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Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis M.S

Date: Sun, Feb 26 2006 7:56 am From: "Andrew K Fletcher"


Good News! I'm Finally Getting Good Results.,Monday 14-Jun-1999


I've been doing the inclined bed since January.I've had M.S.for over 20 years -diagnosed in 1986 as relapsing-remitting M.S. Two years ago I had a serious attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks paralysed from the waist down-no feeling and no motion.


After a couple of months of steroids and other drugs I became able to walk first with a walker and then with a cane very short distances. I was still left with lots of fatigue weak legs balance problems painful pins and needles in the legs and feet abdominal muscle spasms, incontinence and sleepless nights.


My diagnosis became secondary progressive M.S. I decided to get off all drugs (much to my neurolist's dismay). I then found Betty Iams on the computer and began her regimen of strict diet exercise supplements meditation and I've added acupuncture. It feels great to be in control. This is a lifetime regimen for me. I'd been coasting along not getting better but not getting worse when I read about the inclined bed.


I decided to try it-what could I lose? Right away the painful abdominal muscle spasms started to subside and sleep became somewhat better. Then nothing happened. Then I started getting worse. I decided to give up the inclined bed -this after 3 months. One problem however-I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore!


Andrew wrote for me to hang in there that it was expected that I get worse before I get better. Everyday I waited. Then like Andrew said I started getting better and better. This past month has been amazing!I even walked up and down a flight of stairs with my cane unaided.


Fatigue has gone the abdominal muscle spasms have gone the painful pins and needles are subsiding leg strength is getting better so that I can walk greater distances and balance is much better. I still have incontinence and sleep problems but given time I know those problems will be gone too. One very interesting thing happened with my eyes recently. I'm very near-sighted and had my prescription for my contacts checked 3 months ago. Last week I went back to the eye doctor's complaining that I just couldn't see. He checked my eyes again and much to his amazement he found that they had improved greatly since my check-up 3 months ago! I wrote Andrew about this happening and he feels that sleeping on an inclined bed can help the optic nerve to regenerate and repair the damage of long term M.S.


Let me encourage anyone who is trying the inclined bed to stick with it and don't think it won't work. I'm proof it can. My whole family and I are so grateful to Andrew Fletcher. Liz Steinbrueck

Posted Date : 20-05-2016