2 in the morning 2 in the evening.

And it's what I have made myself, it's a proper 10%, it's not the 10% that people are trading.

You think people are trading 10% Lugols that isn't?


That's interesting, have they just got the formula wrong or deliberate do you think?

No I think it's they have got the formula wrong.

I found a recipe from a guy called Israel on the net, and of course I had a quick play around with the maths to see if he had done it right and yeah it made a great deal of sense what he was saying so I made my own.

Fair enough

Well at least I know what is in it.

Yes yes quite.

I think iodine is one of the most important elements out there, particularly Lugol's with potassium iodide added to the elemental iodine and all the Fukushima radiation coming out, absolutely essential that we have enough iodine to stop the radiation getting into the iodine receptors.

People don't seem to understand that radiation is not nearly as worrying if you have full nutrition. People don't realise that we have the receptors but if the receptors are full the radioactive iodine will just float on past.

Yeah it's a bit like the natural progesterone. I have first hand experience with this and have seen uterine fibroids shrivel up and virtually vanish. And it's the same principle because the receptors from the progesterone are the same that the oestrogen uses to make the benign tumours grow, so we gave it a whirl and yeah it works.

Well people are being barraged by oestrogen at the moment, mainly I think in bread products, I don't know whether you have looked at the labels on packeted breads in the supermarket? Every single packet of bread is only partly wheat. Most of them are about 40 to 45 % soya.

Wow I didn't know that.

Yeah I know, I went into the supermarkets to do some filming, they chucked me out but every loaf of bread, the whole lot have been cut with soya so you know because Hovis used to say whole-wheat but it doesn't any more it says wholemeal.

That's really interesting, thanks for that.

Then because soya is so cheap they feed it to chickens so the chickens and the eggs are absolutely laced with omega 6. So a chicken that has been fed soya will have about 20 times more omega 6 than would be safe, that would be normal.

So when they use that phrase, eggs is eggs, these days eggs aren't eggs they are quite dangerous.

We used to see cow's in the fields but we don't see those so often now, we put them in factories and the poor cows are being fed soya, never seeing the sun, never knowing what grass looks like and we are being fed this rubbish.

And as a result, people are being hugely poisoned.

And the people that are eating soya products like burgers and so on are in real trouble. And worse still are the babies that are being fed on soya formula, I think it's about 28 years ago or something that soya formula first came on the market for babies who were allergic to cows milk and now the children 25 to 26 years old at the oldest and they all have one big problem which is great difficulty in reproducing because their hormonal cycle has been damaged by the oestrogen and then further damaged by all the chlorine and the bromine and possibly fluoride that they are getting as well.

Most peoples hormones are being made of the wrong material these days, which explains the thyroid epidemic that is rampant out there.

The sad thing is that in the old days before levothyroxine, Doctors used to give dried desiccated animal thyroid, maybe one grain or two grains a very small amount and that had all the balanced of t4 t3 t2 and so on, but now with levothyroxin which has just got t4 and although it helps peoples symptoms, it means they are on it for life and they are going to have a shorter life and have a lot of problems.

I try to encourage people to research lugols if they have a thyroid problem and to consider the natural alternatives, unfortunately the GP isn't allowed to legally prescribe natural thyroid like their predecessors used to but they have no choice but to give a drug and it is very very sad really, they could be a lot healthier, the biggest problem is the lack of iodine.

I don't really know, but over in Japan, whereas in England 90% of menopausal woman report hot flushes and the usual menopausal symptoms, whereas in Japan only 10% of women experience those symptoms of hot flushes and Japanese woman only get about a tenth of the cancer rate of English woman for example.

And it's been tied down now to the fact they are eating so much seaweed and so much fish that they are getting the equivalent of two drops of lugols a day.

So have you noticed any differences after taking iodine? Clearer thinking maybe?

The sloping bed is er, I know what you are saying about the lugols but no I haven't noticed any difference with clearer thinking, but I am pretty sure my Granddaughter is absolutely incredible, she has been on the sloping bed from conception, right through to five years of age and she is incredible, she is absolutely incredible and she has been for many years. My new Granddaughter she is on a sloping bed again and I insist on this actually because I am pretty damned sure that putting a baby on a flat bed will cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS and I am absolutely certain that it's doing something for our mental capacity, for example a recent report that came through today a lady who wrote that I thought my life was over, she said I was suicideing on ice cream and I tilted the bed in 2009 and she said that it took me a long time to tilt the bed and I got around to doing it and it was like a lightbulb had switched on she lost a hundred pounds in weight.

Wow that's amazing is that common to lose weight?

What we found in the early days was really interesting with myself and a good friend of mine named Billy. We both titled the beds and I talked him into tilting his bed and this was in the early days and we both noticed that our weight went up.

Went up?


and the interesting thing is our clothes became loose.

So you were gaining muscle in that case?

Well and bone density, so your bone density goes up and your muscle density goes up but we were definitely burning the fat.

How interesting


And with brain function are you noticing that people with dementia or with Alzheimer's getting any improvements?

Well with short term memory loss one of the ladies, well it was actually it was the lady who recovered her eyesight, in Teignmouth with multiple sclerosis, she said, I don't know whether this has anything to do with the sloping bed she said, but when I walk to the door to do something, by the time I got to the door, I would have forgotten what it was and I would spend as long as I liked and I wouldn't be able to remember what it was that I went to the door for. She said and now, and this was only after a month or so, I walk to the door, she said and I'll forget just the same as anyone else would do and she said; and I pause, and then I can remember what it is I wanted to do., so her short term memory function had improved. And I think that demands a study in itself.

Well absolutely, funny enough when I am trying to assess whether people are low on iodine, I ask them do you remember where you put your car keys? Do you remember why you walked into a room? and obviously you know that's a common thing. I found that most people after 3 months of iodine, they now remember where they put their car keys and why they walked in the room so maybe, the two combined we will have a super memory keeper.

So what about dementia and Altzheimer's

Not getting any reports, it's not something I have focused on, again, what I am trying to do is focus on things that you will get reports back from.

If I help someone with dementia or someone with a memory problem, what's the chances of them reporting back to me? Because this is a huge problem with people working outside of the medical profession because people don't adhere to the protocols that we set out. In fact the medical profession have the same problem.

What about the length of time that you sleep, do you find that you get a more restful nights sleep and don't sleep so long or any changes like that?

I do tend to wake up in the night and get up and walk around and get back into bed. But I am doing that purposefully because I have realised the importance of being active and moving around rather than a sedentary lifestyle. It's very important.

But just one thing on the Intelligence side, which I think you will find interesting.

The circulation changed when we stood up. Are you religous or...



So when we were walking around on all fours, the circulation foramina were in the back of the head. These are the holes in the skull that carry the vessels to and from the scalp to and from the brain and when we stood up according to Dean Falk, she is a scientist over in America who has a theory called the Radiator Theory, which I disagree with.

When we stood up Dean Falk measured where the foramina, took notice of where the formaina where on the skulls that had changed like on homo-erectus and those foramini had migrated to the top of the skull, so the circulation through the brain had completely changed when we stood up.

Now another great scientist Michel Cabanac, Professor Michel Cabanac. He did some experiments with a guy on an exercise cycle and he placed a Doppler probe where the eye meets the nose.

He got the guy to work out and it showed normal blood flow from the brain out to the skin.

But when the guy becomes overheated on the cycle, the blood flow actually changes direction. It's now flowing from the skin back through the brain.

There are no valves in those vessels, so something has changed the circulation. Now Falk says the brain decides where it wants to send the circulation.

I am saying that because of the evaporative heat loss caused by the exercise, changed the density of the fluids in the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid and it was actually changed sufficiently enough for it to flow back against the pressure of the heart.


So circulation improves brain function. So if we have the bed on an angle, we are again improving circulation.

See, what I am trying to convey to anyone that is willing to listen is we have an assumption that bed's should be flat.

Now if we go back to history, there is a brilliant drawing with a hospital in Constantinople in the 13th century and it shows rows of Inclined Beds. It is perfectly obvious that the artist hasn't got mistaken. They are inclined, because the nurse standing next to the bed, you can actually see that it is up level almost level with her shoulders at the head end. At the foot end you can see that the legs are definitely shorter.

So Constantinople at that time were renowned for being very successful medical people.

Which is really interesting.

But if we go back further still, the ancient Egyptians, 5 thousand years ago, when we pulled out the beds from the Egyptian Tombs, they were all raised at the head end. They were all higher than the foot end. Even Tutankhamen's camping bed, he had a fold up camping bed and that was built on an incline.

No one bothered to question why these beds were inclined? I guess they all had diamonds and gold and jewels in their hands and very little in their brains.


Talk to me a little bit more about eyesight and how common might it be to repair a macular.

I have a friend over in Brixham and he has diabetes and he had bleeding from the back of the eyes and he was told that he needed surgery and the guy is 82, he was told that he needed laser surgery, and that it might not be successful and that eyes were worsening and his eyes healed up all by themselves.

And during a holiday he went away for a holiday and then slept flat the eyes started to bleed again from the back of his eyes.

And since he has been back on an inclined bed they have stopped bleeding again.

But interestingly enough, while he has been on the sloping bed, his sugar levels have been dropping as well. And this was confirmed in, well it's the first study, I am really really grateful to a guy called Tetaaki Yee Ting and he is from an Island called Pohnpei, in Micronesia, which is just North East of Australia and they have a tremendous problem with obesity in this place, due to the introduction of the American diet and possibly soya that you mentioned. Well, it's a pandemic on the island, but he got 11 patients to tilt their beds. Right across the board the sugar levels dropped. Now just by tilting the bed, they didn't make any dietary changes. But two of them, he noticed that their sugar levels had gone up at one point and he investigated why they should go in the opposite direction and they both admitted that they hadn't been on the sloping bed and one had been binging out at a wedding for 2 days and the other had been binging out at a funeral for 2 days and apparently when they went back to the inclined bed, their sugar levels come down as well.

So increasing the functionality of the pancreas?


And have you heard of anybody getting completely over their diabetes?

Well again this guy in Brixham his insulin, he takes insulin and he has noticed, well both of them have noticed that the insulin injection levels have dropped from 26 twice a day of the slow and a dose of the fast. He has skipped the fast insulin and skipped the one dose of the slow and I think he is on about 15 or 16 units now.

So that's a massive improvement from just tilting the bed. But of course diet plays a roll as we know with diabetes.

Well very much so. I am type one diabetic, myself and it's.

Have you noticed any change?

No not really.

No I don't think so.

Just to clarify to people, I understand that the six inch measurement is to be adhered to, five inches or seven inches does not work as good?

No, it all depends on the length of the bed, if you have got a King-sized bed you will probably have to raise your bed you will probably have to raise the bed 7 or 7 and a half inches.

Oh I see

Because whatever the length of the bed is, if you have got a cot to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, they you will probably need to raise that cot about 3 or 4 inches at the head end.

So it all depends on the length of the bed really.

I have a friend who she sleeps on what could be the North face of the eiger.

I just shake ny head when I see her bed. But she is 72 years young and back in 1995 she was ready for a wheelchair and she has a condition called psoriatic arthritis, which eats into her finger nails and toe nails and psoriasis all over her body and in her hair and she was racked with pain, she would get up every morning and she would immerse her hands in hot water just to get the hands working. And it would take about an hour and a half to get her hands working. Then she would bite the bullet and do what she could and then she heard me talking to this guy with who was staying with her at the time, this guy with the spinal cord injury and this lady was a nurse. So she stood and listened and she said who have you got coming down here now, somebody talking another load of old bull? But she sat there and she listened and you could see that the penny had dropped.

And she tilted her own bed, she didn't say anything to anybody, but she got up the next morning and no paralysis in her hands and it hasn't come back. And she has got virtually no psoriasis on her body now. Occasionally she will get a little rosette on the base of her spine and that's it.

Wow that's amazing and why do you think that the psoriasis went away, what do you think the mechanism going on there is?

Psoriasis skin contains a great deal more sodium and potassium than normal healthy skin, so the sloping bed could have actually helped those minerals to migrate away from the skin surface. You know, like when you put the lugols on the skin and it vanishes, the same could be happening with the mineral salts which are probably causing the skin to dessicate.

Going back to the Lugol's iodine, how long have you been doing four drops because four drops is quite a lot?

Five days

Oh that's fine

Are you taking selenium as well?

Not at the moment. I am reluctant to eat Brazil nuts because I a bit worried about them being irradiated.

Yes, who knows what they are doing radiation wise, I don't know? There are a number of ways to get selenium in supplement form. Those made from yeast which is the type I sell on my website.


Because when you take iodine it depletes your selenium level, it is a really good idea to take selenium at the same time.

You do get selenium from meat and eggs.

Well yes indeed but even so, really I try to recommend supplementing with anything if they can afford it is to take the whole set of 90 odd nutrients at once because there are so many people low on just one mineral and many people are low on selenium because it just isn't there in the soils like it used to be.

There would be a huge reduction in prostate issues if we all had a good mineral balance with selenium and zinc for example.

Tell me more of the results that you are getting, it really is an amazing isn't it, just such a simple thing can have such a dramatic affect it is incredible, I can't think of anything else that doesn't cost any money, it's free!

That's the problem. because it's free people think it's worthless but what a mistake that is.

Well clearly, so tell me about some of the other wonderful things you have seen.

Well this guy that I mentioned with Parkinson's. Now Parkinson's is really interesting because in the early stages, the person affected by the Parkinson's can wake up paralysed in the morning so they get morning paralysis,

What happens is the partner usually drags them up the bed and sits them up a little bit and they come around a little bit more, then they swing their legs out over the bed and get them sitting up and they come around a little bit more. Then they get them to stand and they come around a little bit more, then they get them to shuffle around and their gait improves and they start walking around and by the end of the day they are walking around like you and I.

And then they go back to their flat beds and screw it all up again.

How interesting.


Night time paralysis that has been reduced, when people wake up and their body is in a catatonic state.

My wife suffers with it but furtunately since the bed has been on an angle she very rarely gets a problem with this.

Now it was happening 4 or 5 sometimes 6 times in a night and she could be getting it every day and it has made such a huge difference just preventing that.

What else? I really don't know where to start.

Let me just ask you on ms and Parkinson's have you seen any body get anywhere close to completely reversing it?

Well, I am glad you brought me back to that because I tend to drift off because it's quite a complicated subject.

Back to the guy with Parkinson's who we tilted his bed.

Apart from all the fluid that the guy had lost, I get a phone call saying that I turned over in bed and looked at my husbands face and that Parkinson's mask which she had grown to recognise every night that she went to bed wasn't there, his face was relaxed and it looked like her own husband had come back. So she shook him and she said that she had had the first conversation with her husband in years, it was incredible.

And then a few more weeks went passed and his walking was improving all of the time, I was getting reports back all of the time and they couldn't believe the changes. His attention span when I met the guy was about 1 minute at best and then he would go into sleep, then he would come back out of his sleep and we would have a little talk and try and get something through to him and he would be gone again and it was heart breaking to see the couple struggling and a few more weeks went passed and I went around there and knocked on the door, Because I was hearing all of these incredible stories and when I opened the door who should meet me was this guy called Brian and it was the same guy that was like a giant water balloon when I met him with an attention span of a minute.

To a normal looking guy who could walk normally with normal gait and he said, well he thanked me on the step and that turned my legs to jelly and he said do you want to talk to xxxxxxxxx Hang on a minute I will go and get her. I watched the guy walk up the stairs shouted his misses, turned around and then walked back down.

And we went in and had an amazing conversation and then a couple of weeks later, I get another call saying that she is concerned and this happened very quickly, I know it sounds ridiculous but it happened very very quickly,. He had already been taking himself down to see his granddaughters playing at school in the sports and he would bring himself back no problem at all.

And another week or two went passed and she said I had seen him go out and look at the car and lift the bonnet and she didn't think anything of it. I shouldn't really say anything because I could get them in trouble but he had drove off in the car and come back.

Wow that's amazing, you must be feeling pretty good about yourself I think?

Well the icing on the cake and I will tell you exactly as it happened.

I get a phone call. Somebody asked me about the bull terrier; what would a male bull terrier be like around a severely disabled child?

I said, what's the matter with your kid?

She said; why do you want to know?

I said, I might be able to help.

She said don't be bloody ridiculous she said I rang for information about a puppy you know to see what a bull terrier would be like around a severely disabled child.

I said, well look I can't make you listen

She said spit it out then

And I told her and she said, I have been half way around the world nothing can be done for my daughter.

I said look I can't make you listen

Anyway she starts crying because the penny has dropped having explained everything in great detail.

Her husband then comes on the phone and he gives me a right rollocking down the phone, saying you have upset my misses what have you said to my misses? And she said no listen to what he has to say so I have to explain it all over again, but anyway to cut a long story short, they tilted the girls bed.

Now she is 12 years of age and she hasn't walked to the age of 12, she wears callipers day times and night times to keep the legs straight, different set of callipers for on the night-time. Anybody that has a child with cerebral palsy will know what I am taking about. She had severe scoliosis of the spine and the prognosis in 1995 was if she ever developed the ability to come or brush her own hair let us know but don't hold your breath because it will never happen.

That's what the parents were told and they had gone half way around the world looking for help for this girl and I started to get some reports back.

Yes she is doing really well, things are changing but we are not really sure what is changing and a few more weeks would go past and then I would get another report and occasionally I'd ring up and ask how she's doing?

And she said oh she seems to be stronger, but we could be imagining this you know.

I mean the girl is very clever very articulate and then a few more weeks go past and yeah she is definitely getting stronger and she has turned over in bed and she couldn't do that before and later she was turning over all of the time.

And she is managing to pull herself up the bed and it was incredible as this was unfolding it was absolutely incredible and a few more weeks go past; yes she is making so much progress that the muscles in the legs are looking too masculine. Now this is a girl that hadn't got muscles because she hadn't walked. Well the muscles were there but they hadn't been exercised.

And they said that the muscles were looking far too masculine so we have put the bed back down?

Immediately they had put the bed back down she started to revert back, so they put the bed back up.

And then it went on for quite a few months and the icing on the cake came at 8 months when got a frantic call from the mum, she said we are off to the school, I said whatever has happened, She said we have just had a call saying that our girl had got out of the wheelchair at school, walked at school and managed to to walk up some steps.

12 years of age.

Now it get's even better, because some time had passed and there were more improvements, she clothed herself, and I believe is functioning like any healthy person now.

I got a call straight out of the blue, and picked up the phone and I heard this child say hello is that Andrew? I said yes. She said I am the little girl that you have been helping with cerebral palsy and I am just ringing to say thank you for all that you have done for me.

My legs went to jelly and I collapsed on the floor. I could not stand up.

How amazing.

And so cerebral palsy it just doesn't get much worse than that does it?

Irreversible brain damage, but I like these irreversible conditions because they appear to be reversible.

Well I found that out myself 28 years ago, I had arthritis so badly that I couldn't move or put my shoes and socks on and they said that it was irreversible and they were completely wrong.


I was low on vitamins and minerals. I reversed the whole thing and never had a problem since.

And just shortly after that my dad's best friend got cancer and he was told that he had six weeks to live and he managed to phone up Linus Pauling, who he had found in the phone book and said what do I do? and Linus Pauling said build up slowly but as fast as you can to 25 grams of vitamin C per day and he lived another 25 years.


And when he did die it wasn't of cancer. So I saw first hand with this.

I just heard an interesting story where a lady that tried the cannabis oil for a brain tumour and the brain tumour has vanished.

Well it's one of the best successful remedies out there.

You can't verify that yourself because I haven't been privy to the mri scans or anything but no reason to doubt what I was told..

This is my dog drinking in the background, sorry.

One of the things that people don't understand is that you don't need an mri scan or an X-ray or anything like that to tell whether your cancer is getting better or getting worse, there are several blood tests that can be done very cheaply, harmlessly, which are probably a lot more accurate because people don't realise that some of these scans, particularly a cat scan, which can be 500 -600 times more powerful than a chest x-ray for example. People don't realise the damage that they are doing by the testing.


When a perfectly good, very inexpensive natural ways to do it.


Another thing that people don't realise is that you can have a chemotherapy test so that what happens is that if somebody gets cancer they just put them on chemotherapy but they could for a little bit more money test the cells of their body against all these different agents, chemotherapy agents, same as with fillings of teeth a dentist who knows what he is doing can test the filling material to see whether it is compatible with you.

So there are loads of people who are having very bad reactions from chemo for example That if they had done a simple test, they could have avoided that. Personally I think it is absolutely criminal what is going on in the medical profession.

I agree I agree

And it is not that most doctors are anything other than lovely people but the method of teaching them a drugs only way of testing and a radiation only way and a surgery only way.

You know you go to the doctor and you have got these three choices and it is just ridiculous. I realised some time ago that people go to the doctor believing that a doctor is a health expert, after all it is called a National Health Service, but they don't study health, you know health isn't on the curriculum, they study disease, they study drugs, but at no point do doctors look at healthy people to examine why they are healthy, it is incredible.

It is a sickness industry yeah

Yeah very much so.

So do you think, I am asking a silly question in a way but do you think there is any chance that doctors in general the NHS in general would ever accept Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

It's practised for respiratory problems, but again they tend to elevate the upper half of the bed and not tilt the whole bed. And again this guy with diabetes was in a hospital ward having broken his femur and I was invited over there to tilt the bed and to talk to the doctors and nurses. I talked to the doctors and nurses but I could not tilt that bed. It just had not got the capability of being tilted correctly.

And they said that it was one of the most modern beds that there is.

There are beds out there that will do it and one of the interesting things that they use the full titling bed for is when someone comes out of surgery under anaesthetic because they tilt them head down and feet up.

I have actually been in the recovery room while my son was coming out of anaesthetic and I asked them why he was head down and feet up?

They said well it is in case he is sick, so that the vomit will clear the airways.

I said well have you thought that you might be making him sick by tilting him upside down?

The look of bewilderment on her face.

I said well, I'll tell you what, if you tilt his bed his oxygen sats will go up, his heart rate will decreases by by 10 -12 beats per minute, his respiration rate will decrease by 4-5 breaths per minute and within a few minutes or possibly less he will come out of his induced anaesthesia. She said well it will take about 20 minutes for him to come out and as soon as she tilted his bed, the monitors went exactly as I had predicted they would go and he put his thumb up and said I am ok Dad.

He got up and he wasn't sick.


And the nurse came back the ward where my son was being kept and my wife was at the ward and she kept saying that it is incredible what I have just witnessed, she said this alone could save the NHS a fortune in recovery times. We have got to do something about it. But nothing ever happens.

You get lots and lots of promises from lots of people and nothing ever happens. Except for that study in Pohnpei, that was incredible.

But it has been a long old struggle and of course the theory all started from picking up, I don't know whether you can see, this GCSE Biology book.

Oh alright

I will hold it up so that everyone can see, it's by D.G.McKean

I wanted to understand what trees were doing with salts, that was the question that I had and I have an engineering background, so I got this from the car boot sale it cost me twenty pence because I am a cheapskate and wouldn't buy a new version.

I started to look through it and I just shook my head and I couldn't believe what I was reading, for example, Transport in Plants, Chapter 7 page 71.

"Water evaporates from the leaves and causes a kind of suction which pulls water up the stem".

Now hang on let's have a think about this for a second. We have a leaf that is full of pores, which are holes and you are telling me that those leaves can drag water 300 feet to the top of a giant Californian Redwood? I couldn't stop falling about laughing. It was absolutely ridiculous that that was being taught in schools and I do remember it from school.

But because of D.G. McKean who pus in his comments and he will add a little add on saying that there is insufficient evidence or that it is poorly understood and time and time again.

Many biologists regard transpiration as an inevitable consequence of photosynthesis in order to photosynthesise, a leaf has to take in carbon dioxide from the air and the pathway which allows carbon dioxide in will also let water vapour out.

Now if you have got a leaf with holes that is causing this magical suction, now surely it is going to suck air in because that is going to be the path of least resistance. So if you are generating a magical suction you are going to be drawing air in, but of course that doesn't happen.

The other thing I read was "You may have learned in physics that you cannot drawer water up by suction to a height of more than about 10 meters. But many trees are taller than this. So I thought now there is a contradiction in itself and there was just loads and loads of errors.

They are still marked, these are the original marks that were put in the book all those years ago, when I was falling about the floor laughing, so I said Ok then how does it really work?

It took me 20 minutes to solve it. I though, I will ignore all the stuff that doesn't make sense, which is about 99.9% of the book, and start with what I know as a fact.

I knew that 98% of all the water evaporates through the leaves so the water that is drawn in through the roots evaporates through the leaves.

And evaporated water must change the density of whatever it is evaporated from and that's the sap.

Now the sap contains sugars which are produced by converting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sugars as we know are denser than water so when we evaporate water from the leaf we change the density of the sap.

That is so bloody obvious and yet no one has thought about it?

So hang on if you make the sap denser at the top of the tree than at the bottom of the tree gravity dictates that the denser sap will migrate towards a sink and that sink could be a fruit, could be a branch, could be the trunk or could be a root. Predominantly the roots.

So we have triggered a downward flow towards the roots, now the tree takes up most of these salts and sugars in it's continual cycle of growth so there is the sump or the store, so any concentrated sap that reaches the roots would be diluted by incoming water from the soil, which is a dilute solution of nutrients.

That sap then is dragged back up the other side of the tree, so we have a downward flow generated by evaporation and gravity in the phloem, which generates molecular drag and that molecular drag is attached to every molecule in the tree and stretches right back down the xylem right the way down through the roots and out into the soil water, so by triggering that downward flow we are actually pulling water in from the soil into the tree, it's almost like if you can imagine the sap behaving like a piece of string and every now and again we clip a weight on the one side and that causes the whole thing to rotate, so the tree never needed to lift water from the roots to it's leaves. That was the mistake. They asked the wrong question.

The wrong question was how do trees raise water from the roots to the leaves.

The question that they should have asked was "Howe do trees circulate sap?" And then the answer would have been so blatantly obvious and yet we are still teaching this in school?

I even set up an experiment at the local secondary school in Paignton and the head of Science Mr Smith saw the tubular model which I had strung out of his upper classroom windows, which was a giant inverted U shape tube with both open ends submerged in two bottles of water and the whole loop of tubing was filled with water and a tiny amount of coloured salt solution, only 5 ml of salt solution was added to the centre of the tube, which was then raised to the upper classroom.

The salts peculated down one side, one bottle starts to over flow and the other bottle level goes down and it is not a siphon effect because if you trigger a siphon it is much quicker. This is a flow and a return flow driven by evaporation and gravity.

The school kids were there and they all listened and they all saw the experiment and they were all very excited.

And he pit's his hand up and says he has no problem with this, this is exactly how trees raise water to the leaves but what can I do about it? I have to keep teaching the National Curriculum.

It's crazy, this is the National Fools system not the National Schools system.


I even took it to Exeter University, I took it to, well it's been there a couple of times, to Professor Edzard Ernst

Have you heard of Ernst?


He is the guy in charge of alternative therapies, I suspect he is there to make sure that these alternative therapies never get off the ground and I was invited in there to give a talk about the discovery and there was a team there of Doctors and Ernst and they saw the experiments and heard the explanation, thoroughly agreed with it, sent me a letter saying they were very excited by it and we need to get a study done and what best would the study be conducted in?

I said well varicose veins and leg ulcers because they have shown remarkable recoveries and he said well we need to see this doctor and I won't mention the doctors name although I should mention the doctors name.

I had an invitation to go and see this doctor and as soon as I walked in the door he said are you My Fletcher? I said yes, He said; "Before you say a word, I don't want anything to do with you, your theory, your explanations or any possible study do I make myself clear?"

I said Oh Yeah perfectly and then I came away.

So he had quickly realised that him being a vascular guy depended on repeat vascular surgeries to make his lucrative living and the last thing he wants to hear is that a couple of blocks of wood under someone's bed could prevent someone from having vascular surgery.

It's close to murder taking that view point for a doctor isn't it, knowing that there is a cure and not taking it up that is murder isn't it?

It's disgraceful, I wouldn't say that it was murder.

But it is definitely disgraceful.

Well it is if their patients die.

He is lucky I am now mature because when I was a youngster I would have levelled the guy but there you go.

You grow up as you get older don't you.

Well yes supposedly that's what they say.

Talk to me a bit more about the leg ulcer thing, again do you have a good explanation as to why that is happening?

Yeah again it is tissue breakdown because of circulation, it is always circulation, circulation is so important because without circulation we are dust and bones. So anything that compromises the circulation be it a varicose ulcer or a pressure ulcer, what you have done you have actually impinged the circulation by an external pressure be that a vein or coming in contact with a bed or a chair for a prolonged period of time but if you can restore that circulation and the sloping bed excels in that because when you lay on the sloping bed, you will know this, your weight is distributed differently, you are no longer feel like a sack of spuds lying on the ground. The bed feels somehow softer and the you have applied traction to the spine but you have also applied some sheer forces to the tissue, which people have voiced concerns about, but you have also increased the circulation and if you can increase the circulation you can speed up the healing and my Father had varicose ulcers for 25 years and he was a window cleaner, a hard many, you will never meet a harder man. When he died of cancer he never took so much as a paracetamol.

He had 3 leg ulcers and they healed up while he was on the sloping bed. Just healed up, skinned over. They had never done that in 25 years, despite that he had all of the bandages, the seaweed, bandages on his legs and regular dressings, he had dressed his legs all of these years.

That is amazing, 25 years of leg ulcers, incredible.

So if it is improving circulation presumably you are getting results with erectile dysfunction?

Yes, we have had reports of erectile dysfunction, even in type two diabetes.

Well, that's very interesting

Yes, and early morning wood I think it's called, get a lot of reports on that.

I have interviewed a chap called Tony Pantalleresco once or twice and he has testosterone boosting formula and I thought well I will give that a try and see if I notice any differences. And I went to the International anti-ageing conference, two weeks ago and they had all the latest measuring equipment and so on and I went on several of the devices to get my levels measured and this guy says I can't believe it you have got the testosterone of a thirty year old, I was really chuffed you know.

But if anyone is interested in boosting their testosterone levels apart from inclined the bed check out Tony Pantalleresco and erectile dysfunction on Youtube.

Have you come across Tony?

Yes I have seen some of his videos, yeah

He is fantastic, my fridge is full of his concoctions.

Yeah he is quite an amazing guy yeah.


So we have run through quite a number of complaints, what other things have you noticed?

One of the first things we noticed and again this is how it happens, it is just nothing is planed we have gone down this ally, shine the light down and follow the light beam.

I met a lady and she was a palmist

and she pointed out about the half moons on your fingers, how important they were for circulation, she said always look at the half moons when we are reading someone's hands and we can tell a great deal I forget the formula but she said if they are too big there is a problem with the heart, if they are too small there is a problem with the circulation and she said that she can tell a great deal.

The strange thing is since I have had my bed tilted my half moons have come back.

That's really interesting. It's rare that you see any that apart from having half moons on their thumbs that they have half moons at all.

I have a full set of half moons

Very good.

The other guy John the guy's name with spinal cord injury apparently Afro-Caribbean's seldome have half moons and he, well actually he was African-American he got half moons on his fingers as well which was quite incredible.

And hair as well, that was another thing. I started to notice again it was rather embarrassing moment a nurse friend of mine she said I have got a complaint about this bed. I said tell me more, I am having to sheer my pubic hairs, she said because they won't stop growing they are no longer short and curly's and I thought that was fascinating because if you can maintain the circulation to the hair then there is no reason why it should drop out.

So I started to monitor my own hair on my head and I noticed that the colour had changed and it had started to go darker although you can't see a great deal here but I noticed that I stopped getting hair on my pillows, now this was also backed up by Roger Kirk who I mentioned earlier with multiple sclerosis, because Roger said quite off the cuff, "How come my hair brush has got no hair in it any more? I used to spend ages picking all of the hair out of the brush and I don't find hair in the shower any more?"

So I did an experiment and I have my hair cut as you can see it's one style every time and my wife she cuts my hair so we were having it cut at two monthly intervals and I was saving all the hair in these little tins and I saved them up for a whole year.

I looked across the hair follicles and there was a definite change in the hair texture and a definite change in the hair colour, it was getting darker.

And also there was more hair, so my hair was growing more more which is we are led to believe any way that it is not going to happen.

Anyway it was fascinating and I really don't think and I have still got more hair than my younger brother.

Well brilliant, do you know a very funny thing about 20 years ago I met this guy who insisted that I touched his head and he had like this baby hair all over his head. He said that he had been bald for several years but he had a back injury and he decided to help his back injury that he would get an inversion table, where you strap your seat in and hang upside down for five minutes a day and after a few months he noticed his hair re-growing it seemed that the blood flowing upside down had stimulated his follicle growth.

Well you are still using gravity if you are upside down but the problem with being upside down and again my wife and I tested it.

Ok I will give you the full story. I wanted to understand if there are any changes to the density of urine because we had tilted the bed, so we measured our urine density using a hydrometer and we measured the urine density while we were on an angled bed head up feet down

And then we measured the urine density on a flat bed

and normal daily activity urine density

and head down density, so that we were lying head down with our feet up.

What we found was is that the flat bed actually lowered the urine density over and above normal daily activity and it was quite remarkable how the salts were not being excreted in the urine.

And the we measured the inclined bed and we found that the urine density went up markedly so the urine was much stronger and much more dense than either horizontal or normal daily routines.

And the icing on the cake again came when we slept head down and feet up. What we found was that the urine density went down to near water readings, in other words no toxins were leaving the body while we were head down and feet up.

The side spin on that was that we both got diarrhoea, We did it for a few days and the diarrhoea was quite persistent.

Yes it would be a great slimming aid to sleep head down and feet up. But NASA have spent thousands and thousands of dollars paying people to, in fact I think you can get 7,000 dollars just for sleeping head down and feet up with out getting out of bed for a few months.

What they found is, is that they can accelerate the ageing process by ten times faster than here on Earth and that mirrors exactly what happens to astronauts in space, because you have taken gravity out of the equation in space. You have not actually but you have negated it's effects by spinning around the Earth fast enough to counter act the pull of the Earth.

But you have not actually got away from gravity. But Astronauts, again back to the ebola virus again their immune system in space gets knocked about. The bone mineral loss is prolific, 10 x faster that here on Earth, neurological damage has been experienced, multiple organ failures from bed rest and from being in space. You know it just doesn't matter which way you hit this from it just matches up.

Well amazing, and what other health issues has it overcome?

Let me give you one. How about lung function, emphysema or anything like that,

Yes this is a really interesting one. There was a dog with it's lungs filling up with fluid, it was a rotweiler and it was having it's lungs drained two times a week at the vets and the vet said I can't do this any more and he had literally taken the dog home to die.

And a person that had been listening to my theory and my explanations and who had been sleeping on a sloping bed, told him;, he said look just shove the dog in a room and put the dehumidifier on. Because I had explained how my friends fish tank was being emptied of water and his dehumidifier was filling up of water because he had dried the air out so the water molecules were leaving the fish tank into the air and then into the dehumidifier and he was forever topping up the fish tank so he put the dog in the room and left the dehumidifier running and it cleared up the fluid on the lungs. That was without the sloping bed. But of course respiratory problems is one of the things along with hiatus hernia and gerd is is that the medical profession will actually recommend raising the head end of the bed on blocks, So they know it does work.

But the worse thing is and I have seen this with my own eyes is that the nurses and the doctors know full well how harmful the flat bed is and I'll just see if I can find you the..... This is De conditioning, The Consequences Of Bed-Rest By: Colleen S. Campbell MSN, ARNP BC, CRRNA Geriatric Evaluation & Management (GEM)

Director Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center


Objectives of this document is to

Discuss de conditioning as a clinical entity resulting in a reduced functional capacity of multiple body systems

Discuss the psychophysiology of prolonged bed rest

List key interventions that prevent and treat the consequences of bed rest.

Inactivity and prolonged bed rest are unnatural states of the human body.

And now this is a very very moving piece by Doctor Richard Asher written in 1942.

Look at the patient lying alone in bed

What a pathetic picture he makes.

The blood clotting in his veins.

The lime draining from his bones.

The scybola stacking up in his colon.

The flesh rotting from his seat.

The urine leaking from his distended bladder

and the spirit evaporating from his soul.

Teach us to live that

we may dread unnecessary time in bed.

Get people up and we may save

patients from an early grave.

So they know but back to what I was going to talk about was when someone is terminally ill there is a practice that is unwritten, and it's the removal of pillows from terminally ill patients and this actually speeds up their deaths and this is practised in many hospitals around the U.K. and many other countries.

In fact it is mentioned in the Jewish Code Of Ethics.

"It is forbidden to remove the pillows from a patient who is terminally ill to speed up their demise.

So they know that the bed is not the right way to go and yet hospitals count their success by the number of beds

Wow, so with the hiatus hernia they already know that the raised beds work


Do you think that you can cure the hiatus hernia with the inclined bed alone or do you need to do a lot more?

I have not had any feedback from anyone that has said that it has but I haven't been looking at hiatus hernia because I have been trying to concentrate on conditions that are thought to be irreversible. Probably I shouldn't have done that, probably I should have gone down the route of re-examining what has happened with hiatus hernia.

But certainly if you get a problem with acid, and you tilt the bed you notice a great deal of improvements in the damage that the acid causes.

And again we know that premature babies in hospitals are on inclined platforms where they sleep and yet the parents take them home and put them on flat beds and that baby has never been flat.

So I don't have any data to say that I have cured hiatus hernia, but I have not had anyone come back to me and say that It hasn't been cured either.

Right right, it's amazing what they do to hasten deaths and the most frightening one is the Liverpool Pathway.

What is the Liverpool Pathway?

The Liverpool Pathway is where they starve the patients to death. They stop giving them food and water

Right, yes yes.

And so if anybody has an elderly relative in the hospital and they hear them say that they are going to put them on the Liverpool pathway, they are saying that we are going to kill your mother and father or whatever it is very slowly now. and it is totally criminal.

I really don't know how they can sleep at night. I really don't

No I don't either.

So serious issues, what other serious ones have you seen reversed?

Skin conditions, quite a few people with psoriasis. A friend of mine, again we mentioned the one lady with psoriatic arthritis. but there is another lady with psoriasis and well she took a series of, well she came down to my home and we took a series of photographs and then we took another series of photographs in a few weeks time and another set of photographs and the evidence spoke for itself, the skin was clearing up.

I am trying to think of other conditions.

Spine problems aside from spinal cord injury, back ache and people with slipped disks, it has definitely helped there and again the traction applied by the bed eases the joints apart and on a previous radio interview, the listeners were invited to try the bed just put some six inch blocks under your bed and see what happens and then he invited me back in 3 months and I went back and we had reports back that people with ms were saying yep it is helping and varicose veins there were reports that veins had decreased and snoring. We mentioned bed wetting earlier with youngsters wetting the bed and for nurses if you can solve the problem with people wetting the bed in hospital it would take a tremendous amount of pressure off the hospital staff.

Sight problems people with sight problems were reporting that they couldn't actually see clearly out of their glasses and were going back to their old prescription glasses, so there were improvements and again that happened with the first pilot study with ms. Other people and including one of the guys with a spinal cord injury that were reporting there were improvements with the eyesight.

Have we lost you Clive?

Sorry I couldn't get the sound on.

How about hearing?

Any body getting increases in hearing?

Well my..... there is only one case that I know of it is interesting because it was only brief.

And then it stopped.

He is not really my Stepfather, but my Mother's husband, he had meningitis as a child which left him deaf and we tilted the bed and he began complaining about the loud noises outside of the house.

Saying that the police cars were frightening him and ambulances when they went passed. Now there has not been an upsurge in those vehicles going passed all of a sudden. They have been going passed but he hadn't made the connection that it was helping with his ears.

But alas the bed went down again so you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them think.

Yes, well that is You can lead a Human to Knowledge but you can't make them think.

Yeah quite, exactly because knowledge is all very good but without wisdom to use that knowledge wisely it is pretty useless.

Hmm But what do we do with this now Clive? We have got this thing here that could actually save out NHS a great deal of money and can save the patients a great deal of suffering. It would put a stop to amputations.

Oh Gangrene as well, I have had some success with gangrene, I met a guy down in Paignton and he had this huge bandage on his foot.

I asked him what the problem was and he said that he had got gangrene and he went away and tilted his bed and he got back to me and said that his surgeon was amazed that the flesh that his surgeon had been removing from his foot was actually growing back.

Old scar tissue as well, which is very interesting. I have had a few reports of old scars that have been there since childhood with some people. A lady down the road had a gristly scar on her chin and it just up and went. It vanished.

DVT Deep vein thrombosis vanished without a trace just by increasing the circulation. You know where do we stop?

Well it is truly amazing and hopefully listeners hearing this will try and spread this to every body that they know.

You know there are people that are losing their lives, losing their health, losing their income, because of all of these difficulties.

And people forget that we are not meant to be ill. It isn't normal in the slightest way. You look at a flock of birds or a school of fish or a herd of animals in the wild and simply you can't tell which one is about to give birth tomorrow, you can't tell the oldest from the youngest because they are all moving at the same speed, all together at the same time and yet humans get diseases just like any of those animals or birds or fish would do if you keep them in an unnatural environment.


We did touch upon fertility and erectile dysfunction and just an interesting report from a member of the family who was trying to conceive and had tried in vitro-fertilisation and she had spent quite a bit of money trying to conceive and actually gave up and we tilted the bed. Or she tilted the bed.

And she conceived without the I.V.F. Now I did mention this before now do the sperm need to know which way is up and which way is down? You know is simply being on an angle sufficient to guide the semen to the egg?

It is something that no one has considered.

No that's very interesting.


And is that, have you heard that story quite often with conception?

No I don't get a great deal of, I do get feed back but are people willing to talk about you know their sexual activity to someone who is not a Doctor. I don't profess to be a doctor, I have an engineering background. I am hardly the person that you would wanna confide in about something so personal?

Certainly with conception matters the people who, you know the couples who really want to conceive generally they will go to the ends of the Earth to do it won't they?

Hopefully they will go to the end of the bed and jack it up.

If you jack it up my word of advice is to use thick medical books, you know the more complicated the better, And you might find that some of that will rub off. Yeah.


Yeah and of course you can buy some furniture risers, you get a pack of 4 from I have seen them on Ebay for £10 including the postage, So pop two under your bed and pop two in your suitcase for when you are away from home.

So when you are propping the bed do you normally have to prop up the middle of the bed as well?

Yes it depends what kind of bed they have, if there is a leg there, obviously you will need to prop the centre leg up.

There are a couple of videos about inclined bed therapy, Deanna Castro talking about her success, she had ruptured disks, in her neck and in her back and she was off work. I do believe that she is back at work.

Against all of the odds.

There is an elderly lady that has been racked with pain after being hit by a motorcycle since the age of 13 and she has been in excruciating pain and when you saw this lady walking you would imagine that she was drunk, she was in so much pain but the pain has gone, she dances she runs, it's incredible.

That's amazing, Gillian in the chat room is asking are there any different angles of the tilt that one should apply to any different problems or is this always the same?

I did specify that people with a spinal cord injury would need to raise their bed higher and the logic here is that there is a guy called Ronald Meyer and he did some experiments by severing the optic nerve of a fish a frog a mouse a rat and a rabbit.

And what he did was he showed that the fish and the frog even though he had severed the optic nerve the same, within a few months the optic nerve had grown back and both could see perfectly normally.

But if you think about the posture of the frog and the fish, if they are lying on their sides they are generally dead. So they are always upright, so by severing the optic nerve the angle from the brain to the eye was intact. They never interrupted the circulation so the circulation continued and the repairs took place.

Now I like to think that these nerves in spinal cord injury require exactly the same signals as saplings and seedlings from plants. In other words, they need to know which way up and which way down is for them to grow in the right direction and meet their targets. I think this is where that main problem is with a spinal cord injury is immediately they are placed on a flat bed and then they rotate them.

Now back to Meyer, Meyer his rat his mouse is rabbit, no nerve regeneration took place because they like ourselves were able to change posture at will so there was never the constant direction of gravity to restore the circulation and repair the damaged nerves. Now with the bed on a slightly higher angle it represented the angle of the optic nerve regeneration in the fish and the frog. And that was the logic that I came up with to apply the higher angle for a person with a spinal cord injury.

And also it would apply to a person with multiple sclerosis as well. But the old six inch incline on a standard U.K. bed is a good rule of thumb.

But you know, hey experiment you might find out that raising the bed a little bit higher is more beneficial to yourself.

There is no hard and fast rule with this. The reason that I came up with the five degree angle which incidentally was the same angle that the Ancient Egyptians had come up with five thousand years ago, I used a loop of tubing which I connected so that it was a closed loop of tubing filled with water with a little coloured salt solution at the one end and that was stretched along the length of the bed.

Now if I raised the bed up just a few inches, i.e. four inches the salts migrated down the bed but the return flow was in the same side of the loop of tubing, i.e the fluid in that side of the tubing was flowing in two directions so the down flow was on bottom of the tube and the return flow was above it in the same side.

When you raised the bed to five inches then the whole loop circulated, so we added an extra inch just to be on the safe side as a margin of error and it seems to have been a good choice.

One of the other things is injuries. Broken bones. My son broke his wrist and there have been other reports as well.

This guy 82 years of age who broke his hip and the doom and gloom had set in. You know, the Doctors and the nurses because he has got diabetes and he is 82 years old, you know, it's er..... Anyway he was out of hospital in a few weeks, he said I am not staying in here, his legs were swollen and he got back on his sloping bed and his legs went down to normal size and he amazed the physiotherapists and the healing at 82 years of age was something they had never seen before.

But back to my son. He broke his wrist and he wore a plaster cast for six weeks and he went to Torbay Hospital and had the plaster cast taken off and the muscle wastage was obvious in one arm. One arm was very thin and the other arm was normal size and now a year later. Oh and he had to have physiotherapy. He had to have physiotherapy to get his had working and he had a lot of pain. and I think it was a couple of years later that he broke the same wrist but this time he does a better job straight through both bones, he has metal plates put in his writs and this was the time that he was actually in the recovery room upside down.

And he has the metal plates in and the plaster cast is on for 8 weeks, but it's sort of an open plaster cast and that's on for eight weeks and he goes back to the hospital, the same hospital and has the plaster cast removed and there is no muscle wastage and he doesn't need physiotherapy.

Now the surgeon there has to take the two metal plates out and he can't find the one metal plate it has been completely overgrown by bone and I will quote the guy; "He said in the whole of his career he has never seen bone growth like it in his life."

Well that's amazing. I would like to ask you about a friend of mine, someone who 35 years ago or something fell out of a tree and broke his back.


He has got a gap in his spine a centimetre or two I am not quite sure what. Is there any chance Inclined Bed Therapy could help?

Yes there is, I have helped some members of the SAS with spinal cord injury and in fact my wife and I were at ring side seats at the boxing tournament at Hereford and we were treated like Royalty and I have been helping these guys and because their injuries were so many years ago and I forget how many years, one Guy John Cann who was paralysed for 11 years and he actually walked on Carlton Television News. In between two parallel bars but you can see his legs moving his feet moving, he got his bowl control back he got his bladder control back so he passed it on to his friends at the SAS and this other guy who I can;t mention his name but I think his injury was similar length of time to to what you have just described there and he said if all that I get back is my dignity I will be very happy.,

He got his bowel and bladder control back.

After 30 odd years.

Incredible incredible.

But of course if we can intervene at an earlier stage and prevent these people from being on a flat bed in the first place then the Sky is the limit.

Yes, well fantastic.

So for those people that are listening you are saying before we came on air that you are going to write a book or you are in the process of writing a book?


The book title is going to be called the Gravity of Life. Hope you like the choice of the title.

Yes very good

It's been written a couple of times and I wouldn't have done it justice I needed to have got to this stage before I could have done the whole subject justice.

Well that's my excuse anyway and Yeah I think it's gonna be a real eye opener.

Well hopefully it will be a best seller as well, when do you think that might come out?

Well it needs to be finished through this winter and hopefully published in the spring.

And if people want to see more of your work what is your website?

It is inclinedbedtherapy.com

Inclined Bed Therapy Dot Com Excellent

Well we have a Facebook as well where people are sharing what is happening to them and you will find and again it goes by the same name on Facebook Inclined Bed Therapy, we have a group and a page and there is quite a few people there who have been sleeping on an angled bed for a long time and they will be willing to share their experiences. There is one lady in particular on there Terri, her name is Terri Harrison she doesn't believe that she has ms any more it has gone completely, her neurologist has actually told her that she doesn't need him any more. So that is quite remarkable but she is there for people to talk to amongst many other people who are trying it.

The problem is you are armed with this information, you have listened to this radio station and you will go out there and you will try and convince someone and they will just look at you as if you have gone daft. You know I don't know why it is, I used to chase wheelchairs and try and help people but I stopped that a long time ago no body listens.

Well it's a great shame, the words I hear quite often are if that where true the doctors would have told me..

Yes Yes, The one I hear all the time is is if it was true then there would be a clinically controlled double blinded trial and we would have all of the data by now. But actually the people that say this have no idea what we are up against. No idea whatsoever! You can't move these people! They are in the process of the status quo, they like the status quo and the last thing they want to do is be made to look a fool and a lot of them believe me are fools.

Well quite, so have we covered all of the things that it will do?

No No No, I just get... I try and think back to what we have talked about, we have talked about scar tissue, we have talked about the immune system especially with the ebola but also that same applies to people with aids and hiv, the same problem there is a diminished immune response so.

Yes, Ok there is a guy who has died now which was unfortunate, but when I met him this guy called Danny he had months to live with leukaemia and we tilted the bed and his blood cell count started to normalise and have to cross check here just to at this point in time that when astronauts go into space their white blood cell count goes up and their red blood cell count drops. So clearly gravity is playing a role.

And when we tilted Danny's bed his white blood cell count dropped and his red blood cell count went up, which is the exact opposite of what leukaemia is. This guy comes over from Boston as specialist in leukaemia and he can't believe the changes. So anyway this guy doesn't need the chemotherapy and the radio therapy any more so comes back to Paignton from Cornwall and they take his bed off him because he can't move that bed out of one area to another area so he goes back to sleeping on a flat bed.

Immediately his blood cell count goes hey wire and this guy from Boston get's on the phone and says what has happened, what has changed? So he told him about the bed, so the guy from Boston said the bed Danny, get then bed back on an angle. And he did and he lived well I can't remember exactly but I think it was like five or six years and he was given months to live.


So that I would suspect as well that there is a danger with the bed that it can actually increased the effectiveness of drugs and again if you take the astronauts in space, they have to increase the doses in space because the uptake while they are out there which is the equivalent of being on a flat bed, decreases the effectiveness of the drugs so they increaser the drugs to support their immune system or whatever problems they have and I believe that when you have the bed on an angle the opposite occurs and you have to think about decreasing the drugs.

It could be a good thing.

Yeah but I have to be careful here because if a doctor is prescribing those drugs to you and you have got all of your faith in that doctor then you have to make these choices yourself and not just on what I am saying here but it is quite easy to monitor whether the drug is being more effective or not so decide for yourselves.

Right very interesting and hopefully people who are listening to this will try the inclined bed therapy method and will get back to Andrew or myself to let us know what positive results you get because clearly

Well negative results as well Clive, you know I am interested in things that it doesn't work with as well.

Yep yes clearly.

We have got about two minutes left and I would just like to say that myself I have a weekend workshop from next month from the 15th and the 16th of November, held in Wiltshire and if any body wanted to come to the weekend workshop we will be covering every aspect of physical health and also mind mastering because clearly there is so much one can do with the power of the mind that people are unaware of and with the raised bed therapy and all of the other stuff, treatments and remedies that we know of... frankly there is almost nothing that can't be solved, I used to think that people on dialysis couldn't get off but you can get off dialysis in not every case possibly but in a lot of cases and I am going to start now, I mean I already have been but I am really going to suggest to all of my clients big time that every single one of them does the Inclined Bed and I will let you know what occurs.

Yes, please please please, the feedback is so important every little bit of feedback that we get means that eventually another clinical trial will be made and when we actually get some progress within the medical profession then these reports will be so important because anecdotal evidence one could be deemed as a miracle, two could be a coincidence three is just plain science.

We are at the end of the show now, than you so much Andrew. My email is Clive at ancientpurity.com so if anyone wants to get in touch with me they are very welcome. Also got a website called ancientpurity.com and another one called healthgenious.uk and so thank you very much Andrew Thank you every body for listening.

Thank you for having me on Clive.

Well thank you so much I really appreciate all of your time and that's it from us good night.

Good night people.


Does Inclined Bed Therapy Help The Body To Become Stronger & Healthier? With Andrew K. Fletcher

Does inclined bed therapy work? Why does sleeping on a raised bed help to improve health? Can sleeping with your head tilted up 15 cm or 6 inches actually help to prevent disease? Can sleeping on an inclined bed help the body to get rid of disease?

We talk about all this and more with Andrew K. Fletcher. The health benefits of sleeping on an inclined bed are almost too numerous to count. It's pretty compelling when you start doing the research!

Let me know if you start experimenting with inclined bed therapy and what positive (or negative) health affects you have!

Thanks for listening to this show about inclined bed therapy from Mr. Andrew Fletcher himself!

Justin, Kate, Maggie and Charlee



31-08-2015 - Sleep + Gravity + Health = Fascinating Radio, Andrew K Fletcher, Andy Young, Inclined Bed Therapy

Andrew Fletcher explains why we should avoid sleeping on a flat bed and asks us to question why so many conditions worsen during the night. Listen to this podcast and test his idea that sleeping on a five degree head of the bed up angle to find out for yourself whether gravity plays a vital role in our circulation. Best of all, IBT is free and is spreading throughout the world, and reaching vilages in Africa, where IBT is helping people have have nothing, to regain their health without drugs.

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Published on 11 Jun 2015

In this video you will learn how to take back control of your health. You will hear first hand accounts from people who have been using Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) for many years and from others who have recently started. 

You will also hear testimonials from David, Terri, Donald and Avalina who join the conversation with their fascinating results from sleeping on an angled bed. They also discuss how people who have listened to them now also enjoy 

incredible results and all of this costs you nothing! So ask yourself two questions: 1. Who decided the entire human race should sleep on a flat bed and what were their qualifiactions and assumptions for doing so? 2. What do you have to

lose by trying Inclined Bed Therapy and conducting your own in home study?

IBT has been used by people since the times of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Yes the beds they pulled from the Pharaohs tombs were raised at the head end and were the Elephant in the Room as gold and jewels and money blinded

the robbers to their significance in healing medical conditions currently thought to be irreversible.

If you suffer from migraines or sinusitis you will learn that this is in fact a very powerful method of avoiding them.

If you have varicose veins, then this is a must watch video.

Psoriasis, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, bladder incontinence, bed wetting, insomnia, fidgety legs and limbs / Ekbom syndrome oedema, sleep disorders, night time paralysis, multiple sclerosis, ME, CFS,

diabetes, varicose veins, migrain headaches, poor eye sight, pain, bowel incontinence, acid reflux, gerd, balance problems,  lethargy, poor circulation, metabolic disorders, immune deficiency, you really need to watch this video!. I do hope

you enjoy it, and if you find it useful, post a comment, hit the like tab and share the link on social media and send it to friends and family to help spread the word.

This important research over 23 years of my life has helped people with many different maladies and I do not charge anything for this advice.

We have a growing community on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/inclinedbedtherapy

We have a new website with testimonials and a forum containing results from pilot studies at http://inclinedbedtherapy.com

Kind regards Andrew

Full transcript of radio interview with timings for ease of searching. Use the find tool from your browser to search this text for key words.


Welcome to Granada's Workshop on the Tuesday
9th of the 6th 20-15.

The stark skeleton is back and I have a great
guest this week for you guys, certainly its

something that excited me when I learned about
it and my guest is an all-round good feller

to be honest and I would like to welcome Andrew
Fletcher, Welcome to Awake Radio.

Thank you very much Steven.
I hope your listeners are going to enjoy this.

My first question would be, who designed your
bed and what qualifications di he have or

she have to state the human race should sleep
on a flat bed?

Actually, the literature states, the medical
literature that is, that sleeping on a flat

bed is probably the worse thing you can do
and yet we all do it?

It's really bizarre
Yes, well it's something I never really questioned

until such times as I had come across yourself.
How did you come across it and what made you

aware of this situation?
Well it's a strange one really, I bought a

GCSE Biology book because I was struggling
to try and understand how fluid was transported

in trees, how sap moved from the roots up
to the leaves.

I bought the book from a car boot sale and
within 20 minutes I had solved a problem that

has puzzled scientists since science began.
The problem was that they asked the wrong

question. You see the question is how do trees
raise water from the roots up to the leaves.

Well that suggests a one way flow, but if
we look at a tree we have got a downward flow

and a return flow, so the downward flow is
in the phloem laden with heavy sap and the

return flow is in the xylem with dilute sap
because the xylem picks up water from the

Now the theory I came up with was that the

evaporation from the leaves of a tree which
concentrates the sap by per cent, because

it evaporates 98 per cent of all of the water
that enters through the roots, through the

leaves, so that must concentrate the sap at
the top of the tree.

Now the leaves produce sugars by photosynthesis
and the sap also contains nutrients from the

soil, so that massive loss of moisture must
make the sap denser at the top of the tree

than at the bottom of the tree.
So gravity dictates that the denser sap will

migrate towards a sink. Now that sink can
be a fruit or it can be down through the trunk

of the tree out through the branches and down
to the roots.

Now as the sap percolates down through the
tree, the tree takes up the excess or spent

salts and sugars in it's cycle of growth,
storing them away in it's ever increasing

girth of it's trunk and the branches, so any
sap laden with salts and sugars that reaches

the roots is diluted by incoming water from
the soil.

So that makes the upward flow always less
dense than the downward flow.

The correct question should have been: How
do trees circulate sap?

If they had asked that question then the answer
would have been blatantly obvious. You know,

the downward flow generates a return flow,
because as the sap flows down one side, it

generates molecular drag. In other words each
molecule that moves down is dragging on the

molecule behind it and that molecule behind
it can reach right the way back down through

the xylem flow and out into the ground water,
so in effect that down-flow is not only dragging

water up to the top of a giant Californian
Redwood, it is actually pulling the water

in towards the roots.
Now to test this, I set up a simple experiment

in Brixham using 6 millimetre bore tubing,
the kind that is used in the pub trade, clear

nylon had a giant loop of water filled tubing
that was strung up a cliff to 24 meters up

a cliff
The science books says it can only go to ten

Well I didn't take any notice of that and

neither do the trees.
So what I showed in front of forestry commission

scientists and journalists back in I think
it was 1997 or could have been earlier than

What I showed there was that a tiny pinch

of salt in one side of this tube which is
filled with boiled water, so we have taken

out any gas bubbles, with both open ends pushed
into two bottles of water both equal level

with the ground and to the centre of the tube
before it's hoisted up the cliff, I have added

10 millilitres of coloured salt solution with
food dye and as the tube rises, the salt solution

starts flowing down one side and one bottle
starts to overflow and the fluid level in

the bottle on the other side goes down, which
means that tiny 10 millilitres of salt solution

is lifting thousands of times its own volume,
vertically without a pump to 24 metres.

There is a video on Youtube of the actual
experiment that day.

When I did that, I actually have repeated
the experiment many times, I realised we are

dealing with a none living physical force
that must apply wherever evaporation takes

place at the upper end of a column that contains
liquids which are heavy denser substance,

now that includes blood in the body, the lymphatic
system and the cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

So the evaporation from our respiratory tract
is doing exactly the same as the trees, so

we are boiling away water. Now that means
the blood that supplies the lungs as it enters

is less dense but as it exits the lungs it
becomes more dense because we are evaporating

water away from this liquid, so it then passes
through the heart and then the heart injects

it back into the main artery and if we are
the right way around according to gravity,

I.E. standing up or lying on an inclined bed.
Gravity can assist the circulation around

the body.
When I nailed this, I thought this is really

interesting and one of the first things we
tested it with was varicose veins.

And oedema and within four weeks a varicose
vein had gone flat , but not one varicose

vein another vein on a nurse that had also
become interested in the theory a nurse called

Stephanie Ness who tilted her bed and she
reported in 4 weeks that her varicose vein

had gone flat.
Now that told me that we had nailed something

really important because the medical profession
will say to ease your varicose veins you need

to raise your legs up. We have done the opposite
and it has had a lasting effect.

Hmm, well you know oedema is a thing that
I am familiar with and that is what I am trying

to use the inclined bed therapy for at the
moment for my feet are obviously swelling

up, but effectively what you are talking about
the sap in the tree is it's a circulatory

problem that we are improving if you

like on an inclined bed
Another angle if you will excuse the pun was

to see if anybody had done anything with an
angled bed or an inclined bed before and it

turns out that in Ancient Constantinople the
hospitals there were praised as being the

most successful having the most successful
track record with treating people with illnesses

had their beds inclined according to a painting
which I had found and when I went back further,

in the ancient Egyptian Tombs, the grave robbers
went in and pulled out all the gold and the

They missed the elephant in the room and the

elephant in this room was that the beds were
inclined and to this date, no one has asked

why these very clever people were sleeping
on inclined beds?

I went as far to ask a curator at the Boston
Museum to measure one of these beds and it

was raised exactly six inches higher at the
head end. Exactly the same angle I had arrived

at by observing the way fluids flowed around
a closed loop of tubing, again with a pinch

of salt solution at the pillow end. If I raised
the bed up to 4 inches, what I got was a two

tier flow in one side of the closed loop of
tubing. In other words, the coloured salt

solution was flowing down on the bottom of
the one side of the tube and the return flow

was above it so I had two directional flow
in one side of the closed loop of tube.

When I started to get over 5 inches then the
whole loop of tubing was circulating, so that

represented the down flow as the arteries
and the return flow as the venous return and

that was how I arrived at the angle. But they
got there before me.

And in fact if we go back to the sweating
sickness in the Tudor period, what they found

was this illness which is still a mystery
today had killed millions of people and what

they found was that if they placed two guards
by the side of the bed , presumably to prevent

the person from laying down, because generally
if they did lay down they were dead by the

morning. They survived and a tempest raged
across the country for a few days , a storm.

This is written up in the annals of history
and it swept the unusually humid atmosphere

away, it swept it away. Now if you sweep out
high humidity from the atmosphere, what you

are doing is you are enabling the lungs to
clear fluid from the lungs. If you are breathing

in as much water as you are breathing out,
that has an impact on your circulation and

then if you sleep on a flat bed that's a double
impact on your circulation.

Hmmm You mentioned that before about the humidity
and that makes a whole lot of sense

Yes and the strange thing is in hospitals
they actually nebulise water into people lungs.

Now we should have a certain amount of water
but maybe this should be done intermittently

so as not to stagnate the circulation in the

In my case when I have been in hospital, three
times a day I may be getting fluids put into

my lungs and so that would seem to be an awful
lot to what your saying there yes.

Well doctors and nurses are recommending raising
the foot end of the bed to relieve oedema

and varicose veins and this does provide some
temporary relief because it shifts the fluid

problem back into the upper torso but when
you stand up again in the morning the oedema

comes back. Now with the sloping bed, the
inclined bed, this alters the pressure in

the veins, because the oedema in the legs
is caused because the pressure in the veins

is greater than the surrounding tissue, so
the fluid flows out from from the veins into

the surrounding tissue causing the swelling,
With the sloping bed as we have discussed

it pulls the varicose veins in so what we
have done is applied tension to the blood

in the veins and we have also lowered the
pressure in the blood in the veins which causes

the fluid to migrate from the legs back into
the circulatory system, through the circulatory

system and out into the kidneys where it is
filtered and out into the bladder where it

is excreted in the urine
And that's the other part of the circulatory

system in the body because as the blood flows
down in the arteries, the concentrated blood

with the salts it flows through the kidneys,
the kidneys filter out theses salts and excrete

them in the urine. That's why hot urine will
sink to the bottom of the toilet, so the blood

passing through the kidneys is less dense.
Meaning that the blood in the venous return

is always less dense than the down-flow in
the arteries.

Hmm you say the venous return, would you like
to explain that a little bit more?

It's the flow of blood back through the veins
to the heart.

Right I see
So that's the oxygen deficient blood returning

back to the heart.
Yeah very interesting Yeah You have obviously

had some success with different people with
legs that have become enlarged and so on.

Do you think you could tell us of some of

The first problem I had was looking at ladies

legs for all the wrong reasons
Ha ha ha

I was looking for varicose veins and oedema,
which is a strange thing to be doing.

But my Mother had varicose veins and oedema
and i managed to convince her that I wasn't

insane. She eventually succumbed and tilted
the bed and after four weeks she phoned me

up and said what's this bed all about?
I said, look Mom I have explained it to you

She said well run it by me one more time
I said you have got something to tell me about

your veins, she said Oh yes the veins have
improved, she said, but I'm standing here

twiddling my toes and moving my ankle on my
left foot.

I said what do you want a round of applause?
She said I haven't done that for ten years.

ha ha ha ha right, very good
That was interesting because that indicated

that not only was the blood circulation affected
but this was also the circulation in the nervous

system. Because she had obviously got some
nerve damage having lost control of the limb

and the sensitivity.
That then led on to other research into neurological

conditions. But back to your oedema. Yes we
have had quite a few people reporting in that

edema is reduced significantly and the most
spectacular was with a guy with Parkinson's

disease over in Torquay.
He had severely swollen body, best described

as he was like a water balloon.
We tilted his bed for the Parkinson's and

within a few days his wife was on the phone
saying I can't stop my husband from urinating.

It was like a continuous stream of urine and
by the end of the week his clothes fell on

the floor because he had lost so much weight
from fluid.

I can imagine
But the other one was an interesting one,

I had a meeting with a vascular surgeon called
Peter Lewis and another vascular surgeon called

Celeste, and this was at Lewis's home in Torquay
and I showed him my experiments on the kitchen

table and his reaction was; "My god he said,
I thought pure science was dead in the water

and yet here it is on the Kitchen table. He
said this just makes so much sense.

What do you think would happen if someone
was running, what would happen to the pressures

in the veins and the arteries?
I said I would expect to see an increase in

arterial pressure and an equal decrease in
venous pressure.

He said; that's exactly what happens and nobody
in Medical school understands why.

And then he said I have a patient in Torquay

hospital who has ascitis of the liver, which
is swelling of the abdominal cavity with fluid

and he described her as being like a giant
water balloon.

He said we have tried diuretics and nothing
worked. He said I'm just going to leave the

meeting for a second and I will go to Torquay
and it was just around the corner from where

Peter lived, and I will just go and check
on this lady.

And when he come back he said; it's exactly
as you have said. The fluid loss I have seen

is unprecedented. No diuretics worked and
raising the legs didn't work, but tilting

the whole patient has shown remarkable improvements.
So he was convinced, lots of promises have

been made that the medical profession will
help me here with studies. And help me to

get over these hurdles, you know nothing ever
happens, you just have to do what you can

with the limited resources you have at hand.
Yeah I mean that's effectively they can't

make money out of it I think is why they are
not helping you.

Yes that's the problem Steve, you have hit
the nail on the head. If there was a lot of

money involved, people could make a lot of
money and you would get the help of vascular

Edzard Ernst. I had a meeting with him at

Exeter Hospital and he was really fascinated
by the experiments that I showed him on his

work top. And he agreed that we should conduct
a study into varicose veins and oedema because

the visual observations would be difficult
to disprove.

So he arranged for me to see a doctor who
would give us access to his patients.

I travelled to Exeter on my own, went to see
this guy and as I walked through the door

he said; Are you mr Fletcher? I said yes.
He said, let me make one thing clear. I do

not want anything to do with you, your theory
or any trial do I make myself clear?

I said perfectly. I walked away.
He makes a living from repeat surgery operating

on varicose veins.

So why would he want to learn that two blocks
of wood under someone's bed could actually

prevent those veins from getting worse and
improve them?

Yeah, that's the difference between someone
that is doing a job and a healer.


I am just in it for the science. You asked
me for a little bit about myself. I have an

engineering background. I was a mechanical
engineer like yourself, heavy engineering

as well as an apprentice boiler maker in the

Erm, I have quite a varied background, lateral
thinking is my main stumbling block, because

if I see a problem I try and solve it.
And it becomes quite an occupation, 20 years

later I am still trying to solve problems
for people.

Well I mean from what I was talking to you
Andrew and it has been thoroughly fascinating

every time I have spoken to you, you distil
your own oils, your solar power and things

like that, I know that's a little bit off
subject but it certainly shows you are a man

of many talents that's for sure.

My worst nightmare is having to call someone
out to do something for me.

Ha ha ha ha
Well with Granada s workshop, I try and promote

people to be self dependent and your exactly
what that is, your being self dependent. I

find that fascinating really.
So the question here is how safe is that flat

It's labelled death bed. That should be a

big clue really shouldn't it?
Yeah yeah

In fact 3.30 am is the time most people die
in their sleep.

And that's exactly the time that laying on
a flat bed causes a 2 degree drop in body

Now when we measured our mouth temperature

exactly the same as they did for the two degree
drop in healthy people.

What we found was that we didn't get that
two degree drop when we were on an inclined

Our body temperature remained stable.

Which was fascinating.
And if we go back, the Doctors know exactly

what is going on here.
Doctor Richard Asher in 1942, he wrote:

Look at the patient ling alone in his bed
What a pathetic picture he makes

The blood clotting in his veins
The lime draining from his bones

The scybola stacking up in his colon
The flesh rotting from his seat

The urine leaking from his distended bladder
and the spark evaporating from his soul

Teach us to live that we may dread unnecessary
time in bed

Get people up and we may save patients from
an early

1942 and yet Hospitals are still assessed

on how many beds they have?

I have some horror stories as well with my
own Father

In a coma in hospital. I had fought tooth
and nail to get his bed on an angle.

They told us he had hours to live, he had
pancreatic cancer.

Which had spread from the gall bladder and
he was in a coma, his legs were massive, again

back to the oedema, they had to cut his pyjamas
because they were so tight.

The urine in his catheter was brown and blood
stained and thick like tar. We were told he

had multiple organ failure and that he only
had hours to live.

I said look you have got to tilt this bed!
First of all they refused, thinking that I

was daft and then finally they gave up when
I got a little bit angry and tilted his bed

and every time I turned my back, they would
put the bed back down again.

But he came out of his coma and his urine
started to run clear within hours, his organs

started functioning again and the yellowness
was going from his skin. So this was quite

remarkable and yet they kept trying to put
the bed back flat.

He walked out of that hospital, though he
had a stent operation to ease the pressure

in his gall bladder and he enjoyed another
8 months of life when he was given hours to

Unfortunately the pancreatic cancer got the

better of him, and no amount of education
from me about changing his diet seemed to

sink in. You know he still enjoyed his bacon
sandwich and his glass of whisky.

You know I loved that guy, he was amazing
and a hard man as well, he never took so much

as a paracetamol for pain while he was in
that hospital.

Yeah yeah, I mean what you are expressing
here must have been infuriating to find that

they come in behind your back and changing

I mean obviously they are trying to protect

their jobs to some extent, not really caring
for the patient and they are clearly seeing

that it was effective what you were doing.

They are working from a book Steve, that's
the problem, and if there are mistakes in

that book they will keep repeating the mistakes
Yes yes Because that's the way it is done

if you like.
Yes. that's the way they were taught in Med

Yes yes but it is sad, I really think that

that was very sad and on this earth that people
can see things and do things in front of their

eyes and plain just turn around and refuse
to look at it. You know.

Well we have touched on a few things there

about the dangers of bed rest. What happens
with the heart when you sleep on an inclined

Well the heart rate decreases by 10 to 12

beats per minute and your respiration rate
decreases by 4 to 5 breaths per minute. Yet

your circulation increases. Now I tested this
on sleeping dogs, 3 bull terriers to be honest,

who have no problem sleeping. I tested their
heart rate and respiration rate just against

a stop watch, while they were sleeping flat
and then while they were sleeping on an incline.

And their reductions were exactly the same
a decrease in heart rate by 10 to 12 beats

per minute and in respiration rate by 4 to
5 breaths per minute. So clearly you know

we are dealing with something that is not
just human specific but it goes right across

the animal world as well.
I can verify that. I can verify that to be

right as I have a oxymeter as I was speaking
to you that you put on your finger and measures

your heart rate and your blood gases. I may
be going a little bit out of my dealings with

the inclined bed but the times I have managed
to get into bed and once I have become relaxed

in bed, my heart rate is generally about the
same as my bloods so if my bloods are about

95, my heart rate generally is 95 and since
I inclined the bed I have been getting my

bloods 95 and my heart rate as been about
85, so I can verify what you are saying there

it is absolutely true and I have never discussed
that before as we have been chatting, it is

absolutely right that my heart rate dropped
by 10 beats per minute.

The other thing that we found was that we
measured the density of our urine because

as I said earlier, the kidneys are filtering
out the salts and other materials from the

blood, so I would expect that if we are on
an incline to see a change in urine density.

Now we measured it using a simple hydrometer,
the type you would use in beer making. And

what we found was that the flat bed rest caused
the urine density to decrease over and above

normal daily activity, in other words the
kidneys are not functioning properly.

Head down bed rest caused the urine density
to drop down to near water levels, in other

words no salts were being erected from the
bladder and that when we raised the head end

of the bed we found that the urine readings
went up and became stronger and more dense.

I was just clocking the time there Andrew
and we are getting to about 25 minutes to.

Just one question about when you were talking
about the density of your urine, would keeping

properly hydrated be the optimum way of improving
your chances of it doing something for you?

Or is there something else we can do to help?

Yes I have a bottle of water by the side of
the bed and advocate that people should be

drinking more water on inclined bed therapy.
Because there is going to be a huge detox

going on when you first tilt your bed so you
need to replace the excess fluids that we

are evaporating and excreting in the urine,
which is logical, it makes sense, we should

all be drinking more water anyway.
So yes and if it means having to get out of

bed in the night to have a wee, being upright
is a great thing, you know, and in fact Joan

Vernikos, who is the former head of life sciences
in NASA advocates that people. especially

the elderly should stand every 20 minutes
and she is saying that sitting down is killing

us and that bed rest is killing us.
So make a point of standing every 20 minutes

if only for a couple of minutes, which I find

What she did was, there was an 82 year old,
I think he was 82 or 92 year old who was in

the same job at NASA and he was in a wheel
chair and she advised him during her seminar

to actually get out of the wheelchair and
stand every 20 minutes. When he was visited

by someone who got back to Joan , said that
he actually served them their meal and he

wasn't in a wheelchair any more. So that's
just standing up and in fact if we take gravity

away all together, which is with astronauts
in space, the ageing process is accelerated

by over 10% than it is here on Earth.. 10
times faster tan it is here on Earth. You

get massive bone de-calcification, osteoporosis,
neurological damage, kidney stones, gall stones,

bladder stones, visual disturbances, changes
in the fluid, your skin becomes much thinner

and ages much faster in space and NASA have
studied the effects of flat bed rest and head

down bed rest and in fact they are paying
people $17,000 dollars just to sleep or stay

in a bed that is tilted down by six degrees.
They are doing this to actually mimic what

happens in space, so they are ageing these
people ten times faster than if they were

having normal daily activity. So again the
mirror there is the bed rest is used to reflect

what happens to the body when we travel in
micro gravity in space.

Humm hmm you couldn't pay me that amount of

No no.

Hello Andrew
Hi David

how are you?
I'm fine thank you

Hi David
Is that Steve?

It is
Hi Steve

You are live on awake radio and I was going
to go for a tune but decided to call you in

welcome to awake
Thank you

Where are you talking from?
I'm a Scotsman living in Ireland

We go out all around the World, America Australia
South Africa, the Whole shooting match so

to speak
You are from America I believe?

No I am a Yorkshire man
Right, I should have recognised that accent.

I have been to Ireland and enjoyed it I have
been down to Devon where Andrew lives.

I met Andrew around 1993 I think
I think it was a bout 1995 96

95 96 right Time flies
It does

So I am assuming that you have tried the inclined
bed therapy David?

Yes well when I first met Andrew he mentioned
about the inclined bed and all of his research

with trees and things like that and the circulation
of nature and I decided to must have been

95 96 to buy an inclined bed off him and within
a few months he was so generous him and his

wife drove 350 miles north up to where I lived
and delivered the bed.

I was very grateful at the time.
I still am because I have slept on that bed

ever since and it took a while of perseverance
to adjust myself to it and it certainly paid

Could I ask what benefits you have attained

from it?
Well prior to meeting Andrew I had been an

instrument engineer working off shore almost
24 hours 7 days a week

In fact it was the disaster of Piper Alpha
in 1989 that decided me to chuck my construction

boots in, but at the time I was suffering
of all the following medical conditions.

Keratitis, which is an irritation of the eye
which doctors did not know how to cure it.

Tinnitus which they couldn't treat at the
time. Deafness because I had been working

off shore in a very noisy environment and
I also had a prolapsed disc for about maybe

20 years before I met Andrew.
That produced sciatica and by the time I met

Andrew I had arthritis of the spine and also
my fingers I couldn't bear to pick anything

up. In fact I used to play the piano and I
couldn't bear to touch the notes with my fingers.

Since then, having persevered with the inclined
bed six inches which Andrew made, all of those

conditions have virtually gone.
To be quite truthful, I have never needed

to see any doctors or medical physicians since
2001 and since that day I have never taken

any medical prescriptions or anything like
that whatsoever. It has been a gradual process

within my body. You can't have an agenda when
you start laying on an inclined bed, you are

just wasting your own time having an agenda,
thinking that yes I am going to get better

tomorrow or the next week or cure all ills
and things like that.

You have got to maintain a good life and sleep
on this inclined bed. And if you can persevere

it's going to be well worth it.
Sure sure

And what do you think that healed David Andrew?
What would be your assumption of it?

Well, David is one case of many and over 20
years I have heard many many cases like David's.

It seems to identify that the flat bed was
actually the cause of many of the problems,

possibly as he mentioned working on the rigs
being very damp as we discussed early a very

damp climate will have a double whammy affect,
in fact many of the people that work in the

fishing an the boats and trawlers you see
them walking around in the harbour areas and

they are crippled up with severe problems
with the skeletal frame, arthritis, doubled

over and not a great job like David's job.
So if we have identified that the flat bed

could have been the cause and if we take the
flat bed out of the equation we should all

get better.
I am not saying it is a cure all for everyone

but I have had success with spinal cord injury,
Parkinson's multiple sclerosis, even a problem

with human fertility believe it or not.
Influenza, chicken pox, so it boosts the immune

system as well. We tend not to get as ill
as we did when we slept on a flat bed, you

know if you get Man-flu the man usually lays
down flat and gets very ill

Ha ha ha
The wife doesn't get man-flu because she is

too busy running around looking after the
husband, so they are always upright and they

tend not to get as ill as the men and in fact
if we go back to the sweating sickness it

was probably the men that died more-so than
the women.

Ha ha ha
Talking about man flu and colds, I can't remember

how many years it has been since I had such
an event

Well David thank you very much for chipping

Thank you

You are more than welcome my friend
For me it tends to recycle your body energies

down to your feet more efficiently no matter
what salts, no matter what chemicals you have

got in your body everything has to be emitted
from your body and from your feet eventually

and your toes
It seems to do what I have just explained

Well I suppose that 
your circulation is your healing energy and
that if it is able to get to everything then

it's obviously going to heal.
Well without circulation we are dead.

Yeah yeah yeah
Fascinating fascinating

I will play devils advocate just for one second
David. Is there anything that you reckon may

have helped your healing process other than
the inclined bed therapy?

Well I have never drunk alcohol for about
four or five years now and never smoked. Well

put it this way I smoked when I was about
30 for about 4 years and then I knocked it

That's erm 45 years ago ha ha

So effectively all you have done is pretty
much maintained a healthy diet and inclined

bed therapy and that has been it?
In fact when I stopped working offshore I

was over 15 stone in weight and because of
all the good food that they supply to you

in the meals off shore. That 15 stones is
now slimmed down to about 11 and a half stones

in the last 20 odd years.
And I have just maintained that weight and

I enjoy my eating so it must be the bed.
I have just made contact with Terri would

you like to maybe bring Terri in a minute?
Yes please

Terri's daughter Steve, took one of my experiments
to school

Oh yeah
Hmm hmm

And entered it into to the, what did you call
it Terri, like a science fair was it?

A science fair, right
3 2 1

Welcome back to Awake radio folks and when
I started the show I never mentioned any of

our affiliates so I will give them a quick
mention and I will get Andrew to mention his

website as well
So Obviously Awake U.S. and Awake Australia

and Turtle Island News Shazis Radio dot come
and these changing times. People for people

which used to be Scottish sovereigns and united
we strike and well spirit radio, Just us radio

and I'm sure I have forgotten some of you
guys, oh no ha ha but where ever you are listening

whatever your platform you are listening from
guys I hope you are finding this information

very valid and very useful and you now understand

Some subjects are not always the most interesting
nut certainly for me this is an interesting

subject it is something that is very very
cheap and it's not going to cost you a great

deal of money and it's something as Andrew
said is repeatable and you know I think it's

well worth having a go to be honest.
So Andrew welcome back again and

Thank you Steven
And Terri as joined us from the good old US

of A which will please a lot of our listeners.
Hello everyone

So Terri would you like to give us a little
introduction to your inclined bed therapy?

I found the website talked about the inclined
bed therapy and I was new to multiple sclerosis

and I didn't take any medication yet for the
multiple sclerosis and I found this information

and I thought huh you want somebody to try
something new. I will be happy to try that.

Didn't involve any needles or pain or medication
and didn't cost me anything, yeah I was willing

to give it a try and I had pain in my left
thigh all of the time and I thought well Betty

Iams a nice woman though I have never met
her, she suggested this therapy and said it

worked for her so I would give it a try.
And I used some books underneath the frame

of my bed and I would just give it a try,
he said six inches higher than your feet,

Ok I can do maths, I can measure and so I
put the books under my bed and slept that

way one night and though huh the pain's gone
and my husband said I hate it so I said alight

I will take the books out again.
The pain came back.

I said the couch is out there I am sleeping
with the bed up and we have done it ever since.

And that was back in 1998
So I have been sleeping that way ever since

and my multiple sclerosis does not give me
any trouble, I have never taken any drugs

or anything injectable or anything cancer
causing. I never take any drugs just the inclined

bed has served me well since 1998.
That's a good record. I believe you had an

interesting conversation with your neurologist?
Yes, The neurologist recently told me that

you don't really need to come back to see
me again your better. I have never seen anyone

get better, it is not a disease that is supposed
to get better he said don't bother to come

back ha ha
ha ha ha ha Brilliant

I have never been happier to fire a doctor
in my life.

Brilliant brilliant
One thing I noticed with David and yourself

that has been sort of late 90's that you have
been doing inclined bed therapy so that's

quite some time
Hmm hmm

Did it take some time? How long did it take
for you to get a response or reaction with

it any idea?
I had mine immediately because I had the pain

and then it was gone and that is how multiple
sclerosis works it comes and goes but I had

instant relief from the pain in my leg and
I had no reason to think that this isn't working.

Brilliant Yeah
Since then I have had amalgams removed from

my teeth and my doctor not my neurologist
this is a different doctor who said I think

you have had mercury poisoning as well as
your multiple sclerosis so with the amalgams

removed from my teeth I think I have eliminated
mercury poisoning from my system. I still

have had no problems with multiple sclerosis
and I have tried sleeping flat on a vacation

when I couldn't sleep inclined and I hated
it, my husband said he hated it too and even

though he on one hand hates sliding down on
the bed on the other hand he can't sleep flat

now. ha ha
ha ha

He is a fireman so occasionally he has to
go to the fire-station to sleep and he don't

sleep good there, it's too much bother to
lift the bed up there.

Although we just use PVC pipe and put it under
the leg of the bed and that's how we raise

our bed, the book thing didn't really work
to well.

Yeah that's a great idea.

Depending on where we go my family have bricks
for me to use and that works for me if I at

their house I have bricks. Whatever, I have
gone on a mission trip to Trinidad and we

took pvc pipe on the trip to Trinidad and
I raised the bed there and had some rocks

to help put underneath it but the pvc pipe
seems to work really well.

Brilliant brilliant
It's easy to cut and you can make it whatever

length you want.
Yes that sounds a very simplistic way yeas

I am all about simple things and blood .
We have a question in the chat which refers

to the bed as well which clearly enjoyed you
mentioning about sliding down the bed and

said if the bed is tilted that much how does
one stay on it without sliding to the end?

My bed is tilted 4 inches and I have had constantly
to stop myself from going to the bottom of

the bed.
What you can do there is to wrap an old duvet

if you have a spare duvet or a blanket, wrap
it tightly around the mattress and then put

your top sheet on and that extra friction
that you get from the duvet or the blanket

prevents the slipping.
Very smart thinking that

Well these are some of the tips that many
people who have been helped have handed over.

What Terri was saying there about an instant
reaction a lady, she's an ex nurse and she

has a condition called psoriatic arthritis
and she would wake up every morning racked

with pain and she admitted to me that a while
back, quite a few years back that she was

ready for a wheelchair. Life for her was a
real struggle, she would immerse her hands

in hot water trying to get her hands to move
and after about a hour and a half of pain

she would be able to move her hands. She ran
a guest house at the time so it was a real

struggle for her.
She tilted her bed and got up the next morning

and she didn't need to immerse her hands in
water they worked. So that was from one night

sleeping on an angled bed.

To this date she is a very good friend of
ours now, her psoriasis has completely gone,

she has no more pain in her joints, she can
walk miles it's amazing.

And another lady with psoriasis, took a series
of photographs and we actually saw all of

the changes in her skin.
She went to virtually having no psoriasis

with photographic evidence.
It's absolutely brilliant

You know if you stop to think, like said at
the start of this, who was the person that

determined that the whole human race should
sleep flat?

When animals seldom sleep flat
You know if you watch cows and sheep in the

field and there is a hillside they will all
be facing up the hill when they are laying

Chimps sleep in trees and those trees are

not flat.
Gorillas will lean up against a tree. Even

alligators and crocodiles and snake alter
their posture, they don't stay flat for long.

An alligator will lower it's head to cool
it's temperature and raise it's head to increase

it's temperature and so do lizards in an aquarium,
vivarium. You know and birds, many birds will

sleep standing up, some horses will sleep
standing up.

I mean effectively all I had ever known about
that is if you are camping, don't sleep with

your head down the slope because your head
fills up with water if you like a balloon

so that was the only thing I'd ever thought
about that.

I have some feed back from people that camp
out a lot and they say that they try and pitch

the tent so that there is a slight incline
and they actually feel warmer. Which is another

thing that we have found is that the sloping
bed increases your metabolism. If you suffer

with cold hands and cold feet, all of a sudden
you get nice warm hands and nice warm feet

in bed, which indicates your circulation has
improved and your metabolism has improved.

My Granddaughter is three now, but since she
has been born she has had trouble with reflux,

acid reflux and the babies sleep is not fine
because all she was doing is crying.

And my Daughter is the one that did Andrew's
study and we tried to do the circulation thing

in the science fair thing and so my daughter
understands his theory and she was quick to

put a block or something under the crib to
make sure that she is inclined and that helped

her acid reflux tremendously.

And my husband also suffers from that acid
reflux disorder and we put our bed up, he

doesn't have that problem any more.
It is interesting, my great grandmother slept

with her bed inclined and I am guessing that
she had an acid problem and that it helped

her stomach. I was four years old I am 51
now. She was sleeping with her bed inclined

and we didn't know anything about Andrew's
study then so it must have been something

that people do.

Somewhere along the line, somebody had the
idea that we should sleep with the head of

our bed up so that out tummy's don't hurt.

The medical profession will also use it for
respiratory failure, they will raise people's

beds at the head end but they generally sit
people up and that is not the same as an inclined


A lot of people think that being sat up in
bed is the same. " I have got lot's of pillows

so I am already doing it. No your not!
If you are sitting up you are actually preventing

yourself from laying on your sides comfortably,
so you are always going to be laying on your

back and that's not good being in the same
position every night.

You need to be able to rotate.
That was actually a question I meant to ask

Does it matter about laying on your side or

on your back?
Not at all not at all. On your back is probably

the worst for oxygenation. On your side is
going to be better.

And in fact there is some research that prone
position or laying on your tummy improves

the effectiveness of the lungs, which is a
little bit disturbing when mothers are told

to put the baby flat on their backs

Well yeah they switch that up every now and
again and the current thing is they should

be on their sides.

My Granddaughter was told her baby should
be on her side.

Yes, I have been saying this for years. Ha
ha ha

In fact I had a meeting with Dr Shireen Chantler
MA PhD from the Foundation For Sudden Infant

Death Syndrome at her home in London and she
saw my experiments she heard my explanation,

she turned around to me and she looked me
in the face and said; My god you have solved

it. I said what do you mean by that. She said
you have solved sudden infant death syndrome.

That's right
I then said so we can now tell mothers and

fathers to put their babies on an angle?
Oh no it's not that simple.

Of course it is.
Of course it is.

You know in fact there is a new movement called
Kangaroo baby care, where the parents never

put their babies flat down in a bed, They
have them up against themselves, they take

it in turns, the Husband picks the baby up,
the mother picks the baby up, they don't put

that baby down.
I couldn't do that forever but at some point

you have got to put the baby down.
Well yes but for short periods of time I should

imagine its ok. But it's not ok to leave a
baby flat for all those hour

But it is interesting that my Daughter who
did the experiment realised that yes that's

what she wants to do with her babe.

Well there was an interesting one with human
fertility, a member of the family a lady was

having trouble with IVF In-vitro fertilization.
She had spent a fortune, she couldn't conceive.

And she gave up, so I convinced her to put
the bed on an angle and without IVF she had

a baby.

It's fascinating and if we look in space travel
they have actually observed the way sperm

swims and it loses it's motility when it is
in zero well micro-gravity. So they are saying

now the latest buz is that long term space
flight would or could make some people sterile.

Didn't you say Andrew that there was someone
that had significant improvements with quadriplegic

or paraplegic that could walk again?
Yes that was John Cann, he was a fantastic

guy, he has passed away john has, he died
at 76 years of age. He had trouble with his

medication, I won't go into the details but
it was not related to the sloping bed. And

he was paralysed for 10 and a half years I
think it was. He was filmed by Carlton Television

News. He got out of his wheel chair and he
walked on Carlton Television news. You can

see his feet moving correctly and his knees
lifting it was incredible, he walked between

two parallel bars and he walked to one end
of the bars. I had assembled the bars at his

home and turned around and walked back in
front of the cameras.

I will always remember Tim Iredale saying,
he was the news reporter, He said this is

one of those days you will always remember
where you were. It is an absolute pleasure

watching this, seeing you working with these
people is incredible.

How long did it take it take him to sleep
inclined before he could do that?

I forget, I haven't got the notes with me
now but it took quite a while, probably took

over a year.
I was trying to remember, I think I read it

it was about a year.

But you see John was not by any means the
first, in fact I have just uploaded the case

histories onto the website at http://inclinedbedtherapy.com
And it's under my research tab under the main

menu, you will see the spinal cord injury
case histories that I have uploaded.

The first two, Julian Boustead and John Mason
both complete spinal cord injuries, incredible

results with both of these guys. That then
led on to helping more people with spinal

cord injuries. But I tried on the Carecure
forum to introduce the theory and many people

there were shooting me down in flames but
a few people decided to give it a try and

when they come back and started to report
that they were improving also, they were also

ridiculed and chased off the website and they
had been there for years and friends of these

And some even accused me that I had invented

these people, so to do that I would have had
to have gone there 4 or 5 or 6 years before

and spent months and months and months of
posts to different people on the pretext of

trying to introduce people who were showing

It was ridicules but they would rather believe
that than that putting two blocks of wood

under the bed would out smart the people that
were involved in spinal cord research?

Well in reality I can understand that because
I must admit that when I first saw your show

with Clive De Carle it was something that
and I do praise myself for keeping an open

mind when I seen it, I thought that would
not really be worth watching and you know

but when I did, it didn't half hit me right
between the eyes. You shouldn't rule anything

out, you should look in and see and become
informed I think

Never judge a book by it's cover.
Yeah exactly

And the best part about this whole thing is
that no one is making any money on it, which

is unfortunate for Andrew but no one is making
any money on it and this is something you

can try and if you don't like it don't do
it but it doesn't hurt give it a try.

Yes that's a good point
It doesn't harm you to try it in the least

and you might discover something that you
didn't even expect I mean one of the best

things about it is it made my nails better
than they were before, I mean really? I mean

I'm a woman and it matters to me but something
silly like that I mean your hair, your nails

that improving because your circulating all
of those minerals in your system

Yes it did me Terri, I had siatica of the

nerves and things like that, I found the nails
were actually stronger and growing faster

That's right

Yeah. I also was walking using a walking stick
for 4 years and I had all the symptoms of

multiple sclerosis but I refused to go to
the Doctors because they would just give me

a bucket full of pills anyway.
The best case so far was a girls with cerebral

palsy, she was 12 years of age and her parents
called me and asked me about a bull terrier

and the question was, what would an adult
male bull terrier be like around a severely

disabled child?
I said what's the matter with your kid?

She said why do you want to know?
I said, I might be able to help.

She said don't be bloody ridiculous, I rang
for information about a dog, she said I have

been half way around the world no body can
help my daughter.

I said, look I can't make you listen
She said well spit it out then, so I told

her all about my research and how it had been
helping people with multiple sclerosis and

people with spinal cord injury and that it
might just work with a child with cerebral

palsy. By now she had told me that her daughter
had cp and up to the age of 12 had never walked

and she wore callipers day times and night
times to keep her legs straight. She had no

muscles on her legs, very frail and they tilted
the bed. It took quite a few months I think

it was about 8 months probably longer when
the school rang up and said that this little

girl had got out of her wheelchair and walked
at school. That's the first time in 12 years.

And it was quite a few months later, this

girl actually called me up and I picked the
phone up and she said are you Andrew? I said

She said I'm the little girl that you have

been helping.
She said I have just called to say thank you

for what you have done for me.
Do you know, my legs went to jelly and I collapsed

on the floor, I couldn't even stand up.
Oh my

That was absolutely incredible.
I was going to say that to you earlier on

that it must give you such a heart warming
feeling when you see these people recovering.

It's good Steve because like you say it's
good for the soul, not that I believe I am

not religious at all in any way, but if I
had my time over again I would do it all over

again, because hey, If I don't do it nobody
else is going to do it.

You can't wait for the doctors to come round
and do it because there is no money in it.

The scientists are not going to do it because
there is no money in it.

You know so and don't even get me started
on the Governments.

Ha ha ha
Even the bed makers don't make beds like that

because there is no money in it.
Now you have hit the nail on the head. In

the early days I used to have beds made by
Silent Night beds and they said that they

had to stop.
I said why have you got to stop making them?

They said well it's casting a lot of doubt
on the beds we make

ha ha ha
We can't really help you with the advertising

because we would be shooting ourselves in
the foot.

that was the end of that relationship.
And in fact it had already helped the chief

executives personal secretary who had ms,
unbeknown to me they had made an inclined

bed for her and she had shown remarkable improvements

You certainly made my bed.

Hello Sir
Hello Donald

Hi Andrew how are you?
I am very good thank you my friend.

Hi Terri I just want to say you are great
Oh thank you why?

You just really hit the nails on the head
with these things and it's just really great

to hear the input
Well, I like what he has done for us.

Yes it's just incredible
Andrew didn't you say that sitting in a wheelchair

is a horrendous thing to make people do, if
you have got this disease anyway why would

you sit in a wheel chair all day?

Wheelchair posture is really wrong, you know
bucket seat posture with your knees higher

than your seat, that is going to compromise
circulation down through your body together

with pressure you have got on your buttocks
yeah definitely a no no.

And in fact I took the main board room at
Jaguar cars and they said normally 20 minutes

would suffice and people would start walking
out of the room with these high ranking directors.

But the talk was about how car seats are making
people fall asleep at the wheel.

Because of bad posture. I said I referred
to it as wheelchair posture and that talk

at Jaguar cars lasted 2 hours and I captivated
everyone, not one person left the room.

But they said they couldn't do anything about
the car seating because they have design constraints

on the vehicles, whatever that means, I haven't
been able to work that out yet.

So Donald how has inclined bed therapy done
for you?

Oh it's done really well Andrew and I am actually
lying on my inclined sofa watching my computer.

I won't give this incline up for anything.
So Steve you would ask people how they have

gotten on to this thing? Yeah I was trying
to do the exact opposite of what Andrew suggested,

I had been to the doctor a couple of years
ago and she told me that I was, or she thought

I was getting heart disease or atherosclerosis
and wanted to put me on the medications that

are going around for that. I didn't want any
part of that.

So I had remembered I had rented a home one
time where the bed was actually inclined at

the foot end by a couple of inches and I thought
I was getting some relief from that, so I

went on the internet to see if something like
that would help me. The unfortunate thing

about doing research on the internet is that
I can find anything to corroborate any theory

I can come up with
That's true

So I tried to discipline myself to find anything
that corroborates the opposite, so I bumped

into some of the stuff Andrew had written
up talking about how we are supposed to sleep

the exact opposite way and I thought oh what
is this and I started to read into it and

I was like oh my goodness this guy has really
gone into a lot of detail so I had read the

recommendations to raise the head end of my
bed starting out with a few inches, well I

couldn't wait, I think I inclined about 4
inches and before bed time I already had it

up to six or 7"
Ha ha ha

That's where you belong

ha ha ha Thanks
Well the Doctor had actually told me earlier

that day that she wasn't getting any pulse
in my right foot and I had an eye stoke about

six months earlier and she said oh my god,
your arteries are hardening and this is why

she wanted to put me on the statins as well.
That night I could feel the blood flow tunnelling

through whatever blockages i was experiencing
in my right foot.

Then my eyesight started to get better during
the time I had actually managed to quit smoking

for a little bit
I haven't managed to conquer that one yet.

But boy I just felt so much better, probably
the thing that most people could identify

with in my story are the unexpected benefits
as so many of us have had other benefits I

had a garden where I worked that had about
700 petunia plants and I would squat every

year to plant these in and I wouldn't get
done with the planting before I was having

terrible lower back pains and sometimes I
would have to take a full minute just to stand

up straight.
That winter, I started sleeping inclined with

the bed head end up six inches and the feet
down. The following spring I planted 1300

petunia plants not one episode of back pain
at all. Ha ha

Its incredible
My mother who is now 81 this was a couple

of years ago that I started this and I was
talking to her about it and oh I think anybody

who has tried to become an inclined bed therapy
evangelist has run into this I mean, people

think I am a cook it's almost like I got a

Like you know so anyway that's ok because

the couple of people that have tried it and
benefited makes it all worth while and hearing

from people on this show also is really great
and I told my mother about this and so she

tried it and then as always all the benefits
are always preceded by a a little a little

discomfort like going to the gym and working
out. And then all of a sudden there's a benefit.

My mother was all set to put it back down
she was having pain in her back from this.

After about 6 days and on the 7th day she
came out of the shower in the morning sat

down to clip her toe nails and said oh my
goodness I was able to lift my left foot up

onto my right knee without having to use my

Ha ha ha

I haven't been able to do that in five years.
he he he

Now she is telling me that her balance is
increasing tremendously so now I am starting

to do my own offshoot quasi enthusiast research
which I am looking up, you know how blood

circulation affects the vestibular and there
is so many directions we can go in. Anyway,

I tend to be long winded and that's my story.,
Brilliant, thank you very much Donald

We didn't hear where does Donald live?

Oh I'm in New Haven Connecticut Terri.
Yeah another Yankee here

I'm in Ohio
Your in among friends, we have 
a lot of American listeners and American hosts

and some are especially first nations people
so yeah way we look at Awake is that all races

cultures and religions we have all got to
come together and share this kinda knowledge

because certainly the powers that be we call
them certainly don't want us to be healthy

it would appear.
The government doesn't want us healthy.

Yeah, what it is, is a sickness industry,
if we are all well, they are out of business.

That's right
Did you say how long you had been doing the

therapy Donald?
Let's see I, when did I first contact you

Andrew about 2 years ago?
Yeah it's been about 2 years.

As a matter of fact yeah I only discovered
it recently Terri I couldn't believe that

when I discovered it about two and a half
years ago and Andrew had been working on it

since like the 1990's It's like oh my god
where have I been?

Yeah so anyway it's been about 2 and a half

I have been doing this since 1998 Don
Well it certainly seems that there is an initial

effects that can be quite a positive, obviously
over the long term you know you have got to

be patient with it I think.

The first two weeks can be problematic for
some people as Donald said it feels like you

have been working out in the gymnasium, your
muscles are aching, you can get a stiff neck,

I remember getting a stiff neck =, but I also
remember one of the days we took the lads

down to the beach and the lads had skate boards
and I had a bull terrier pulling them up and

down the beach and I was running in front
shouting the dog and the dog was a big powerful

dog pulling the lads at tremendous speed and
the dog was falling on the floor completely

done in and when I got back I said oh the
poor dog.

I remember Jude saying how come you are not
out of breath? Why have you done all of this

and you are not out of breath?
And another thing that we noticed as that

if we walked up the hill we would normally
ache and with bags filled with shopping we

would pull over and stop, but now we were
able to carry on without stopping so you know

that the benefits are quite remarkable.

When I was first diagnosed in 1998 I had a
great deal of difficulty walking for any length

of time and I thought for sure I was going
to follow the normal progression of multiple

sclerosis getting worse worse worse and since
I started this right away since I was diagnosed

I am impressed that I have got better and
better and it has constantly got better and

better and I have never had a huge set back
that put me back further than where I started

That's quite impressive because anyone that

knows anything about multiple sclerosis is
that it generally does not take any prisoners

Yeah In the initial study we had two ladies,
two ophthalmologists, this was the pilot study

before Terri joined, the first pilot study.
Two ladies ophthalmologists wrote to me and

said could you explain to me how putting two
blocks of wood under someone's bed can restore

someone's sight?
I had to go down and explain to them, they

were fascinated.
Yes it sure did mine

You know Steve there was one benefit that
I will take a risk on saying here on radio

is anybody with erectile dysfunction can get
benefits from this.

That's true as well yes
You know when I erm, how can I put this on

radio, well let me just say that one time
the woman I was seeing at the time said I

am really impressed with what this has accomplished
Ha ha ha

I'm going to get a T shirt with that on printed
on it.

Well this could almost be a test for Granada
Steve's radio listening audience, we all remember

how the sales of viagra took off to the point
that they had to re-double and triple their

forecasts. Now we have to find out if every
body starts sleeping on inclined beds.

He he he he

As long as it works that's all good.
Yeah well put Donald.

Very subtle
You know all I could say is if you get a tonne

of listener-ship out of this starting in the
next 5 minutes you know

he he he he he he
If there is any profit generated from this

do something to promote what Andrew has done
because, I mean just the number of people

that have been helped, I can't imagine that
Andrew doesn't feel like the richest man alive

right now.
I do I do

Not to say that there isn't a price that comes
along with that he gets a lot of other people

writing in stuff saying he's a cook but they
are all people who haven't tried it

I have yet to hear from one person who has

give this a good try say that it's nuts. Not

Hi Donald
I have been using for the last 18 years at

least. I live in Yorkshire and I admit major
spine problems working off shore as an engineer

and I was using a walking stick over 4 years
as I was constantly falling over. Very very

similar to ms symptoms, but I refused to go
to the doctors after I found Andrew

One thing that I will say for your listeners

is Inclined bed therapy is the cure for migraines!
The last one I had was in 1994

I can quite believe that.
And another lady now has just joined us who

suffers with terrible migraines and I asked
her the other day how many migraines have

you had since, she said none!
So that's another load of pills that need

to go in the bin.
That don't work incidentally.

Bathroom visits In the middle of the night
and someone else had also indicated that that

would help her main thing that she was trying
it for and she said it had helped tremendously

and fewer times she had to get up in the night.
That's right, night time urination yes, but

also bed wetting, anybody that's having problems
with the youngsters bed wetting tilt the bed.

I have had lots and lots of reports saying
it stops instantly.

And again that's down to the 2 degree temperature
drop when you are lying on a flat bed, that

means your body temperature drops so you feel
cold and when you feel cold you need to pee.

So if your asleep unfortunately that's when
you get an accident. But if your body temperature

is not dropping there is no need to, well
you don't get the urge.

I think it was the lady that got me to start
with it is Betty is the person that suggested

she had fewer reasons to have to get up during
the night and she appreciated it.

Yes, that's one of the first reports that
we get back in.

Another one was a lady with osteoporosis,
a lady called Ruby Tate, she actually appeared

on the local television although I have lost
the original broadcast it was on a video tape

that got destroyed, but when I met the lady
she had answered a little advert in the newspaper

and this was before I had the internet and
it just said, looking for volunteers to sleep

with the head of the bed raised six inches
and that's all that I put.

Because that's all I could afford
She came back to me, she contacted me and

she said she couldn't believe the differences.
Again she was racked with pain, if she needed

to turn around she would have to turn her
whole body around because her body was seizing

up. She couldn't drive her car because she
couldn't look in the mirror, she couldn't

turn over in bed because she was in agony.
Tilted her bed and all of those problems just

She got full movement of her body and spine

and neck, she was able to drive again, she
could turn over in bed she could clothe herself,

dress herself, put her bra on, none of these
things she could achieve and her husband Harry,

well her partner, he wasn't her husband partner
called Harry he had what they call a suppurating

scar on his arm which had been there for 30
years it healed up.


Have you had any contact with people who have
diabetes and how this affects them?

Well yes good point Terri Yes a lot of reports
back from people with diabetes. A gentleman

over in Brixham we have found that his blood
sugar levels are becoming more normal and

his insulin has dropped quite dramatically,
he is on about a quarter of the dose he was

on before he tilted the bed.
And he had a bleed behind his eye and he was

told that he needed surgery, this is laser
surgery, and the bleed stopped, they were

mystified by what had happened.
And then he moved over to Canada for a little

while on holiday a long holiday and he slept
flat and his eye started to bleed again from

the back of his eye.
But when he got back to the UK, it stopped

again because he was on his sloping bed.
But interestingly enough his wife, has got

type 1 diabetes caused through a steroid prednisalone,
she was overdosed on prednisalone and she

was told it had destroyed her pancreas and
that it would never work again.

And low and behold she is now starting to
produce her own insulin again. So her insulin

dose is dropping.
Which is fantastic, but the icing on the cake

for diabetes is a guy called Tetaake Yee Ting
who is a doctor over in Pohnpei Island and

with the help of the government there and
the doctors and the local hospital and the

college, they conducted a study with a group
of patients with diabetes and they tilted

the beds.
Right across the board they listed a whole

number of other complaints they have and all
of their sugar levels had dropped, all but

two who had gone in the opposite direction.
So being a lateral thinker himself he investigated

why these two had gone in the wrong direction
and both of them admitted that they hadn't

been sleeping on an inclined bed and that
one had been binging out a wedding and another

had been binging out for two days at a funeral.
But when they went back to the inclined bed

their blood sugar levels came down as well,
quite significantly.

So this is really important and I have always
maintained as well that these rows of poor

people who are in the hospitals and are having
their limbs amputated with gangrene, this

can be stopped, you know, it is totally unnecessary.
If they modified their beds, I am sure that

many of those amputations would be averted.
They are going to have to change their eating

habits as well as their sleeping habits.
Well yes, but the Americans introduced their

diet to the Pohnpei Island. They were ok when
they had their own native diet, they were

very healthy indeed. Unfortunately the American
way has got the better of them.

My condolences to them.

There was a child locally with an enlarged
dysfunctioning pituitary gland.. Quite severe

paralysis and I met this lady who was at a
party and had her head down looking all depressed,

so I asked her what the matter was? And she
told me all about her son and she tilted the

bed. And a year later I was at another party
and this lady kept looking at me strange and

I thought well there is something going on
here and she came over in front of my wife

and put her arms around me. And said it worked.
By now I had forgotten all about who it was

She said my son is working out down the gymnasium

he has got the use of his arms his hands and
his legs back.

I am bringing Rubicon into the call just now
and I will try and get Avalina into the call

if I can.


Can you hear me?

Yes yes we can
We can hear you

ahh good
Are you still there

Have you tried the inclined bed therapy?

Yes I have, yes I have been doing if for 6
years now

I had terrible stomach problems for a number

of years and I went to the Doctor but unfortunately
the tablets I was given had many side effects.

Course they do
Yes of course so one of them unfortunately

was breast enlargement and being a small lady
That can't be a bad thing he he he he

I didn't want to have a sort of over toppling
problem you know

Anyway so I came off those and well didn't
know what to do really and found Andrew's

inclined bed therapy and thought I would give
it a try.

My husband made the bed and I can safely say
within 2 or 3 days I had no more stomach problems.

Yeah so I am a great advocate of inclinedbedtherapy.com
not only that I find I am more refreshed in

the morning I sleep better and I get over
things quicker, you know illnesses and I am

less thirsty in the mornings and it's a great
mood lifter.

Brilliant yes.
Did you say your husband is trying it?

Is that David?
Yes it is

Hello David
Well yes we are getting around to it we sleep

in separate beds, Yeah I like to sleep separately,
I like to get a good nights sleep.

But yeah we are working on that David at some
point we are going to order the wood when

we have got some money order some wood at
the end of the year and my husband will make

an inclined bed for himself

Thank you for chipping in, very interesting.
What were your stomach problems, acid reflux?

Yes that's right, I mean it is so debilitating
all day finding whatever you eat you just

feel you have got this terrible heart burn
and acid reflux and all related problems etc,

it didn't matter what I did, let's just say
that other things have helped too since then,

but the first thing that helped was the inclined
bed therapy

Yeah from there I was able to take things

further, you know change diet eventually etc
but to start off not to have to take the tablet

and have a natural replacement for that you
know was really important to me. I don't like

taking tablets.
Was that zantac, I just hate having to take

Oh yes exactly, I am not a person for taking

tablets so I really did resent taking anything
that could give me side effects so it was

lovely, really great to have that feeling
of ahh I have got some relief with the inclined

bed therapy and then from then on I could
make changes. So I have stayed inclined and

what I suppose I aught to say to people is
to try it and stay on it, don't come off it

when your symptoms have ceased. When you feel
that things have changed, I know a lot of

people have said oh I tried it and it was
really great, but then went back of course

to sleeping flat. Well I think that is a disaster.
Why would they do that

Well people I suppose sleeping in bed with
partners, perhaps there have been problems

there and.
I said there was a couch

Yeah well that's right but I can understand
but you know I suppose that's what I want

to say really is stay with it if you are going
to do inclined bed therapy don't give up after

a couple of months stay with it.

Interesting that you were talking about people
who were on it that got away because I can't

get away, when I went away to my sisters place
in Vermont and I had to sleep flat I thought

that I was going to die in my sleep
Yeah, absolutely, you feel suffocated don't

Yes yes

I also want to tell you something great that
happened because I live on a small island

and there is only 57 of us and 3 people here
also sleep inclined. One particular man they

are all elderly but one of them had a very
bad varicose vein in his leg and for years

he has had this varicose vein.
I would say it was in 3 or four days his varicose

vein disappeared after sleeping inclined.
Which is fantastic isn't it

It is fantastic
That's beautiful

Yeah and he stayed inclined. I say to him
are you still inclined? He says Oh yes. he

he he he
And another guy also had a very bad neck problem

and there has been no therapist that managed
to sort it out.

He was suffering with his neck problem so
I thought I would mention it to him and he

said Oh I will give it a try and again that
was within literally within a week. He said

I don't believe it, what Doctors couldn't
fix, sleeping so simply it's fixed. He said

I am telling everyone I'm telling everyone,
i'm driving people mad, I'm telling them ha

ha ha ha
He has become an inclined bed bore like the

rest of us.
Yeah absolutely that's right

It is amazing some of the immediate benefits
a lot of them take a lot longer but my girlfriend

remarked immediately that my snoring had almost
been eliminated.

Oh Yeah Yeah The snoring is great
I told my cousin about that and suddenly her

and her husband were sleeping in the same
bed again now. Because it eliminated his snoring.

And then I called Andrew and told him about
this and he said oh yeah inclined bed therapy

has saved many marriages.

ha ha ha ha
Fantastic isn't it

You don't expect it do you?

Say again David
No I didn't expect the snoring to improve

and then a friend of mine is getting a lot
of treatment right now from specialists for

sleep apnea I had heard through his co worker,
so I left him a note saying I have the solution

for that and it's absolutely free. He never
called me.

It's not the least bit difficult to deal with
a mask over your head while you are sleeping.

Yeah and that's what he is doing right now
while he is sleeping, dealing with the mask

and everything rather than a call to a crazy
guy who sleeps at the same tilt that we all

automatically pick when we go to the beach.

I know one guy who moved down to the Virginia
coast from her because he said I always sleep

so much better at the beach.
I didn't want to break his heart and say guess

what it isn't the sun that's doing it.
Ha ha ha

Yeah It's the same when you go camping isn't
it when you find yourself on a slight incline

you don't realise how refreshed you feel from

I was just going to say I know other people
that report the same thing that you just said.

And we can do it all right in our own home,
Yes for no cost

Isn't it interesting how resistant that people
are to try this though?

Oh if you wanna lose popularity pretty real

Mention it
I have had friends de-friend me on Facebook

for bringing it up
he ha ha ha ha ha

I am really sorry to say this folks but we
have got about 5 more minutes and we may give

each one of you a minute or so to maybe say
your websites and so on and your last parting

words but I think for me I would prefer you
guys to come back again and tell me more of

your experiences because I don't think we
have covered it enough by far.

It's a long subject but where do you stop,
it just goes on and on. 20 years of my life.

Didn't NASA advertise for volunteers to sleep
inclined on their space subject.

They were offering 7 thousand dollars.
Oh NASA, you have got space research as well,

we covered that in the first part of the show.
But yeah they are paying people $17,000 dollars

to stay in bed for three months and the bed
is slanted down head down and feet up.

But they are studying this because of what
happens to astronauts in space because it

ages 10 times faster when you take gravity
away so they come up with a great idea we

will put people in bed and we will re-create
the 10 times ageing process and give them

17 grand to keep their mouths shut.
It has been an amazing adventure and all because

we tried to understand how water got to the
top of a tree.

Yeah ha ha ha ha
Terri do you have any parting words?

I am just so thrilled that Andrew can share
this all with us, he did all the research

and we get all the benefits.
Yeah ha ha He's a nice feller isn't he.

I think we have all done the research. I wouldn't
have been able to do anything if it hadn't

been for people like Terri and David and Donald
and Rubicon and now you Steve, your experimenting

as well.
Yeah well I will show my bit on another occasions

and will let you know how i get on, I am in
the early stages of it, I have problems getting

into the bed to sleep, but whenever I can
get into the bed I am finding that I am sleeping

really quite solid and my feet the swelling
is reduced but of course when I get up then

it starts filling up my feet again but early
days for me I really haven't given that a

good enough shot yet but I will come back
to you and let you know.

What I would like to say to your listeners
is if you do do this is to please keep a journal.

I have a template on the Htto://inclinedbedtherapy.com
Forum and I will be modifying that template

and putting it under my research tab and you
can download it and use this to record changes.

There is also a document called things to
monitor, which I have uploaded to the website,

it sort of outlines the parameters of the
research so highlights some things that you

can look for that you wouldn't normally be
looking for, like half moons on the fingers,

finger nails growing stronger, smoother, hair
growing faster, people who have hair falling

out, suddenly find that it is no longer falling

Old scar tissue seems to vanish as well, I
have a huge scar down my leg from barbed wire

and that's all filled in nicely it is hardly
visible. That groove had been in my leg since

I was about 18 or 19.
Again if you keep a journal and jot down anything

or record any photograph evidence of varicose
veins, photograph evidence of oedema, skin

conditions such as psoriasis or even make
a video diary all of this will help to reach

many more people.
Well I really hope that we can help you to

do that and get the word out there. I really
do think you are on to something and simple

simple thing like raising your bed six inches
I think it remarkable what you have done already

and I really do think you are onto a good
thing and anything we can do to help promote

you and the inclined bed therapy we shall
be trying our best.

Thank you very much Steve
Would you like to give us your website again

or any relevant information?
Yes we have a Facebook account as well which

is again inclined bed therapy group and a

And the website is http://inclinedbedtherapy.com
Cool cool

Well I am reluctant to end the show folks
but we have got about four minutes and our

next host will be here very very shortly.
I would like to say a big thanks to the people

that have come in and shared their own experience.
This adds a lot more weight than me or you

Steve just talking about this.
These are real people and I am very proud

of you helping me thank you very much.
You are very welcome

your very welcome
I am so glad that I could be of help

That thanks comes from me as well I really
do appreciate you giving your experiences

as Andrew said there is nothing like word
of mouth.

This is the first time that I have been able
to talk about inclined bed therapy for this

long without people trying to change the subject
Ha ha ha ha ha

We may well have you back on again I think
Andrew was talking about doing a show in a

few weeks or something like that when we have
people my end who are trying inclined bed

therapy so we will try and work something
That will be great yeah

It needs to be about 4 weeks minimum probably
even longer.

I see
Probably even a couple of months before you

will see the full effects.
For example if you wanted to ask somebody

whether they have had a migraine in two months
and how many migraines would they have had

in those two months before the bed was raised
Of course of course

And how have the kids performed have they
stopped wetting the bed and lots of things

but it does take time, it doesn't, well it
does happen over night, but perhaps not one

We will keep a wee eye on it and see what

we can get moving and I will certainly be
enthusiastic about it,

Down to 3 minutes folks
May I say one thing before I go?

Please do
I made a comic for Andrew an inclined bed

comic to to really bring the message to life,
in colour and in pictures with a little Andrew

Fletcher in there look alike. So if people
go on the site, on the inclined bed therapy

site they will find the comic and it's a nice
introduction to his ideas. So it really I

hope and I am sure it's helped lots of people
to get the idea quickly and then they could

ask questions afterwords. so read the comic
as well

I do like your comics

Your Avalina?
Yes he he he

OK I was puzzled as to who Rubicon was yeah
It's my husbands account you see but there

you go
I see I see

Well thank you very much folks very much appreciate
you coming on Awake Radio and It won't be

that long before your on again giving your
experiences and I wish you the best and hope

you keep good health in what you are doing
and Certainly I will report back any good

health benefits from myself for sure.
I would like to say thank you to all of Steve's

listeners for sticking with us and I hope
you have enjoyed the show.

I am sure they have yeah
Well that's it for Granada's workshop for

this week folks, same time same place next
week, health permitting and once again thanking

Andrew and the guests for appearing this week
and until then bye for now.

Off air guys.

Thank you very much I really really enjoyed
listening to your feedback yeah and it's going

to make a powerful powerful video and I am
sure it is going to attract a lot more people

with having their personal accounts brilliant

But Andrew as I said to you just before you
come on air if you want to do a regular show,

you know an hour with one of your people in
the forum that may be not too much time for

you or whatever you would like, it certainly
would be provided to you free of charge and

yeah get the information out there as best
you can.

That sound's excellent.
I mean if it only lasts for for maybe 5 or

six weeks that's ok and not a problem.
I will take you up on that Steve

Well yeah yeah I mean it's it's free of charge.
Yes I will take you up on that Steve

We ask all our hosts to be honourable in their
actions and to be respectful in their actions,

keep the swearing to a minimum and they are
free an uncensored

So that's the policy we can work on

That sounds ok, That just about describes
my own ethics.

Ha ha ha ha
I am prone to swearing if I hit my hand with

a hammer or something like that.
Ok folks, I am sorry I am really having to

Ok thanks very much folks and I will speak

to you soon.
Bye mate

Bye David
Bye Donald

Goodbye Andrew
Goodbye mate.