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chalky urine

The very first night I tried IBT, I got up the next day and urinated the weirdest urine I've ever seen! It was like someone had crushed some chalk into a glass of Irn Bru! It had never been like that before. It was like a whole buncha stuff just got up and left that night! Probably something to do with 10 tablets a day for ten years.

No more puffy eyes in the morning either.

It almost feels as if IBT has opened up my skeleton more and broadened my chest and shoulders!?!

I tried 7 inches and I felt like I was sliding down the bed so I had to lower it to 6 inches. I had some convex Ikea slats underneath. I turned the IKEA slats upside down so that the mattress was more concave. This allowed me to raise the head by 8 inches without the "sliding" feeling. Unfortuantely, the upside down slats kept falling throughh the bed! So I got some wood from the lumberyard and used that instead. Now I use some 1/2 inch thick by 6 inch foam along the 2 sides to help make the mattress more concave. Well, I suppose this only works if you have a single bed!

Posted Date : 15-10-2017