Spinal Cord Injury testimonials

t-10 to t-12 and was operated on january 28th, 1999.

Sent: 08 August 1999 18:04
To: Andrew
Subject: Diary entries


hello! how are you today? i hope all is well and you're having a great
summer! i apologize for not sending my diary entries on a regular
basis. i had to reformat my computer and lost a lot of information
about my email addresses and the like. below are my entries up to
date. i did save that at least! things are going very well for me and
i am feeling a little better each day. i have actually been in touch
with Dr. Wise Young from Rutgars University concerning my injury. he
does a lot of research regarding regeneration of the spinal cord. he
was surprised to find out my spinal cord was completely severed. he
doesn't run across to many people who have has a complete separation.
that actually may work in my favor as his research has shown that axons
will grow across the gap and find the proper targets to control. of
course this was in mice in the lab! i hope his research proves to be
accurate in my case! it seems when a spinal cord is crushed, bruised or
partially torn regeneration or repair almost never occurs. well, i
guess i'll find out one way or another. but i know i will walk again,
i've never doubted it! let me know if you would like any more
information or if my diary entries are incomplete. thanks for your


FULL NAME: Michael (sir name removed)
Start of therapy: Date__April 16___________1999__
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 150 lbs

AGE: 39


am paralyzed from the waist down

after long periods in the wheelchair my feet become swollen

the main problem is having to wear a plastic body cast when i am out
of bed
and slight pain in my lower back where the injury is

i broke my back at t-10 to t-12 and was operated on january 28th,
harrington rods were inserted in my back-the spinal cord was

On April 18th I had the bed elevated 6 degrees from the horizontal.
Below are the
First diary entries.

1st week notes diary entry dates:_April 19
to April 25

the temperature in my legs is higher now and i sweat a lot while
sleeping. the
spasms in my legs have also increased by about 30%. i have no
discomfort and
did not have any problem adapting to the new sleep angle. i actually
believe I am sleeping more soundly.

2nd week notes diary entry dates: April 25 to May 2

the temperature in my legs has remained the same and the spasm levels in
my legs is also the same. Now I am experiencing spasms in my lower torso that
cause me to almost double over. The pain level has not increased. I still sleep
very soundly.

fortnightly reviews (2 WEEKS) diary entry dates:_May 3 to May

my legs stay warm all the time now. I also have more feeling
internally, I can feel the movement in my hip joints when I move my
legs. I also have a tingling feeling in my legs that wasn't there
before. I am able to urinate more often without using a catheter. I am
also able to contract my lower back muscles.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates: May
18 to June 1

I am beginning to have some feeling on my buttocks and my legs sweat a
lot when I am sleeping. I also am experiencing some tingling in my feet
when I go to bed. My bowel movements have become much easier and more
regular. I also have a lot more pain in my lower back than I used to.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
June 2 to June 16

i'm sleeping much better than ever and the spasms in my legs have become
stronger and more intense but shorter in length. the pain in my lower
back has leveled off. the area of sensation is about an inch lower than
it was a month ago.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
June 17 to July 1

i have much more feeling internally as far as my bladder and hip
joints. the pain in my lower back has decreased somewhat and i'm not
taking as many pain killers as in the past. i have much more of an
appetite now.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
July 2 to July 16

i have fewer spasms in my legs now but they're more intense than ever
with my legs straightening out all the way and my toes spreading. the
pain in my back is still decreasing. the area of sensation is now at my
belly button. at the time of the accident is was about 2 inches above

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
July 17 to July 31

the pain in my lower back is hardly there at all and i only use pain
killers at night to help me sleep. i can now feel my bladder when it's
full and have much more consistent levels of urine when i use the
bathroom. bowel movements have become much easier and i am getting more
sensation internally. the area of sensation has moved to about 1/2 inch
below my belly button.

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