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Conversation between Andy Young and Sean McGuire 15/09/2015

When I do catch up with on of your podcasts,  sake guys you are doing great work. I am so chuffed you on our station. Thank you very much Sean, it's kind of you to say so.  I am just overwhelmed by the response. I don't know if you caught the Inclined Bed Therapy Interview on we did with Andrew K Fletcher the other week?

Shut up,  look I'm ill and of course I have moved my bed up ha ha ha. It's amazing. Yes it was brilliant. I am getting people contacting me every day saying it's cured this, it's improved that. Myself and my partner we are both not terribly well but since we did that we have both got a reduction in pain. Yes. And we also wake up in the morning with a lot more energy which is a massive help.

Look you know I am walking around in constant pain. That's how I live my life, it is how I ended up on the radio I suppose, because I couldn't really do anything physical.


Exactly, look anything that improves and let me tell you, I went away for a weekend to a festival and I actually put my tent—well it wasn't my tent so I can thank the person that gave me the tent, I made it so that I was also on an incline when I was laying down and yes the pain was less and I don't know thinking back on it because it must have given me more energy because I did loads, it was amazing.


Andy Young and Sean McGuire
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