Multiple sclerosis testimonials

Multiple sclerosis 19 years IBT

I was one of the first volunteers to try IBT 19 years ago! Andrew was interested to see if sleeping at an angle could improve my MS symptoms. I was pleased to find that walking became easier, my blood circulation improved so that my feet were not too hot at nig ht time, the dexterity in my hands improved too.  I also found that my  bladder control was better, I only had to go to the bathroom once in the night. When I suffered from optic neuritis in my right eye my optician was surprised at how quickly my eyesight recovered. He contacted Andrew to discuss IBT.

Recently we have raised our bed to 8 inches to help my husband to control his acid reflux condition.  I have to admit I do slide down the bed more now.

I have noticed that my friends with MS tend to have swollen ankles and legs which is something that I have never suffered from.  I think I have IBT to thank for that.  After having had MS for 38 years I am still mobile, although I do need to push a walking aid for balance.  So I don't think I will go back to sleeping flat.

Pauline Phelps
Posted Date : 18-05-2015