think outside of the box inclined bed therapy ibt

Inclined Bed Therapy Helps You Think Outside Of The Box

• Are you struggling to sleep on your flat bed?
• Experiencing aches and pains in the night?
• Stomach acid burning your insides?
• Waking up feeling like you have been hit by a truck?
• Noticing a decline in your health?
• Fitness and performance could be better?
• Eyes all puffed up when you look in the mirror?
• Can’t get warm in bed?
• Cold hands and feet?
• Constantly waking to go to toilet?
• Snoring loudly?
• Sinuses blocked up?
• Coughing at night?
• Constipated?
• Poor circulation?
• Infertility issues?

Ever thought it might be your flat bed that is causing all of these problems and more?
Inclined Bed Therapy is where a bed is raised at the head end to afford relief from all of the above.

Bet you didn’t know that Ancient Egyptians slept like this?

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