Recovery from Injuries, Sports Injuries, Broken Bones, Torn Ligaments testimonials

Recovery from Injuries, Sports Injuries, Broken Bones, Torn Ligaments


I had a serious car accident nearly six years ago . I was left with scars ,these being my ankle,knee and face and was under the impression I would have permenant numbness. I stumbled across the inclined bed therapy website after linking off from One Radio Network and thought I would give it a go. My partner is a tree surgeon and the science of the therapy made so much sense. After raising our bed 6 inches for a couple of weeks and pretty much forgetting about it I noticed that I had normal sensation and the numbness had gone!! I find sleeping at a 6" angle very comfortable and natural,  it's difficult to sleep flat now. We recently went travelling in Nepal and sleeping on flat beds was not ideal. We introduced it to three different Nepali families and they we're open enough to try it out also with good effects, one being a young boy who also had a car accident, he now is spreading the information to others in Nepal. I will never go back to sleeping flat on my back. Thank you Andrew for your persistent research and battle to get the information out there,  you are a shining star *

United Kingdom

Posted Date : 20-11-2016

Better recovery after just 1 week

I have been doing I B T for just over a week now and already I have noticed a difference in having a better nights sleep . 

I also play a lot of sport mainly tennis and as people who play tennis will be aware that the injuries you can get through playing the beautiful game can be really disheartening! Shoulder/elbow/wrist/back/knee to name just A few ! So the next day after a hard match can sometimes be painful but since doing the I B T after just one week I have noticed that I am not as sore as I once was getting out of bed . 

I think when you do the research on I B T it makes complete sense so for anyone sceptical on it just give it a try as not only will you get a better night sleep but if you're a keen sportsperson your recovery time will be a lot quicker . 


Once again big thanks to Andrew K fletcher and Tony Moran for putting me wise to this . 


Gary Williams 


Gary Williams
Posted Date : 24-06-2016

Broken Ankle 28 Years Unable To Move It. 4 days of Inclined Bed Therapy IBT Movement is Restored

4 days ago, we were shown an ankle that for 28 years had not moved, it was fixed in the same position, following a severe break, resulting in surgery and metal plates, which were removed after 6 months because they were protruding through the skin. During the 28 years the patient slept on a flat bed.
After 4 days of sleeping on an inclined bed raised 6 inches / 15cm at the head end, this morning of 08 September 2015 full movement and rotation has been restored, which the patient claims is a miracle. It is of course sound repeatable science.
An xray confirmed arthritis had set in a year earlier and more recently she was told that she would never move the ankle again.

The patient experience sever pain in her affected foot this morning 08-09-2015 which awakened her abruptly.  On standing up she realised that she had regained her ability to move the damaged ankle.
The implications of this for sports injuries and many other broken bones and torn ligaments are immense but will undoubtedly be ignored as has been the case for 20 years of research.

In addition the patient has reported improvements in sight within the same period and we have noticed her skin is less yellow which was a cause for concern.
She is sleeping much better since sleeping inclined and reports her bedding is neat and tidy in the mornings instead of her being "tied up with the bedding"
She also reports improvements in restless legs syndrome ( Willis-Ekbom disease)

She says; " I am very satisfied that I can now move my ankle, and have proved them wrong when they said it would never move again.

The same return of sensation and movement happened to my mother back in early 1995 after 4 weeks of Inclined Bed Therapy. Her movement was restored after 11 years of being unable to move her ankle.Psoriasis on elbows healed after 7 days of Inclined Bed Therapy7 days of inclined bed therapy, noticing skin on arms and legs is soft and supple, quite different to before her bed was raised.
We also noticed her skin was yellow, indicating jaundice and this has also greatly improved. Her medications include Metformin for diabetes, which is suspect in causing jaundice.


United Kingdom

Posted Date : 08-09-2015

Sandra Shares her IBT Healing from Pain, Injury, swelling, arthritis.

 Sandra is 60 years young and has suffered severe pain, swelling and repeat surgeries on a damaged knee since she was hit by a motorcycle aged 13. When Sandra walked, you could see the pain on her face, she had a pronounced limp, causing her to lean forwards. She frequently collapsed when her affected knee gave way. She was diagnosed with arthritis, which added to her mobility problems. Simply walking on level ground has been a challenge and as we all know our age only makes our problems much worse, or does it?

Sandra Austin

Posted Date : 08-04-2015
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