Oedema / Edema / Fluid Retention testimonials

Wow! - It's Excellent! :)

This is obviously going to be an On-going Story! -- But here's the great 'Start' ...... so, "Watch this space" ..Yay!  :)   :)   

 My Puffy feet still 'went-down FLAT - even though on a 'downhill-slope' of my wonderful Raised-Bed!!   -- NO-more sleeping-like a banana! - and now, even during the daytime, my feet are far-LESS inclined to Puff-up!!  :)   --- I LOVE this totally-simple, AND Totally-FREE Therapy!!  :)  

THANK-YOU so, SO Much!! - Andrew Fletcher!! -- You deserve the Nobel Peace Price for this "Great-Work" for the far-Betterment and Great Health of the whole of Humanity!!...We just need to ALL work-together... to spread this Good-Word!!!  :)  -- I'm also watching my Varicose Veins, to see how long before they go-down! -- May take some time, I guess. 

I'm ALSO working-with a very precious, and Special person, to get their Bed-Inclined....to stop their long, long-standing suffering from Seizures!!! ----  I'll get back to you when we get some definite, good-results!! ..... So, Watch this space!! -- I have every hope, - and they are VERY interested!! -- only certain 'other' factors need to be overcome!!  :)     



Jennifer A. Gates
RUSSELL, Bay Of Islands,
Posted Date : 22-03-2018