Spinal Cord Injury testimonials

Spinal Cord Injury

t-10 to t-12 and was operated on january 28th, 1999.

Sent: 08 August 1999 18:04
To: Andrew
Subject: Diary entries


hello! how are you today? i hope all is well and you're having a great
summer! i apologize for not sending my diary entries on a regular
basis. i had to reformat my computer and lost a lot of information
about my email addresses and the like. below are my entries up to
date. i did save that at least! things are going very well for me and
i am feeling a little better each day. i have actually been in touch
with Dr. Wise Young from Rutgars University concerning my injury. he
does a lot of research regarding regeneration of the spinal cord. he
was surprised to find out my spinal cord was completely severed. he
doesn't run across to many people who have has a complete separation.
that actually may work in my favor as his research has shown that axons
will grow across the gap and find the proper targets to control. of
course this was in mice in the lab! i hope his research proves to be
accurate in my case! it seems when a spinal cord is crushed, bruised or
partially torn regeneration or repair almost never occurs. well, i
guess i'll find out one way or another. but i know i will walk again,
i've never doubted it! let me know if you would like any more
information or if my diary entries are incomplete. thanks for your


FULL NAME: Michael (sir name removed)
Start of therapy: Date__April 16___________1999__
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 150 lbs

AGE: 39


am paralyzed from the waist down

after long periods in the wheelchair my feet become swollen

the main problem is having to wear a plastic body cast when i am out
of bed
and slight pain in my lower back where the injury is

i broke my back at t-10 to t-12 and was operated on january 28th,
harrington rods were inserted in my back-the spinal cord was

On April 18th I had the bed elevated 6 degrees from the horizontal.
Below are the
First diary entries.

1st week notes diary entry dates:_April 19
to April 25

the temperature in my legs is higher now and i sweat a lot while
sleeping. the
spasms in my legs have also increased by about 30%. i have no
discomfort and
did not have any problem adapting to the new sleep angle. i actually
believe I am sleeping more soundly.

2nd week notes diary entry dates: April 25 to May 2

the temperature in my legs has remained the same and the spasm levels in
my legs is also the same. Now I am experiencing spasms in my lower torso that
cause me to almost double over. The pain level has not increased. I still sleep
very soundly.

fortnightly reviews (2 WEEKS) diary entry dates:_May 3 to May

my legs stay warm all the time now. I also have more feeling
internally, I can feel the movement in my hip joints when I move my
legs. I also have a tingling feeling in my legs that wasn't there
before. I am able to urinate more often without using a catheter. I am
also able to contract my lower back muscles.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates: May
18 to June 1

I am beginning to have some feeling on my buttocks and my legs sweat a
lot when I am sleeping. I also am experiencing some tingling in my feet
when I go to bed. My bowel movements have become much easier and more
regular. I also have a lot more pain in my lower back than I used to.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
June 2 to June 16

i'm sleeping much better than ever and the spasms in my legs have become
stronger and more intense but shorter in length. the pain in my lower
back has leveled off. the area of sensation is about an inch lower than
it was a month ago.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
June 17 to July 1

i have much more feeling internally as far as my bladder and hip
joints. the pain in my lower back has decreased somewhat and i'm not
taking as many pain killers as in the past. i have much more of an
appetite now.

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
July 2 to July 16

i have fewer spasms in my legs now but they're more intense than ever
with my legs straightening out all the way and my toes spreading. the
pain in my back is still decreasing. the area of sensation is now at my
belly button. at the time of the accident is was about 2 inches above

fortnightly reviews diary entry dates:
July 17 to July 31

the pain in my lower back is hardly there at all and i only use pain
killers at night to help me sleep. i can now feel my bladder when it's
full and have much more consistent levels of urine when i use the
bathroom. bowel movements have become much easier and i am getting more
sensation internally. the area of sensation has moved to about 1/2 inch
below my belly button.

Posted Date : 18-10-2017

Spinal cord injury using IBT

Julian Boustead

Thank you Andrew K Fletcher for phoning up this day to make arrangements . YES to your question I have NEVER stopped from that day and everyone should be sleeping on an inclined bed . I can guarantee everyone would benefit from using one of Andrews inclined beds or just blocks of wood . AT least you should give him a call as you would be meeting one of the most interesting person and genuine Thanks Andrew

Julian Boustead
United Kingdom

Posted Date : 24-03-2017

John Cann 69 Spinal Cord Injured Using IBT Featured in Sunday Independent

Miracle of medicine

JUST by raising their beds with a few blocks of wood, or some house bricks, scores of spinal injury sufferers say that they have noticed a dramatic improvement in their conditions. But how can such a simple method seem to succeed where conventional medicine has failed Chief reporter ANTHONY ABBOTT looks at the apparent phenomenon of the Naturesway Sleep System:

John Cann Spinal Cord Injured Using Inclined bed Therapy


DELIGHTED John Cann is standing on his own two feet again after eight years of paralysis in his legs and he is convinced its all down to a simple bed treatment.

John had no feeling in his legs for eight years after an operation went wrong, but following two years of treatment using a raised bed method pioneered in the West Country, he has got the feelings back in his legs and now is determined to walk.

The 69-year-old is amazed at the effect the simple treatment has had over the past two years and has urged other people to try it for themselves.I raised the bed and that night I had no pain at all, he said. I had been going until about three in the morning and then had to have an injection to get back to sleep. Now I make a point of standing up with my standing frame every day while I watch the news in the evenings to build up my strength. I never give up and now I have set myself the next aim to go for. I am going to walk unaided. I may need cr-utches and then sticks, but I am going to walk again.

Former engineer Andrew Fletcher, who invented the Naturesway Sleep System six years ago, said that he was astonished when he visited John at his home in Gunnislake to see him standing. He says that many people have benefitted from the simple treatment of raising the head of their beds a few inches, but in the case of John it had been very dramatic. It was just incredible, said Andrew. I was nearly in tears. Here was a man who was told there was nothing that could be done for him; had felt nothing for eight years and then in the last two years has got feeling back in his legs. John, a former commercial diver who served in the Army, was keen on rugby and canoeing until the operation left him paralysed. He was told that however much movement he had after two years, there would be no further improvement that was until he tried the bed-raising technique. But as the months went on, he noticed pains travelling through his legs and realised that it was the nerves regenerating. After all this pain, I noticed I was getting more and more feeling back and found I could flex muscles I had not been able to flex before, said John. The only things that do not hurt are my ankles, and my right knee is not very strong. I can stand, but only using my standing frame at the moment. Andrew has now arranged for John to use a parachute harness that will fully support his legs, and a rail is being fitted to a wall at his home so that he can move around on his feet more often. Andrew said that many people were sceptical about the effects of the raised bed method and it had not worked for everyone. But he added: If it can do that for John, what cant it do for the rest of us I say go out in the garden, grab a couple of house bricks and give it a go.

ON THE MEND: John Cann is standing again Pictures: Steve Porter

John Cann

Posted Date : 08-04-2015

Spinal Cord Injury

 John Cann Who Has a Spinal Cord Injury Walks after 11 Years Of Paralysis on Carlton Television News

Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) has helped many more people with spinal cord injuries since this video was first shown on the local News. But it is not specific to Spinal cord injuries and has helped people with multiple sclerosis, ccsvi, parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, psoriasis,varicose veins, oedema,leg ulcer, poor circulation, and many more conditions during 17 years of research.

On the forum, you will find evidence to support this statement from people who have simply tilted their beds.John Cann Walks after 11 years of paralysis using a simple non-invasive free therapy, discovered by Andrew K Fletcher, who has shown beyond any shadow of doubt that gravity plays a vital roll in the circulation of fluids and that posture in relation to the constant direction of gravity is of paramount importance when restoring function to all neurological and non-neurological damage.

On Saturday April 15th 2000, John obtained the timber for parallel bars to be erected at his home in Cornwall, On Sunday I went to John's home and completed the job, for tomorrow was to be a momentous occasion indeed.

John was left paralysed, in 1990, when surgery to his spine went wrong. He was told that after two years any chance of further recovery would be highly unlikely and for the next six years he experienced little if any change in his condition. Monday morning I am on my way to John's home in Cornwall, to meet with Tim Iredale, who is a news reporter for Carlton Television Southwest. We intended to witness something truly magical. But could not have imagined what was in store for us.

John was about walk in front of a television camera and crew for the first time in close to ten years. John had told me that he had regained the ability to move his legs, but I had grossly underestimated how much function John had regained. https://youtu.be/u3D7tBQfCxQ

During the interview, John was asked to show how he manages to get out of bed now and he transferred with ease both in and out of bed, leaning back and lifting his legs. He was then asked to raise his legs while lying on the bed and he obliged with ease. When asked if he could feel when touched on his legs, he replied my legs feel like normal legs instead of heavy weights. John then went on to explain how much of the swelling in his legs had gone-and that this flies in the face of the current act of elevating the legs above the heart. Advise from the medical profession, which John duly ignored in favour of sleeping with his legs down.
Fortunately for John this meant that he could now wear ankle braces and special shoes, which would, provided support for his substantially weakened and as yet unresponsive ankles.
John approached the parallel bars in his wheel chair and applied the brakes when he was in position. He grasped the two ends of the parallel bars and using his legs he pushed himself into a vertical position. Towering some six feet four inches, John moved one leg in front of the other, bending the knees as he lifted each leg to walk 12 feet to the end of the bars. I turned and looked at Tim and saw disbelief and astonishment flash across his face, I bet my face was a sight to behold too. John then turned his powerful 19 stone body around and walked, yes walked back to his chair. Struggling and somewhat weakened by the experience, he lowered his body into the chair and his face had the expression of a boxer who had just knocked down his opponent. He said casually: 'Was that alright'? John had indeed delivered a powerful blow to his opponent.
Fortunately heavy rain prevented us from doing a retake and the rest of the interview took place in John's bedroom.
When the story was finished and everyone was ready to leave, I turned and thanked the camera man and Tim Iredale, who turned and said that this is one of those days that you will always remember, one of those days when you know exactly what you were doing.
The cameraman said while shaking my hand that: ' it has been a privilege to work with me and witness the results from such a simple application'.
I drove home the richest man alive that day and will remember it for the rest of my days.

On Monday the 17th April 2000 I waited for the local news on Carlton TV and saw the opening news which pictured me looking down my Naturesway Sleep System, a simple bed designed for to take us into the new millennium. After the interlude the fun really started. John was walking for everyone in the South West of England to see, at least. The news stayed focused on the remarkable effects of two eight-inch blocks tucked under the head end of John's bed. No $billion research, no waiting for the next ten years to see if it works and no room for any refutation of the results, which were plain for everyone to see on Carlton Television, News, Language Science Park, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, UK. But John is not the only person with a spinal cord injury, who is benefiting from the effects of gravity, in fact there are two more people in the Torbay Area of Devon who are making steady progress.


John Cann
Posted Date : 07-04-2015
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