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Brenda Nicholls 


  Thank you for thinking outside the box!  I first listened to you on an Extreme Health Radio podcast!  And I took off running as soon as I heard you recant your success in helping people with various issues.
  I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS iin 1991.  I researched and take mega doses of vitamin D which continues to help immensely however my left leg, foot specifically, would get tired when I walked short distances and would start to drag. Picking up and carrying grocery bags exhausted me too.

  Never one to be a sheepable, I continually look for promising antidotes.  I stumbled across Dr. Zamboni and his CCSVI procedure.  I live in Ontario Canada near Niagara Falls and drove to Albany NY in 2011 where they offered the procedure for $9500 U.S..  Canada still considers it experimental and also deemed it didn't work so that is why I went out of country.  The 30 minute procedure worked the minute I got off the table and walked and walked and walked,  It was wonderful.  A year or two in, the effects lessened and eventually my left leg went back to dragging during short walks and had no real control over my left foot and toes.

  Enter Andrew K. Fletcher and his awesome ability to think outside the box!  I listened to the EHR podcast and then went to your website. I listened to more videos and Youtube videos.  I mentioned it to my husband and in minutes he fabricated some 6" lifts and placed them under our headboard legs.  The very next morning my left toes were wiggling independently.   Amazing.  Simply amazing!  I am now working  to build back up the strength in my left leg and foot. It did not cost $9500 U.S. this time, it was free and I know it will not revert back to the way it was! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  This miracle happened on March 28, 2020 and continues on.  As a breast cancer survivor (I I had surgery, chemo and radiation the same year as the CCSVI procedure - bitter sweet year) I have also noticed that my mastectomy scar has lessened - wow, just as you said.

  I have been telling as many people as I can.  My neighbour has a friend in Pennsylvania USA who was asking her where to go for natural solutions for her varicose veins, she called to ask me (5 days after I experienced such great affects from lifting the head of my bed) as I am always researching natural alternatives.  I have never been someone to 'go with what the system says', or be a sheeple as I like to say!   So I sent her a picture of our bed lift and  they are trying it out too.   I will keep you posted.
 As I don't believe most of what the MS Society preaches, I no longer drink their Koolaid or take their very expensive drugs. I did however keep in touch with a few 'sufferers' and upon receiving such great results raising my bed, I said to myself "OH MY GOD" I must spread the work.  Wow, I felt your pain and disappointment.

  My miracle and the simplicity of achieving it fell on deaf ears.  Wow!  I was absolutely shocked.  I have decided that I will only mention the bed lifts to other people one time going forward but unless there is interest I will not waste my breath.  So sad.  You are right.  It seems that if it doesn't cost thousands of dollars it must not work :(  I will still continue to spread the word to those who want to listen.
  My first mother-in-law had a heart attack 2 years ago.  I mentioned IBT to her and she is very interested.  We are going to raise her bed when this 'Covid19 medical emergency' is better under control so she can partner with her heart doctor (for when she sees improvement  and possibility of having to adjust her meds).

  I can not thank you enough.  I truly appreciate that you continued to preach the word of Inclined Bed Therapy or I would have never known something so simple can be miraculous.  I need you to now that your word means something to me and that I listened!  Thank you.
  Feel free to use my testimonial if ever needed. 

Got to go, I am off for a long walk!  YAY
Warmest regards,

Brenda Nicholls

Brenda Nichols

Posted Date : 21-04-2020

IBT completely changed my life Multiple Sclerosis

IBT completely changed my life :) I had been struggling with central nervous system disorder severely for about 7 years when I came across the IBT advice. One Saturday night I decided to try simply a first run of raised torso - and on Sunday morn I could think more clearly, see more clearly, walk more easily, than I had in several years. That was Springtime 2009. Within in 6 months my doc wrote me an urgent letter to stop the thyroid meds and come in as so much had already changed.

Within a year I was diagnosed with functional circulation issues that had not come to light until I was sleeping properly ( head higher than feet, on a slope, not just with pillows). By 2011 had vascular surgery to fix those functional issues (still doing IBT to this day) and received clarity of mind for first time in years. In 2012 it was discovered that the etiology of my central nervous system disorder (a major one with no cure) had been misdiagnosed for over ten years, (thanks to IBT helping me in 2009) and finally got on the proper medical protocol in 2012, and now it is 2013 and I am alive again, and continue my IBT - telling everyone! :) Andrew you are amazing!!

yes! thank you so much. you speak what i have learned internally - it is amazing the politics surrounding the neurologists versus cardiologists (or rather, vascular surgeons). Here I have offered my body to science but received almost no relief, but for further destruction of my body. Then I used my own learning (and your IBT is so simple it is hard to "hear" I think!) and immediate relief, and within a couple years return to proper muscular functioning (nerve functioning) in my legs and my brain, no more impediment to opening my hands all the way, your theories (yes and I am aware that most have been scientifically proven) around how liquid moves and forms and settles or acts are all world changing, like the explorers who finally proved that the Earth is round, and ships would not fall off the edge..... (that was relatively recent too!) Peace to you, I pray for your success to reach others~

I am so crazy well I cannot even tell you! and Andrew K Fletcher there is present talk in the MS comunity right now, that your sese about circulation is even more true: a few have found tremendous relief fm MS via chiropracty that focuses on the hemodynamics of circulation around the neck area, I will send a link asap. It seems it is exactly about circulation as you have stated! and the chiros involved agree and respect the ccsvi stuff but also point out the matter of bones compressing veins and causing the stenosis that is being found in all people w MS...!!!! I will connect you ll asap

Anne Flaharity
United States

Posted Date : 05-09-2017

Relapsing remitting ms, sexual function, tremors, bladder control, lethargy

I have been diagnosed with RRMS by Dec 2012. I had a very bad relapse in 2013, my one eye went blind, and I lost the vision with the other one. I couldn't walk to end of my street. This was caused by the medication I was given. My MS team let me carry on with that medication, but I have decided to stop taken it. A couple of weeks later,my vision started to come back,and a month later came back totally.
I have changed my medication to copaxon, and I had a lot of side effect, shacking legs, usually at the morning when I woke up, and fatigue,very strongly. Also had problems like increased ugre to urinate, sexual difficulties, and fogy vision sometimes. In november 2016 there was new activity on MRI so we decided with my team we have to change my medication. In December I started to use Tecfidera.
In January 2017 , I met with Andrew K Fletcher again, and we had a chat about IBT. I thought this doesn't happened accidentally, so a couple of days later I have changed the bed with inclining it by 6 inch. I haven't done it properly, because there was a breakage in the middle of the bed, so I had hip\back pain but what has changed??! My bladder problems​ gone and my sexual life has improved and also the shackiness has gone!
What I wanted to say, that I am feeling much better now, I am feeling more energetic at the mornings, and lot of my problems has gone. I am not sure If is the new medication, IBT or because I am taking a lot of vitamins and doing a lot exercise and yoga, but it works!
One thing I am sure,I fixed the bed now, and I am not going change it, as I am feeling better.

Always trust your instincts! Never give up and incline your bed because it works!!
Thank you Andy!!


25/02/2018 Update

 Hi everyone,a Little update from me.

Iam sleeping on 6 inch inclined bed longer than a year now. I had some pain at the beggining,and i found out it was because i didn’t set the bed properly,and the mattress wasn’t good.
After i changed the mattress and set the bed ,i had no pain at all.
So if you have issues,pain that you believe it might be because of the inclined bed, think about it, maybe you have not set the bed properly..?
Now i benefit from IBT and would never give up on it!

Because when I have to sleep on flat bed,(on holiday,etc) from the first night i sleep on it I have horrible crumps in my hands,I wake up more often during the night, and when i have to stand up from bed,my legs are shaking and are weaker (MS symptoms)
On IBT non of this is happening!
Definetly helps the circulation in the body.

Thanks for Andrew K Fletcher and IBT!!

Balint Mario
Newton Abbot
United Kingdom

Posted Date : 13-04-2017

Multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, nocturia

Thank you so much, jcbresnik, for mentioning Inclined Bed Therapy here.  I read several mentions of it in these comments, and Googled and researched it and was very quickly convinced of the importance of sleeping on a 5 degree incline with the head 6 inches higher than the feet.  

I am already experiencing huge improvements in my MS symptoms, and many different areas, after only a few nights sleeping inclined.  It is so nice to wake up clear-headed and without pain for the first time in many years, and to sleep through the night without having to get up 5-10 times to go to the bathroom.  I also don't miss waking up with a puffy face and stuffy nose anymore either.

Finding out about Inclined Bed Therapy, which was discovered and has been researched by Andrew K. Fletcher since 1994, has been a huge blessing and something I hope everyone will try.  We are not meant to sleep lying flat, and it is a very easy thing to correct which in turn creates extensive health benefits.

Thanks to everyone else who mentioned it here.   And just to add to the list of things it can be very helpful for - Snoring, Sleep Apnea, GERD, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord Injury, Chronic Sinusitis and Bronchitis, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Pain,Varicose Veins etc...

When I was a teenager, my orthodontist diagnosed me as a "tongue-thruster" and told me that it was the reason my teeth were crowded - because normally when the tongue is kept in its proper position pressing against the roof of the mouth, it helps the palate expand properly.  As a tongue-thruster, my palate did not expand as much as it should have.  I am somewhat better at keeping my tongue where it's supposed to be, but I still have to think about it sometimes.

I used to have sleep apnea problems, especially while lying on my back.  As soon as I would start to fall asleep, my tongue would relax and block my airway apparently, and I would waken with a jolt.

A couple years ago, I read a comment on this forum recommending "inclined bed therapy" for MS and other problems like circulation issues and snoring.  Raising the head of my bed so that I sleep at an incline has improved many of my problems and I can now fall asleep on my back without sleep apnea issues.  I also sleep much better because another side effect of inclined bed therapy is that I don't have to get up to urinate ten or more times a night as I often had done before.  I really do believe sleeping inclined is the natural way to sleep.

Source: Doctor Mercola's site


United States

Posted Date : 05-09-2016

Relapsing remitting ms, nocturia,snoring, acid reflux, neuropathic pain

Dear Andrew
My husband raised the head of our bed because he had heard about the benefits of it on the radio. He suffered from really bad snoring and acid reflux and going to the toilet several times a night. His energy levels were at an all time low and was really irritable because his sleep was interrupted so much. WOW - since raising the bed head his snoring (which kept waking me up) has dramatically improved as well as his acid reflux and doesn't get up to go to the loo as much. He has a lot more energy and isn't as irritable. But that is just half the story. I suffer from relapse remitting MS and the benefits I have gained is more than what any GP could have done for me. I sleep through the night instead of being wakened with acute leg pain, I have more energy and I actually feel refreshed and rested in a morning. I also go to sleep almost straight away instead of tossing and turning in pain. I will be contacting my consultant and MS nurse as well as my local MS group to tell them about the benefits of raising the head of the bed. I hope that you get the recognition that you deserve for your work into this and am amazed that you haven't yet had it.
Regards Sandra Salt  

YouTube Comment 13 Jul 2016

Sandra Salt
Posted Date : 26-07-2016

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis M.S

Date: Sun, Feb 26 2006 7:56 am From: "Andrew K Fletcher"


Good News! I'm Finally Getting Good Results.,Monday 14-Jun-1999


I've been doing the inclined bed since January.I've had M.S.for over 20 years -diagnosed in 1986 as relapsing-remitting M.S. Two years ago I had a serious attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks paralysed from the waist down-no feeling and no motion.


After a couple of months of steroids and other drugs I became able to walk first with a walker and then with a cane very short distances. I was still left with lots of fatigue weak legs balance problems painful pins and needles in the legs and feet abdominal muscle spasms, incontinence and sleepless nights.


My diagnosis became secondary progressive M.S. I decided to get off all drugs (much to my neurolist's dismay). I then found Betty Iams on the computer and began her regimen of strict diet exercise supplements meditation and I've added acupuncture. It feels great to be in control. This is a lifetime regimen for me. I'd been coasting along not getting better but not getting worse when I read about the inclined bed.


I decided to try it-what could I lose? Right away the painful abdominal muscle spasms started to subside and sleep became somewhat better. Then nothing happened. Then I started getting worse. I decided to give up the inclined bed -this after 3 months. One problem however-I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore!


Andrew wrote for me to hang in there that it was expected that I get worse before I get better. Everyday I waited. Then like Andrew said I started getting better and better. This past month has been amazing!I even walked up and down a flight of stairs with my cane unaided.


Fatigue has gone the abdominal muscle spasms have gone the painful pins and needles are subsiding leg strength is getting better so that I can walk greater distances and balance is much better. I still have incontinence and sleep problems but given time I know those problems will be gone too. One very interesting thing happened with my eyes recently. I'm very near-sighted and had my prescription for my contacts checked 3 months ago. Last week I went back to the eye doctor's complaining that I just couldn't see. He checked my eyes again and much to his amazement he found that they had improved greatly since my check-up 3 months ago! I wrote Andrew about this happening and he feels that sleeping on an inclined bed can help the optic nerve to regenerate and repair the damage of long term M.S.


Let me encourage anyone who is trying the inclined bed to stick with it and don't think it won't work. I'm proof it can. My whole family and I are so grateful to Andrew Fletcher. Liz Steinbrueck

Posted Date : 20-05-2016

IBT: relapse and symptom-free

Diagnosed in 2002 with RRMS, I began Copaxone immediately.


I learned about IBT on in 2010.  At that time, I was considering seeking the liberation procedure, but decided to try IBT first.  I stopped the Copaxone the day I lifted the head of my bed in 2010.

Since then, I have had zero relapses, and all my symptoms are gone.  (Even the l'Hermitte's Sign.)  No meds, no surgeries, no special diet... just IBT.

I don't tell my story to anyone who doesn't ask about it, and I have no interest in telling anyone else what to do for his/her own health. I can only share that this has worked for me, for six years, at whatever stage of RRMS I was/am in.  I will never lower the head of my bed again.

Lisa Gleaton


Testimonial to 2 years of inclined bed therapy

Haven't been here for a long while, but never forgot about this site or its importance!

It's been more than two years of IBT for me with no other forms of 'treatment'. I have had zero relapses and am much steadier on my feet, have normal heat tolerance, and no longer worry about becoming 'overheated' when exercising.

In fact, I have figured out that as long as I am doing some form of exercise that is fairly vertical, I'm ok. This has been heartbreaking for me as a wannabe masters swimmer, who swam in high school and college, but if I want to feel that "OMG, my head is going to explode from the pressure of too much blood flow to it with no escape" feeling, all I have to do is swim four or five laps without stopping. It's amazing that no other form of exercise gives me that terrifying sensation. I attribute it to being flat while swimming. I tried once again about four months ago, and never again. I'm terrified of having a stroke. I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed this?

So walking and biking, it is.

I'm sorry I never did all the measurements and regular check-ins that would have been really helpful here, but I just never made the time. I am thrilled with my results from IBT! I wish I could figure out how to get the letters MS out of my medical records as I now know that vascular issues have been my problem and my immune system works fine. I had seriously considered having the angioplasty surgery, but no longer feel a rush to do so. It would be great to sleep flat again, but having surgery in order to be able to do so? I think not.

I am very grateful I learned of this therapy. I feel it has really worked for me and prevented further problems of progression. When I speak to others who have MS, I am always surprised at how resistant some can be to the idea of this simple, non-invasive therapy... Why NOT try it?

Anyway, husband's complaints not withstanding, I loved my raised bed!





Lisa Gleaton
San Mateo
United States

Posted Date : 11-02-2016

Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Get Worse Before Getting Better

Inclined Bed Therapy: Worse before better?
There may be some pain before gains. Not all the time with ms but usually shooting pains down legs and arms moving around rather than a persistant pain in one area, as nerve pathways open up. This is often the pattern, although some fortunately bypass the pain.

Many people reported sudden pain from cavities below the gum line from teeth that had been decayed and should have ben reporting decay back to the brain, but not just in ms, age also numbs the gums and a number of elderly people also reported a trip to the dentist to sort out nerve pains.

This was also the case with spinal cord injury, pain before recover in sci was viewed positively, as it meant that there was communication developing with the brain from below the injury site.


Good News! 14-Jun-1999

I'm Finally Getting Good Results.

  I've been doing the inclined bed since January. I've had M.S. for over 20 years -diagnosed in 1986 as relapsing-remitting M.S. Two years ago, I had a serious attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks paralyzed from the waist down-no feeling and no motion. After a couple of months of steroids and other drugs, I became able to walk first with a walker and then with a cane very short distances.I was still left with lots of fatique, weak legs, balance problems, painful pins and needles in the legs and feet, abdominal muscle spasms, incontinance, and sleepless nights. My diagnosis became secondary progressive M.S.I decided to get off all drugs(much to my neurolist's dismay).I then found Betty Iams on the computer and began her regimen of strict diet, exercise, supplements, meditation, and I've added acupuncture. It feels great to be in control. This is a lifetime regimen for me. I'd been coasting along not getting better, but not getting worse when I read about the inclined bed. I decided to try it-what could I lose? Right away, the painful abdominal muscle spasms started to subside and sleep became somewhat better. Then nothing happened. Then I started getting worse. I decided to give up the inclined bed -this after 3 months. One problem, however-I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore! Andrew wrote for me to hang in there that it was expected that I get worse before I get better. Everyday I waited.

Then like Andrew said, I started getting better and better. This past month has been amazing! I even walked up and down a flight of stairs with my cane unaided. Fatigue has gone, the abdominal muscle spasms have gone, the painful pins and needles are subsiding, leg strength is getting better so that I can walk greater distances, and balance is much better. I still have incontinance and sleep problems, but given time, I know those problems will be gone, too. One very interesting thing happened with my eyes recently. I'm very nearsighted and had my prescription for my contacts checked 3 months ago. Last week, I went back to the eye doctor's complaining that I just couldn't see. He checked my eyes again and much to his amazement, he found that they had improved greatly since my check-up 3 months ago!I wrote Andrew about this happening and he feels that sleeping on an inclined bed can help the optic nerve to regenerate and repair the damage of long term M.S.Let me encourage anyone who is trying the inclined bed to stick with it and don't think it won't work. I'm proof it can. My whole family and I are so grateful to Andrew Fletcher. Liz

Posted Date : 02-10-2015

Primary Progressive muliple sclerosis ms using IBT

Hi everyone, i was diagnosed with Primary progressive MS in 2001 and gradually started the downhill journey. I never used any kind of conventional therapies since there are none. I started the IBT in May 2015, so its been 4 months now. I follow a 85% plant diet with no suger, dairy, gluten, red meat. I can say from first week i no longer needed afternoon naps, initially, i had more bladder urgency and more spasticity but after almost over a week it went away. My balance is much better and strength in both legs have increased. I get up once at night to use the bathroom and that is because i go to bed at 7pm. I can say that this is for life since its comfortable and is producing results, most important is the energy. Thanks Andrew for your devotion to this therapy and spreading it. I will keep you posted of new improvments which i have no doubt will be coming.

New Zealand

Posted Date : 13-09-2015

Terri Harrison multiple sclerosis on Awake Radio


Use this link to start at Terri's Video Testimonial:


Transcript from Terri Harison's Testimonial 

Some subjects are not always the most interesting
but certainly for me this is an interesting

subject it is something that is very very
cheap and it's not going to cost you a great

deal of money and it's something as Andrew
said is repeatable and you know I think it's

well worth having a go to be honest.
So Andrew welcome back again and

Thank you Steven
And Terri as joined us from the good old US

of A which will please a lot of our listeners.
Hello everyone

So Terri would you like to give us a little
introduction to your inclined bed therapy?

I found the website talked about the inclined
bed therapy and I was new to multiple sclerosis

and I didn't take any medication yet for the
multiple sclerosis and I found this information

and I thought huh you want somebody to try
something new. I will be happy to try that.

Didn't involve any needles or pain or medication
and didn't cost me anything, yeah I was willing

to give it a try and I had pain in my left
thigh all of the time and I thought well Betty

Iams a nice woman though I have never met
her, she suggested this therapy and said it

worked for her so I would give it a try.
And I used some books underneath the frame

of my bed and I would just give it a try,
he said six inches higher than your feet,

Ok I can do maths, I can measure and so I
put the books under my bed and slept that

way one night and though huh the pain's gone
and my husband said I hate it so I said alight

I will take the books out again.
The pain came back.

I said the couch is out there I am sleeping
with the bed up and we have done it ever since.

And that was back in 1998
So I have been sleeping that way ever since

and my multiple sclerosis does not give me
any trouble, I have never taken any drugs

or anything injectable or anything cancer
causing. I never take any drugs just the inclined

bed has served me well since 1998.
That's a good record. I believe you had an

interesting conversation with your neurologist?
Yes, The neurologist recently told me that

you don't really need to come back to see
me again your better. I have never seen anyone

get better, it is not a disease that is supposed
to get better he said don't bother to come

back ha ha
ha ha ha ha Brilliant

I have never been happier to fire a doctor
in my life.

Brilliant brilliant
One thing I noticed with David and yourself

that has been sort of late 90's that you have
been doing inclined bed therapy so that's

quite some time
Hmm hmm

Did it take some time? How long did it take
for you to get a response or reaction with

it any idea?
I had mine immediately because I had the pain

and then it was gone and that is how multiple
sclerosis works it comes and goes but I had

instant relief from the pain in my leg and
I had no reason to think that this isn't working.

Brilliant Yeah
Since then I have had amalgams removed from

my teeth and my doctor not my neurologist
this is a different doctor who said I think

you have had mercury poisoning as well as
your multiple sclerosis so with the amalgams

removed from my teeth I think I have eliminated
mercury poisoning from my system. I still

have had no problems with multiple sclerosis
and I have tried sleeping flat on a vacation

when I couldn't sleep inclined and I hated
it, my husband said he hated it too and even

though he on one hand hates sliding down on
the bed on the other hand he can't sleep flat

now. ha ha
ha ha

He is a fireman so occasionally he has to
go to the fire-station to sleep and he don't

sleep good there, it's too much bother to
lift the bed up there.

Although we just use PVC pipe and put it under
the leg of the bed and that's how we raise

our bed, the book thing didn't really work
to well.

Yeah that's a great idea.

Depending on where we go my family have bricks
for me to use and that works for me if I at

their house I have bricks. Whatever, I have
gone on a mission trip to Trinidad and we

took pvc pipe on the trip to Trinidad and
I raised the bed there and had some rocks

to help put underneath it but the pvc pipe
seems to work really well.

Brilliant brilliant
It's easy to cut and you can make it whatever

length you want.
Yes that sounds a very simplistic way yeas

I am all about simple things and blood .
We have a question in the chat which refers

to the bed as well which clearly enjoyed you
mentioning about sliding down the bed and

said if the bed is tilted that much how does
one stay on it without sliding to the end?

My bed is tilted 4 inches and I have had constantly
to stop myself from going to the bottom of

the bed.
What you can do there is to wrap an old duvet

if you have a spare duvet or a blanket, wrap
it tightly around the mattress and then put

your top sheet on and that extra friction
that you get from the duvet or the blanket

prevents the slipping.
Very smart thinking that

Well these are some of the tips that many
people who have been helped have handed over.

Click to hear Terri talking about other people she has helped

My Granddaughter is three now, but since she
has been born she has had trouble with reflux,

acid reflux and the babies sleep is not fine
because all she was doing is crying.

And my Daughter is the one that did Andrew's
study and we tried to do the circulation thing

in the science fair thing and so my daughter
understands his theory and she was quick to

put a block or something under the crib to
make sure that she is inclined and that helped

her acid reflux tremendously.

And my husband also suffers from that acid
reflux disorder and we put our bed up, he

doesn't have that problem any more.
It is interesting, my great grandmother slept

with her bed inclined and I am guessing that
she had an acid problem and that it helped

her stomach. I was four years old I am 51
now. She was sleeping with her bed inclined

and we didn't know anything about Andrew's
study then so it must have been something

that people do.

Somewhere along the line, somebody had the
idea that we should sleep with the head of

our bed up so that out tummy's don't hurt.



Terri Harison
United States

Posted Date : 28-07-2015

Borderline Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Report on using Inclined Bed Therapy over 4 years

Borderline Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Report on using Inclined Bed Therapy over 4 years

Male diagnosed late 30's with Multiple sclerosis, although ms was suspected earlier as he had been exhibiting symptoms since late teens. His MS was progressing rapidly when he was finally diagnosed as "borderline Secondary Progressive" his future looked grim as he quickly became too disabled to work. Four years ago, after reading your theory about Inclined Bed Therapy, we raised the head of his bed 5 degrees. He had very little trouble adjusting to sleeping on this gentle slope. Within 48 hours he was able to sleep for longer periods of time because he was no longer being woken by the fruitless urge to urinate. Both his ability to urinate when necessary and control his bowels had become a major issue before his bed was inclined. After sleeping on an incline for a week, both urination and bowel issues had backed off considerably and currently, four years later, it's only an occasional problem.

His first MRI after sleeping on an incline for 7 months showed no new lesions, no increase in existing lesion size and a small increase in the loss of grey matter. The increase of his MS symptoms had begun to slow down. He has had 2 subsequent MRI's in the past three plus years all with the same results, no new lesions or increase in existing lesion's size and further small loss of grey matter. His MS is slowly progressing though and unfortunately he is slowly losing sexual function and is displaying more foot drop and stiffness in gate.

He'd been using Rebif until 10 months ago when his liver enzyme level rose. His last MRI was done six months after stopping Rebif. However we saw no discernible slow down in the progression of the disease until we inclined the head end of his bed by 7 inches. 

His neuropathic pain is less severe now than since he first started displaying MS symptoms. He only uses ibuprofen sparingly now. If his medications played a role in his erectile dysfunction, their side effects are now diminishing - so along with his increasingly healthy vascular system giving better blood flow, hopefully he may still re-gain that function. 

In answer to your question about neuropathic pain lessening on an Inclined Bed; although his pain is currently less there are other factors such as the drug and diet which could influence his pain levels. His pain was a symptom before he began Rebif, increased while taking Rebif and while he was using an IB. It didn't decrease until after Rebif was stopped.

 Since stopping the Interferon, detoxing his liver, eating a vascular healthy diet as well as continuing to sleep on the 5 degree incline, he uses minimal pain control, feels considerably better, his bad days are fewer and of less severity.  Two months ago he began taking a Curcumin supplement and now has a warm left hand with some sensation of feeling in his finger tips and visible veins in his chest, arms, and hands.

 Thank you so much for giving us the first concrete help in our battle with MS. We will forever be grateful for your theory and tenacity in getting out the message to the MS community.

Update 26th June 2015:

Our son is doing much the same as before although his latest MRI showed a small increase in a frontal lobe lesion. We expected some activity because his routine and life was turned upside down last summer when we moved to a small city.   Our son still sleeps at a 5% incline and is still free from the bladder and bowel problems that were such a daily struggle. He’s’ still able to walk albeit with a cane and for only 1/2 a block but he’s really happy to have mobility especially since they expected him to be in a chair long before now. Another surprise has been the visual emergence of veins in his left hand accompanied by a slight lessening of iciness; although his dexterity is about the same.
Thanks again for your campaign to promote the inclined bed theory. We believe our focus on vascular health beginning with an inclined bed, diet, exercise and stress reduction has slowed this runaway MS train down to a crawl. 

 Anonymous report.


Posted Date : 26-06-2015

IBT helps brain drainage in multiple sclerosis

 After 33 years of relapsing remitting MS, my wife was close to needing a wheel chair. She had nearly all the horrendous MS symptoms and they were getting worse quickly. Her Neuro felt she was becoming Progressive. Her world continually spun with no balance, falling frequently. Her hands and feet were numb. She had multiple attacks on her eyes with torn retinas and double vision. Super sensitive to temperature, we had to get air conditioning to maintain a steady temperature in the house. She had skin pain that no drugs would relieve. she had Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog) which was only made worse with many drugs. continual leg spasms were not controlled completely with Baclofen. she could not get enough sleep and was falling asleep while eating. Her mouth would not work and she forgot what she was saying half way through a sentence. By this time, I took early retirement to be her care giver. 

  Somewhere I read about inclining the bed to help with dizziness. Evelyn would get panic attacks the minute she laid down, and her world spun even more. She couldn't fall asleep because of this and the leg spasms. I lifted the bed 5.5 inches and she had an immediate improvement. The panic and dizziness didn't happen. She was able to sleep better, but her bad scoliosis back and hip pain kept her from getting good quality sleep. Having her head elevated certainly helped, but we needed to address the MS.

   We saw the W5 show in late 2010 in which Dr Zamboni described CCSVI (blocked veins in the neck and the azygos vein behind the heart). I was intrigued and followed the Internet as more and more clinics began doing angioplasty to open those veins and allow good blood flow and drainage of the brain. We had scans done and discovered Evelyn had those blockages. We went to Cabo, Mexico to get the angioplasty treatment. She had 4 blockages opened up. They provided mini videos of before and after each expansion of the veins. You could see the improved flow Instantly. Her cold legs and feet warmed up immediately. The dizziness left, her balance returned,  numbness left, the cog fog was reduced, her energy improved. She could stand without her cane. As we left the clinic, she began to sweat ... Something she had not dome for eleven years! All this within days of treatment. A few months later some numbness returned to her fingers. She had re stenosis a bit, so we returned to repeat the angioplasty. It worked again. Over the following 3 months we slowly weaned Ev from the many drugs she was on. Only after that could we be sure the symptoms were gone. As part of an MS study at UBC in Vancouver for 33 years, Ev saw her Neurologist annually for MRI's and testing the progression. Her Nero had been pessimistic, but was amazed at the changes. it's been 5 years now and all those symptoms have not returned. Her worst problem is an extreme scoliosis that causes back, hip, and leg pains. But we have our lives back and are so grateful! Ev is now back to her alert, smart, and charming self again. 

   We continue to have our bed inclined as Ev still gets light-headed when changing position from lying down or getting up. it happens less with our bed inclined. She takes BP drugs and I believe her flow is still a bit reduced through those veins, causing that light headed feeling.

   We hope our story helps others. We appreciate the efforts of those maintaining sites like this one. Sharing our experiences is educational and may change the lives of many. 




British Columbia

Posted Date : 19-06-2015

Multiple sclerosis 19 years IBT

I was one of the first volunteers to try IBT 19 years ago! Andrew was interested to see if sleeping at an angle could improve my MS symptoms. I was pleased to find that walking became easier, my blood circulation improved so that my feet were not too hot at nig ht time, the dexterity in my hands improved too.  I also found that my  bladder control was better, I only had to go to the bathroom once in the night. When I suffered from optic neuritis in my right eye my optician was surprised at how quickly my eyesight recovered. He contacted Andrew to discuss IBT.

Recently we have raised our bed to 8 inches to help my husband to control his acid reflux condition.  I have to admit I do slide down the bed more now.

I have noticed that my friends with MS tend to have swollen ankles and legs which is something that I have never suffered from.  I think I have IBT to thank for that.  After having had MS for 38 years I am still mobile, although I do need to push a walking aid for balance.  So I don't think I will go back to sleeping flat.

Pauline Phelps

Posted Date : 18-05-2015

Multiple Sclerosis, fatigue, eyesight, parasthesias, aches and pains

Dear Andrew I first tried IBT last December after listening to you on a Youtube interview with Clive de Carle. Over the last five months my fatigue, , heat tolerance, eyesight, parasthesias and general aches and pains have improved noticeably. I no longer need an afternoon sleep to get me through the day. After 25 years of MS symptoms I'm still working, jogging and going to the gym. My regime is natural incorporating a vegan diet and supplements. I believe IBT has added further improvements. Many thanks for all your advice, explanation and giving me the opportunity to meet you. Regards, Steve Williams.

Steve Williams

Posted Date : 29-04-2015

Connie Fairman Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis


Inclined bed brings Immediate improvements,Thursday  1-Jul-1999 23:12:50, writes,I was dx 9 yrs ago with Chronic Progressive MS and using a cane. I just started sleeping on the incline bed 4 days ago. Immediately  I did not have to get up at night to use the bathroom which normally  I was getting up 2-4 times per night. I NOW sleep sound and ALL night  and get up in the a.m. refreshed and feeling
rested. Before  it took me a couple of hours to get my body functioning and seemed like it took movement to get the circulation moving. Therefore  I didn't even want to get up in the a.m. I was sleeping anywhere from ½ to 1 hr at a time trying to get my sleep  not ready to get up till 11:00 or 12:00 noon. Wasteing my days. After a just a few days  I was a different person  able to do many things and FEEL like
doing many things that I have not done in years. My legs quit aching that dull constant ache. I felt normal going to another room to retrieve an item or turn off a light or getting something I forgot. Normally  It was a really dreadful chore just limping to the other room to perform a task  no matter how small. I felt like I was worn out all the time. I now feel much more like my old self  and it's been a couple years since I felt that way. I forgot just how good it felt just to FEEL like WANTING to do something. My husband is sharing this experience on the inclined bed and I am noticing how his snoring has become  quieter and shorter. He also mentioned mine is too. He has lots of trouble falling to sleep and it has sometimes taken him 3-5 hrs. He works nights and sleeps days. Yesterday he was asleep in 1 ½ hrs.
I'm gonna keep my eye on this and see if it continues. He is getting use to the incline  but I am so excited about all the little things that I notice happening  that I can't wait for night knowing more good things will be happening. I would definately recommend this for all who wish to try it  I believe in it.   Some people do take longer to adjust or see any results  but we're all different and no matter how long it takes  it is helping your body. It was mentioned some people have a backache or soreness moving up the spine and a stiff neck. After which  they will then begin to see some good results. Will on my 3-4th days I had a sore throat and thought maybe I was coming down with a cold. Well  it felt like sore glands in my neck. Guess that was the stiff neck they were talking about. It left during the day and I felt good. Well  Time for bed and I gotta run. (Maybe I really will some day) Thanks Andrew! Good Luck to Everyone who joins this Survey  I don't think you'll ever regret it. I know I WON'T!!

Drop Foot Greatly improved and gave my cane time off.,Wednesday 7-Jul-1999 01:13:11, writes,Just had to tell you  that my drop foot is almost  non-existant  I cannot believe how well I can
walk. Of course  I still have to be careful about balance and going downstairs slowly. But  I can go down stairs and up stairs  without helping lift up my leg with my hands. 3 Trips up and downstairs in One
day  are about what I took All last year. I even did the laundry haven't done that in about 1 ½ yrs. I love the bed and sleep so well. I just feel Great! Please  Everyone  don't just say "Su-u-ure?"  Try it! You must prove to yourself that it works.  You have my thoughts & prayers.  ,Connie-Michigan

After 23 days  still enjoying improvements.,Monday 19-Jul-1999 22:25:16, writes,I posted 23 days ago  when I started sleeping on the incline bed. I've had improvements from the first night and just wanted you all to know that I am still enjoying all those improvements. (Read my 1st post above for all the particulars) I really enjoy sleeping on the bed and feel so refreshed and clear headed. I have Chronic Progressive MS. At least 8 people in my family are now sleeping on the incline bed  also  and are noticing improvements in their own sleeping habits. (No nighttime bathroom visits  and snoring has stopped)  They have only been doing this for 1 week  therefore  as time goes by  they will no doubt be reporting More "Good Health" news.   Connie

Connie Fairman
Posted Date : 08-04-2015
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