Mobility Balance Movement Walking Awakening

Mobility Balance Movement Walking Awakening

Walking Sinus, Night cramps,

We have had our bed inclined for approx 8 months now.


Get up in the morning and the first steps are like I have never been to bed; no tottering for the first steps, no touching the hallway wall to keep balance.

Sinus, gone.

Head is clearer every morning.

Easier to get up from having a comfortable and refreshed sleep.

No night cramps in the thighs and legs.

Still wear glasses for long distance and reading though.  Still have some nasty psoriasis attacks from time to time.  But, I will never go back to flat bed syndrome.

Pat Hogen

Posted Date : 18-08-2017

Almost 6 Months of IBT

Sleep posture can have an amazing impact on quality of sleep and overall health. I've been doing Inclined Bed Therapy for almost 6 months. My energy and sense of well-being increased just days into my IBT experiment. I haven't felt like this in years. My occassional bouts of vertigo have disappeared. My hands and feet are warmer due to improved circulation. I don't wake-up as much during the night to go to the bathroom. More people need to learn about IBT and give it try. It's so simple, inexpensive and effective. Just raise the head of your bed 6 inches using blocks, books or bed risers. I never want to go back to sleeping flat again. Thank you Andrew for your work!


Posted Date : 17-11-2016
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