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Phenomenal Breakthrough for Your Health and Fitness in Circulation Driven by Gravity in these two important videos, that surprisingly costs nothing.

The inclined bed therapy challenge 3 months after Andrew made predictions about how simply raising the head end of your bed by six inches would have a positive impact for people with a wide range of illnesses in his first interview. The results reported from our listeners are in. Listen to this interview to find out and please consider leaving your own comments in the ‘comment section’ below.




Good science is repeatable and predictable. Patrick Timpone, during his radio show, while interviewing Andrew K Fletcher about his discovery in circulation and Inclined Bed Therapy, asked his listeners to put Andrew's theory to the test. He then invited him back to give another interview and to listen to what has changed for people who decided to test IBT for themselves.

Andrew made predictions about neurological conditions improving, along with varicose veins, spine problems, snoring, sleep problems, night time urination and much more.

The second interview explains much more about IBT and in it Andrew states that no babies should be placed horizontally in a flat cot / crib and that he had been told that his discovery in circulation had solved Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by The Former Foundation For The Study Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, who were the main advocates of the Back to Sleep Campaign. The person that said this was Dr S. Chantler, who was the senior research advisor to the charity. The charity has since changed it's name to the Lullaby Trust. He adds that they did nothing to investigate his findings?

He also discusses a recent trial / study conducted independently into diabetes, which has shown that blood sugar can be reduced simply by raising the head end of the bed 6 inches / 15cm.