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Multiple sclerosis and scar tissue healing

Brenda Nicholls 


  Thank you for thinking outside the box!  I first listened to you on an Extreme Health Radio podcast!  And I took off running as soon as I heard you recant your success in helping people with various issues.
  I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS iin 1991.  I researched and take mega doses of vitamin D which continues to help immensely however my left leg, foot specifically, would get tired when I walked short distances and would start to drag. Picking up and carrying grocery bags exhausted me too.

  Never one to be a sheepable, I continually look for promising antidotes.  I stumbled across Dr. Zamboni and his CCSVI procedure.  I live in Ontario Canada near Niagara Falls and drove to Albany NY in 2011 where they offered the procedure for $9500 U.S..  Canada still considers it experimental and also deemed it didn't work so that is why I went out of country.  The 30 minute procedure worked the minute I got off the table and walked and walked and walked,  It was wonderful.  A year or two in, the effects lessened and eventually my left leg went back to dragging during short walks and had no real control over my left foot and toes.

  Enter Andrew K. Fletcher and his awesome ability to think outside the box!  I listened to the EHR podcast and then went to your website. I listened to more videos and Youtube videos.  I mentioned it to my husband and in minutes he fabricated some 6" lifts and placed them under our headboard legs.  The very next morning my left toes were wiggling independently.   Amazing.  Simply amazing!  I am now working  to build back up the strength in my left leg and foot. It did not cost $9500 U.S. this time, it was free and I know it will not revert back to the way it was! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  This miracle happened on March 28, 2020 and continues on.  As a breast cancer survivor (I I had surgery, chemo and radiation the same year as the CCSVI procedure - bitter sweet year) I have also noticed that my mastectomy scar has lessened - wow, just as you said.

  I have been telling as many people as I can.  My neighbour has a friend in Pennsylvania USA who was asking her where to go for natural solutions for her varicose veins, she called to ask me (5 days after I experienced such great affects from lifting the head of my bed) as I am always researching natural alternatives.  I have never been someone to 'go with what the system says', or be a sheeple as I like to say!   So I sent her a picture of our bed lift and  they are trying it out too.   I will keep you posted.
 As I don't believe most of what the MS Society preaches, I no longer drink their Koolaid or take their very expensive drugs. I did however keep in touch with a few 'sufferers' and upon receiving such great results raising my bed, I said to myself "OH MY GOD" I must spread the work.  Wow, I felt your pain and disappointment.

  My miracle and the simplicity of achieving it fell on deaf ears.  Wow!  I was absolutely shocked.  I have decided that I will only mention the bed lifts to other people one time going forward but unless there is interest I will not waste my breath.  So sad.  You are right.  It seems that if it doesn't cost thousands of dollars it must not work :(  I will still continue to spread the word to those who want to listen.
  My first mother-in-law had a heart attack 2 years ago.  I mentioned IBT to her and she is very interested.  We are going to raise her bed when this 'Covid19 medical emergency' is better under control so she can partner with her heart doctor (for when she sees improvement  and possibility of having to adjust her meds).

  I can not thank you enough.  I truly appreciate that you continued to preach the word of Inclined Bed Therapy or I would have never known something so simple can be miraculous.  I need you to now that your word means something to me and that I listened!  Thank you.
  Feel free to use my testimonial if ever needed. 

Got to go, I am off for a long walk!  YAY
Warmest regards,

Brenda Nicholls

Brenda Nichols
Posted Date : 21-04-2020