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Psoriasis Improvements using Inclined Bed Therapy

Hi, You good people, this is for the record, sharing this might benefit some. I will keep this short…an observation of mine: I have been experiencing the symptoms of psoriasis since my late 20s…sudden all over body outbreak that never went, i am now 40 years old. Over the years I trialled most of the known and unknown “remedies”; nutritional, pharmaceutical and lifestyle changes. Of all, only a beachlife in the tropics or the therapy with fumaric-acid esters was promising. The latter posed the issue of expenses, acquisition issues in Australia and side effects.
To make the story short: Since May this year , when I came across this website and reports about the potential correlation between psoriasis and IBT, I am sleeping on an inclined bed (5 degree angle). Now at the end of October/ the Australian winter (where the issue should be worst due to lack of sun exposure) the skin returned back to normal. 5 months of gradual disappearance of the skin lesions. Additional, I would like to note that in 15 years this never happened before/spontaneous. I put it down to the inclined bed, the alteration in lymph/blood flow.

South Asutralia

Posted Date : 28-10-2017