Varicose veins testimonials

Years of personal experiments:varicose veins and varicocele

Years of personal experiments:varicose veins and varicocele


Mr Andrew Fletcher. First of all I want to thank you because you already helped me a lot. Your unsurpassed discovery is indeed a great improvement to all circulation suffers. But i have some extra difficulties and maybe you can be of more help again. Sorry for the bad English.

My story begins when I was a 19 and diagnosed with a enlarged varicocele (varicose veins in the testicles). I received surgery. It was a sort of extraction of the enlarged vein and a ligature of the remaining in the principal gonadal veins. After this surgery, during the recovery, i felt a lot of pain in all the veins of my body down the trunk (including feet and legs). After the total recovery, these pains were gone. I became healthy and stayed that way about three years.

After these, I have passed though some difficult times in my personal life that made me become an insomniac, and I felt my body to become weakened after a month of very bad sleeping, and my circulation started to be weakened as well. I started to feel my varicocele starting over again.

Unhappily, at those times, I was counselled to sleep with the legs up inclined, to allegedly "rest" the circulation system during the night. For my despair, the problem was progressively worsening, the pains more intense and more and more veins of my body becoming affected by pains.

I used hammocks to sleep all night for about one year,  were the legs become lifted up.
Well, I just have aggravated my symptoms sleeping that way. The doctors that i visited were of no help at all. My second varicocele was too much enlarged at this stage, and Doppler indicated that my principal gonadal vein was refluxing with a bloodstream of 9.00 mlm (the maximum normal is 1.5). I could barely walk, because every time a made a step with the left leg (the side of the reflux) a felt a great pain inside the left side of my body (beginning in the region of the gonadal vein, a little below the left kidney region).

After one year sleeping in this  way, I returned to normal bed, but i adopted a triangle cushion to rest my leg in it....well the result is that one night I waked up in pain, feeling in both feet was totally numbed and after it, the pain was completely spread to all my body, from the kidney regions to the fingers and my feet. I stayed in this miserable condition, worsening every day, and walking or doing any exercise worsened the situation, because my circulation could not sustain the impacts of the movements. The only physical activity i can do is swimming in cold water.

After dozens of doctors, I found one that proposed to do a coil embolization of my left gonadal vein...he inserted 6 coils in it. After this, the very intense pain in these vein lessened, (but I'm still with 4.0 mlm...tree times bigger than normal). The rest of the veins in my body (down the kidneys) continued to worsen and varicosity increased day by day.
The sleep was very bad, needing to take sleeping pills, i cannot move and sleeping in the side in a normal bed.

After total despair, i finally found the IBT theory doing research in the net. In the very first day I tried, and the result was instantaneous. The blood feel warm in my feet, and the pain was mediately relieved and I slept much better during that night.

My circulation started improving every day,and It gave me happiness and hope again.

After some time I realized that the way I tilted the bed was wrong, because i only have inserted some books below the head of my mattress, so, the inclination stopped in the middle of the bed. It was ok to me, because i was improving everyday so i stayed in that way.

Unfortunately,after some months I started to feel my neck becoming awkward, and realized it was for the way that I tilted the bed.

The problem is, I refused to do the right technique (inclining all bed) because the stretching that it gives to the body apparently stretches the veins of my trunk (gonadal veins) looked like it was a chance to cause harm where I have the embolization..the right veins (free of surgery) seems to be stretching too. The legs feel very good sleeping this way, but i am afraid of the stretching effect in the low kidneys region (the gonadal veins)...

Observation: this pain caused by the tilting of the entire bed disappeared after two months of faithful perseverance (apparently was Just the tendons  stretching, as guessed by Mister Fletcher).

 One year after the experiment:

Well people, one year after tilting the entire bed, as prescribed by Mister Fletcher, my body is marvellous cured. I started improving Day by Day. .months passed and those  things that in the past represented a challenging or impossible task..became easy and smooth. After a year my feet and legs don't get sore any more, I no longer need the varicose socks..and remain all day, working and doing exercises with great comfort. Now I can exercise hard mountain trekking without pain  at all. I don't feel pain in the varicocele any-more. Some enlarged veins in my feet now are more normal in size too.

Maybe is a coincidence, but rosacea disappeared too (apparently it can be caused by enlarged micro veins in the face).

I had many experiences with these circulation issues, tested personally by my self over the last 5 years many methods and theories. I can assure for you all, raising the legs is the worst thing you can do for circulation problems. Indeed, tilting the bed, as prescribed by Mister patient and over time you will be improving your circulation Day by Day. Its incredible....thanks Mister Fletcher ! This great discovery rescued my health and I am strong once again after years of suffering.

Rafael Pimenta Machado
Espirito Santo

Posted Date : 01-02-2016