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Sleep apnoea gone, psoriasis, energy, tiredness improved

After using this technique for the last month i have notice a dramatic recovery of my psoriasis skin condition. It hasnt completely recovered yet but ive noticed a remarkable difference from my psoriasis being on my lower arms and all over my legs it has reduced to a spot on the upper part of the legs which disapears over the weekend while im off work.

Ive also notice that my sleep apnea has gone completely. Before Inclined Bed Therapy I could sleep for 17 hours a day and still I wuld wake up tired.  Not no more I have 6 to 8 hours sleep and when I wake up i have the energy to go to the gym, somethng I have never done for several years. I fully agree that this technique works, wether mind over matter, or having real scientific benefits, I dont care it works! and I feel great. thank you so much I never thought such a small difference in my life would have this much positive impact.  

chris haswell
Posted Date : 02-10-2015