Multiple sclerosis testimonials

IBT helps brain drainage in multiple sclerosis

 After 33 years of relapsing remitting MS, my wife was close to needing a wheel chair. She had nearly all the horrendous MS symptoms and they were getting worse quickly. Her Neuro felt she was becoming Progressive. Her world continually spun with no balance, falling frequently. Her hands and feet were numb. She had multiple attacks on her eyes with torn retinas and double vision. Super sensitive to temperature, we had to get air conditioning to maintain a steady temperature in the house. She had skin pain that no drugs would relieve. she had Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog) which was only made worse with many drugs. continual leg spasms were not controlled completely with Baclofen. she could not get enough sleep and was falling asleep while eating. Her mouth would not work and she forgot what she was saying half way through a sentence. By this time, I took early retirement to be her care giver. 

  Somewhere I read about inclining the bed to help with dizziness. Evelyn would get panic attacks the minute she laid down, and her world spun even more. She couldn't fall asleep because of this and the leg spasms. I lifted the bed 5.5 inches and she had an immediate improvement. The panic and dizziness didn't happen. She was able to sleep better, but her bad scoliosis back and hip pain kept her from getting good quality sleep. Having her head elevated certainly helped, but we needed to address the MS.

   We saw the W5 show in late 2010 in which Dr Zamboni described CCSVI (blocked veins in the neck and the azygos vein behind the heart). I was intrigued and followed the Internet as more and more clinics began doing angioplasty to open those veins and allow good blood flow and drainage of the brain. We had scans done and discovered Evelyn had those blockages. We went to Cabo, Mexico to get the angioplasty treatment. She had 4 blockages opened up. They provided mini videos of before and after each expansion of the veins. You could see the improved flow Instantly. Her cold legs and feet warmed up immediately. The dizziness left, her balance returned,  numbness left, the cog fog was reduced, her energy improved. She could stand without her cane. As we left the clinic, she began to sweat ... Something she had not dome for eleven years! All this within days of treatment. A few months later some numbness returned to her fingers. She had re stenosis a bit, so we returned to repeat the angioplasty. It worked again. Over the following 3 months we slowly weaned Ev from the many drugs she was on. Only after that could we be sure the symptoms were gone. As part of an MS study at UBC in Vancouver for 33 years, Ev saw her Neurologist annually for MRI's and testing the progression. Her Nero had been pessimistic, but was amazed at the changes. it's been 5 years now and all those symptoms have not returned. Her worst problem is an extreme scoliosis that causes back, hip, and leg pains. But we have our lives back and are so grateful! Ev is now back to her alert, smart, and charming self again. 

   We continue to have our bed inclined as Ev still gets light-headed when changing position from lying down or getting up. it happens less with our bed inclined. She takes BP drugs and I believe her flow is still a bit reduced through those veins, causing that light headed feeling.

   We hope our story helps others. We appreciate the efforts of those maintaining sites like this one. Sharing our experiences is educational and may change the lives of many. 



British Columbia
Posted Date : 19-06-2015