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Amazing results

Since I have raised my bed 6 inches I have seen the following improvements: 

1) After 4 weeks of sleeping in the inclimed bed I started to wake up very early  - at 5 a.m. - rested and energized. I have to wake up that early but before it  was continuous struggle , taking always 5 more minutes to sleep... I was dizzy and irritated that I have to wake up. Now it all is gone, which greatly improved my start of every day.

2) I also noticed increase of energy during the day since then.

3) After 4 months my celulitis I had since 30 years decreased very significanly.  

4) I had periods of loosing sharpness of my sight and I was affraid I will have to visit an ofthalmologyst but it all stopped and I see perfectly.

5) I had one, bumpy varicose vain which dissapeard ( I am not sure after what time since I was not checking it), although spider vains did not dissapeared they improved in aparience and do not hurt anymore. I hope they will also vanish.

6) After three moths I noticed my knees got stable, my back stopped to bother me in sacro area and my cervical bones stability improved greatly. I felt all these diferences and in general I felt more stability in my skelet. I wanted to see what my ostiopat would say after checking me and he congratulated me since it was the first time in years where he said there is a great improvement in all my body.

I must say that I inclined my bed because I heard this recomendation from a person I follow in youtube. I did it without any expectation more as preventive step. I did not even imagined all the benefits I would get after such short time. I considered myself as fairy healthy person and I raised my bed rather as preventive thing. I had now idea I will get all the wonderful benefits I got.

Thank you very much Mr. Andrew Fletcher for sharing these blessings. God bless you !

Jola Jalmuzna
Posted Date : 11-11-2018