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Back Pain and Varicose Vein Improvements

About 5-6 weeks into IBT and a 6" raise, I woke up not feeling sore and bruised in the muscles around my hips and back for the first time.  I injured my back over 30 years ago and have had problems ever since.  Since starting IBT, and after the initial adjustment period I was warned about, I haven't had to see my NUCCA chiropractor in quite a while!  I was going 2-5 times a month.  The doctor said when I came in everything would lean left, my hip, shoulder and head.  Sometime there was also a twist in my pelvis.   I woke up one day not long after I started IBT to a strange pulsing in my left hip/groin area... It didn't hurt but it felt like something had been restored that had long been dormant.  I felt instinctively that some healing was happening.  I'm hopeful overtime IBT will continue to improve my spine and overall health. The change already has been amazing!  

I found IBT when searching for varicose vein help.  I have a big, ugly one on my right calf.  I think it looks better now, but I know it takes time and may not go away.  I do feel IBT will prevent more, at the very least.  

I plan to take bed risers on my next and all future vacations.... space well used in the suitcase to get the best nights' sleep!   

Sheena McKinney
Posted Date : 17-09-2018