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The Air that I breathe

Dear Inclined Bed friends;

I raised my bed on Feb. 19, 2018 by putting 15cm of books underneath that I had prepared to trow away. The books are still there but my life has changed.

Since my childhood days I suffered from asthma with about a 10 years pause form 30-40. Unfortunately it came back and I kept using a spray once a day. It was not a severe problem but it was disturbing to wake up some time in the morning. A spry lasted for tree months and since I tried lots of things I wrote the date of the first use on the spray to find out how I was doing. The intervals became longer and I ended up at 4-5 months, adding "You will be my last".

Since February I started another one on Aug. 13 2018 which I still have -  but no longer use.

If I remember right, there was not much of a success to be felt until December. BUT by the end of November I raised the bed a little higher, adding another 1,5cm. Not a big difference? It sure is. The very next morning I was late at work, I did not hear the alarm..... and then, after a few more weeks I realized that I had almost forgotten about the spray.

I recieved another confirmation about my good condition last week: I measured the oxygen saturation of my blood, which returned a value of 98, a good position within the normal range of 95 -100!

Easy - no cost -  effective!

Just do it.   March 14, 2019

Harald Jacobek

Posted Date : 14-03-2019

Sinuses Draining Magnificently

I want to thank Andrew K. Fletcher for IBT and getting the word out on this. I am getting multiple benefits noticed after only 2 weeks now of putting the bed up about 3 inches so far!! (I could choose many Category items in the drop-down list since it's helping on many fronts already, I can tell.)

But I figured I'd start with the top -- around my head I mean -- (for now as far as commenting) and work down, over time. My entire life (and I'm currently 63 and can vividly remember having these symptoms for 53 years since age 10 for sure) I've been beset by nasal woes, constant colds, allergies, upper respiratory issues, swallowing problems, congestion, sinus headaches, etc. ad infinitum. Eventually I realized all this was not helped by eating gluten and stopped it entirely in 2008 at age 53 (I'd realized age 12, tried to eat Gluten Free age 40 or so, found it difficult to find anything to eat, US society was not into it, etc., went to rice mostly and so on but anyhow not entirely GF until 2008).

In the voyage of discovery i started going through healthwise, eventually I got diagnosed officially as having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (by insurance doctors so it was pretty bad by the time they admitted I actually had hypothyroidism and it was antibodies testing of >1000 on the TPOAB test, and TSH of 12 on lab work by then, at age 52.)

The insurance doctors just said to take some T4 (synthetic thyroid hormone pill, AKA Levothyroxine and brand names like "Synthroid" -- which is not even the active form that someone in my situation badly needed, "T3") and to just go away, it was a non-issue and not a problem. Well, anyhow I went GF on my own decision (doctors on 'insurance' never advise such a thing of course, for any reason, other than fully diagnosed Chrohn's Disease) and immediately lost 30 pounds and felt a lot better. The nonstop cold symptoms ceased. It was great.

BUT, the T4 was not a good thing for me to take, particularly as a many-years long prescription. It may be cheap but the costs are huge, trust me.

By 2016 I was in bad shape again and had to find some more natural way of dealing with hypothyroidism than just being GF.  I managed to find out about Tom Brimeyer and the Forefront Health website he has for dealing with hypothyroid clients. By only purchasing his booklets and diet plan (so far not using the consulting part) I began to work on my metabolism and 2 and a half years in, it's revolutionizing my health like nothing else before!

In the process of TB and FH I had found out about Raymond Peat. More improvements followed as I began to read the Peat forum which is a website of "Peatarians" as some call themselves (Peat has his own website which is separate, and does not directly participate in the Peat forum website as far as I have been able to make out). I am very happy that Andrew Fletcher has recently joined the Peat forum (I also have done it after lurking, just reading it for 2 and a half years). In fact AKF joining inspired me to join!

SO after GF had helped my sinuses, and TB-FH diet changes and Peat concepts-practices (including light therapy) had also improved the condition, and I was immensely satisfied on all of these results, I thought I was done with sinus remediation!

BUT NO!!!   IBT has grabbed the process, accelerated it and I am vastly improving EVEN MORE now! (I dread thinking how much effect IBT would be having if I had not done all the improvements in the preceding paragraph first!  Which took several years as it happens!)

That is why I tell people to be patient in health self-improvements, and prepare for some bumpy rides resulting therein, at times, because the true healing item of worth to the person (supplement, food, process, removal of wrong one(s), whatever) starts to REVERSE the current situation and the symptoms and signs of it originally manifesting start to appear again as all of those peel back, layer by layer, chunk by chunk (that is how I think of those, hopefully last, layers of mucus in my sinus case)


Janice Willingham
United States

Posted Date : 28-10-2018

Respiration,immune system, oedema

I started to have my bed on a permanent incline about 2 years ago.

I'd been having a lot of breathing problems at night, including sleep apnoea symptoms and acid reflux. I can honestly say that I no longer have these problems.

It also deals with my leg oedema, which suggests to me that it is beneficial to sleep this way for the sake of whole body circulation. A kind of nocturnal restoration for the body. Even prior to raising my bed, I used to feel compelled to raise my upper body with umpteen pillows whenever I had breathing problems from colds, and on the occasion that I had pleurisy. When the illnesses went, though, I would reduce down to 1 pillow and sleep flat again (which seems crazy to me now).

Regardless of whether it's improving my health, sleeping with the head of my bed raised feels so natural and comfortable to me. I think that it helps me to sleep better. Also, I don't seem to suffer from colds any more. I get the sniffles or a sore throat very occasionally, which feels like I might have a cold coming, but it never seems to develop any further. I put this down to sleeping inclined. Up until 10 days ago I had my bed raised on blocks that my husband made for me. Now I've bought myself a purpose-built inclined wooden bed frame. I'm convinced enough of the efficacy of inclined bed rest that I've put my money where my mouth is. I'll never sleep flat again. I'm one of those people who think that sleeping inclined is a form of wisdom that has been forgotten over the centuries, and that everyone would benefit from sleeping this way. I hope that this is of help to you. It can't hurt to try it. Good luck.

Best wishes, Ani-Boo

Posted Date : 16-04-2018

Ashma, Brain fog, diabetes, snoring, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, nocturia 2 months IBT

I found this website through a referral from a woman on Facebook and what a Godsend it has been! My husband used to snore so badly that I still sleep with earplugs out of habit, but he stopped snoring 2 months ago when we started doing inclined bed therapy. Additionally, his feet don't ache when he wakes up, he doesn't have brain fog and he doesn't get night cramps or have to go to the bathroom during the night. He is a holistic doctor with an intensely challenging job, both physically and mentally. He has been so impressed with the results that he has told all of his patients about it. One patient with diabetes reported that his blood sugar levels dropped to their lowest ever after one week of inclined bed therapy.

As for me, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and used to have cold feet every single night. Since I started doing inclined bed therapy 2 months ago, that has completely resolved. Additionally, I was able to cut my thyroid medication dosage by 25% (I have been on the same dose for the last 5 years so this is remarkable).

My asthma has seemingly disappeared and I wake up refreshed. From a vanity perspective, it is great to wake up without puffy eyes and a swollen face. 

After 2 short months I can't stand the idea of sleeping in a flat bed. I travel for work and cannot wait to get back home to sleep in my inclined bed. Thank you, Andrew. You are a Godsend.

Gratefully yours,

Tracy Koll

Tracy Koll
United States

Posted Date : 27-11-2017

So simple yet so effetive, Congestion, Vivid dreaming, Waking refreshed,

Incline Bed Therapy has been such a positive influence on my health. I have been incline for nearly a year now.  Some of the benefits that I have observed are as follows…

• Deeper sleep and vivid dreams (I dream almost every night now)
• I now wake up feeling well rested instead of groggy.
• I no longer wake up feeling congested (I use to have a chronic blocked nose in the morning)
• I am slightly taller! By about half a cm. This could be from the spine stretching out during the night…. I’m nearly 30 and stopped growing a long time ago.
• Improved posture (Kundalini yoga and switching to a standing desk has also helped with this)

Some other things that have also contributed to a better sleep have been changing from a springed mattress to a futon mattress and also not eating after 8pm. It is my understanding that the body can either do one of two things while sleeping… heal or digest food. So if you eat late you’re inhibiting the healing process at night.

I will never… ever go back to sleeping flat. I actually now avoid any occasion where I can’t sleep in my own bed because I love it so much! If I go camping, I’ll also make sure that I find a slight incline to lay my sway down. It has been such a beautifully simple change but with so many health benefits.

South Australia

Posted Date : 14-05-2015
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