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i thought i was doing alright, after all i had an arsenal of things to help me sleep including valerian, melatonin, sleep teas, raw milk, salt magnesium, ect. i was awaking at least 3 times per night to pee.  while i usually went back to sleep, it only takes a few nights of waking up for good at 3 am to become fatigued, stressed and cranky during the day.  after hearing your video with Clive De Carle, and it sounded ingenius what you figured out with the trees, i thought why not try it, so after the next non sleeping bout, i elevated it about 2 inches, cause that's all the scrap wood i could find immediately.  The first night was like BINGO.  The sleep was much deeper or richer, and  I maybe woke up to pee once if that.  So that was definitely convincing. Within two weeks I put in the remaing four inches.  The other 4 inches did not seem to make more of a difference, but it is noticable night after night to sleep so richly and deeply,  longer and waking less.  This has definitely helped with what could have been depression over consistent problems at my work.  After a weekend of good sleep, the mind can be cleared and softened from these stresses.  Thank you Andrew, I share this info with lots and am interested what it could do for one of my students suffering long term effects from drug injury. 


vicki fair
Posted Date : 19-12-2017