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Relapsing remitting ms, nocturia,snoring, acid reflux, neuropathic pain

Dear Andrew
My husband raised the head of our bed because he had heard about the benefits of it on the radio. He suffered from really bad snoring and acid reflux and going to the toilet several times a night. His energy levels were at an all time low and was really irritable because his sleep was interrupted so much. WOW - since raising the bed head his snoring (which kept waking me up) has dramatically improved as well as his acid reflux and doesn't get up to go to the loo as much. He has a lot more energy and isn't as irritable. But that is just half the story. I suffer from relapse remitting MS and the benefits I have gained is more than what any GP could have done for me. I sleep through the night instead of being wakened with acute leg pain, I have more energy and I actually feel refreshed and rested in a morning. I also go to sleep almost straight away instead of tossing and turning in pain. I will be contacting my consultant and MS nurse as well as my local MS group to tell them about the benefits of raising the head of the bed. I hope that you get the recognition that you deserve for your work into this and am amazed that you haven't yet had it.
Regards Sandra Salt  

YouTube Comment 13 Jul 2016

Sandra Salt
Posted Date : 26-07-2016