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Central Nervous System Disorder CCSVI MS

Anne FlahertyAnne Flaherty to Inclined Bed Therapy
3 March 2013 ·

IBT completely changed my life :) I had been struggling w central nervous system disorder severely for about 7 years when I came across the IBT advice. One Saturday night I decided to try simply a first run of raised torso - and on Sunday morn I could think more clearly, see more clearly, walk more easily, than I had in several years. That was Springtime 2009. Within in 6 months my doc wrote me an urgent letter to stop the thyroid meds and come in as so much had already changed. Within a year I was diagnosed with functional circulation issues that had not come to light until I was sleeping properly ( head higher than feet, on a slope, not just with pillows). By 2011 had vascular surgery to fix those functional issues (still doing IBT to this day) and received clarity of mind for first time in years. In 2012 it was discovered that the etiology of my central nervous system disorder (a major one with no cure) had been misdiagnosed for over ten years, (thanks to IBT helping me in 2009) and finally got on the proper medical protocol in 2012, and now it is 2013 and I am alive again, and continue my IBT - telling everyone! :)Andrew you are amazing!!

yes I am talking of CCSVI surgery - in fact, it was IBT that proved to me that CCSVI was legit and got me to pursue it!
Inclined Bed Therapy I'm not sure that CCSVI is a cause of ms, but I am certain that ms is a circulation problem and nothing to do with immune system attacking the myelin sheath. If it was this, then there would be no reason for people with ms to find their functions are restored at high altitude and return when back to lower elevation. There has to be a reason for supposedly damaged myelin to begin functioning and I still feel that the answer lies in the liquid crystal properties of myelin. This happened instantly so how can damaged myelin be repaired all be it temporarily within minutes of arriving at the top of a mountain?


Anne Flaherty yes! thank you so much. you speak what i have learned internally - it is amazing the politics surrounding the neurologists versus cardiologists (or rather, vascular surgeons). Here I have offered my body to science but received almost no relief, but for further destruction of my body. Then I used my own learning (and your IBT is so simple it is hard to "hear" I think!) and immediate relief, and within a couple years return to proper muscular functioning (nerve functioning) in my legs and my brain, no more impediment to opening my hands all the way, your theories (yes and I am aware that most have been scientifically proven) around how liquid moves and forms and settles or acts are all world changing, like the explorers who finally proved that the Earth is round, and ships would not fall off the edge..... (that was relatively recent too!) Peace to you, I pray for your success to reach others~~~~~

I am so crazy well I cannot even tell you! and
Andrew K Fletcher there is present talk in the MS comunity right now, that your sese about circulation is even more true: a few have found tremendous relief fm MS via chiropracty that focuses on the hemo
dynamics of circulation around the neck area, I will send a link asap. It seems it is exactly about circulation as you have stated! and the chiros involved agree and respect the ccsvi stuff but also point out the matter of bones compressing veins and causing the stenosis that is being found in all people w MS...!!!! I will connect you ll asap

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