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Andrew K. Fletcher | Inclined Bed Therapy for Optimised Healing while Asleep

TUE, 13 OCT 2020 16:00:00 +1100 ◦ 60 MINUTES

Want to learn how our circulatory system is similar to a tree's thanks to gravity and why you might want to reconsider sleeping on a flat bed if you want to age less and be healthier. Thanks to Andrew K Fletcher, a brilliant engineer with over 20 years of medical experience, who has tirelessly dedicated most of his professional life to humbly and selflessly spread his proven theory behind this ancient wisdom of sleeping inclined, people all over the world have regained control of their health and had remarkable results from the simple and often free instruction of raising the head of their bed. When asked why do you continue? Andrew will always reply: “Because it is the right thing to do!”.

Listen to This Episode to Find Out: 

  • What got Andrew interested in engineering the optimal sleep incline
  • What Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) is
  • Some astonishing IBT anecdotes and findings
  • Free and affordable ways to try IBT for yourself
  • Our experience with IBT plus what we use
  • The numerous benefits of IBT 
  • How IBT helped save Andrew's life recently

We hope you enjoy it!

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