Sleep Disorders, Sleep Apnoea, Insomnia, Snoring, Sleep Paralysis, Narcolepsy, Etc testimonials

Sleep Disorders, Sleep Apnoea, Insomnia, Snoring, Sleep Paralysis narcolepsy Etc

One Year of Inclined Bed Therapy

It has been a week over a year (as i type this) since i first raised my bed the requisite 5 degrees, availing myself of Inclined Bed Therapy. As someone analytical, with an engineering background (like Andrew Fletcher), below i present my personal experiences.

tl;dr: I went to a great effort to modify my highly customized, architect-designed, extra-sturdy USBBW-friendly bed frame this past April, to make my IBT bed adjustment permanent. In appropriate contexts, i recommend IBT to anyone and everyone.



What led me to IBT was a frantic search for anything/everything that could help me recover and move on from a wholly unexpected acute urinary retention incident that very nearly ended my life in a highly painful manner. A testimonial in a health forum post on urinary issues mentioned that IBT had been highly successful for one individual. I had read about it over half a year earlier via Dr. Mercola’s weekly newsletter, so the concept was not entirely new to me.

With great hope and great difficulty due to the construction of my custom-made bed frame, i managed to find some spare timbers in the garage plus some very thick paper catalogs and such, and cobbled together sufficiently sturdy support at the proper 5° angle, carefully calculated and multiply-checked.

Result: No change: urination was no better and no worse. Nothing changed: not poor flow, not urgency, not frequency of nocturnal urination. In terms of IBT, this remains true to the present. It must be understood that after 9 additional months of trying everything i could to shrink my prostate and heal naturally only to have another acute urinary retention incident, my condition was unknowingly so severe that my urologist literally could not understand how i was urinating at all over the past 5+ years prior to the emergency. So severe that we skipped right over the pharmaceuticals, directly to major surgery, which resolved the urination issue that originally brought me to IBT.



What about my Inflammatory Bowel Disease, diagnosed decades ago as Crohn’s Disease, and now moved into my large intestine too?

No change. Indeed, for reasons wholly unrelated to the angle at which i sleep and very much related to my emotional/mental functioning, i’ve struggled through the most severe flare-up over the past 3/4s of a year that i’ve had in many years.



I was diagnosed with what has alternately been labeled “clinical” and/or “major” and/or “chronic” depression several decades ago. There has been much improvement over the years and decades, yet there remains much more improvement needed.

No change, or a slight improvement: IBT does not seem to have helped my depression in a significant way, though sleeping on an incline feels natural and comfortable to me, which makes me happy, which does in a small way reduce my depressive symptoms. This has been consistent for over a year, and i expect it to continue.



No change.


** GERD **

No change, or possibly a slight (and, when it’s bad, insufficient) improvement. Sitting fully up does help, thus the extra angle from IBT may be helping a bit. Thankfully GERD has been rare, and i have been addressing the far more major factors which in my case have been causing it (extreme stress, dehydration, gut dysbiosis).



No change related to IBT. Far worse than usual, for the same reasons/underlying causes as the inflammatory bowel disease flare-up and the GERD.



No change.



These are more commonly-mentioned conditions on this site where others have found improvements, some of them dramatic. For me, for all of these, no changes.



Now here i’ve noticed an improvement with IBT: better drainage and lesser congestion. Dramatically so when my diet is healthy and other conditions in my life are good, less dramatically so when these other strong factors are suboptimal.



DRAMATIC improvement with IBT. For many years, i’ve been undiagnosed borderline sleep apnea, especially when i have a cold or sinus congestion for any reason. There would be times i would suddenly awaken, as though i’d not been able to breathe. It contributed to my former True Love demoting herself to my housemate/ex True Love, moving to an entirely different room and a far less comfortable bed to sleep.

We have one bathroom in the house. She goes to bed far later than i do, so every night she passes the bedroom where i sleep on her way to brush her teeth etc. before going to bed. She’s noted that since i’ve inclined my bed, she almost never hears me snore *at all* any more, much less have any near-apnea events. I certainly cannot recall any panicked inability to breathe awakenings since inclining the bed, and she’s in a far better position to know the true reality.

There are other reasons i choose to sleep on an IBT-inclined bed, though this significant improvement alone would make it worthwhile, even if there were no other factors.



For me, there are no—zero—detrimental health effects whatsoever. The only to-me trivial issue i’ve noticed is that the pillow i keep between my poorly-padded knees for comfort during sleep tends to migrate *slightly* towards the foot of the bed. Similarly, the top sheet and blankets also tend to migrate that direction—*slightly*. This slight shift has remained true even with some slick-feeling high thread count bedding that i thought for sure was going to leave itself and me all the way at the foot of the bed by morning. **Not at all**. Now if, unlike me, you have _very_ slippery silk or polyester sheets and/or pajamas, your results may be quite different. These slight shifts are such a non-issue to me that if i’d not written a note to mention them here, i might well have forgotten. Slightly tugging these things back up into place takes far less time than reading this sentence, and has become a natural, integrated, organic part of sleeping, no different than pulling the top sheet and blanket up over me in the first place.



For several days after i initially made the IBT conversion on my bed, i experienced minor soreness over different areas of my body: different areas on different nights. It seemed to be some sort of adjustment my body was making to sleeping on an incline. I like to believe that it might have been related to better flushing out of toxins or somesuch, but that’s pure conjecture on my part. I felt it, it was slight, it was different each night, and within not more than a week or maybe 10 days, it was gone and has not returned.

Since making the IBT conversion, there have been 3 spans where i’ve returned to sleeping on a flat bed, for 2 to 5 overnights each span. All 3 spans were in the same **Extremely** nice, comfortable, high-end bed and bedding at a relative’s house. I’ve slept very well on that bed in the past, as do most people who use it (it’s a guest bed).

The first span, 3 months into my IBT sleeping lifestyle, it felt very “wrong” sleeping flat, and i did not sleep well. There were emotional and stress complications significantly contributing to my poor sleep on this occasion.

The second span was 5 months intomy IBT sleeping lifestyle. I slept well and everything felt fine, just as in prior years before i started with IBT on my bed.

The third span, actually 2 closely-spaced spans now that i think more carefully about it, wrapped up less than a week ago as i type this, so one year intomy IBT sleeping lifestyle. This time i slept sufficiently well, but sleeping flat felt unnatural. Indeed, it felt like a _reverse_ slope! (I’d meant to check the bed with a level, but never got around to it.) Very quickly on the first night, i realized that i needed to make a pillow ramp (a soft upper body incline made of many bed pillows) in order to be comfortable enough to sleep.



Beyond the profound improvements in sleeping related to breathing issues, sleeping on an inclined bed feels more natural to me. Many years before i ever heard (much less thought) of inclining my bed, i’d been making pillow ramps as described above, to elevate my upper body. Not the same as IBT as this site well documents and explains, though possibly a hint that my body was trying to tell me that sleeping flat wasn’t what it wanted.

What has been working for me, and is likely idiosyncratic to me, is starting the night almost sitting up on a significant pillow ramp, relaxing, feeling/experiencing gratitude, most often doing guided imagery. As i relax and drift towards sleep over about 20 minutes’ time, naturally and without conscious effort i gradually slide down the pillow ramp, such that by the time i’m actually asleep, i’m on the inclined plane of the mattress with basically a normal head pillow thickness being the only significant deviation from mattress-inclined flat. It is a pattern that has worked well for me in recent pre-IBT years for optimal sleep, and works even better now with IBT.

Despite many of the improvements delivered by IBT noted by others having not manifested for me, there HAVE been significant improvements, there are NO downsides (other than utterly trivial and minor), and It Feels Good. I look forward to going to bed every night, which says a lot for someone who had a near-fatal medical condition which only happened in the deep of the night after an hour or several of sleeping (and even after the initial IBT conversion)!


Thank you, Andrew, for collating, developing, and spreading this information far and wide.


Sleep Inclined, Sleep Healthily, and Sleep Well, Everyone!

United States

Posted Date : 16-11-2019

Improved my sleep tremendously

I was having trouble falling asleep, and was open to ways that could hep that did not involve drugs.

Occasionally I took a melatonin / passionflower or herbal combination to fall asleep. But over time, it was helping less often.

So when I found IBT, I was only getting about 3 decent sleeps a month, leaving me exhausted and frustrated.

Someone in a podcast interview mentioned sleeping on an inclined bed and I was intrigued. So in less than an hour, I took two bricks from my garden, and put them under the legs at the head of my (metal) bed.

I spent a few weeks sleeping with the two bricks -- so that's about 4.5 inches raised in a queen bed. Then I added another brick, which took me up to 6.75 inches, where I've stayed.

From the very first night, I fell asleep easily. It felt so natural and was such a relief, I felt like crying! I also feel more refreshed in the morning.

For two months straight -- I needed no help to fall asleep. I've only taken melatonin once since then -- that was when I was not in my own bed, and had a very busy day and a long drive earlier.

I bought bed risers for $15 so I could take them to a cottage I rented this summer -- made a world of difference -- slept great.

I didn't document this, but I think that some spider veins on the side of my calves are receding a bit. I'll keep an eye on them.

Today as I write, I'm  recovering from minor foot surgery. There was some numbness by the surgical scar yesterday (two days along), and I noticed that the numbness disappeared overnight.

I cannot prove it, but I do think that sleeping inlclined has helped.

Thank you Andrew for your tireless efforts to get the word about sleeping inclined. I've told a number of people, not sure who's doing it.

It's simple, free... why not try it??


Posted Date : 10-08-2019


I have been using IBT to combat occasional severe GERD for several years now and it has worked miracles. I recently started CPAP treatment and I have found it necessary to abandon IBT.  IBT was causing me to suffer aerophagia.  Interestingly several websites suggest IBT as a treatment for aerophagia.  This distresses me greatly as I have fallen in love with IBT but must now give it up.  I even went so far as to install linear actuators to raise my bed at night.  I plan to try IBT again after I have become more acclimated to the CPAP.

Steven Kennedy
United States

Posted Date : 09-08-2019

Sleep Apnea

I went through Menopause at the early age of 40 and ever since I have had sleep issues.  I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  I believed it is because my muscles became more relaxed in my neck area.  My dentist said that I had a high tongue.  So, when I lay down at night I was having about 13 episodes of interruption a night - mild sleep apnea.  This has caused such a disruption to my normal life.  I was waking up 3-4 times a night and often not going back to sleep for an hour at times.  I then would go into a deep sleep right before it was time to get up for work.  I felt immense brain fog.  Barely getting through the day.  I prayed often and asked God for help because I could not function like this. I tried the sleep apnea machine.  I took melatonin, valerian root.  I bought 5 mattresses over 10 years.   My relationships suffered, my memory was getting worse.  I wasn't sharp on my job. And I began to have dark circles under my eyes.  Well one day I went to visit Herman Meinke at Treehouse for Earth's Children Holistic Center in Farmington Hills, MI.  He had tried IBT and it worked for him.  The paper he gave me also had many testimonies from others who had been healed or whose health had been improved by IBT.  He told me to try it.  I bought the 6" bed risers and the first night I slept inclined I noticed a big difference. I only woke up once during the night and went back to sleep.  I was excited. This seemed to be working  I also started tracking my sleep on my Fitbit,  So for the next 3 nights I was getting similar and better results.  On the 4th day, the coldest day of the year, I was up at 5AM refreshed and at work by 7:30AM.  My Fitbit indicated that I had a couple hours of REM sleep and deep sleep and a few hours of light sleep. I literally cried and thanked God for this simple remedy.  All these years of suffering and it was remedied with this simple method.  Thanking God for Mr. Fletcher and his willingness to share what he learned with the world.

P.S. Although my data is only for 4 days I just wanted to note the remarkable difference in such a short period of time.  I will write another review in a couple of months to see if the difference continues and to see if there are any other changes.

                                                                                                                                                                Thank you,

                                                                                                                                                                Shaun Hughes





United States

Posted Date : 30-01-2019

More restorative sleep

Thank you Mr. Fletcher for generously offering this ancient and healthy education!  I have had trouble with getting restortive sleep at night and was feeling exhausted.  Since implementing IBT, I have been able to sleep more restfully and feeling better.  You are the first person that explained the phenomena about why we end up waking up at 3:30 AM!  I have done that for long time and could not understand why.  Since IBT, I do get one once a night to use the bathroom but no longer at 3:30 in the morning :) LOL.  Getting more quality of sleep at night makes a world of difference in wellness.  Thank you so much!  Julie

United States

Posted Date : 02-05-2018

sleep help

i thought i was doing alright, after all i had an arsenal of things to help me sleep including valerian, melatonin, sleep teas, raw milk, salt magnesium, ect. i was awaking at least 3 times per night to pee.  while i usually went back to sleep, it only takes a few nights of waking up for good at 3 am to become fatigued, stressed and cranky during the day.  after hearing your video with Clive De Carle, and it sounded ingenius what you figured out with the trees, i thought why not try it, so after the next non sleeping bout, i elevated it about 2 inches, cause that's all the scrap wood i could find immediately.  The first night was like BINGO.  The sleep was much deeper or richer, and  I maybe woke up to pee once if that.  So that was definitely convincing. Within two weeks I put in the remaing four inches.  The other 4 inches did not seem to make more of a difference, but it is noticable night after night to sleep so richly and deeply,  longer and waking less.  This has definitely helped with what could have been depression over consistent problems at my work.  After a weekend of good sleep, the mind can be cleared and softened from these stresses.  Thank you Andrew, I share this info with lots and am interested what it could do for one of my students suffering long term effects from drug injury. 


vicki fair
United States

Posted Date : 19-12-2017

6 months of IBT



I'll just do a small list of the big benefits I have experienced until now:

- I can better Fall asleep . Lying in bed being awake doesn't happen anymore
- No more ear noises (echo when speaking - especially with vowels)
- Less problems with my upper back


Very grateful :-D



Posted Date : 31-05-2017

Better Sleep

I have been sleeping inclined for about 6 weeks now.Sleep improved the very first night,getting 3 or 4 hours un-interupted,I used to wake up almost every hour.

Other improvements are harder to quantify. but...sciatic nerve seems better,less seasonal allergies,less swelling in lower leg.

Peter C
Posted Date : 26-05-2017

15 Days IBT Pain + Sleep Quality


Title: 15 days already!

Good evening everyone,

New in the use of the inclined bed therapy, I'm at the end of 15 days pleasantly surprised!

I had inguinal hernia surgery 4 years ago and it threw me for some time more. Since the IBT, finished the pain in just 3 days: magical!

Also I decreased my hours of sleep while being at the top in the day! I no longer have the usual 8 am but only 5 hours and still in great shape in the day!

I noticed a higher therm night before makes me get up once a night but no problem ré réendormissement then!

That is for me the benefits of IBT to date.

Good luck in the raised position of 15 cm for my case.


your  Thierry

Original French Testimonial

Bonsoir à tous,


Nouveau dans l'utilisation de la Thrapie du lit incliné, j'en suis au bout de  15 jours surpris agréablement !

J'ai une herrnie inguinale dont j'ai été opérée il y  4 ans et qui me lançait depuis quelques temps de plus en plus. Depuis la TLI, fini la douleur, en à peine 3 jours : magique !

De plus j'ai diminué mes heures de sommeil tout en étant au top dans la journée ! je n'ai plus besoin des 8 h habituelles mais de 5 h seulement  et toujours en grande forme dans la journée !


J'ai remarqué une thermie nocturne plus élevée qu'avant qui me  fait me lever une fois par nuit mais aucun problème de réendormissement ensuite !


Voilà pour moi les bienfaits de la TLI à ce jour.


Bonne continuation dans cette position relevée de 15 cm pour mon cas.


TLIment votre








Posted Date : 22-02-2017

Many positive benefits but not enough sleep

                                                                                                                                Dear Andrew,                                                                                        16/10/16

At the beginning our sleep cycle was long and profound without waking and we felt rested and refreshed (during the first 15 days), then we started waking in the middle of the night, not being able to get back to sleep and feeling less rested in the morning (5 hours of sleep is not enough).


We have an Osteopath in the family, he is 43 years old and specialized in Fascia work, who tried the inclined bed himself for one month. Through his own perception he felt as if he had received a fascia treatment, each night, during 7 hours, while he was sleeping. He felt that this was not the best solution. He put his bed back to the flat position and after one week flat hasn’t felt so good, with such an energy level in 20 years. He thinks that alternating periods of inclined and flat bed could be more adapted for certain people, as was his case, and he is willing to try again at some future time.


We feel a lot of positive benefits from the Inclined Bed Therapy: much better and easier intestinal transit, no intestinal gas, soft and smooth stool, no more haemorrhoids, no more hot flushes or night sweats (menopause), pain from bumps, bruises or sprains disappears very quickly and blue areas from very old muscle and tissue sports injuries (25-35 years) are disappearing progressively, etc.


What do you think Andrew? What can we try to sleep longer and more profoundly?





Posted Date : 19-10-2016

IBT Improvements: Pain, Oedema, capillaratis, Sleep Apnoea, Injury, Fractures, fungal conditions, Head injury,

I found this site after watching a video by Andrew on distilling essential oils.

My husband suffered serious multiple trauma (12 fractures + shattering of pelvis and facial bones, as well as head injury and left side weakness+) 9 years ago.

After raising our bed:

*My husband stopped snoring.

*He doesn't get sleep apnoea any more.

*I sleep better.

*We both wake feeling more refreshed.

*I don't have to go to the toilet so often during the night; not at all in winter.

*My hands and feet don't swell in the summer heat now.

*My left foot would often swell since I received trauma to my shin, the swelling would cause the scaring to hurt.  I don't have this any more.

*We both haven't had back pain of any note since our bed was raised.

*My husband has had very little capillaratis (broken capillaries under the skin) on his legs since the bed was raised.

*My husband was told he would need a knee replacement within 5 years of the accident. He had a broken knee cap and ligament torn off shin + broken femur which he had to have surgery for. He still has one unattached ligament. He has coped with painkillers for 8 years but in the past 10 months (bed raised) has not had to have any pain relief for it.

*His left leg (mobility impaired from head injury) has lost the cold dead feeling and is nearly as warm as his right leg.

*The swelling in his feet has reduced a lot.

*He has had no fungal conditions in his feet/toe nails since the bed was raised (I was constantly treating them for 8 years since the accident).

*His left foot bothers him with pains every night since we raised the bed.  While this may seem contradictory, this only used to happen when he had improvements in his brain injury and he would gain new movement or feeling.  Based on this we are convinced something good is happening.

I am interested to see what else has changed without us realising.  Some of these things have been so unexpected and we never picked them up immediately but realised later that the improvements coincided with the bed raising.

IBT is so simple and so effective that I recommend it to everyone now.

Deborah Walker

Posted Date : 23-03-2016
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