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Borderline Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Report on using Inclined Bed Therapy over 4 years

Borderline Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Report on using Inclined Bed Therapy over 4 years

Male diagnosed late 30's with Multiple sclerosis, although ms was suspected earlier as he had been exhibiting symptoms since late teens. His MS was progressing rapidly when he was finally diagnosed as "borderline Secondary Progressive" his future looked grim as he quickly became too disabled to work. Four years ago, after reading your theory about Inclined Bed Therapy, we raised the head of his bed 5 degrees. He had very little trouble adjusting to sleeping on this gentle slope. Within 48 hours he was able to sleep for longer periods of time because he was no longer being woken by the fruitless urge to urinate. Both his ability to urinate when necessary and control his bowels had become a major issue before his bed was inclined. After sleeping on an incline for a week, both urination and bowel issues had backed off considerably and currently, four years later, it's only an occasional problem.

His first MRI after sleeping on an incline for 7 months showed no new lesions, no increase in existing lesion size and a small increase in the loss of grey matter. The increase of his MS symptoms had begun to slow down. He has had 2 subsequent MRI's in the past three plus years all with the same results, no new lesions or increase in existing lesion's size and further small loss of grey matter. His MS is slowly progressing though and unfortunately he is slowly losing sexual function and is displaying more foot drop and stiffness in gate.

He'd been using Rebif until 10 months ago when his liver enzyme level rose. His last MRI was done six months after stopping Rebif. However we saw no discernible slow down in the progression of the disease until we inclined the head end of his bed by 7 inches. 

His neuropathic pain is less severe now than since he first started displaying MS symptoms. He only uses ibuprofen sparingly now. If his medications played a role in his erectile dysfunction, their side effects are now diminishing - so along with his increasingly healthy vascular system giving better blood flow, hopefully he may still re-gain that function. 

In answer to your question about neuropathic pain lessening on an Inclined Bed; although his pain is currently less there are other factors such as the drug and diet which could influence his pain levels. His pain was a symptom before he began Rebif, increased while taking Rebif and while he was using an IB. It didn't decrease until after Rebif was stopped.

 Since stopping the Interferon, detoxing his liver, eating a vascular healthy diet as well as continuing to sleep on the 5 degree incline, he uses minimal pain control, feels considerably better, his bad days are fewer and of less severity.  Two months ago he began taking a Curcumin supplement and now has a warm left hand with some sensation of feeling in his finger tips and visible veins in his chest, arms, and hands.

 Thank you so much for giving us the first concrete help in our battle with MS. We will forever be grateful for your theory and tenacity in getting out the message to the MS community.

Update 26th June 2015:

Our son is doing much the same as before although his latest MRI showed a small increase in a frontal lobe lesion. We expected some activity because his routine and life was turned upside down last summer when we moved to a small city.   Our son still sleeps at a 5% incline and is still free from the bladder and bowel problems that were such a daily struggle. He’s’ still able to walk albeit with a cane and for only 1/2 a block but he’s really happy to have mobility especially since they expected him to be in a chair long before now. Another surprise has been the visual emergence of veins in his left hand accompanied by a slight lessening of iciness; although his dexterity is about the same.
Thanks again for your campaign to promote the inclined bed theory. We believe our focus on vascular health beginning with an inclined bed, diet, exercise and stress reduction has slowed this runaway MS train down to a crawl. 

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Posted Date : 26-06-2015