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Am in my 70s.  Have been sleeping inclined six inches ( two bricks) for two years now.  Would not go back to flat bed after this.  Deeep sleep, lucid dreams, have not  been to Osteopath or Chiropractor since starting IBT, because every night is like a treatment stretching my spine.  My posture has improved and I find it easy to stand and walk more erect whereas before I always charged along with head forward and neck bent.  Surprisingly, it has not helped leg issues like small veins or feet swelling but the quality of sleep is wonderful!  Told my neighbour about it and with just two inches raised, he said straight away he went from three trips to the toilet during the night, to once only.

10th October 2019

Dear Andrew, after two years happily sleeping raised on two bricks, 6 inches, I removed them because my son was coming to visit and as he'd just has a hip replaced and I live in a one bed flat, I gave him my bed and I slept on the floor.

During the two years, I had no help with swollen ankles but a lot of other benefits, one of which I've published which was posture certainly great sleep and lucid dreaming.

After one week on the floor, suddenly the ankles weren't puffy any more!  I suspect the sudden change helped that.  I wanted to go back to IBT but a bit lower as the mattress and I slid down each night in the past, so a neighbour made me two inch block with indentation for the legs.  He inserted them and it felt very good.  Ankles continued to be normal, sleep hood didn't keep a record of effects I'm sorry to say.  Then my cleaning lady moved the bed and it came off the blocks.  I live in a seniors village, the neighbour who made them was too ill to help me lift the heavy king single bed onto the blocks, so I've slept flat for eighteen months.  Not breathing well and up to the toilet several times a night.

A varicosity started on left leg, the neighbour is somewhat recovered and a new man has moved next door so I asked both of them to put the two inch blocks back.  They did and the first night resulted in a great sleep and the following afternoon I noticed how easy it is once again to walk more upright, as though spine stretched out.

I like the two inches because it's a high bed and I'd had trouble climbing in with six inches, but perhaps three inches would be great.  Anyway, wonderful sleep, only up once a night ( I'm 76) woke this morning thinking sleep has become medicine.  Will communicate further down the track.  Sent your updated sites to a UK friend who promptly raised his on big books and sent the info forth worldwide.  Many thanks again.

www.emofree.com Posted Date : 25-08-2017