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Nocturia,Erectile dysfunction, Lower Limbs, Male age 73

To Professor Fletcher (he knows more than most professors and doctors) and to whom it may concern:  Permission is given to Andrew K Fletcher to use the testimonial below to aid in his excellent work in helping his fellow human-beings, except for the proviso that I'm to be completely anonymous and my name should be listed as anonymous with not even initials being used and my location is to be Sacramento, California.  This is like a private interview with my doctor so I don't wish everybody knowing very private stuff. 
In my experience IBT seems to be a capstone that helped me, but I had to first also use other healthful remedies to aid in the body healing itself.  I tried IBT three years ago for several months and did not experience anything beneficial and didn't like sliding down to the bottom of the bed so I discontinued using it.  But I still searched extensively for healing and in the interim picked up other good remedies.  My legs were feeling so bad that I've had to keep searching and searching.  I've listened to many videos on the youtube channel of Clive de Carle (and also clivedecarle.com) and listened recently to a two hour interview that Clive had with Andrew K Fletcher so I thought I would put Mr. Fletcher to a proper test to see if it helped my legs and frequent urination at night.  I started April 20, 2020 and kept a diary of how many times I got up to the toilet and immediately noticed that it was fewer than before and that I woke up more rested even though I was getting about an hour less sleep time.  It is now May 19 so I have done it for a month and my legs seem to be maybe 3% to 5% better.  The nightly bathroom trips averaged 1.6 times per night.  So the test of IBT in this last month shows significant improvement in what I wanted it to do.  However, there seemed to be a side-effect that came out of nowhere after the 20th night of IBT.  I hugged my wife good-bye the next morning and, boing!!, an important body part really started flexing itself like in my 20's.  It seems to be a permanent side-effect which is really nice since I'm only a few weeks away from 73.  These last 10 days are like a young couple's honeymoon in their 20's so we are very thankful to Sir/Saint/Professor Fletcher and I've donated $300 to aid in his most excellent work of helping people live a better life and I would encourage others to try IBT and consider sending him a contribution to aid his work.   
   The above was the short version and if you care to read on there are a few more details.  In the period between my first trial of IBT three years ago and the present, my legs continued to worsen so I had to keep searching.  June of 2019 I purchased a Magnetico bed invented by Dr. Dean Bonlie of magneticosleep.com and installed it on the floor and purchased 9 boards from Home Depot that were 2 inches X 6 inches by 8 feet long that were not treated with any chemicals or paint and laid two boards using blocks of wood at the head and had seven boards cut in half and laid them on the two eight-foot boards making it a 7 foot long by 4 foot wide platform.  Then we purchased an inexpensive nice memory-foam mattress that only seems to slip down maybe two inches every few weeks and is easily pulled back up.  I removed all electrical appliances from the bedroom and placed it two feet from any wall so I wasn't close to any wiring and also placed the head pointing to magnetic north while being sure not to be over any sort of pipes.  I wrote this experience about using boards to show that one doesn't need to be strong or use helpers if they really want to try the method and don't have any helpers.
   I've tried to remedy the situation with my legs with natural remedies and in the 1980's cleaned up my diet and June, 1990 became a vegan in trying to recapture the lost health.  The frequent urination has bothered me all my life so I'm pleased that IBT has helped me get it down to only 1.6 times per night.  My maladies started in the 1980's after losing body parts thanks to MD's and 7 or 8 root canals and many metal fillings.  It was a fast downhill after that (I was sure stupid and should have never gone to see them but with free medical care and no internet my life was ruined with nothing working trying to get better.  My mind fogged over.  I was semi-bright before the medical snafu's and in the 1960's was awarded a California Legislature scholarship that paid for all 4 years tuition at any university in California.  They awarded 2,700 that year based solely on test scores.  In the 1980's I started memorizing the New Testament in my spare moments and was doing 4 chapters a week until my mind fogged over and things slowed down.  My legs were a constant struggle.  Do you remember running around the track at top speed and then have trouble standing and your legs were burning?  That is how my legs feel all the time and there has been improvement with IBT but I still have a ways to go.  In all my researching, it seems that Dr. Jerry Tennant with his "Healing is Voltage" books and on youtube has the only credible answer to why my bottom-half doesn't work good while the upper-body muscles work fine and it is due to the electrical currents to various body-parts being short-circuited by metal fillings or root-canals and effects people differently.  I don't think I would be alive if I hadn't cleaned up the diet in the 1980's and became a vegan.  


Posted Date : 20-05-2020

Getting into the nitty gritty of inclined bed therapy

Getting into the nitty gritty of Inclined Bed Therapy by Mike Zalben Zalben Chiropractic Healing Arts

So today we are going to talk about the nitty gritty of Inclined Bed Therapy, which is not to be confused with an adjustable bed that keeps you pretty level with your lower body, but let’s you raise your upper body. Even those adjustable beds that let you raise your lower and upper body.

What we are talking about is getting you on a complete incline. 
So we are making this video because I keep going over all of this with all my patients and so hopefully this will answer every-bodies questions and really drive home the importance of inclining your bed.
Inclining your bed, we are talking about raising the head end of your bed about six inches so that you have a five degree incline.
Why is that important?

That is the degree, the five degree incline. That’s the number, five degrees that allows your body to continue to circulate fluids, blood, plasma, gasses. Anything in your digestive tract, while your sleeping.

And this was proven by an engineer in England, who just looked at a tree one day and realised how fluids and nutrients get from the roots up to the leaves. He figured this out, did an experiment where he proved that it’s the fluid that come up to the lungs that we breath out carbon dioxide and water as moisture and that changes the density of the fluids so that they circulate.

Trees do the same things. The leaves of the tree are the lungs, so that the moisture comes off, just like the moisture comes out of our lungs, so that denser nutrient filled plasma or fluid goes down and then comes back up.

So, the single greatest thing that I have done for my health is inclined my bed six inches, raising it up six inches to get a five degree tilt.

Nothing I have done has made a bigger impact on my health than this.

Now you know, you talk about body hacks, everyone is talking about body hacks, hacking the body these days. This is the greatest hack of all. 

You don’t have to do anything except sleep and watch out for the benefits.

Though when I was learning about this, the engineer in England said that he is treating some really serious diseases with this simple hack. And I couldn’t believe it and he was talking about helping people with multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's and end stage aids patients who have horrible problems with diarrhoea, which is what usually kills them. And he was talking about these end stage aids patients actually stopping the diarrhoea by inclining their beds.

So these were fantastic claims and I couldn’t believe it so I Said, I’m going to try it and my Wife and I tried it together and it’s undeniably helping us.

“How much does it cost?” It costs like literally nothing, like and bed raisers are like 10 to fifteen bucks on Amazon.
And I spent something like 25 dollars on some bed raisers because they can hold extra weight and they don’t break down after a couple of months like some of the cheap ones do. But this costs literally nothing, it’s so easy to do and the health benefits are mind boggling.

Your digestion will improve, Your assimilation so your digestion is the break down of food, your assimilation is the body’s uptake of those nutrients and the elimination is your body getting rid of those.
All three of those processes are radically turbocharged by simply elevating the head of your bed. 

And of course this was discovered when they entered the Pharaohs sleeping chambers. The pharaoh thousands of years ago slept on an inclined bed and it’s also in the hieroglyphs in the pyramids and when they saw the person on an incline, they knew the person was sleeping and when they were flat, they were dead. 

“oh-- look at that well look to see if anyone that raises their bed and hear what they are experiencing”

Yes and if they have any questions, feel free to contact me and I hope that this has answered some of them. 
But the most important thing you can do for your health, the simplest thing you can do for your health is to get your bed raised up.
Totally different than an adjustable bed right, we are inclining the whole bed and not just raising the head. 

“ And if anyone has any hacks they want us to myth bust or prove, we will be happy to do that”
“Just let us know in the comments, thanks guys”. 

Video Testimonial on Facebook
Getting into inclined bed therapy by Mike Zalben Choiropractic Healing Arts


dr. Michael Zalben, d.c.
United States

Los Angeles
United States

http://www.drmikezalben.com/ Posted Date : 26-11-2018

Amazing results

Since I have raised my bed 6 inches I have seen the following improvements: 

1) After 4 weeks of sleeping in the inclimed bed I started to wake up very early  - at 5 a.m. - rested and energized. I have to wake up that early but before it  was continuous struggle , taking always 5 more minutes to sleep... I was dizzy and irritated that I have to wake up. Now it all is gone, which greatly improved my start of every day.

2) I also noticed increase of energy during the day since then.

3) After 4 months my celulitis I had since 30 years decreased very significanly.  

4) I had periods of loosing sharpness of my sight and I was affraid I will have to visit an ofthalmologyst but it all stopped and I see perfectly.

5) I had one, bumpy varicose vain which dissapeard ( I am not sure after what time since I was not checking it), although spider vains did not dissapeared they improved in aparience and do not hurt anymore. I hope they will also vanish.

6) After three moths I noticed my knees got stable, my back stopped to bother me in sacro area and my cervical bones stability improved greatly. I felt all these diferences and in general I felt more stability in my skelet. I wanted to see what my ostiopat would say after checking me and he congratulated me since it was the first time in years where he said there is a great improvement in all my body.

I must say that I inclined my bed because I heard this recomendation from a person I follow in youtube. I did it without any expectation more as preventive step. I did not even imagined all the benefits I would get after such short time. I considered myself as fairy healthy person and I raised my bed rather as preventive thing. I had now idea I will get all the wonderful benefits I got.

Thank you very much Mr. Andrew Fletcher for sharing these blessings. God bless you !

Jola Jalmuzna

Posted Date : 11-11-2018

Multiple benfits Pain relief, stiffness, recuperation, bladder control, immune function

I am a 77 year old naturopathic pharmacist.
I have been sleeping on a six inch inclined bed for six months.
These are my observations:
Sleeping better, on waking clear headed with more energy. Good clear dream recall.
Better bladder control
Sleep warmer
Less noisy breathing
Neck stiffness and pain eliminated
Lumbar pain reduced
Better recuperation after hard physical activity
Better restorative mechanisms all round
Immune function continuing to improve


Many thanks to you Andrew for diligently bringing this to our attention. 

Euan Edwards
Kingston Beach

Posted Date : 18-09-2018

Memory loss, Amnesia, Partial Amnesia

Hi, I want to mention what " Inclined Bed Therapy " has done for me. I have had partial amnesia for may years and IBT has helped me regain all of my memories, so now other healing will come about as well. 
I like to share my experience regarding the Inclined Bed Therapy, I have had partial amnesia for about 60 years due to an injury to my back that effected my nerves system, I had retained the memories but they where not connecting so I could not excess them. I saw many doctors and health experts but non of them where able to help. I had tests done and even had a single cortisone injection, which helped for a while, but stopped when I found out about the side effects of that. One of the doctors who had x- rayed my spine way back when told that I would walk bent over by the time I got to my 40th. I looked at him and said never.

Since then I started looking at all kinds of ways to help my body to heal with out much success and then I ran into the information on Inclined Bed Therapy, so I tried it, unfortunately for the first 2 years I did not have a bed that I could properly incline so it might have actually done the reverse of what I expected, then last year in July I got a new bed ( wooden poster bed ) so now I could incline the whole bed properly, I did experiment with the amount of incline ( up,then down again and so on ) so that I felt comfortable with it and would not get too overwhelmed by the memories coming back.  Sometimes I did and then down went the bed...and now I have got all of my memories back and in the right order connected in the right way.... Thank you Inclined Bed Therapy ....and Thank you Andrew K. Fletcher  for making IBT's information available to people who want real healing.

Eva Sprung
29th of June 2018

Eva Sprung

Posted Date : 01-07-2018

Foamy urine

Hello everyone, hello Andrew,

You have heard from me in the FAQ, I said since I have had an incredible tachycardia that sent me to the hospital in the middle of the night I was scared of everything that could cause that another time, so I confessed having not slept very well the first night with my bed raised 6 inches I put it flat again for the next night. On the other hand, I thought it was a pity not to try inclinedbedtherapy because I was so scared about my heart. So I raised my bed again but only 3 inches. Maybe it seems very little, yes and no because there is already an improvement in the tingling I have in my hands when sleeping on my right or left side. But for me, the most incredible and inexplicable is that for at least ten years my urine was incredibly foamy, so much so that in January this year I went to a hospital asking to check proteinuria because I know foamy urine is a sign of protein in urine which is a serious problem with the kidneys. I cannot say it was obsessive but since so many years I was frustrated not to know what it was? I talked to some doctors no one took it seriously so in January I made a few pictures with my telephone to show the doctor, before asking for checking for proteinuria, telling look it seems I drink some liquid soap to have such a foam in my urine. After the analyses, nothing, no protein at all in my urine.

After 3 days of inclining my bed no more foam at all nothing/nothing! As I said it was foamy like that for at least a decade, never ever there was no foam in my urine, not one single day. Today for the first time in so many years no foam anymore? Absolutely nothing, I have not the smallest beginning of an explanation but however, I consider that as probably something positive because it is surely abnormal to have so much foam in one's urine. But how on earth it stop totally and almost immediately after raising the bed is a mystery?

Georges Beaujea
Surat Thani

Posted Date : 23-04-2018

Menopause hot flashes / flushes and sinus issues

Caroline-Renae Alexander  It has been about three months....still loving the way I can breathe through my nose, the way my hot flashes totally disappeared, and the vivid dreams are simply bonus. I feel absolutely blessed. I have had such struggles to find work, and then God sent me this miracle to help me keep my faith. Thank-you Andrew. I have a Science degree and an Education degree and was asked to "vet" the claims of IBT....within three days, I had my bed raised even prior to that of my friend who made the request. Makes me wonder what else we don't know....right?!

 I just stayed overnight at a cottage and had two hot flashes on a flat bed....coincidence? Will tell tonight back at my inclined bed.....cheers -C

Definite benefits re hot flashes. As much as I love going outside to look at the midnight sky and cool down, the lack of sleep over time is a form of torture. Back to my IBT again and sleeping very well indeed!

An important element, you or someone else had noted, is attention to humidity. We live on an island on the West Coast of Canada, so now more than ever, the dehumidifier is important to our health as related to IBT and how the process works more efficiently.

Caroline Alexander
Posted Date : 16-04-2018

Asthma, snoring, migraine, nocturia IBT since 2012

IBT since 2012 IBT since 2012 
Five years ago (Jan 2012) I was desperate to find a way to alleviate the problems I had with wheezing /whistling while breathing, especially when I went to bed. This problem always started with me getting a cold or flu that didn’t pass. A couple of times it went on for months, and it affected my overall health since I couldn’t sleep sufficiently. I went to the doctor’s office who stated that this was probably asthma and to prevent this I was to inhale daily doses of cortisone.

Since I was used to trying out alternative solutions for ailments and such (nowadays they call it biohacking), I decided to search the internet for anything that could help me improve my breathing and avoiding taking cortisone. I found Andrew’s site about IBT, and also a couple of posts elsewhere about asthma being improved through inclining the bed.
The next night I wedged my side of the bed with pillows underneath the mattress and my partner slept on the sofa, since we were both having the flu and I was wheezing. He told me that I hadn’t snored at all that night (we both do occasionally snore, but he’s a light sleeper and gets very easily disturbed). I usually woke up with aching feet and feeling stiff, like I was 80 not 40, but this morning there was no pain. I continued to surf the internet after solutions to raise the bed instead of using the pillows and I asked my partner if he wanted to try it and even if he was a bit suspicious he said he would give it a go.
I used big cardboard boxes and duct tape, since I had nothing else to use. I cut them, assembled them, and raised the feet under the headboard (5 cm). The next day my partner said he’d slept very well and he stopped snoring. He usually went up once at night to go to the bathroom, but that stopped immediately. After a week or so the bed was raised 10 cm, and after two weeks at 17,5 cm.
We have continued sleeping on the incline since then we’ll continue to do so. Some of the changes:
- I very seldom have problems sleeping due to wheezing. The cold/flu-induced asthma has never come back in the same manner after the bed was inclined.- I used to wake up feeling cold and stiff, but that has disappeared altogether. Mostly I feel supple getting up from bed.- I often had migraines and had to stay in bed for a couple of days, the only thing that really helped was sleeping the migraines away. I still get headaches from time to time, but painkillers do help me now.- When we started IBT my partner was a long distance runner. After a 2-3 hour run, he came home and did some stretching, showered, and then went to bed watching a movie and snacking while recuperating. We both did this after a hard workout and called it “IBT-ing”.- I had problems with water retention, today I know I’ll be swollen due to things I eat, but it’s not a chronic condition.
IBT is not my only solution – but it is a very important part of my health regimen. I can’t see anything but benefits to improving and maintaining a good circulation. I know that every time I get to bed my body will regenerate and I see this as an investment for the years to come (I started this at age 43).
Thank you, Andrew for providing us with the information and knowledge.Chimelle

Posted Date : 27-03-2018

Video Update: Our great benefits!

Zamar and Judah, along with Zamar's mom have been sleeping slanted (IBT) for a few months now.  This is the second video and an update to our first.  Our most obvious benefits include gastric reflux, lower back pain, better sleep.  See our video update if you wish! Our testimonial on Youtube


Zamar & Judah

Posted Date : 07-03-2018

Numerous ailments, pre diabetes, hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion,

Was suffering from the effects of pre-diabetes, adrenal exhaustion, hypothyroidism and who knows what else.  I read about IBT late one night.  I had raised bed posts under each corner of my bed.  I was thrilled when I removed the two at the end of the bed, measured the incline and discovered I had achieved the correct amount of incline.

I immediately felt a strange but good feeling lying in bed that night.  It felt odd but somehow good.  Every night I enjoy going to bed because if feels so good.  No more aches and pains in my hips and legs, no more frequent interruptions during the night to visit the bathroom, my feet don't hurt like they used to after taking walks, etc.  The longer I sleep like this (over 6 weeks now) I find myself waking up after having slept straight through the night and feeling better.  I'm glad I was adventurous enough to try this.  It's been worth it! I can't wait to see what else improves in the months ahead.


C.D. Weaver
Posted Date : 05-03-2018

Consumer (Senior Woman)

This is my Mom's and my testimonal early on using IBT:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PinCtBlMOc


United States

Posted Date : 28-02-2018

Puffy Eyes

Good morning.

I have been sleeping with my bed at a six-inch incline for about 5 days. I am loving the energy that I have. The last two mornings I have woke up with puffy eyes. Anybody else experience this?

Thank you!


United States

Posted Date : 04-12-2017

Anti Cancer Drugs Side effects mitigated + Muscle Cramps


One of my patients recently told me an extraordinary story about 'inclined bed therapy' - something I'd never heard of before.

The anti-cancer drugs that she is receiving have some unpleasant side effects including joint pain and insomnia. Someone had told her about the benefits of raising the head end of her bed by about six inches with wooden blocks. Willing to try anything in order to get through her treatment, she tried it out.

The result was positive: she slept soundly through the night - and with no joint pain! However, it was the effect it had on her husband that really impressed me.6 degree drawing of an inclined bed modification

He had suffered a life-changing major stroke over 30 years ago that had affected the right side of his body. Every night for all those years, he has suffered from appalling cramps in the calf and ankle muscles of his leg - so badly that they forced him out of bed every couple of hours throughout the night. Since placing the blocks under their bed, he has not had another cramp!

Traditional horizontal sleeping has been shown by some researchers to inhibit the ability of the body's circulatory system to function at an optimum level. This sleeping position causes restricted blood flow and the inability of the lymphatic system to flush out the toxins that accumulate in the many networks of vessels throughput the body.

By raising the head of your bed between 4 and 8 inches, you can increase the gravitational force on your body while you are sleeping. This posture creates the opportunity for your body to improve circulation without causing discomfort.

It's not a 'therapy' as such, but I've been impressed by what I've heard and read. It is now the subject of hospital trials which sounds good to me.

It can't cause any harm, and may just give you some extraordinary benefits. It's worth trying!

Matthew Manning (UK Healer)
United Kingdom

http://matthewmanning.net/# Posted Date : 01-06-2017




After a month of practicing this method, I am incredibly surprised by the significantly positive benefit to my health that I have never experienced on a flat bed!

Mr. Andrew I wish you only the best and really thank you very much.

without pharmaceuticals!


po měsíci praktikování této metody, jsem neuvěřitelně překvapen výrazně pozitivním přínosem pro mé zdraví. Už nikdy na rovné posteli!! panu Andrwovi přeji jen to nejlepší a opravdu moc DĚKUJI.

Kdo nezkusí ať nehartusí !!! Pryč s farmaceutiky !!!



Czech republic
Czech Republic

Posted Date : 19-03-2016

When Harry Met Andrew Brachytelephalangic Chondrodysplasia Punctata

When Harry Met Andrew




Inclined Bed Therapy for children with Brachytelephalangic Chondrodysplasia Punctata

I was invited to meet Harry age 14 by his father to hear from his son how sleeping on an inclined bed raised six inches at the head end has transformed his life in a year.


Our meeting took place at a local pub. Dad was waiting for me outside and immediately phoned his wife to bring Harry along. I had heard that this lad was articulate and very intelligent, despite his very rare and debilitating medical condition. I had already spoken with his dad on several occasions, before and during IBT.

Harry's first positive gain from using Inclined Bed therapy (IBT) reported by his Father was that he had stopped wetting the bed and that he was very proud of this achievement which gave him a huge confidence boost.


Harry walked into the bar and walked towards us. Dad said this is Andrew, the man who asked us to tilt your bed. Harry shook my hand and said thank you for helping me and we sat down for what turned out to be a conversation I will remember for the rest of my life.


Harry stunned me with his articulation and depth of knowledge in a wide range of subjects. His positive attitude, sense of doing the right things in life are a credit to his family, friends and teachers. They have helped Harry enormously and he has helped himself and everyone around him by being Harry.


We learned a lot from a lad who had been put through the mill with numerous operations on his spine, including having a Harrington Rod fixed to keep his spine straight, which had to be removed after it was protruding through his skin. He later had a bone graft to fuse his spine but despite this, according to his dad, he was still suffering from scoliosis bending forward due to poor cartilage growth.


This condition affects the nasal passage, making it difficult to breath through the nose, restricts air flow to the lungs, which results in poor oxygenation with causes fatigue, breathlessness and regular infections. It also affects skeletal and cartilage growth and causes spinal column compression.


Harry is very light in frame and muscle. We discussed how this had changed over the last year. He told me that his legs and arms are much stronger and his muscles are developing better now. He added pointing to the corner of the bar and then to the door, stating that if at age 13 he had walked that distance he would have been fatigued and needed to rest. Now he adds, he can walk a mile and possibly more.


He had never been able to swim because of his buoyancy, poor posture and lack of muscle, saying he sank each time he tried. He now enjoys swimming.


I asked if he has a better immunity to infections such as colds and flu. We learned than that this was the first time since birth that he had avoided winter bugs, despite his father mother and brother all having flu he had somehow dodged it. We have known for a long time that using IBT helps to protect us against coughs colds and flu. I for example get initial symptoms, go to bed and find that symptoms have vanished. Not to say this happens every-time, as we did manage to get a particularly nasty virus last year that took a few days to shake off.

Everyone around Harry has noticed his pyjamas which always fit are now flying at half mast. In other words he is experiencing an accelerated growth spurt-when for years he has barely grown at all. Of course we would need to test this on a larger group of children with the same condition but there is an inherent lack of funding, will and expertise. But most of all this is a very rare condition, so I doubt it will ever happen in the realms of the medical and pharmaceutical studies because there is zero chance of recouping their investment. And there lies the main problem with bringing forth to mainstream medicine a FREE therapy. He said you should be a very rich man from this discovery. Dad jumped in and said; Son some people do things for the money. Andrew does not do this for money, he does it because he cares and wants to help people because he is a kind person.


Harry and I spent a long time discussing how IBT was discovered? why it is not accepted? Why don't people listen? why don't people just do it? I replied as best as I could to such an expert interrogator,. Believe me he is one tough and astute young lad. In fact his range of knowledge puts a lot of adults on their backfoot. I told him that if a thousand people read my research and advice, perhaps 5 people would try it. Most would shrug their shoulders thinking what's this got to do with me or who are you, or what qualifications do you have or you are no doctor. He replied; “but my Dad listened to you”. He added “I can make them listen to you”! Will you come to my Special needs school and talk to the parents and teachers. I will tell them what you have done for me and you can tell them why it works! I said they won't let me come to your school to talk about health issues because I am not a doctor. He said; “Believe me when I have spoken with them they will listen”! He said; “I want to tell everyone and I will come with you to any part of the World to let them know about your discovery.” My eyes were welling up, still are as I write this. His dad's and Granddad's eyes were also welling. What a kid you have there, I said, he is amazing and I am overwhelmed with having this opportunity to talk with young Harry.


Harry said he wants to be a good politician, to do things right and to avoid all of the mistakes that politicians make. He would make a fantastic politician! He told me about how he spoke to some man who was shouting at kids in wheelchairs telling them to shut up. He went up to the guy and spoke calmly saying; There is no need to be rude and harsh to these children. You are lucky, you have a normal life in a normal body. Try saying shush calmly instead. That guy has been silenced forever.




Harry Bedford

Posted Date : 08-04-2015
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