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Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) can be a life changing experience even when all else has failed.


Migraine Headaches?
Are you in the habit of visiting the bathroom many times during the night?
Does your child wet the bed?
Do You wake up each morning feeling worse than before you got into bed?
Do you believe that the bed you sleep in is healing you while you sleep?
Have you woken up with paralysis that wasn't there the night before?
Do you experience sleep paralysis?
Do you or your partner snore loudly?
Do you have diabetes?
Do you have multiple sclerosis?
Have you injured your spine?
Do you experience constant back ache?
Does your child have cerebral palsy?
Do you have an adjustable bed?
Do you suffer from poor circulation?
Do you have a leg ulcer?
Do you have varicose veins?
Do you have Parkinson's Disease?
Do you or your partners hands and feet feel cold when your in bed?
Do you experience poor sleep or suffer from insomnia?
Are you afraid you might not wake up if you go to bed?
Do you have restless legs / Ekbom syndrome?
On rising from bed, does it take a while for you to become mobile?
Does your face look puffy when you get out of bed?
Do you have Bells Palsy?
Do you or someone you know have a viral infection such as HIV, Aids, Ebola Etc?
Have you ever thought it might be the bed that is causing your health issues?

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We had one of our most fascinating shows to date today with Andrew K Fletcher.

Do yourself a favor and check out this podcast. Could be life changing. We're going to try it.

Patrick Timpone 23 June:

Andrew K. Fletcher -- The Phenomenal Health Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy -- June 23, 2014

THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone

Andrew K. Fletcher: Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

20 years ago Andrew made a phenomenal discovery in circulation and how gravity acts upon fluid density changes that take place in all fluids where water is evaporated. In trees (Where this theory began) evaporation from the leaves alters the density of sap. In the body, the warm lungs and airways provide the same density changes in the blood and other fluids. It was not long before it became obvious that posture was incredibly more important than anyone could imagine. To make use of these density changes and allow them to assist the circulation all we needed to do was to manage our posture.

This was a Eureka moment of such magnitude it went off the scale for Andrew and instantly gave birth to Inclined Bed Therapy.
Show Highlights:

-Andrew explains how learning about how trees uptake water led him to understand the benefits of inclined bed therapy
-How is it possible that varicose veins can disappear using inclined bed therapy?
-The evidence is overwhelming that the Egyptians slept this way
-Andrew describes the circulation process
-What kind of improvements can be expected by just raising the head of the bed by 6 inches?
-The excellent health benefits of using gravity: Andrew explains why astronauts age more quickly when in space
-Observing animals in nature, you will notice that most find an incline to sleep on
-Andrew and Patrick invite our listeners to try inclined bed therapy and report on their experiences to us. We will have Andrew back on the show at summer's end: http://oneradionetwork.com/health/andrew-k-fletcher-phenomenal-health-benefits-inclined-bed-therapy-june-23-2014/

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The video contains an explanation of perhaps the most important discovery in circulation since science began. It begins by explaining how gravity drives the circulation in trees and plants and quickly moves on to explain how gravity fits with human circulation and how simply tilting a bed by raising it 6 inches / 15 cm or more, higher at the head end will have a profound affect on a whole range of medical conditions currently thought to be irreversible. The literature states erroneously that gravity does not play a roll in circulation because it acts equally on the ascending and descending sides . Massive blunder. My son suggested I send this in to you and ask you to view it. I have been working on this discovery for 20 years now helping as many people that will listen as possible. Sadly many people have been conditioned to accept the advice of doctors, who believe that everything in their manuals is irrefutable. Science however tells us that nothing is set in stone and progress happens in the most unlikely corners.


Flat bed rest, which is known to cause multiple organ failure is forced upon people with viral infections?
IBT will without doubt make a huge difference to survival and recovery rates from Ebola and many other conditions.