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Transcript of radio Inclined Bed Therapy Interview with Clive De Carl

"Clive" Hello it's Clive De Carle here with another episode of Solutions Revolution, Thank you all very much for joining us and today I am very happy to invite Andrew K Fletcher on to the show and Andrew is an expert in Inclined Bed Therapy

Now if you haven't heard of this it really is rather a magic thing

I came across it something like 15 years ago and I love it, I really really like it.

But other people are experiencing huge benefits from a health perspective so welcome Andrew

Thank's for that Clive, It's not magic it's science and hopefully I can explain it in a way that it makes sense to everyone.

Excellent Thank you. So you discovered this about 20 years ago I think?

Yes it was rather an incredible journey

For example: Who Told Humans That We Should Sleep On A Flat Bed?

Yeah good point. So when every I go camping I am always drawn to a very slight incline so that my head is higher and I have heard you say that animals generally sleep on an incline?

Yes if you look around the fields, if there is a hill side you will see cattle and sheep and they will all be facing up hill if they are lying down. Sheep seem to know a great deal about sleeping and a great deal more than we do. If you look at chimpanzees in the wild or in the zoo as well. In the wild they will be up in nests and the branches are not flat and they tend to sleep with their heads up and gorillas will sleep resting up against a tree. The evidence is all there you just have to learn to look around

And of course a lot of people used to sleep in chairs, didn't they, in the old days, quite often as I understand it.

I also understand that people used to have two sleeps a night quite often.

So tell us some more about the inclined bed therapy and what it actually is first of all so people know what we are talking about.

Yeah well it is first of all simply raising the head end of the bed up six inches or 15 cms, if you are metrically "Inclined" and you raise the bed at the head end causing the whole bed to slope down from head to toe.

A lot of people make the mistake and say I have tried Inclined Bed Therapy and it hasn't worked for me and then when you dig around a little bit and ask a few questions they tend to tell you that they raised the upper half of the bed and have their legs raised or flat, or have one of these new fangled electric beds and some people have their knees up in the air on these electric machines, so they have not actually tried the inclined bed.

Now if you are sleeping with the bed folded in the middle IE an electric bed, what you are doing is you are compressing the spine.

If you are on an angled bed then you are doing the exact opposite, you are decompressing the spine, but you are doing a great deal more as well.

Because I had worked out how gravity was driving the circulation in the body. A tall claim I know but if you listen up you will learn what I learned.

If the literature states that gravity doesn't play a role in circulation because it acts equally on the blood flowing down as it does on the blood flowing up, same with the lymphatic system, same with cerebrospinal fluid. But what they have failed to take into account is that for every breath we take we evaporate water from the lungs and that water is donated by the blood that flows through the lungs, so as the blood flows through the lungs it becomes denser on exiting, so that denser blood then passes through the heart and enters the main artery, so it's a bit like placing a pinch of salt at the top of the blood tree. And then gravity if we are the right way around according to gravity, I.E. head up and feet down, standing, sitting correctly, gravity will pull on those density changes and drag on the blood causing it to be pulled down which gives the heart a bit of a boost. And it pulls the salts and the minerals through the kidneys a little bit more efficiently and then the blood that passes through the renal system is less dense having got rid of the salts that we excrete in the urine so the blood flowing up will always be more dilute than the blood flowing down. It's very simple really.

And the same applies to the lymphatic system and the same applies to the cerebrospinal fluid, in fact there is a paper just been published by Leszek Herbowski and he attributes, well he has done some temperature checks on the cerebrospinal fluid and he has written a paper Thermodynamic Approach to Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation saying that the cerebrospinal fluid that flows down is always denser than the cerebrospinal fluid that returns back up.

Right very interesting and so this is going to presumably give your heart a rest, my Step mother for instance died in her sleep of a heart attack, had she have had an inclined bed would she have stood a better chance do you think?

Well, I am just looking at my notes here and one of the things I have to mention is that the medical profession actually know how harmful and how dangerous a flat bed is. In fact all of the literature states that it's the last thing on Earth that you want to do is spend time in bed.

Around 3.30 in the morning the body temperature dips by 2 degrees, that is the time that most people will pass away in their sleep. Now when we, my wife and I tested our mouth temperature in exactly the same manner that the graph was compiled of in the literature, there was no 2 degree drop in our temperature, our temperature staid level, well you have peaks and troughs but it didn't drop off the 2 degrees that the flat bed produced.

How very interesting, so would you get long term benefits to your heart, presumably you must do?

Yes, again the heart rate was really important during the initial research, so I had two reliable volunteers, the two bull terriers, fast asleep, they were lying horizontal and I measured their heart rates and then I got them to sleep, well it's not difficult getting the bull terrier to sleep, so I measured their heart rates while they were on an angle and their heart rate and their respiration rate decreased. The heart rate decreased by 10 - 12 beats per minute and respiration rates decreased by 4-5 breaths per minute

So the next thing step was to see if the same applied to humans. I measured my sons while they were asleep and I measured my wife's while she was asleep and then she did the same for me. And we found and this is really interesting because our heart rate and our respiration rate decreased by exactly the same rate that the bull terriers had shown.

How interesting, so that should relate in the end to longer life shouldn't if you are not.

I would presume so but there is no claim for immortality with IBT because there is one thing for sure we will all die.

It appears that way Yeah.


It's been a fascinating adventure, another spin off which is pertinent to today's problems with the ebola virus, is that a great number of people have reported that they don't seem to get the infections that other people are getting i.e flu, coughs and colds and if they do get them, they get over them within a very short space of time, when people around them are dropping like flies. And one important report came last year which was from our Granddaughter at nursery. The whole classroom had gone down with chicken pox, except she didn't.

Have you any explanations to why that may be?

Yes I have, for a virus to infect a cell, it usually infects through the fluids, it would require the fluids to stagnate or slow down in order for it to penetrate the cells. And I believe that if we keep that circulation running at it's optimum level then we can skip a lot of the infections. But also the metabolic rate appears to have increased on the inclined bed because people with cold feet and poor circulation, and cold hands, suddenly find they have got nice toasty warm hands and feet, now viruses don't like increases in body temperature, in fact that's our defence. Our body temperature goes up we get a fever and we manage to kill the virus or defeat the virus.

I have know for some time that if, well if you think about the statement early with the flat beds that can cause multiple organ failure, neurological damage, cause the bones to de-calcify, and this is well known by the medical profession, but there is no research being done on what an inclined bed could do for these same people. And I believe that if the ebola patients were not put on these flat beds, I reckon they would fare a damned site better than they are doing now.

Well that's very interesting, wonder if it is having an effect on the thyroid, because usually if the thyroid is low, people end up with cold hands and feet. That's one of the symptoms of a low thyroid, possibly because they have low iodine?

Possibly because they have got low circulation as well.

Yes, and what other sorts of benefits have you seen?

How many hours do we have?


Two hours

I don't know where to start really, I did a great deal of research with people with multiple sclerosis


Had some phenomenal results with ms,

I had an original pilot study, where by we had a small group of people with ms, Roger Kirk was the first guy to try the sloping bed and Roger was in a very bad way, he couldn't walk. Roger's improvements were incredible, he came with me to a local chapter in Kingskerswell of the MS Society, And we got a group of people interested. Most people in the hall didn't receive the information that we were talking about and carried on business as usual talking to each other and I could tell that it wasn't striking any chords with them, but a small group of people did,

And that small group of people suddenly started to improve, incredible results.

Two ladies, one lady in Teignmouth and One lady In Paignton, both their ophthalmologists wrote to me asking me how could placing two blocks of wood under someone's bed restore someone's eyesight that was blind?


Yeah, I had people walking that couldn't walk, sensitivity came back, bowel and bladder control came back where it was lost, but in that same pilot study, because I had learned by now that the medical profession were a bit defensive and would go to extreme lengths to protect the status quo.

I realised and it had been said that multiple sclerosis could fluctuate anyway, i.e you can get relapsing and remitting ms, so they could be having good days or bad days, in fact quite a few of the people on that study were progressive ms, which didn't fluctuate, but nevertheless I included to patients with spinal cord injury. Now it had been said that if one person with a complete spinal cord injury regained sensitivity and regained function, then that would be a major breakthrough and it would be accepted,

Well the first two people with spinal cord injury made incredible progress, they both got bowel and bladder control back, one gentleman who is tetraplegic developed the ability to write and could write his own name, his own address. When I met the guy his hands were locked up in two fists, so he couldn't move his hands at all, he couldn't feel anything from the armpits down and his kids used to dive all over him and being a former boxer, the guy was, it was very frustrating, he couldn't defend himself and laughed it off most of the time. But all of a sudden he was able to make crazy progress, so sensitivity returned below the level of the injury, sensitivity returned to his hands and to his feet, it was just incredible.

And the other guy, John, who has passed away now, he died from lung cancer, but his spine according to Tromans and Grundy at Salisbury was smashed to smitheries, he had fallen from a two story building and literally shattered his spine. And he was told that he would never be able to fend for himself, he would always be dependent on others and low and behold he got a great deal of function back.

His bladder for instance, he told me the one day that he uses a bladder wash to flush out his urine and he noticed that he was able to push the urine back up into the bladder bag, so he regained the ability to control his urine but it's not just those two guys, there have been more people with spinal cord injury that I have helped and they have also reported very similar improvements.

Now back to ms, I tried to work out why these people with ms were having significant results and I did a great deal of research into ms and we have all heard about the myelin sheath, but not a lot of people have heard that myelin behaves exactly like liquid crystal in an lcd screen. Providing it is in it's liquid state it functions, now we have talked about circulation and if you can compromise circulation, i.e, cause those fluids to slow down or stagnate, then that circulation is compromised and those crystals will no longer be liquid and become solid, and when they become solid, they become visible under an mri scan. So I suspect that the circulation increasing would eventually re-establish the liquidity of this myelin.

Are you there?

Yes, well that's amazing and I believe also that people who are having to urinate at night you know just because they are getting old, actually it's usually a nutrient deficiency, but they are also getting positive results?

Yes that was another report that came in many times, nocturia I think they call it. And infant bed wetting as well.

I have explained that the two degree temperature drop and if we feel cold we need to urinate but if we are not cold then we don't need to urinate and also because we have increased the metabolic rate, evaporation is taking place more effectively from our lungs and from our skin and if we are evaporating more water away then there is less urine being produced. One caveat to that is that if someone has oedema, ie they have swollen legs and swollen hands and swollen feet, the medical profession will recommend raising the legs.

Now that's great because that shifts the fluid from the swollen limbs back into the trunk, but it doesn't actually push it back into the circulation, but the sloping bed does the opposite, if we raise the head end of the bed and lower the legs, then what we have seen time and time again is that that excess fluid in the body is drawn back into the circulation through the venous return, whipped around the circulation and flushed out by the bladder.

So initially if someone has a great deal of fluid, they will probably experience none-stop urination for quite some time.

How long would quite some time be?

Well it can go on for 3 or 4 days. There's a guy over in Torquay, when I met the guy he was severely swollen, the chap had Parkinson's disease and when I met him his limbs were like giant water balloons. He couldn't walk, the couple were struggling to try to get him to the bathroom and back to his seat. Getting him up stairs was a nightmare and we tilted the bed and then over the course of a few days his clothes literally fell on the floor, he had lost that much fluid.

His wife was ringing up frantic the one day saying that I don't know how to stop my husband from urinating, and yet all of the time the fluid was being drawn back into the circulation.

And this was backed up by a guy called Peter Lewis a vascular surgeon, because he did exactly the same, he had head about what had happened to this guy. I had met Lewis at his home along with another vascular surgeon called Celeste from Trinidad and I explained all about the mechanics, how the body works and how the circulation fitted with the new theory and he was fascinated, then he put me to the test, because he had a lady with a severely swollen body and ascites, which is the abdominal cavity fills with fluid because of liver problems. And he went back to the hospital because he had tried diuretics and nothing had worked and when he came back he said he couldn't believe the changes in the lady. He said it was incredible and that he had never seen anything like it.

Well it's good to hear that doctors are listening.

Yeah, there is a great deal of Doctors now standing up and actually doing something with this. It has been published in a few doctors books as well.

Well that's good, the worst case of swollen limbs that I have seen is lymph oedema.


It would clear lymph oedema would it?

I would imagine that it would, I have not come across a case of lymph-oedema yet. Elephant tiasis is another good example of that and I often thought that these people that have got these huge problems with their legs would...

Actually, My Father was taken ill in hospital, he has passed away now he had pancreatic cancer.

While he was in hospital on the flat bed his legs were swelling up to the point where his pyjamas had to be cut. I tried to lift one of his legs up and I couldn't lift his leg up.


His kidneys had packed up, his liver had packed up and we were told that it was a matter of hours before you know, my Father would pass away and he was in a coma and I fought tooth and nail with the doctors and the nurses at Russells Hall Hospital and I was very stubborn and insisted that his bed was put on an angle and every time I turned my back they had put the bed back down.

I got really angry with these people but anyway, we tilted his bed and within hours his circulation had increased that much that the bloody urine that he was producing the tar urine ran clear and yellow, so his kidneys had began functioning again and over the course of a few days the yellowness was going from his skin and his eyes, so his liver was functioning again and he come out of his coma as well.

And then he came home and had an extra 8 months of life.

Wow, amazing.


Absolutely amazing.

That's my own Father, unfortunately, you know, they did put a stent in after they told me that there was nothing that could be done for my dad. And I said I am going home to research this and as soon as I got through the door, now that's a 200 mile journey, the phone rang and it was the doctor who said we are putting a stent in for your dad. So there was a surgical procedure that could have been done and yet they were trying to avoid it and deny it.

Stent's unfortunately are very seldom as effective as they say.

Yes Yes

So the oedema, how does that work with the oedema? Now if we have got oedema in the limbs, that's because the pressure in the venous return is greater than the pressure in the surrounding tissue.

So because of the semi-permiability of the veins, the fluid is being pushed by the pressure into the surrounding tissue. Now when we tilt the bed as I have said previously, we change the density of the blood which then in the arteries, which pass through the lungs, that arterial blood is then influenced by gravity and pulled upon and that applies tension to to every molecule in that blood and that tension stretches back to the venous return all the way back through the kidneys and back to its self. So affecting one molecule will have a chain effect on every molecule of blood in the body.

Now if we are applying a downward pressure by gravity to the arterial blood, which is dragging on the density changes, we are applying tension to the venous return and if we apply tension to the venous return, the blood starts to pull the walls in. Now the first evidence for this happened very quickly. Within 4 weeks of tilting our bed, my wife's varicose vein went flat and so did a nurses called Stephanie Ness.

Her varicose vein went flat as well.

And that proved to me that we had nailed something very very important.

And if we apply tension we are also increasing the positive pressure because of gravity in the arterial side, so we are increasing the arterial pressure.

But for every action there must be a reaction, we a re decreasing the venous return pressure. We are in fact lowering the pressure lower than the surrounding tissue. So the excess fluids migrate from the surrounding tissues back into the veins, around the circulation through the kidneys, where they are filtered and the spent salts are excreted in the urine. And if you stand there at the toilet and decant your urine, your hot urine down the pan, you will see that it sinks straight to the bottom of the toilet.

Now you would think that because it is warmer it would float on the surface, but it contains a great deal of minerals and salts so it is heavier and it sinks.

And have you had any people with end stage kidney failure get their kidney function back.

Not been tested for dialysis, although I have tried and tried with a friend in fact I have a bit of a problem with my own kidneys, I have a polycistic kidney.

Polycystic, generally has a relationship with low iodine

I am taking Lugols Iodine

How many drops are you taking?

2 in the morning 2 in the evening.

And it's what I have made myself, it's a proper 10%, it's not the 10% that people are trading.

You think people are trading 10% Lugols that isn't?


That's interesting, have they just got the formula wrong or deliberate do you think?

No I think it's they have got the formula wrong.

I found a recipe from a guy called Israel on the net, and of course I had a quick play around with the maths to see if he had done it right and yeah it made a great deal of sense what he was saying so I made my own.

Fair enough

Well at least I know what is in it.

Yes yes quite.

I think iodine is one of the most important elements out there, particularly Lugol's with potassium iodide added to the elemental iodine and all the Fukushima radiation coming out, absolutely essential that we have enough iodine to stop the radiation getting into the iodine receptors.

People don't seem to understand that radiation is not nearly as worrying if you have full nutrition. People don't realise that we have the receptors but if the receptors are full the radioactive iodine will just float on past.

Yeah it's a bit like the natural progesterone. I have first hand experience with this and have seen uterine fibroids shrivel up and virtually vanish. And it's the same principle because the receptors from the progesterone are the same that the oestrogen uses to make the benign tumours grow, so we gave it a whirl and yeah it works.

Well people are being barraged by oestrogen at the moment, mainly I think in bread products, I don't know whether you have looked at the labels on packeted breads in the supermarket? Every single packet of bread is only partly wheat. Most of them are about 40 to 45 % soya.

Wow I didn't know that.

Yeah I know, I went into the supermarkets to do some filming, they chucked me out but every loaf of bread, the whole lot have been cut with soya so you know because Hovis used to say whole-wheat but it doesn't any more it says wholemeal.

That's really interesting, thanks for that.

Then because soya is so cheap they feed it to chickens so the chickens and the eggs are absolutely laced with omega 6. So a chicken that has been fed soya will have about 20 times more omega 6 than would be safe, that would be normal.

So when they use that phrase, eggs is eggs, these days eggs aren't eggs they are quite dangerous.

We used to see cow's in the fields but we don't see those so often now, we put them in factories and the poor cows are being fed soya, never seeing the sun, never knowing what grass looks like and we are being fed this rubbish.

And as a result, people are being hugely poisoned.

And the people that are eating soya products like burgers and so on are in real trouble. And worse still are the babies that are being fed on soya formula, I think it's about 28 years ago or something that soya formula first came on the market for babies who were allergic to cows milk and now the children 25 to 26 years old at the oldest and they all have one big problem which is great difficulty in reproducing because their hormonal cycle has been damaged by the oestrogen and then further damaged by all the chlorine and the bromine and possibly fluoride that they are getting as well.

Most peoples hormones are being made of the wrong material these days, which explains the thyroid epidemic that is rampant out there.

The sad thing is that in the old days before levothyroxine, Doctors used to give dried desiccated animal thyroid, maybe one grain or two grains a very small amount and that had all the balanced of t4 t3 t2 and so on, but now with levothyroxin which has just got t4 and although it helps peoples symptoms, it means they are on it for life and they are going to have a shorter life and have a lot of problems.

I try to encourage people to research lugols if they have a thyroid problem and to consider the natural alternatives, unfortunately the GP isn't allowed to legally prescribe natural thyroid like their predecessors used to but they have no choice but to give a drug and it is very very sad really, they could be a lot healthier, the biggest problem is the lack of iodine.

I don't really know, but over in Japan, whereas in England 90% of menopausal woman report hot flushes and the usual menopausal symptoms, whereas in Japan only 10% of women experience those symptoms of hot flushes and Japanese woman only get about a tenth of the cancer rate of English woman for example.

And it's been tied down now to the fact they are eating so much seaweed and so much fish that they are getting the equivalent of two drops of lugols a day.

So have you noticed any differences after taking iodine? Clearer thinking maybe?

The sloping bed is er, I know what you are saying about the lugols but no I haven't noticed any difference with clearer thinking, but I am pretty sure my Granddaughter is absolutely incredible, she has been on the sloping bed from conception, right through to five years of age and she is incredible, she is absolutely incredible and she has been for many years. My new Granddaughter she is on a sloping bed again and I insist on this actually because I am pretty damned sure that putting a baby on a flat bed will cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS and I am absolutely certain that it's doing something for our mental capacity, for example a recent report that came through today a lady who wrote that I thought my life was over, she said I was suicideing on ice cream and I tilted the bed in 2009 and she said that it took me a long time to tilt the bed and I got around to doing it and it was like a lightbulb had switched on she lost a hundred pounds in weight.

Wow that's amazing is that common to lose weight?

What we found in the early days was really interesting with myself and a good friend of mine named Billy. We both titled the beds and I talked him into tilting his bed and this was in the early days and we both noticed that our weight went up.

Went up?


and the interesting thing is our clothes became loose.

So you were gaining muscle in that case?

Well and bone density, so your bone density goes up and your muscle density goes up but we were definitely burning the fat.

How interesting


And with brain function are you noticing that people with dementia or with Alzheimer's getting any improvements?

Well with short term memory loss one of the ladies, well it was actually it was the lady who recovered her eyesight, in Teignmouth with multiple sclerosis, she said, I don't know whether this has anything to do with the sloping bed she said, but when I walk to the door to do something, by the time I got to the door, I would have forgotten what it was and I would spend as long as I liked and I wouldn't be able to remember what it was that I went to the door for. She said and now, and this was only after a month or so, I walk to the door, she said and I'll forget just the same as anyone else would do and she said; and I pause, and then I can remember what it is I wanted to do., so her short term memory function had improved. And I think that demands a study in itself.

Well absolutely, funny enough when I am trying to assess whether people are low on iodine, I ask them do you remember where you put your car keys? Do you remember why you walked into a room? and obviously you know that's a common thing. I found that most people after 3 months of iodine, they now remember where they put their car keys and why they walked in the room so maybe, the two combined we will have a super memory keeper.

So what about dementia and Altzheimer's

Not getting any reports, it's not something I have focused on, again, what I am trying to do is focus on things that you will get reports back from.

If I help someone with dementia or someone with a memory problem, what's the chances of them reporting back to me? Because this is a huge problem with people working outside of the medical profession because people don't adhere to the protocols that we set out. In fact the medical profession have the same problem.

What about the length of time that you sleep, do you find that you get a more restful nights sleep and don't sleep so long or any changes like that?

I do tend to wake up in the night and get up and walk around and get back into bed. But I am doing that purposefully because I have realised the importance of being active and moving around rather than a sedentary lifestyle. It's very important.

But just one thing on the Intelligence side, which I think you will find interesting.

The circulation changed when we stood up. Are you religous or...



So when we were walking around on all fours, the circulation foramina were in the back of the head. These are the holes in the skull that carry the vessels to and from the scalp to and from the brain and when we stood up according to Dean Falk, she is a scientist over in America who has a theory called the Radiator Theory, which I disagree with.

When we stood up Dean Falk measured where the foramina, took notice of where the formaina where on the skulls that had changed like on homo-erectus and those foramini had migrated to the top of the skull, so the circulation through the brain had completely changed when we stood up.

Now another great scientist Michel Cabanac, Professor Michel Cabanac. He did some experiments with a guy on an exercise cycle and he placed a Doppler probe where the eye meets the nose.

He got the guy to work out and it showed normal blood flow from the brain out to the skin.

But when the guy becomes overheated on the cycle, the blood flow actually changes direction. It's now flowing from the skin back through the brain.

There are no valves in those vessels, so something has changed the circulation. Now Falk says the brain decides where it wants to send the circulation.

I am saying that because of the evaporative heat loss caused by the exercise, changed the density of the fluids in the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid and it was actually changed sufficiently enough for it to flow back against the pressure of the heart.


So circulation improves brain function. So if we have the bed on an angle, we are again improving circulation.

See, what I am trying to convey to anyone that is willing to listen is we have an assumption that bed's should be flat.

Now if we go back to history, there is a brilliant drawing with a hospital in Constantinople in the 13th century and it shows rows of Inclined Beds. It is perfectly obvious that the artist hasn't got mistaken. They are inclined, because the nurse standing next to the bed, you can actually see that it is up level almost level with her shoulders at the head end. At the foot end you can see that the legs are definitely shorter.

So Constantinople at that time were renowned for being very successful medical people.

Which is really interesting.

But if we go back further still, the ancient Egyptians, 5 thousand years ago, when we pulled out the beds from the Egyptian Tombs, they were all raised at the head end. They were all higher than the foot end. Even Tutankhamen's camping bed, he had a fold up camping bed and that was built on an incline.

No one bothered to question why these beds were inclined? I guess they all had diamonds and gold and jewels in their hands and very little in their brains.


Talk to me a little bit more about eyesight and how common might it be to repair a macular.

I have a friend over in Brixham and he has diabetes and he had bleeding from the back of the eyes and he was told that he needed surgery and the guy is 82, he was told that he needed laser surgery, and that it might not be successful and that eyes were worsening and his eyes healed up all by themselves.

And during a holiday he went away for a holiday and then slept flat the eyes started to bleed again from the back of his eyes.

And since he has been back on an inclined bed they have stopped bleeding again.

But interestingly enough, while he has been on the sloping bed, his sugar levels have been dropping as well. And this was confirmed in, well it's the first study, I am really really grateful to a guy called Tetaaki Yee Ting and he is from an Island called Pohnpei, in Micronesia, which is just North East of Australia and they have a tremendous problem with obesity in this place, due to the introduction of the American diet and possibly soya that you mentioned. Well, it's a pandemic on the island, but he got 11 patients to tilt their beds. Right across the board the sugar levels dropped. Now just by tilting the bed, they didn't make any dietary changes. But two of them, he noticed that their sugar levels had gone up at one point and he investigated why they should go in the opposite direction and they both admitted that they hadn't been on the sloping bed and one had been binging out at a wedding for 2 days and the other had been binging out at a funeral for 2 days and apparently when they went back to the inclined bed, their sugar levels come down as well.

So increasing the functionality of the pancreas?


And have you heard of anybody getting completely over their diabetes?

Well again this guy in Brixham his insulin, he takes insulin and he has noticed, well both of them have noticed that the insulin injection levels have dropped from 26 twice a day of the slow and a dose of the fast. He has skipped the fast insulin and skipped the one dose of the slow and I think he is on about 15 or 16 units now.

So that's a massive improvement from just tilting the bed. But of course diet plays a roll as we know with diabetes.

Well very much so. I am type one diabetic, myself and it's.

Have you noticed any change?

No not really.

No I don't think so.

Just to clarify to people, I understand that the six inch measurement is to be adhered to, five inches or seven inches does not work as good?

No, it all depends on the length of the bed, if you have got a King-sized bed you will probably have to raise your bed you will probably have to raise the bed 7 or 7 and a half inches.

Oh I see

Because whatever the length of the bed is, if you have got a cot to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, they you will probably need to raise that cot about 3 or 4 inches at the head end.

So it all depends on the length of the bed really.

I have a friend who she sleeps on what could be the North face of the eiger.

I just shake ny head when I see her bed. But she is 72 years young and back in 1995 she was ready for a wheelchair and she has a condition called psoriatic arthritis, which eats into her finger nails and toe nails and psoriasis all over her body and in her hair and she was racked with pain, she would get up every morning and she would immerse her hands in hot water just to get the hands working. And it would take about an hour and a half to get her hands working. Then she would bite the bullet and do what she could and then she heard me talking to this guy with who was staying with her at the time, this guy with the spinal cord injury and this lady was a nurse. So she stood and listened and she said who have you got coming down here now, somebody talking another load of old bull? But she sat there and she listened and you could see that the penny had dropped.

And she tilted her own bed, she didn't say anything to anybody, but she got up the next morning and no paralysis in her hands and it hasn't come back. And she has got virtually no psoriasis on her body now. Occasionally she will get a little rosette on the base of her spine and that's it.

Wow that's amazing and why do you think that the psoriasis went away, what do you think the mechanism going on there is?

Psoriasis skin contains a great deal more sodium and potassium than normal healthy skin, so the sloping bed could have actually helped those minerals to migrate away from the skin surface. You know, like when you put the lugols on the skin and it vanishes, the same could be happening with the mineral salts which are probably causing the skin to dessicate.

Going back to the Lugol's iodine, how long have you been doing four drops because four drops is quite a lot?

Five days

Oh that's fine

Are you taking selenium as well?

Not at the moment. I am reluctant to eat Brazil nuts because I a bit worried about them being irradiated.

Yes, who knows what they are doing radiation wise, I don't know? There are a number of ways to get selenium in supplement form. Those made from yeast which is the type I sell on my website.


Because when you take iodine it depletes your selenium level, it is a really good idea to take selenium at the same time.

You do get selenium from meat and eggs.

Well yes indeed but even so, really I try to recommend supplementing with anything if they can afford it is to take the whole set of 90 odd nutrients at once because there are so many people low on just one mineral and many people are low on selenium because it just isn't there in the soils like it used to be.

There would be a huge reduction in prostate issues if we all had a good mineral balance with selenium and zinc for example.

Tell me more of the results that you are getting, it really is an amazing isn't it, just such a simple thing can have such a dramatic affect it is incredible, I can't think of anything else that doesn't cost any money, it's free!

That's the problem. because it's free people think it's worthless but what a mistake that is.

Well clearly, so tell me about some of the other wonderful things you have seen.

Well this guy that I mentioned with Parkinson's. Now Parkinson's is really interesting because in the early stages, the person affected by the Parkinson's can wake up paralysed in the morning so they get morning paralysis,

What happens is the partner usually drags them up the bed and sits them up a little bit and they come around a little bit more, then they swing their legs out over the bed and get them sitting up and they come around a little bit more. Then they get them to stand and they come around a little bit more, then they get them to shuffle around and their gait improves and they start walking around and by the end of the day they are walking around like you and I.

And then they go back to their flat beds and screw it all up again.

How interesting.


Night time paralysis that has been reduced, when people wake up and their body is in a catatonic state.

My wife suffers with it but furtunately since the bed has been on an angle she very rarely gets a problem with this.

Now it was happening 4 or 5 sometimes 6 times in a night and she could be getting it every day and it has made such a huge difference just preventing that.

What else? I really don't know where to start.

Let me just ask you on ms and Parkinson's have you seen any body get anywhere close to completely reversing it?

Well, I am glad you brought me back to that because I tend to drift off because it's quite a complicated subject.

Back to the guy with Parkinson's who we tilted his bed.

Apart from all the fluid that the guy had lost, I get a phone call saying that I turned over in bed and looked at my husbands face and that Parkinson's mask which she had grown to recognise every night that she went to bed wasn't there, his face was relaxed and it looked like her own husband had come back. So she shook him and she said that she had had the first conversation with her husband in years, it was incredible.

And then a few more weeks went passed and his walking was improving all of the time, I was getting reports back all of the time and they couldn't believe the changes. His attention span when I met the guy was about 1 minute at best and then he would go into sleep, then he would come back out of his sleep and we would have a little talk and try and get something through to him and he would be gone again and it was heart breaking to see the couple struggling and a few more weeks went passed and I went around there and knocked on the door, Because I was hearing all of these incredible stories and when I opened the door who should meet me was this guy called Brian and it was the same guy that was like a giant water balloon when I met him with an attention span of a minute.

To a normal looking guy who could walk normally with normal gait and he said, well he thanked me on the step and that turned my legs to jelly and he said do you want to talk to xxxxxxxxx Hang on a minute I will go and get her. I watched the guy walk up the stairs shouted his misses, turned around and then walked back down.

And we went in and had an amazing conversation and then a couple of weeks later, I get another call saying that she is concerned and this happened very quickly, I know it sounds ridiculous but it happened very very quickly,. He had already been taking himself down to see his granddaughters playing at school in the sports and he would bring himself back no problem at all.

And another week or two went passed and she said I had seen him go out and look at the car and lift the bonnet and she didn't think anything of it. I shouldn't really say anything because I could get them in trouble but he had drove off in the car and come back.

Wow that's amazing, you must be feeling pretty good about yourself I think?

Well the icing on the cake and I will tell you exactly as it happened.

I get a phone call. Somebody asked me about the bull terrier; what would a male bull terrier be like around a severely disabled child?

I said, what's the matter with your kid?

She said; why do you want to know?

I said, I might be able to help.

She said don't be bloody ridiculous she said I rang for information about a puppy you know to see what a bull terrier would be like around a severely disabled child.

I said, well look I can't make you listen

She said spit it out then

And I told her and she said, I have been half way around the world nothing can be done for my daughter.

I said look I can't make you listen

Anyway she starts crying because the penny has dropped having explained everything in great detail.

Her husband then comes on the phone and he gives me a right rollocking down the phone, saying you have upset my misses what have you said to my misses? And she said no listen to what he has to say so I have to explain it all over again, but anyway to cut a long story short, they tilted the girls bed.

Now she is 12 years of age and she hasn't walked to the age of 12, she wears callipers day times and night times to keep the legs straight, different set of callipers for on the night-time. Anybody that has a child with cerebral palsy will know what I am taking about. She had severe scoliosis of the spine and the prognosis in 1995 was if she ever developed the ability to come or brush her own hair let us know but don't hold your breath because it will never happen.

That's what the parents were told and they had gone half way around the world looking for help for this girl and I started to get some reports back.

Yes she is doing really well, things are changing but we are not really sure what is changing and a few more weeks would go past and then I would get another report and occasionally I'd ring up and ask how she's doing?

And she said oh she seems to be stronger, but we could be imagining this you know.

I mean the girl is very clever very articulate and then a few more weeks go past and yeah she is definitely getting stronger and she has turned over in bed and she couldn't do that before and later she was turning over all of the time.

And she is managing to pull herself up the bed and it was incredible as this was unfolding it was absolutely incredible and a few more weeks go past; yes she is making so much progress that the muscles in the legs are looking too masculine. Now this is a girl that hadn't got muscles because she hadn't walked. Well the muscles were there but they hadn't been exercised.

And they said that the muscles were looking far too masculine so we have put the bed back down?

Immediately they had put the bed back down she started to revert back, so they put the bed back up.

And then it went on for quite a few months and the icing on the cake came at 8 months when got a frantic call from the mum, she said we are off to the school, I said whatever has happened, She said we have just had a call saying that our girl had got out of the wheelchair at school, walked at school and managed to to walk up some steps.

12 years of age.

Now it get's even better, because some time had passed and there were more improvements, she clothed herself, and I believe is functioning like any healthy person now.

I got a call straight out of the blue, and picked up the phone and I heard this child say hello is that Andrew? I said yes. She said I am the little girl that you have been helping with cerebral palsy and I am just ringing to say thank you for all that you have done for me.

My legs went to jelly and I collapsed on the floor. I could not stand up.

How amazing.

And so cerebral palsy it just doesn't get much worse than that does it?

Irreversible brain damage, but I like these irreversible conditions because they appear to be reversible.

Well I found that out myself 28 years ago, I had arthritis so badly that I couldn't move or put my shoes and socks on and they said that it was irreversible and they were completely wrong.


I was low on vitamins and minerals. I reversed the whole thing and never had a problem since.

And just shortly after that my dad's best friend got cancer and he was told that he had six weeks to live and he managed to phone up Linus Pauling, who he had found in the phone book and said what do I do? and Linus Pauling said build up slowly but as fast as you can to 25 grams of vitamin C per day and he lived another 25 years.


And when he did die it wasn't of cancer. So I saw first hand with this.

I just heard an interesting story where a lady that tried the cannabis oil for a brain tumour and the brain tumour has vanished.

Well it's one of the best successful remedies out there.

You can't verify that yourself because I haven't been privy to the mri scans or anything but no reason to doubt what I was told..

This is my dog drinking in the background, sorry.

One of the things that people don't understand is that you don't need an mri scan or an X-ray or anything like that to tell whether your cancer is getting better or getting worse, there are several blood tests that can be done very cheaply, harmlessly, which are probably a lot more accurate because people don't realise that some of these scans, particularly a cat scan, which can be 500 -600 times more powerful than a chest x-ray for example. People don't realise the damage that they are doing by the testing.


When a perfectly good, very inexpensive natural ways to do it.


Another thing that people don't realise is that you can have a chemotherapy test so that what happens is that if somebody gets cancer they just put them on chemotherapy but they could for a little bit more money test the cells of their body against all these different agents, chemotherapy agents, same as with fillings of teeth a dentist who knows what he is doing can test the filling material to see whether it is compatible with you.

So there are loads of people who are having very bad reactions from chemo for example That if they had done a simple test, they could have avoided that. Personally I think it is absolutely criminal what is going on in the medical profession.

I agree I agree

And it is not that most doctors are anything other than lovely people but the method of teaching them a drugs only way of testing and a radiation only way and a surgery only way.

You know you go to the doctor and you have got these three choices and it is just ridiculous. I realised some time ago that people go to the doctor believing that a doctor is a health expert, after all it is called a National Health Service, but they don't study health, you know health isn't on the curriculum, they study disease, they study drugs, but at no point do doctors look at healthy people to examine why they are healthy, it is incredible.

It is a sickness industry yeah

Yeah very much so.

So do you think, I am asking a silly question in a way but do you think there is any chance that doctors in general the NHS in general would ever accept Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

It's practised for respiratory problems, but again they tend to elevate the upper half of the bed and not tilt the whole bed. And again this guy with diabetes was in a hospital ward having broken his femur and I was invited over there to tilt the bed and to talk to the doctors and nurses. I talked to the doctors and nurses but I could not tilt that bed. It just had not got the capability of being tilted correctly.

And they said that it was one of the most modern beds that there is.

There are beds out there that will do it and one of the interesting things that they use the full titling bed for is when someone comes out of surgery under anaesthetic because they tilt them head down and feet up.

I have actually been in the recovery room while my son was coming out of anaesthetic and I asked them why he was head down and feet up?

They said well it is in case he is sick, so that the vomit will clear the airways.

I said well have you thought that you might be making him sick by tilting him upside down?

The look of bewilderment on her face.

I said well, I'll tell you what, if you tilt his bed his oxygen sats will go up, his heart rate will decreases by by 10 -12 beats per minute, his respiration rate will decrease by 4-5 breaths per minute and within a few minutes or possibly less he will come out of his induced anaesthesia. She said well it will take about 20 minutes for him to come out and as soon as she tilted his bed, the monitors went exactly as I had predicted they would go and he put his thumb up and said I am ok Dad.

He got up and he wasn't sick.


And the nurse came back the ward where my son was being kept and my wife was at the ward and she kept saying that it is incredible what I have just witnessed, she said this alone could save the NHS a fortune in recovery times. We have got to do something about it. But nothing ever happens.

You get lots and lots of promises from lots of people and nothing ever happens. Except for that study in Pohnpei, that was incredible.

But it has been a long old struggle and of course the theory all started from picking up, I don't know whether you can see, this GCSE Biology book.

Oh alright

I will hold it up so that everyone can see, it's by D.G.McKean

I wanted to understand what trees were doing with salts, that was the question that I had and I have an engineering background, so I got this from the car boot sale it cost me twenty pence because I am a cheapskate and wouldn't buy a new version.

I started to look through it and I just shook my head and I couldn't believe what I was reading, for example, Transport in Plants, Chapter 7 page 71.

"Water evaporates from the leaves and causes a kind of suction which pulls water up the stem".

Now hang on let's have a think about this for a second. We have a leaf that is full of pores, which are holes and you are telling me that those leaves can drag water 300 feet to the top of a giant Californian Redwood? I couldn't stop falling about laughing. It was absolutely ridiculous that that was being taught in schools and I do remember it from school.

But because of D.G. McKean who pus in his comments and he will add a little add on saying that there is insufficient evidence or that it is poorly understood and time and time again.

Many biologists regard transpiration as an inevitable consequence of photosynthesis in order to photosynthesise, a leaf has to take in carbon dioxide from the air and the pathway which allows carbon dioxide in will also let water vapour out.

Now if you have got a leaf with holes that is causing this magical suction, now surely it is going to suck air in because that is going to be the path of least resistance. So if you are generating a magical suction you are going to be drawing air in, but of course that doesn't happen.

The other thing I read was "You may have learned in physics that you cannot drawer water up by suction to a height of more than about 10 meters. But many trees are taller than this. So I thought now there is a contradiction in itself and there was just loads and loads of errors.

They are still marked, these are the original marks that were put in the book all those years ago, when I was falling about the floor laughing, so I said Ok then how does it really work?

It took me 20 minutes to solve it. I though, I will ignore all the stuff that doesn't make sense, which is about 99.9% of the book, and start with what I know as a fact.

I knew that 98% of all the water evaporates through the leaves so the water that is drawn in through the roots evaporates through the leaves.

And evaporated water must change the density of whatever it is evaporated from and that's the sap.

Now the sap contains sugars which are produced by converting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sugars as we know are denser than water so when we evaporate water from the leaf we change the density of the sap.

That is so bloody obvious and yet no one has thought about it?

So hang on if you make the sap denser at the top of the tree than at the bottom of the tree gravity dictates that the denser sap will migrate towards a sink and that sink could be a fruit, could be a branch, could be the trunk or could be a root. Predominantly the roots.

So we have triggered a downward flow towards the roots, now the tree takes up most of these salts and sugars in it's continual cycle of growth so there is the sump or the store, so any concentrated sap that reaches the roots would be diluted by incoming water from the soil, which is a dilute solution of nutrients.

That sap then is dragged back up the other side of the tree, so we have a downward flow generated by evaporation and gravity in the phloem, which generates molecular drag and that molecular drag is attached to every molecule in the tree and stretches right back down the xylem right the way down through the roots and out into the soil water, so by triggering that downward flow we are actually pulling water in from the soil into the tree, it's almost like if you can imagine the sap behaving like a piece of string and every now and again we clip a weight on the one side and that causes the whole thing to rotate, so the tree never needed to lift water from the roots to it's leaves. That was the mistake. They asked the wrong question.

The wrong question was how do trees raise water from the roots to the leaves.

The question that they should have asked was "Howe do trees circulate sap?" And then the answer would have been so blatantly obvious and yet we are still teaching this in school?

I even set up an experiment at the local secondary school in Paignton and the head of Science Mr Smith saw the tubular model which I had strung out of his upper classroom windows, which was a giant inverted U shape tube with both open ends submerged in two bottles of water and the whole loop of tubing was filled with water and a tiny amount of coloured salt solution, only 5 ml of salt solution was added to the centre of the tube, which was then raised to the upper classroom.

The salts peculated down one side, one bottle starts to over flow and the other bottle level goes down and it is not a siphon effect because if you trigger a siphon it is much quicker. This is a flow and a return flow driven by evaporation and gravity.

The school kids were there and they all listened and they all saw the experiment and they were all very excited.

And he pit's his hand up and says he has no problem with this, this is exactly how trees raise water to the leaves but what can I do about it? I have to keep teaching the National Curriculum.

It's crazy, this is the National Fools system not the National Schools system.


I even took it to Exeter University, I took it to, well it's been there a couple of times, to Professor Edzard Ernst

Have you heard of Ernst?


He is the guy in charge of alternative therapies, I suspect he is there to make sure that these alternative therapies never get off the ground and I was invited in there to give a talk about the discovery and there was a team there of Doctors and Ernst and they saw the experiments and heard the explanation, thoroughly agreed with it, sent me a letter saying they were very excited by it and we need to get a study done and what best would the study be conducted in?

I said well varicose veins and leg ulcers because they have shown remarkable recoveries and he said well we need to see this doctor and I won't mention the doctors name although I should mention the doctors name.

I had an invitation to go and see this doctor and as soon as I walked in the door he said are you My Fletcher? I said yes, He said; "Before you say a word, I don't want anything to do with you, your theory, your explanations or any possible study do I make myself clear?"

I said Oh Yeah perfectly and then I came away.

So he had quickly realised that him being a vascular guy depended on repeat vascular surgeries to make his lucrative living and the last thing he wants to hear is that a couple of blocks of wood under someone's bed could prevent someone from having vascular surgery.

It's close to murder taking that view point for a doctor isn't it, knowing that there is a cure and not taking it up that is murder isn't it?

It's disgraceful, I wouldn't say that it was murder.

But it is definitely disgraceful.

Well it is if their patients die.

He is lucky I am now mature because when I was a youngster I would have levelled the guy but there you go.

You grow up as you get older don't you.

Well yes supposedly that's what they say.

Talk to me a bit more about the leg ulcer thing, again do you have a good explanation as to why that is happening?

Yeah again it is tissue breakdown because of circulation, it is always circulation, circulation is so important because without circulation we are dust and bones. So anything that compromises the circulation be it a varicose ulcer or a pressure ulcer, what you have done you have actually impinged the circulation by an external pressure be that a vein or coming in contact with a bed or a chair for a prolonged period of time but if you can restore that circulation and the sloping bed excels in that because when you lay on the sloping bed, you will know this, your weight is distributed differently, you are no longer feel like a sack of spuds lying on the ground. The bed feels somehow softer and the you have applied traction to the spine but you have also applied some sheer forces to the tissue, which people have voiced concerns about, but you have also increased the circulation and if you can increase the circulation you can speed up the healing and my Father had varicose ulcers for 25 years and he was a window cleaner, a hard many, you will never meet a harder man. When he died of cancer he never took so much as a paracetamol.

He had 3 leg ulcers and they healed up while he was on the sloping bed. Just healed up, skinned over. They had never done that in 25 years, despite that he had all of the bandages, the seaweed, bandages on his legs and regular dressings, he had dressed his legs all of these years.

That is amazing, 25 years of leg ulcers, incredible.

So if it is improving circulation presumably you are getting results with erectile dysfunction?

Yes, we have had reports of erectile dysfunction, even in type two diabetes.

Well, that's very interesting

Yes, and early morning wood I think it's called, get a lot of reports on that.

I have interviewed a chap called Tony Pantalleresco once or twice and he has testosterone boosting formula and I thought well I will give that a try and see if I notice any differences. And I went to the International anti-ageing conference, two weeks ago and they had all the latest measuring equipment and so on and I went on several of the devices to get my levels measured and this guy says I can't believe it you have got the testosterone of a thirty year old, I was really chuffed you know.

But if anyone is interested in boosting their testosterone levels apart from inclined the bed check out Tony Pantalleresco and erectile dysfunction on Youtube.

Have you come across Tony?

Yes I have seen some of his videos, yeah

He is fantastic, my fridge is full of his concoctions.

Yeah he is quite an amazing guy yeah.


So we have run through quite a number of complaints, what other things have you noticed?

One of the first things we noticed and again this is how it happens, it is just nothing is planed we have gone down this ally, shine the light down and follow the light beam.

I met a lady and she was a palmist

and she pointed out about the half moons on your fingers, how important they were for circulation, she said always look at the half moons when we are reading someone's hands and we can tell a great deal I forget the formula but she said if they are too big there is a problem with the heart, if they are too small there is a problem with the circulation and she said that she can tell a great deal.

The strange thing is since I have had my bed tilted my half moons have come back.

That's really interesting. It's rare that you see any that apart from having half moons on their thumbs that they have half moons at all.

I have a full set of half moons

Very good.

The other guy John the guy's name with spinal cord injury apparently Afro-Caribbean's seldome have half moons and he, well actually he was African-American he got half moons on his fingers as well which was quite incredible.

And hair as well, that was another thing. I started to notice again it was rather embarrassing moment a nurse friend of mine she said I have got a complaint about this bed. I said tell me more, I am having to sheer my pubic hairs, she said because they won't stop growing they are no longer short and curly's and I thought that was fascinating because if you can maintain the circulation to the hair then there is no reason why it should drop out.

So I started to monitor my own hair on my head and I noticed that the colour had changed and it had started to go darker although you can't see a great deal here but I noticed that I stopped getting hair on my pillows, now this was also backed up by Roger Kirk who I mentioned earlier with multiple sclerosis, because Roger said quite off the cuff, "How come my hair brush has got no hair in it any more? I used to spend ages picking all of the hair out of the brush and I don't find hair in the shower any more?"

So I did an experiment and I have my hair cut as you can see it's one style every time and my wife she cuts my hair so we were having it cut at two monthly intervals and I was saving all the hair in these little tins and I saved them up for a whole year.

I looked across the hair follicles and there was a definite change in the hair texture and a definite change in the hair colour, it was getting darker.

And also there was more hair, so my hair was growing more more which is we are led to believe any way that it is not going to happen.

Anyway it was fascinating and I really don't think and I have still got more hair than my younger brother.

Well brilliant, do you know a very funny thing about 20 years ago I met this guy who insisted that I touched his head and he had like this baby hair all over his head. He said that he had been bald for several years but he had a back injury and he decided to help his back injury that he would get an inversion table, where you strap your seat in and hang upside down for five minutes a day and after a few months he noticed his hair re-growing it seemed that the blood flowing upside down had stimulated his follicle growth.

Well you are still using gravity if you are upside down but the problem with being upside down and again my wife and I tested it.

Ok I will give you the full story. I wanted to understand if there are any changes to the density of urine because we had tilted the bed, so we measured our urine density using a hydrometer and we measured the urine density while we were on an angled bed head up feet down

And then we measured the urine density on a flat bed

and normal daily activity urine density

and head down density, so that we were lying head down with our feet up.

What we found was is that the flat bed actually lowered the urine density over and above normal daily activity and it was quite remarkable how the salts were not being excreted in the urine.

And the we measured the inclined bed and we found that the urine density went up markedly so the urine was much stronger and much more dense than either horizontal or normal daily routines.

And the icing on the cake again came when we slept head down and feet up. What we found was that the urine density went down to near water readings, in other words no toxins were leaving the body while we were head down and feet up.

The side spin on that was that we both got diarrhoea, We did it for a few days and the diarrhoea was quite persistent.

Yes it would be a great slimming aid to sleep head down and feet up. But NASA have spent thousands and thousands of dollars paying people to, in fact I think you can get 7,000 dollars just for sleeping head down and feet up with out getting out of bed for a few months.

What they found is, is that they can accelerate the ageing process by ten times faster than here on Earth and that mirrors exactly what happens to astronauts in space, because you have taken gravity out of the equation in space. You have not actually but you have negated it's effects by spinning around the Earth fast enough to counter act the pull of the Earth.

But you have not actually got away from gravity. But Astronauts, again back to the ebola virus again their immune system in space gets knocked about. The bone mineral loss is prolific, 10 x faster that here on Earth, neurological damage has been experienced, multiple organ failures from bed rest and from being in space. You know it just doesn't matter which way you hit this from it just matches up.

Well amazing, and what other health issues has it overcome?

Let me give you one. How about lung function, emphysema or anything like that,

Yes this is a really interesting one. There was a dog with it's lungs filling up with fluid, it was a rotweiler and it was having it's lungs drained two times a week at the vets and the vet said I can't do this any more and he had literally taken the dog home to die.

And a person that had been listening to my theory and my explanations and who had been sleeping on a sloping bed, told him;, he said look just shove the dog in a room and put the dehumidifier on. Because I had explained how my friends fish tank was being emptied of water and his dehumidifier was filling up of water because he had dried the air out so the water molecules were leaving the fish tank into the air and then into the dehumidifier and he was forever topping up the fish tank so he put the dog in the room and left the dehumidifier running and it cleared up the fluid on the lungs. That was without the sloping bed. But of course respiratory problems is one of the things along with hiatus hernia and gerd is is that the medical profession will actually recommend raising the head end of the bed on blocks, So they know it does work.

But the worse thing is and I have seen this with my own eyes is that the nurses and the doctors know full well how harmful the flat bed is and I'll just see if I can find you the..... This is De conditioning, The Consequences Of Bed-Rest By: Colleen S. Campbell MSN, ARNP BC, CRRNA Geriatric Evaluation & Management (GEM)

Director Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center


Objectives of this document is to

Discuss de conditioning as a clinical entity resulting in a reduced functional capacity of multiple body systems

Discuss the psychophysiology of prolonged bed rest

List key interventions that prevent and treat the consequences of bed rest.

Inactivity and prolonged bed rest are unnatural states of the human body.

And now this is a very very moving piece by Doctor Richard Asher written in 1942.

Look at the patient lying alone in bed

What a pathetic picture he makes.

The blood clotting in his veins.

The lime draining from his bones.

The scybola stacking up in his colon.

The flesh rotting from his seat.

The urine leaking from his distended bladder

and the spirit evaporating from his soul.

Teach us to live that

we may dread unnecessary time in bed.

Get people up and we may save

patients from an early grave.

So they know but back to what I was going to talk about was when someone is terminally ill there is a practice that is unwritten, and it's the removal of pillows from terminally ill patients and this actually speeds up their deaths and this is practised in many hospitals around the U.K. and many other countries.

In fact it is mentioned in the Jewish Code Of Ethics.

"It is forbidden to remove the pillows from a patient who is terminally ill to speed up their demise.

So they know that the bed is not the right way to go and yet hospitals count their success by the number of beds

Wow, so with the hiatus hernia they already know that the raised beds work


Do you think that you can cure the hiatus hernia with the inclined bed alone or do you need to do a lot more?

I have not had any feedback from anyone that has said that it has but I haven't been looking at hiatus hernia because I have been trying to concentrate on conditions that are thought to be irreversible. Probably I shouldn't have done that, probably I should have gone down the route of re-examining what has happened with hiatus hernia.

But certainly if you get a problem with acid, and you tilt the bed you notice a great deal of improvements in the damage that the acid causes.

And again we know that premature babies in hospitals are on inclined platforms where they sleep and yet the parents take them home and put them on flat beds and that baby has never been flat.

So I don't have any data to say that I have cured hiatus hernia, but I have not had anyone come back to me and say that It hasn't been cured either.

Right right, it's amazing what they do to hasten deaths and the most frightening one is the Liverpool Pathway.

What is the Liverpool Pathway?

The Liverpool Pathway is where they starve the patients to death. They stop giving them food and water

Right, yes yes.

And so if anybody has an elderly relative in the hospital and they hear them say that they are going to put them on the Liverpool pathway, they are saying that we are going to kill your mother and father or whatever it is very slowly now. and it is totally criminal.

I really don't know how they can sleep at night. I really don't

No I don't either.

So serious issues, what other serious ones have you seen reversed?

Skin conditions, quite a few people with psoriasis. A friend of mine, again we mentioned the one lady with psoriatic arthritis. but there is another lady with psoriasis and well she took a series of, well she came down to my home and we took a series of photographs and then we took another series of photographs in a few weeks time and another set of photographs and the evidence spoke for itself, the skin was clearing up.

I am trying to think of other conditions.

Spine problems aside from spinal cord injury, back ache and people with slipped disks, it has definitely helped there and again the traction applied by the bed eases the joints apart and on a previous radio interview, the listeners were invited to try the bed just put some six inch blocks under your bed and see what happens and then he invited me back in 3 months and I went back and we had reports back that people with ms were saying yep it is helping and varicose veins there were reports that veins had decreased and snoring. We mentioned bed wetting earlier with youngsters wetting the bed and for nurses if you can solve the problem with people wetting the bed in hospital it would take a tremendous amount of pressure off the hospital staff.

Sight problems people with sight problems were reporting that they couldn't actually see clearly out of their glasses and were going back to their old prescription glasses, so there were improvements and again that happened with the first pilot study with ms. Other people and including one of the guys with a spinal cord injury that were reporting there were improvements with the eyesight.

Have we lost you Clive?

Sorry I couldn't get the sound on.

How about hearing?

Any body getting increases in hearing?

Well my..... there is only one case that I know of it is interesting because it was only brief.

And then it stopped.

He is not really my Stepfather, but my Mother's husband, he had meningitis as a child which left him deaf and we tilted the bed and he began complaining about the loud noises outside of the house.

Saying that the police cars were frightening him and ambulances when they went passed. Now there has not been an upsurge in those vehicles going passed all of a sudden. They have been going passed but he hadn't made the connection that it was helping with his ears.

But alas the bed went down again so you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them think.

Yes, well that is You can lead a Human to Knowledge but you can't make them think.

Yeah quite, exactly because knowledge is all very good but without wisdom to use that knowledge wisely it is pretty useless.

Hmm But what do we do with this now Clive? We have got this thing here that could actually save out NHS a great deal of money and can save the patients a great deal of suffering. It would put a stop to amputations.

Oh Gangrene as well, I have had some success with gangrene, I met a guy down in Paignton and he had this huge bandage on his foot.

I asked him what the problem was and he said that he had got gangrene and he went away and tilted his bed and he got back to me and said that his surgeon was amazed that the flesh that his surgeon had been removing from his foot was actually growing back.

Old scar tissue as well, which is very interesting. I have had a few reports of old scars that have been there since childhood with some people. A lady down the road had a gristly scar on her chin and it just up and went. It vanished.

DVT Deep vein thrombosis vanished without a trace just by increasing the circulation. You know where do we stop?

Well it is truly amazing and hopefully listeners hearing this will try and spread this to every body that they know.

You know there are people that are losing their lives, losing their health, losing their income, because of all of these difficulties.

And people forget that we are not meant to be ill. It isn't normal in the slightest way. You look at a flock of birds or a school of fish or a herd of animals in the wild and simply you can't tell which one is about to give birth tomorrow, you can't tell the oldest from the youngest because they are all moving at the same speed, all together at the same time and yet humans get diseases just like any of those animals or birds or fish would do if you keep them in an unnatural environment.


We did touch upon fertility and erectile dysfunction and just an interesting report from a member of the family who was trying to conceive and had tried in vitro-fertilisation and she had spent quite a bit of money trying to conceive and actually gave up and we tilted the bed. Or she tilted the bed.

And she conceived without the I.V.F. Now I did mention this before now do the sperm need to know which way is up and which way is down? You know is simply being on an angle sufficient to guide the semen to the egg?

It is something that no one has considered.

No that's very interesting.


And is that, have you heard that story quite often with conception?

No I don't get a great deal of, I do get feed back but are people willing to talk about you know their sexual activity to someone who is not a Doctor. I don't profess to be a doctor, I have an engineering background. I am hardly the person that you would wanna confide in about something so personal?

Certainly with conception matters the people who, you know the couples who really want to conceive generally they will go to the ends of the Earth to do it won't they?

Hopefully they will go to the end of the bed and jack it up.

If you jack it up my word of advice is to use thick medical books, you know the more complicated the better, And you might find that some of that will rub off. Yeah.


Yeah and of course you can buy some furniture risers, you get a pack of 4 from I have seen them on Ebay for £10 including the postage, So pop two under your bed and pop two in your suitcase for when you are away from home.

So when you are propping the bed do you normally have to prop up the middle of the bed as well?

Yes it depends what kind of bed they have, if there is a leg there, obviously you will need to prop the centre leg up.

There are a couple of videos about inclined bed therapy, Deanna Castro talking about her success, she had ruptured disks, in her neck and in her back and she was off work. I do believe that she is back at work.

Against all of the odds.

There is an elderly lady that has been racked with pain after being hit by a motorcycle since the age of 13 and she has been in excruciating pain and when you saw this lady walking you would imagine that she was drunk, she was in so much pain but the pain has gone, she dances she runs, it's incredible.

That's amazing, Gillian in the chat room is asking are there any different angles of the tilt that one should apply to any different problems or is this always the same?

I did specify that people with a spinal cord injury would need to raise their bed higher and the logic here is that there is a guy called Ronald Meyer and he did some experiments by severing the optic nerve of a fish a frog a mouse a rat and a rabbit.

And what he did was he showed that the fish and the frog even though he had severed the optic nerve the same, within a few months the optic nerve had grown back and both could see perfectly normally.

But if you think about the posture of the frog and the fish, if they are lying on their sides they are generally dead. So they are always upright, so by severing the optic nerve the angle from the brain to the eye was intact. They never interrupted the circulation so the circulation continued and the repairs took place.

Now I like to think that these nerves in spinal cord injury require exactly the same signals as saplings and seedlings from plants. In other words, they need to know which way up and which way down is for them to grow in the right direction and meet their targets. I think this is where that main problem is with a spinal cord injury is immediately they are placed on a flat bed and then they rotate them.

Now back to Meyer, Meyer his rat his mouse is rabbit, no nerve regeneration took place because they like ourselves were able to change posture at will so there was never the constant direction of gravity to restore the circulation and repair the damaged nerves. Now with the bed on a slightly higher angle it represented the angle of the optic nerve regeneration in the fish and the frog. And that was the logic that I came up with to apply the higher angle for a person with a spinal cord injury.

And also it would apply to a person with multiple sclerosis as well. But the old six inch incline on a standard U.K. bed is a good rule of thumb.

But you know, hey experiment you might find out that raising the bed a little bit higher is more beneficial to yourself.

There is no hard and fast rule with this. The reason that I came up with the five degree angle which incidentally was the same angle that the Ancient Egyptians had come up with five thousand years ago, I used a loop of tubing which I connected so that it was a closed loop of tubing filled with water with a little coloured salt solution at the one end and that was stretched along the length of the bed.

Now if I raised the bed up just a few inches, i.e. four inches the salts migrated down the bed but the return flow was in the same side of the loop of tubing, i.e the fluid in that side of the tubing was flowing in two directions so the down flow was on bottom of the tube and the return flow was above it in the same side.

When you raised the bed to five inches then the whole loop circulated, so we added an extra inch just to be on the safe side as a margin of error and it seems to have been a good choice.

One of the other things is injuries. Broken bones. My son broke his wrist and there have been other reports as well.

This guy 82 years of age who broke his hip and the doom and gloom had set in. You know, the Doctors and the nurses because he has got diabetes and he is 82 years old, you know, it's er..... Anyway he was out of hospital in a few weeks, he said I am not staying in here, his legs were swollen and he got back on his sloping bed and his legs went down to normal size and he amazed the physiotherapists and the healing at 82 years of age was something they had never seen before.

But back to my son. He broke his wrist and he wore a plaster cast for six weeks and he went to Torbay Hospital and had the plaster cast taken off and the muscle wastage was obvious in one arm. One arm was very thin and the other arm was normal size and now a year later. Oh and he had to have physiotherapy. He had to have physiotherapy to get his had working and he had a lot of pain. and I think it was a couple of years later that he broke the same wrist but this time he does a better job straight through both bones, he has metal plates put in his writs and this was the time that he was actually in the recovery room upside down.

And he has the metal plates in and the plaster cast is on for 8 weeks, but it's sort of an open plaster cast and that's on for eight weeks and he goes back to the hospital, the same hospital and has the plaster cast removed and there is no muscle wastage and he doesn't need physiotherapy.

Now the surgeon there has to take the two metal plates out and he can't find the one metal plate it has been completely overgrown by bone and I will quote the guy; "He said in the whole of his career he has never seen bone growth like it in his life."

Well that's amazing. I would like to ask you about a friend of mine, someone who 35 years ago or something fell out of a tree and broke his back.


He has got a gap in his spine a centimetre or two I am not quite sure what. Is there any chance Inclined Bed Therapy could help?

Yes there is, I have helped some members of the SAS with spinal cord injury and in fact my wife and I were at ring side seats at the boxing tournament at Hereford and we were treated like Royalty and I have been helping these guys and because their injuries were so many years ago and I forget how many years, one Guy John Cann who was paralysed for 11 years and he actually walked on Carlton Television News. In between two parallel bars but you can see his legs moving his feet moving, he got his bowl control back he got his bladder control back so he passed it on to his friends at the SAS and this other guy who I can;t mention his name but I think his injury was similar length of time to to what you have just described there and he said if all that I get back is my dignity I will be very happy.,

He got his bowel and bladder control back.

After 30 odd years.

Incredible incredible.

But of course if we can intervene at an earlier stage and prevent these people from being on a flat bed in the first place then the Sky is the limit.

Yes, well fantastic.

So for those people that are listening you are saying before we came on air that you are going to write a book or you are in the process of writing a book?


The book title is going to be called the Gravity of Life. Hope you like the choice of the title.

Yes very good

It's been written a couple of times and I wouldn't have done it justice I needed to have got to this stage before I could have done the whole subject justice.

Well that's my excuse anyway and Yeah I think it's gonna be a real eye opener.

Well hopefully it will be a best seller as well, when do you think that might come out?

Well it needs to be finished through this winter and hopefully published in the spring.

And if people want to see more of your work what is your website?

It is

Inclined Bed Therapy Dot Com Excellent

Well we have a Facebook as well where people are sharing what is happening to them and you will find and again it goes by the same name on Facebook Inclined Bed Therapy, we have a group and a page and there is quite a few people there who have been sleeping on an angled bed for a long time and they will be willing to share their experiences. There is one lady in particular on there Terri, her name is Terri Harrison she doesn't believe that she has ms any more it has gone completely, her neurologist has actually told her that she doesn't need him any more. So that is quite remarkable but she is there for people to talk to amongst many other people who are trying it.

The problem is you are armed with this information, you have listened to this radio station and you will go out there and you will try and convince someone and they will just look at you as if you have gone daft. You know I don't know why it is, I used to chase wheelchairs and try and help people but I stopped that a long time ago no body listens.

Well it's a great shame, the words I hear quite often are if that where true the doctors would have told me..

Yes Yes, The one I hear all the time is is if it was true then there would be a clinically controlled double blinded trial and we would have all of the data by now. But actually the people that say this have no idea what we are up against. No idea whatsoever! You can't move these people! They are in the process of the status quo, they like the status quo and the last thing they want to do is be made to look a fool and a lot of them believe me are fools.

Well quite, so have we covered all of the things that it will do?

No No No, I just get... I try and think back to what we have talked about, we have talked about scar tissue, we have talked about the immune system especially with the ebola but also that same applies to people with aids and hiv, the same problem there is a diminished immune response so.

Yes, Ok there is a guy who has died now which was unfortunate, but when I met him this guy called Danny he had months to live with leukaemia and we tilted the bed and his blood cell count started to normalise and have to cross check here just to at this point in time that when astronauts go into space their white blood cell count goes up and their red blood cell count drops. So clearly gravity is playing a role.

And when we tilted Danny's bed his white blood cell count dropped and his red blood cell count went up, which is the exact opposite of what leukaemia is. This guy comes over from Boston as specialist in leukaemia and he can't believe the changes. So anyway this guy doesn't need the chemotherapy and the radio therapy any more so comes back to Paignton from Cornwall and they take his bed off him because he can't move that bed out of one area to another area so he goes back to sleeping on a flat bed.

Immediately his blood cell count goes hey wire and this guy from Boston get's on the phone and says what has happened, what has changed? So he told him about the bed, so the guy from Boston said the bed Danny, get then bed back on an angle. And he did and he lived well I can't remember exactly but I think it was like five or six years and he was given months to live.


So that I would suspect as well that there is a danger with the bed that it can actually increased the effectiveness of drugs and again if you take the astronauts in space, they have to increase the doses in space because the uptake while they are out there which is the equivalent of being on a flat bed, decreases the effectiveness of the drugs so they increaser the drugs to support their immune system or whatever problems they have and I believe that when you have the bed on an angle the opposite occurs and you have to think about decreasing the drugs.

It could be a good thing.

Yeah but I have to be careful here because if a doctor is prescribing those drugs to you and you have got all of your faith in that doctor then you have to make these choices yourself and not just on what I am saying here but it is quite easy to monitor whether the drug is being more effective or not so decide for yourselves.

Right very interesting and hopefully people who are listening to this will try the inclined bed therapy method and will get back to Andrew or myself to let us know what positive results you get because clearly

Well negative results as well Clive, you know I am interested in things that it doesn't work with as well.

Yep yes clearly.

We have got about two minutes left and I would just like to say that myself I have a weekend workshop from next month from the 15th and the 16th of November, held in Wiltshire and if any body wanted to come to the weekend workshop we will be covering every aspect of physical health and also mind mastering because clearly there is so much one can do with the power of the mind that people are unaware of and with the raised bed therapy and all of the other stuff, treatments and remedies that we know of... frankly there is almost nothing that can't be solved, I used to think that people on dialysis couldn't get off but you can get off dialysis in not every case possibly but in a lot of cases and I am going to start now, I mean I already have been but I am really going to suggest to all of my clients big time that every single one of them does the Inclined Bed and I will let you know what occurs.

Yes, please please please, the feedback is so important every little bit of feedback that we get means that eventually another clinical trial will be made and when we actually get some progress within the medical profession then these reports will be so important because anecdotal evidence one could be deemed as a miracle, two could be a coincidence three is just plain science.

We are at the end of the show now, than you so much Andrew. My email is Clive at so if anyone wants to get in touch with me they are very welcome. Also got a website called and another one called and so thank you very much Andrew Thank you every body for listening.

Thank you for having me on Clive.

Well thank you so much I really appreciate all of your time and that's it from us good night.

Good night people.