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Comment from Youtube interview:

Wow!! -- Thank you so, SO much, Andrew Fletcher! -- You should get the Nobel Peace Prize out of all this!! --- You're obviously a true "Think-outside-the-Box" Genius!!! -- Just know that your incredible message didn't 'fall on deaf ears' with me!  - Oh no! - I raced off down into the basement and found several big hearty, wide and thick blocks off thick sawn planks,! (And hey, even a woman living on her own can soon find such stuff, and scrabble around, lifting each block, one by one evenly, under one Head-of-Bed Leg - and then the other!!  - Then, I thought....hmmmm... what if the bed starts slipping-away from the wall at the Top-end?? -- Well I soon fixed that 'possibility by slipping each of my clean,.. but old, and ''more-holey-than-righteous'' Garden Boots, with their thick-tread, under each of the legs of the foot-end of my bed! - Then I adjusted//increased height at the Head-end with an extra block under each, to compensate for the added-thickness at foot-end. - So, measured,.... I feel sure I now have at least 6.inches height ok. --- Well, looking at it I guess I wondered, like so many others before me.... as to whether I might 'uncomfortably' sliiiiiiiiiiiide-off the bed!-?? -- Well....Most certainly NOT-so!!!  And even right from the first time I used it, -- it felt GREAT!! -- and I found, as you have said (and I have already been excitedly explaining to others!) -- that 'just'-ONLY the normal weight and mildest 'friction'?? ('if' that's the right word??) proves to be absolutely perfect for a wonderful, peaceful, and refreshingly calm night's sleep -- EVERY NIGHT!!  So again! Thank you so, SO much!!! - - - - Oh, but that's not all! - Because previously, I had been diligently sleeping "like-a-Banana" every single night! -With both legs up high and resting, full-length, on a smallish, doubled-up mattress - to defate my puffy feet every night! - Well, as you say... it 'sorta' works, but then throughout each day they simply 'puff-up' again! ..... Well, since sleeping each night on my delightful "Inclined-Bed"..(and tho' it 'seems' to defy 'logic'!)...even with my legs &feet on that 'downward-slope'...they still go totally-FLAT each night!! --- BUT even better than that, they also appear to be gradually far-LESS inclined to 'puff-up' again through the day!! --- Brilliant -- Thank you! -and a fabulous 'BONUS' to all this, of course.... is that I am now able to turn-over! -at any time through each night, instead of being 'stuck'-with always having to sleep on my back!! -- I'm watching my Varicose Veins too, though these may take quite some time, I'd say.....but you have obviously 'Tapped-into' an array of the most simple, yet awesomely-effective 'Laws'-concerning exactly "How-BEST" our bodies should be treated and used, -directly in-tune with HOW God Designed and Created our Bodies to function, and to best-maintain truly GOOD Health!! --- Now, I'm striving hard to try to help someone very special to overcome their LONG-standing 'Body-Imbalance, (with Toxic-waste dump!)--and to finally get rid of their 'plague' of Seizures!!!! -- Through your wonderful "Raised-Bed Therapy'!!!  -- I Truly cannot THANK-You enough!!!!   -- Keep-up the Good-Work!! --
And I hope, mightily, to be able to get-back to you on results of the Special-person with Seizures!!!  :)

Posted Date : 28-08-2018