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Dear Mr Cardy

Thank you for responding to the people who took time to write to you, many of whom I am sure would be trying this therapy and participating in this important study.

I will forward your letter to the people on my mailing list and hope that this will satisfy their need to understand the MS Societies position on the inclined bed therapy.

You say that neither you nor the MS Society are opposed to this therapy, yet you have done nothing to see whether it works or not and I find this hard to accept given the fact that the pilot study, reported by John Simkins, stated in 1997

that this should be investigated further.

If you doubt the validity of my work, then challenge it and conduct an independent study or help me to compile the statistics from this one.

Incidentally, the study that is running and proving highly effective is proof that it is not impossible to conduct a study and also proof that studies do not cost millions of pounds to conduct.

Your comments that it is practically impossible to conduct a trial of something that is thought to work with a whole range of unrelated conditions, raises some important considerations. For instance, did you know that most drugs used in

veterinary practice are exactly the same as those used for us? Or that many medicines are used to treat multiple conditions and that many conditions are treated with multiple drugs.

Also, you say unrelated conditions in your letter. This strikes to the very heart of my success, because I say that these conditions all have a common denominator, which I believe relates to the circulation of bodily fluids and posture in

relation to the effects of evaporation and gravity on said circulation. I would be delighted to show you my working models, which show irrefutable evidence for gravity driven circulation.

Several physiotherapists and no less than five neurologists-one of whom now sleeps inclined, have shown a great deal of interest in the logic behind the inclined bed.

Your comments of "If something starts to suggest convincingly that there is a specific effect for MS, then we may be able to do something, leaves me somewhat confused. Are you saying that you are now prepared to examine the data

from the study? Or are you saying that all of the evidence we have already collated is of little interest to the MS Society.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that the messages on the message board tell the whole picture. If everyone posted their reports on the message board the MS Society would have to act! Furthermore, the study is currently

showing evidence of long term progressive MS Reversal!

I ask you again to assist with this study.

Sincerely         Andrew K Fletcher