Multiple sclerosis testimonials

Primary Progressive muliple sclerosis ms using IBT

Hi everyone, i was diagnosed with Primary progressive MS in 2001 and gradually started the downhill journey. I never used any kind of conventional therapies since there are none. I started the IBT in May 2015, so its been 4 months now. I follow a 85% plant diet with no suger, dairy, gluten, red meat. I can say from first week i no longer needed afternoon naps, initially, i had more bladder urgency and more spasticity but after almost over a week it went away. My balance is much better and strength in both legs have increased. I get up once at night to use the bathroom and that is because i go to bed at 7pm. I can say that this is for life since its comfortable and is producing results, most important is the energy. Thanks Andrew for your devotion to this therapy and spreading it. I will keep you posted of new improvments which i have no doubt will be coming.

Posted Date : 13-09-2015