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Nocturia,Erectile dysfunction, Lower Limbs, Male age 73

To Professor Fletcher (he knows more than most professors and doctors) and to whom it may concern:  Permission is given to Andrew K Fletcher to use the testimonial below to aid in his excellent work in helping his fellow human-beings, except for the proviso that I'm to be completely anonymous and my name should be listed as anonymous with not even initials being used and my location is to be Sacramento, California.  This is like a private interview with my doctor so I don't wish everybody knowing very private stuff. 
In my experience IBT seems to be a capstone that helped me, but I had to first also use other healthful remedies to aid in the body healing itself.  I tried IBT three years ago for several months and did not experience anything beneficial and didn't like sliding down to the bottom of the bed so I discontinued using it.  But I still searched extensively for healing and in the interim picked up other good remedies.  My legs were feeling so bad that I've had to keep searching and searching.  I've listened to many videos on the youtube channel of Clive de Carle (and also clivedecarle.com) and listened recently to a two hour interview that Clive had with Andrew K Fletcher so I thought I would put Mr. Fletcher to a proper test to see if it helped my legs and frequent urination at night.  I started April 20, 2020 and kept a diary of how many times I got up to the toilet and immediately noticed that it was fewer than before and that I woke up more rested even though I was getting about an hour less sleep time.  It is now May 19 so I have done it for a month and my legs seem to be maybe 3% to 5% better.  The nightly bathroom trips averaged 1.6 times per night.  So the test of IBT in this last month shows significant improvement in what I wanted it to do.  However, there seemed to be a side-effect that came out of nowhere after the 20th night of IBT.  I hugged my wife good-bye the next morning and, boing!!, an important body part really started flexing itself like in my 20's.  It seems to be a permanent side-effect which is really nice since I'm only a few weeks away from 73.  These last 10 days are like a young couple's honeymoon in their 20's so we are very thankful to Sir/Saint/Professor Fletcher and I've donated $300 to aid in his most excellent work of helping people live a better life and I would encourage others to try IBT and consider sending him a contribution to aid his work.   
   The above was the short version and if you care to read on there are a few more details.  In the period between my first trial of IBT three years ago and the present, my legs continued to worsen so I had to keep searching.  June of 2019 I purchased a Magnetico bed invented by Dr. Dean Bonlie of magneticosleep.com and installed it on the floor and purchased 9 boards from Home Depot that were 2 inches X 6 inches by 8 feet long that were not treated with any chemicals or paint and laid two boards using blocks of wood at the head and had seven boards cut in half and laid them on the two eight-foot boards making it a 7 foot long by 4 foot wide platform.  Then we purchased an inexpensive nice memory-foam mattress that only seems to slip down maybe two inches every few weeks and is easily pulled back up.  I removed all electrical appliances from the bedroom and placed it two feet from any wall so I wasn't close to any wiring and also placed the head pointing to magnetic north while being sure not to be over any sort of pipes.  I wrote this experience about using boards to show that one doesn't need to be strong or use helpers if they really want to try the method and don't have any helpers.
   I've tried to remedy the situation with my legs with natural remedies and in the 1980's cleaned up my diet and June, 1990 became a vegan in trying to recapture the lost health.  The frequent urination has bothered me all my life so I'm pleased that IBT has helped me get it down to only 1.6 times per night.  My maladies started in the 1980's after losing body parts thanks to MD's and 7 or 8 root canals and many metal fillings.  It was a fast downhill after that (I was sure stupid and should have never gone to see them but with free medical care and no internet my life was ruined with nothing working trying to get better.  My mind fogged over.  I was semi-bright before the medical snafu's and in the 1960's was awarded a California Legislature scholarship that paid for all 4 years tuition at any university in California.  They awarded 2,700 that year based solely on test scores.  In the 1980's I started memorizing the New Testament in my spare moments and was doing 4 chapters a week until my mind fogged over and things slowed down.  My legs were a constant struggle.  Do you remember running around the track at top speed and then have trouble standing and your legs were burning?  That is how my legs feel all the time and there has been improvement with IBT but I still have a ways to go.  In all my researching, it seems that Dr. Jerry Tennant with his "Healing is Voltage" books and on youtube has the only credible answer to why my bottom-half doesn't work good while the upper-body muscles work fine and it is due to the electrical currents to various body-parts being short-circuited by metal fillings or root-canals and effects people differently.  I don't think I would be alive if I hadn't cleaned up the diet in the 1980's and became a vegan.  

Posted Date : 20-05-2020