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Andrew K. Fletcher | Inclined Bed Therapy for Optimised Healing while Asleep

TUE, 13 OCT 2020 16:00:00 +1100 ◦ 60 MINUTES

Want to learn how our circulatory system is similar to a tree's thanks to gravity and why you might want to reconsider sleeping on a flat bed if you want to age less and be healthier. Thanks to Andrew K Fletcher, a brilliant engineer with over 20 years of medical experience, who has tirelessly dedicated most of his professional life to humbly and selflessly spread his proven theory behind this ancient wisdom of sleeping inclined, people all over the world have regained control of their health and had remarkable results from the simple and often free instruction of raising the head of their bed. When asked why do you continue? Andrew will always reply: “Because it is the right thing to do!”.

Listen to This Episode to Find Out: 

  • What got Andrew interested in engineering the optimal sleep incline
  • What Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) is
  • Some astonishing IBT anecdotes and findings
  • Free and affordable ways to try IBT for yourself
  • Our experience with IBT plus what we use
  • The numerous benefits of IBT 
  • How IBT helped save Andrew's life recently

We hope you enjoy it!

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Further References:
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Stagnant Jugular Vein Blood Flow In Space
Floating Fertility
Garuda Sanjivani Root | Moving against the flow of water | Water Test
The Height limit of a Siphon
Correction: Corrigendum: The height limit of a siphon

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May 31, 2018

S y n o p s i s This is probably one of the most important interviews you will hear in a long time dealing with health benefits. You have heard me say that oftentimes the simplest strategies pay great dividends. Getting sensible sun exposure and grounding to the earth are two examples.

But what if I told you that sleeping on an incline is another? Have you ever wondered who told us that laying flat is the correct way to sleep? Who decided this was correct and why are we accepting this unqualified flat bed wisdom?

I've never though about it before. Have you? I sleep flat because my parents slept and their parents before them I guess. While few have heard of it, and sleeping on a horizontal surface is a well-established norm, raising the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches so that you're sleeping on a 5-degree incline may have a number of benefits, including:

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Alex FergusSufficient quality sleep is a fundamental pillar when it comes to health, happiness and looking and feeling amazing. Yet many of us struggle with it.

I have written extensively on ways to improve your sleep quality in THESE articles. But I decided to hear what other sleep experts recommend when it comes to improving sleep.

I reached out to some of the top sleep coaches, sleep gurus, sleep consultants and sleep experts in the world and asked them three simple questions:

  1. What is their top supplement for improving sleep?
  2. What is their top item for improving sleep?
  3. What is their top tip for improving sleep?

Below I have shared their answers!



Read On To Learn How To Improve Your Sleep!

Andrew K Fletcher - Originator of Inclined Bed Therapy at

Your top supplement for improving sleep?    Gravity. It's free.

Your top product for improving sleep?   Inclined Bed / Furniture Risers, Books, Bricks, Wooden Blocks used to raise the head end of a bed. You can read more about this HERE and how high to raise a bed depending upon bed length HERE.


Your top tip for improving sleep?   Stay off flat beds - Avoid flat bed rest syndrome.


Other tips include:

Avoid memory foam mattresses. Best mattress is a natural fibre spring type. Use only one pillow. Memory foam causes us to overheat and sweat, it also dips under our weight and causes back ache and pain.
Rotate your posture during the night and best to sleep without underwear, due to it riding up while sleeping inclined.
Avoid sleeping with hands near pillow as this will cause numbness as it compromises circulation, which validates IBT theory
Use cotton sheets. Wrap a duvet or blanket around your mattress to prevent slipping down. Not a problem for most, but some do take time to settle in.
Keep a journal to note all changes, to help understand what is happening with sleeping inclined and please help Dr J.P Torre at Join Dr Torre's Inclined Bed Therapy Survey Who is conducting an independent analysis of the many effects reported from people with or without health issues and sleeping inclined.
Inclined Bed Therapy increases fertility and has been shown to correct erectile dysfunction. Be warned unless your planning for a baby.
IBT - Drug requirements can change, especially in Diabetes and Parkinson's so please monitor for changes.
IBT - Blood pressure has been shown to move in both directions, so please monitor for changes.

Full article: 25 sleep experts share there tips

Alex Home Page:


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Published on 28 Jan 2017

Does inclined bed therapy work? Why does sleeping on a raised bed help to improve health? Can sleeping with your head tilted up 15 cm or 6 inches actually help to prevent disease? Can sleeping on an inclined bed help the body to get rid of disease?

We talk about all this and more with Andrew K. Fletcher. The health benefits of sleeping on an inclined bed are almost too numerous to count. It's pretty compelling when you start doing the research!

Let me know if you start experimenting with inclined bed therapy and what positive (or negative) health affects you have!

Thanks for listening to this show about inclined bed therapy from Mr. Andrew Fletcher himself!

Justin, Kate, Maggie and Charlee


On Extreme Health Radio we discuss, natural healing, alternative health practices, health, longevity, spirituality and personal development and growth. If you're into that, connect with us below we'd love to have you a part of our growing community! :)

Thanks in advance,

Justin and Kate

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A truly remarkable scientific discovery explains what Your Doctor Should Know About Sleeping, sitting and circulation

This video contains logical advice about improving your health, well-being,  strength and endurance simply by inclining your bed.

What are you waiting for?

Inclined bed therapy began, 5 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt and perhaps even further back. It involves tilting your bed, raising it on blocks, books, bricks, or furniture raisers by six inches / 15 cm or more depending on the length of your bed, to  cause your bed frame to be tilted by around 5 degrees

Andrew's discovery in how gravity helps to drive our circulation is unprecedented, and yet is eloquently simple to understand and is explained in great detail on this excellent Internet Radio Interview by Andy Young on Peoples Internet Radio.

Do you wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep or like so many of us, do you struggle to get to sleep and find it uncomfortable and wake up feeling worse in the mornings?

Do you look in the mirror and see a healthy looking face when you first get up or do you see puffy eyes?

Do you suffer from migraine headaches and find that the drugs are no use at all?

You will find the reasons why and much more in this fascinating interview with Andrew K Fletcher.

Ever wondered how sap rises up tall trees and become confused by the explanations in the text books? Andrew brings a refreshing take on how sap circulates in all plants and trees by harnessing gravity, the very force that science imagines trees struggle against.

He explains how a simple experiment with 6mm bore plastic tubing caused water to flow up a cliff to 24 metres using only a pinch of salt and no pump whatsoever.

Answers to sudden infant death syndrome, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, varicose veins, edema, back ache, diabetes, leg ulcer, boosting the immune system, mending broken bones quickly and accelerating recovering from a wide range of sports injuries all require us to be aligned with gravity.

He also touches on how astronauts in space age ten times faster than here on Earth and enlightens us to how NASA pay $17,000 dollars to encourage young people to spend months on end confined to a bed that is tilted down to induce the same age acceleration faced by astronauts.

Take gravity away in healthy astronauts and their bodies rapidly degenerate, leading to bone loss, muscle and heart atrophy, visual and balance disturbances, problems with the nervous system, problems with vestibular system, formation of stones in bladder, kidney and liver, accelerated skin thinning, mobility loss, balance disorders, fluid shifts, heart problems, inability to maintain body temperature

This really is a unique gem of an interview that will change how you look at all living species forever.

It will also change how you perceive your own posture, especially when you lay down in your flat bed or sit on your chair by your computer.

You will find Andrew in the forum at on Twitter:    thinklateral  and on Facebook

Andrew is happy to help answer all questions so please don't be shy ask away in the comments section.


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