Spine / Back ache / Related problems testimonials

4 Months of IBT Edema, sciatica, sinuses, trapped nerve, improved sense of taste

4 months in now, sleeping well only waking up once maybe twice a night.

1.Edema in lower legs is gone!

2.I have had chrionic sciatica in my right leg for years..mostly tingling and weakness in right foot/big toe.I went through a period during the 3rd month where there was more pain...I think the nerves were waking up.Now the pain is gone,no tingling and the right big toe seems stronger.

3. Right shoulder used to click badly when I rotated it,surprisingly IBT seems to have fixed this too.

4.My sinuses have cleared out......amazing to wake up in the morning with both nostrils operating at full capacity.

5.No seasonal alergies .Lungs better at expelling foreign material.

6.A general feeling of being more in the moment and aware ,hard to describe.

7.I've always enjoyed food but yes   it does taste better.

8.I read uninterupted sleep can increase Testosterone production by 20% which would explain the inceased libido.

9.Pinched nerve in neck is unpinched.

All in all just amazing benefits and improvements.


Peter C
Posted Date : 16-08-2017