Age 90 Diabetes Helped Without Drugs Ulcer healed, neuropathy gone

I am a caregiver for a 90 year old man who HAD Diabetes. It went like this: The bed goes up, his sugar readings would go down. When he'd protest and we'd have to put the bed down, his sugar readings would go up. After a year and a half of up and down with the bed, he finally insisted on keeping the bed up/ inclined ... and so did his frustrated children. His sugar is normal. No meds. Happy Camper. ALL thanks to our hero, Andrew K Fletcher!!!

He and his family refused to listen to the data on IBT. Eventurally they were convinced. He had a terrible Diabetic ulcer on his back side that healed quickly and nicely, as did his diabetic neuropathy. And his M.D., took him off his metaforin, as well as all his other meds, as "he doesn't need them anymore."

In addition he followed a very strict NO OIL Vegan diet with lots of Freshly made green juice. Also drinks half his weight in ounces of water. daily.

Catherine Zuppero
United States 

Posted Date : 30-08-2017