22nd October 1997
The Welfare Dept.,
Multiple Sclerosis Society
25 Effie Road
London SW6 1EE
Dear Sirs
I believe that you have now been made aware of the results of the trial regarding Mr. Andrew Fletcher's theory regarding the raising of the head of a bed by six inches and its effect on sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.
As Secretary of the Teignbridge Branch whose members took part in this experiment, I have seen the benefits that our members who took part and am very pleased on their behalf.
I know that you have to avoid building up peoples hopes with miracle cures, Andrew does not claim to cure people, only to help them.  So when are you going to go public with the other members of the Society.
I look forward to receiving your comments, I have no vested interest in this but I think Andrew deserves some recognition from the M.S. Society, he has put his life and soul into this project, which he has not done for monetary gain.
Yours faithfully
Sheila M. Bracey (Mrs)
Hon. Secretary - Teignbridge M.S. Branch

P.S. Incidentally a few of our members have also felt benefit from Yoga which they attend a class once a week.