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Always on an Incline Oedema (fluid retention) Hemorrhoids

A couple of years ago I started having some Fluid issues, Swelling in my Foot. I Was Desperate for relief. I was Drinking Tumeric and Doing liver cleanses to relive the problem, however that was not working. I started searching for more healing possibilities. I literately Stumbled upon Inclined Bed Therapy By Accident. I immediately Inclined my bed. I have never slept flat again. I have had other side effects from the inclined bed therapy That I did not expect. I Had suffered from hemorrhoids for years and No longer have that problem any more. I used to Live with terrible hemorrhoid pain. Since I Started Inclined therapy I have had perhaps 2 or 3 Flare ups. in over 2 years! My Swelling Went down in my Foot, Hemorrhoids are not a problem any more. Personally, I will never Sleep flat again, And I always Suggest IBT To All people, Both Healthy and Not.

Tara Woodruff
Tara Woodruff
United States
http://www.coahtarawoodruff.com Posted Date : 15-06-2015