Multiple sclerosis testimonials

Relapsing remitting ms, sexual function, tremors, bladder control, lethargy

I have been diagnosed with RRMS by Dec 2012. I had a very bad relapse in 2013, my one eye went blind, and I lost the vision with the other one. I couldn't walk to end of my street. This was caused by the medication I was given. My MS team let me carry on with that medication, but I have decided to stop taken it. A couple of weeks later,my vision started to come back,and a month later came back totally.
I have changed my medication to copaxon, and I had a lot of side effect, shacking legs, usually at the morning when I woke up, and fatigue,very strongly. Also had problems like increased ugre to urinate, sexual difficulties, and fogy vision sometimes. In november 2016 there was new activity on MRI so we decided with my team we have to change my medication. In December I started to use Tecfidera.
In January 2017 , I met with Andrew K Fletcher again, and we had a chat about IBT. I thought this doesn't happened accidentally, so a couple of days later I have changed the bed with inclining it by 6 inch. I haven't done it properly, because there was a breakage in the middle of the bed, so I had hip\back pain but what has changed??! My bladder problems​ gone and my sexual life has improved and also the shackiness has gone!
What I wanted to say, that I am feeling much better now, I am feeling more energetic at the mornings, and lot of my problems has gone. I am not sure If is the new medication, IBT or because I am taking a lot of vitamins and doing a lot exercise and yoga, but it works!
One thing I am sure,I fixed the bed now, and I am not going change it, as I am feeling better.

Always trust your instincts! Never give up and incline your bed because it works!!
Thank you Andy!!


25/02/2018 Update

 Hi everyone,a Little update from me.

Iam sleeping on 6 inch inclined bed longer than a year now. I had some pain at the beggining,and i found out it was because i didn’t set the bed properly,and the mattress wasn’t good.
After i changed the mattress and set the bed ,i had no pain at all.
So if you have issues,pain that you believe it might be because of the inclined bed, think about it, maybe you have not set the bed properly..?
Now i benefit from IBT and would never give up on it!

Because when I have to sleep on flat bed,(on holiday,etc) from the first night i sleep on it I have horrible crumps in my hands,I wake up more often during the night, and when i have to stand up from bed,my legs are shaking and are weaker (MS symptoms)
On IBT non of this is happening!
Definetly helps the circulation in the body.

Thanks for Andrew K Fletcher and IBT!!

Balint Mario
Newton Abbot
United Kingdom 

Posted Date : 13-04-2017