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Anti Cancer Drugs Side effects mitigated + Muscle Cramps


One of my patients recently told me an extraordinary story about 'inclined bed therapy' - something I'd never heard of before.

The anti-cancer drugs that she is receiving have some unpleasant side effects including joint pain and insomnia. Someone had told her about the benefits of raising the head end of her bed by about six inches with wooden blocks. Willing to try anything in order to get through her treatment, she tried it out.

The result was positive: she slept soundly through the night - and with no joint pain! However, it was the effect it had on her husband that really impressed me.6 degree drawing of an inclined bed modification

He had suffered a life-changing major stroke over 30 years ago that had affected the right side of his body. Every night for all those years, he has suffered from appalling cramps in the calf and ankle muscles of his leg - so badly that they forced him out of bed every couple of hours throughout the night. Since placing the blocks under their bed, he has not had another cramp!

Traditional horizontal sleeping has been shown by some researchers to inhibit the ability of the body's circulatory system to function at an optimum level. This sleeping position causes restricted blood flow and the inability of the lymphatic system to flush out the toxins that accumulate in the many networks of vessels throughput the body.

By raising the head of your bed between 4 and 8 inches, you can increase the gravitational force on your body while you are sleeping. This posture creates the opportunity for your body to improve circulation without causing discomfort.

It's not a 'therapy' as such, but I've been impressed by what I've heard and read. It is now the subject of hospital trials which sounds good to me.

It can't cause any harm, and may just give you some extraordinary benefits. It's worth trying!

Matthew Manning (UK Healer)
http://matthewmanning.net/# Posted Date : 01-06-2017