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Back problems, sugar levels, snoring, Smoldering Myeloma 2 weeks IBT

September 19, 2014 @ 7:42 pm Nicki

We started using IBT after listening to the first show with Andrew. I have to say that at first I was a little skeptical, mainly about the comfort aspect, 6 inches seemed like a lot.

Well, I absolutely love it and I will never go back to sleeping flat again.

My husband’s snoring has lessened considerably and we are both sleeping better now. I also have back problems which are improving and I can’t wait to go to bed at night now, it feels so good to have my spine stretched out.

Another benefit has been an improvement in blood tests that my husband had done to monitor his Smoldering Myeloma. We had only been using the inclined bed for a couple of weeks at this point
but we saw some improvement in most of his numbers including his blood sugar levels which is an important number where cancer is concerned.

Thank you so much for the show Andrew, Patrick and Sharon!



United States

Posted Date : 06-09-2017

Back Pain Sinus Headache after 1 week of IBT

David Brown says:
September 28, 2014 at 12:29 am

I have only been using the Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) for one week and have shown marked improvement in my health. I sleep better and when I awake I am clear headed and pain free. I have a bad back and would normally wake up with a sinus headache. Now I have no pain in my back or sinus headache upon awaking in the morning. Kudos, Andrew for finding and getting the word out about this amazing discovery. I now look forward to getting better not continuing to deteriorate. I have tried many conventional and alternative therapies, but none have had such a profound impact! I will try to spread the word of this amazing discovery and its benefits to mankind to all who will listen. https://oneradionetwork.com/health/andrew-k-fletcher-results-inclined-bed-therapy-follow-show-september-15

David Brown
United States

Posted Date : 06-09-2017

4 Months of IBT Edema, sciatica, sinuses, trapped nerve, improved sense of taste

4 months in now, sleeping well only waking up once maybe twice a night.

1.Edema in lower legs is gone!

2.I have had chrionic sciatica in my right leg for years..mostly tingling and weakness in right foot/big toe.I went through a period during the 3rd month where there was more pain...I think the nerves were waking up.Now the pain is gone,no tingling and the right big toe seems stronger.

3. Right shoulder used to click badly when I rotated it,surprisingly IBT seems to have fixed this too.

4.My sinuses have cleared out......amazing to wake up in the morning with both nostrils operating at full capacity.

5.No seasonal alergies .Lungs better at expelling foreign material.

6.A general feeling of being more in the moment and aware ,hard to describe.

7.I've always enjoyed food but yes   it does taste better.

8.I read uninterupted sleep can increase Testosterone production by 20% which would explain the inceased libido.

9.Pinched nerve in neck is unpinched.

All in all just amazing benefits and improvements.


Peter C
Posted Date : 16-08-2017

No more lower back pain

After half a year of IBT:

- Better sleep: able to sleep 9-10 hours if needed (previously the maximun sleeping time was 6 hours because of back pain)
- More energy in the morning

- No more lower back pain

- A little bit better skin. The skin improved notoriously with the daily consumption of avocado seeds tea

Thank you!!!

Andrew (from Germany)

Posted Date : 03-06-2017

Mrs jayne hackley

myself and my husband used to suffer with serious  lower back pain but after using inclined bed therapy after a short period of time it cleared up completely would definately recommend such a simple yet effective solution wish I'd discovered it years ago

Posted Date : 16-05-2017

Over 1 year later Nocturia, Cold Feet in Bed, back pain, snoring, sleep quality

 We did not do IBT  gradually, so the first week we didn't sleep so good. Only positive results with little or no  cost for this therapy sleep. Immediately our sleeping patterns changed, my  wife still snores but very light and usually stops on her own. For myself I rarely wake up at night to urinate  and when I wake in the morning there is no rush to go. The downside is that we need to bring our shims with us when we travel or we will not have a good nights sleep.  Living in northern Canada and nearly 60 years old  my feet are often cold prior to bedtime and couldn't sleep until my feet were warm, now my feet warm up very quickly.(without help)  Lower back pain was common for me and now is a thing of the past especially when I oversleep.  Andrew I hope your name goes down in history for reviving a method of sleep the Egyptians were using back in the day. God Bless!  Amazon sells a set of four blocks for under $25. 


Posted Date : 30-12-2016

A MIRACLE Chronic Back Pain

Following a schoolboy prank 50 years ago i have endured chronic back pain which has fluctuated between painful and unbearable pain. this has impacted so adversely on my life in many many areas. i have visited osteopaths and chiropractors on numerous occasions (sometimes once a week for extended periods) but have found this only to be a tempoary fix. for 50 years i thought that this was the best i would feel.

then in february 2016 i read about andrew's inclined bed therapy and agreed with the website 'what have i got to lose?' within days i was totally pain free - a miracle had happened!! i cannot emphasise just how beneficial this has been to my life - the only downside being that i have become a pest, extoling the virtues of IBT to those who will listen and to those who dont want to listen - they all get the same miraculous story!

to date i have several friends/family who have tried IBT and they all report improvements. all praise to Andrew, i cannot thank him enough.

Richard Heffernan

Posted Date : 07-07-2016

IBT also good for short term Inversion therapy

I have JUST discovered that I can lie the wrong way on my bed and get the EXACT same benefits I get using my inversion table! Holy moly!!

I've been sleeping on an incline for many years and probably couldn't sleep flat even if I wanted to BUT I got an inversion table when I heard that a woman had "cured" her carpal tunnel with one and it worked! But it's so big that it really needs its own room so when you take it down and put it up and take it down it gets to be a chore so I put it off.

I've always known that you don't have to hang completely upside down to get the traction/yoga-type benefits of an inversion table but it only recently ocurred to me that I might be able to get by with laying the wrong way on my bed and it WORKED!! I haven't been this excited since my carpal tunnel went away!! Holy moly!!

My bed is just over 6 inches at the head - here's what I do after being hunched over a computer keyboard all day: I lie on my back with my head at the FOOT of the bed. Then I do a couple of partial situps to over come the softness of the mattress. Then I put my arms straight over my head and stretch. Then twist my upper body one way and stretch, the other way and stretch, then pull my knees up to my chest for just a few seconds and BOOM! I feel like a new woman!!

I'm SO excited to have discovered this!! I had to share!!

Posted Date : 22-06-2016

Central Nervous System Disorder CCSVI MS

Anne FlahertyAnne Flaherty to Inclined Bed Therapy
3 March 2013 ·

IBT completely changed my life :) I had been struggling w central nervous system disorder severely for about 7 years when I came across the IBT advice. One Saturday night I decided to try simply a first run of raised torso - and on Sunday morn I could think more clearly, see more clearly, walk more easily, than I had in several years. That was Springtime 2009. Within in 6 months my doc wrote me an urgent letter to stop the thyroid meds and come in as so much had already changed. Within a year I was diagnosed with functional circulation issues that had not come to light until I was sleeping properly ( head higher than feet, on a slope, not just with pillows). By 2011 had vascular surgery to fix those functional issues (still doing IBT to this day) and received clarity of mind for first time in years. In 2012 it was discovered that the etiology of my central nervous system disorder (a major one with no cure) had been misdiagnosed for over ten years, (thanks to IBT helping me in 2009) and finally got on the proper medical protocol in 2012, and now it is 2013 and I am alive again, and continue my IBT - telling everyone! :)Andrew you are amazing!!

yes I am talking of CCSVI surgery - in fact, it was IBT that proved to me that CCSVI was legit and got me to pursue it!
Inclined Bed Therapy I'm not sure that CCSVI is a cause of ms, but I am certain that ms is a circulation problem and nothing to do with immune system attacking the myelin sheath. If it was this, then there would be no reason for people with ms to find their functions are restored at high altitude and return when back to lower elevation. There has to be a reason for supposedly damaged myelin to begin functioning and I still feel that the answer lies in the liquid crystal properties of myelin. This happened instantly so how can damaged myelin be repaired all be it temporarily within minutes of arriving at the top of a mountain?


Anne Flaherty yes! thank you so much. you speak what i have learned internally - it is amazing the politics surrounding the neurologists versus cardiologists (or rather, vascular surgeons). Here I have offered my body to science but received almost no relief, but for further destruction of my body. Then I used my own learning (and your IBT is so simple it is hard to "hear" I think!) and immediate relief, and within a couple years return to proper muscular functioning (nerve functioning) in my legs and my brain, no more impediment to opening my hands all the way, your theories (yes and I am aware that most have been scientifically proven) around how liquid moves and forms and settles or acts are all world changing, like the explorers who finally proved that the Earth is round, and ships would not fall off the edge..... (that was relatively recent too!) Peace to you, I pray for your success to reach others~~~~~

I am so crazy well I cannot even tell you! and
Andrew K Fletcher there is present talk in the MS comunity right now, that your sese about circulation is even more true: a few have found tremendous relief fm MS via chiropracty that focuses on the hemo
dynamics of circulation around the neck area, I will send a link asap. It seems it is exactly about circulation as you have stated! and the chiros involved agree and respect the ccsvi stuff but also point out the matter of bones compressing veins and causing the stenosis that is being found in all people w MS...!!!! I will connect you ll asap

6 May 2013 at 11:42 ·    From Facebook Group
MS CCSVI Spinal Cord
United States

Posted Date : 20-12-2015

Pain and Energy Level improvements from radio presenters

Conversation between Andy Young and Sean McGuire 15/09/2015

When I do catch up with on of your podcasts,  sake guys you are doing great work. I am so chuffed you on our station. Thank you very much Sean, it's kind of you to say so.  I am just overwhelmed by the response. I don't know if you caught the Inclined Bed Therapy Interview on we did with Andrew K Fletcher the other week?

Shut up,  look I'm ill and of course I have moved my bed up ha ha ha. It's amazing. Yes it was brilliant. I am getting people contacting me every day saying it's cured this, it's improved that. Myself and my partner we are both not terribly well but since we did that we have both got a reduction in pain. Yes. And we also wake up in the morning with a lot more energy which is a massive help.

Look you know I am walking around in constant pain. That's how I live my life, it is how I ended up on the radio I suppose, because I couldn't really do anything physical.


Exactly, look anything that improves and let me tell you, I went away for a weekend to a festival and I actually put my tent—well it wasn't my tent so I can thank the person that gave me the tent, I made it so that I was also on an incline when I was laying down and yes the pain was less and I don't know thinking back on it because it must have given me more energy because I did loads, it was amazing.

Andy Young and Sean McGuire
United Kingdom

http://www.peoplesinternetradio.com/profile/AndyYoung?xg_source=activity Posted Date : 20-09-2015


David Baines 18 Years Inclined Bed Therapy with Arthritis of the spine and Keratitis (eye inflamation)

Video Testimonial:

David Baines reporting he no longer suffers with arthritis of the spine and hands after inclining his bed 18 years ago. He also reports improvement in keratitis, which is an inflamation of the eye.

Click here to start the video where David shares his experience with IBT

Transcript with David's video timings for ease of navigation:

I met Andrew around 1993 I think
I think it was a bout 1995 96

95 96 right Time flies
It does

So I am assuming that you have tried the inclined
bed therapy David?

Yes well when I first met Andrew he mentioned
about the inclined bed and all of his research

with trees and things like that and the circulation
of nature and I decided to must have been

95 96 to buy an inclined bed off him and within
a few months he was so generous him and his

wife drove 350 miles north up to where I lived
and delivered the bed.

I was very grateful at the time.
I still am because I have slept on that bed

ever since and it took a while of perseverance
to adjust myself to it and it certainly paid

Could I ask what benefits you have attained

from it?
Well prior to meeting Andrew I had been an

instrument engineer working off shore almost
24 hours 7 days a week

In fact it was the disaster of Piper Alpha
in 1989 that decided me to chuck my construction

boots in, but at the time I was suffering
of all the following medical conditions.

Keratitis, which is an irritation of the eye
which doctors did not know how to cure it.

Tinnitus which they couldn't treat at the
time. Deafness because I had been working

off shore in a very noisy environment and
I also had a prolapsed disc for about maybe

20 years before I met Andrew.
That produced sciatica and by the time I met

Andrew I had arthritis of the spine and also
my fingers I couldn't bear to pick anything

up. In fact I used to play the piano and I
couldn't bear to touch the notes with my fingers.

Since then, having persevered with the inclined
bed six inches which Andrew made, all of those

conditions have virtually gone.
To be quite truthful, I have never needed

to see any doctors or medical physicians since
2001 and since that day I have never taken

any medical prescriptions or anything like
that whatsoever. It has been a gradual process

within my body. You can't have an agenda when
you start laying on an inclined bed, you are

just wasting your own time having an agenda,
thinking that yes I am going to get better

tomorrow or the next week or cure all ills
and things like that.

You have got to maintain a good life and sleep
on this inclined bed. And if you can persevere

it's going to be well worth it.
Sure sure

And what do you think that healed David Andrew?
What would be your assumption of it?

Well, David is one case of many and over 20
years I have heard many many cases like David's.

It seems to identify that the flat bed was
actually the cause of many of the problems,

possibly as he mentioned working on the rigs
being very damp as we discussed early a very

damp climate will have a double whammy affect,
in fact many of the people that work in the

fishing an the boats and trawlers you see
them walking around in the harbour areas and

they are crippled up with severe problems
with the skeletal frame, arthritis, doubled

over and not a great job like David's job.
So if we have identified that the flat bed

could have been the cause and if we take the
flat bed out of the equation we should all

get better.
I am not saying it is a cure all for everyone

but I have had success with spinal cord injury,
Parkinson's multiple sclerosis, even a problem

with human fertility believe it or not.
Influenza, chicken pox, so it boosts the immune

system as well. We tend not to get as ill
as we did when we slept on a flat bed, you

know if you get Man-flu the man usually lays
down flat and gets very ill

Ha ha ha
The wife doesn't get man-flu because she is

too busy running around looking after the
husband, so they are always upright and they

tend not to get as ill as the men and in fact
if we go back to the sweating sickness it

was probably the men that died more-so than
the women.

Ha ha ha
Talking about man flu and colds, I can't remember

how many years it has been since I had such
an event

Well David thank you very much for chipping

Thank you

You are more than welcome my friend
For me it tends to recycle your body energies

down to your feet more efficiently no matter
what salts, no matter what chemicals you have

got in your body everything has to be emitted
from your body and from your feet eventually

and your toes
It seems to do what I have just explained

Well I suppose that
your circulation is your healing energy and
that if it is able to get to everything then

it's obviously going to heal.
Well without circulation we are dead.

Yeah yeah yeah
Fascinating fascinating

I will play devils advocate just for one second
David. Is there anything that you reckon may

have helped your healing process other than
the inclined bed therapy?

Well I have never drunk alcohol for about
four or five years now and never smoked. Well

put it this way I smoked when I was about
30 for about 4 years and then I knocked it

That's erm 45 years ago ha ha

So effectively all you have done is pretty
much maintained a healthy diet and inclined

bed therapy and that has been it?
In fact when I stopped working offshore I

was over 15 stone in weight and because of
all the good food that they supply to you

in the meals off shore. That 15 stones is
now slimmed down to about 11 and a half stones

in the last 20 odd years.
And I have just maintained that weight and

I enjoy my eating so it must be the bed.

David A Baines.
United Kingdom

Posted Date : 28-07-2015


Slipped Disk, Arthritis, Sciatica, Oedema, Tinnitus, Varicose Veins.

Having left the offshore Oil / Gas industry in 1992 after 34 years as an Instrument Design Engineer, my medical problems at age 52 years were so disabling that I had to use a walking stick most times for four years due to the absolute weakness on the left side of my body - it felt as if there was nothing there. Consequently without my friendly stick I became very unbalanced -falling from my ankle which did not feel there at that moment. Conversely the right side of my body began to take the weight off my left side. This had a big muscular reaction. I developed large varicose veins down my right lower leg, I lost mobility in my right shoulder, thigh and hip. My right arm I could not lift above my shoulder it was so painful.

When the above was occurring around 1992 I was attending my doctor's surgery every week and was diagnosed with the following...

1.   Slipped Lumbar disc

2.   Keratitus (eye infection - medical - unknown cure)

3.   Tinnitus (ringing in both ears)

4.   Sciatica - left leg. severe paralysing pains throughout my body. Most times I walked or stumbled doubled up.

5.   Arthritis of the spine and fingers (afraid of touching anything)

6.   Varicose veins in right lower leg.

7.   Right leg thick fluid swelling below the knee, left leg was similar but not as pronounced.

During these months and years I was daily absorbing a very large amount of medical prescribed tablets from my doctor. Side effects were insomnia and stomach and leg cramps during the night.

Whilst studying in Devon in 1994 I met Andrew Fletcher and his wife and explained my health problems. I studied Andrews literature on sleeping on a slope, which I was very dubious about at first. They then brought my 6 inch sloping bed (designed by Andrew) up to Teesside the following year. This distance from Devon to Teesside was; as his wife said "almost like driving to Scotland" (in those days there were very few motorways)

On delivery,Andrew said the only thing I suggest is to persevere sleeping on the new bed for at least 2 months. NINETEEN years later every night I enjoy my beautiful sleeps on my 6 inch sloping bed - never ever to return to a flat bed.

So what has changed in 19 years?

1.   Slipped disc - I do not have any pains except for stiffness early morning, but that disappears through the day.

2.   Keratitus - disappeared within weeks never to return.

3.   Tinnitus - disappeared also within weeks never to return.

4.   Sciatica - disappeared over a period of one year - never to return. Walking stick used for firewood.

5.   Arthritis - disappeared within one year. I could play my piano again without pain!

6.   Varicose veins - drastically reduced, still visible.

7.   Right leg thick fluid swelling - slight fluid to low leg however the more I exercise during the day the less it becomes. Left leg also.

Side effects - gone completely.

After six months of starting to sleep on my sloping bed I weaned myself off ALL drugs. Then from 1996 I occasionally took my own soft drugs from over the counter. However since 2001 I have NEVER taken any form of drugs; either prescribed or otherwise. All residue "Harsh"pain has vanished. What I can say; in all honesty is that now I can MANAGE my day to day pain, and that body management becomes the main purpose of my life. I have taken complete responsibility of my health. Something I would of never of thought possible.

I am extremely grateful towards Andrew Fletcher for having discovered this simple raised bed principle and persistently evolving it under extreme adverse media and medical pressure.

Thank you again Andrew.


David A Baines.

David A Baines.

Posted Date : 15-04-2015

Lower back pain Pain in left hip on walking distance Disturbed sleep patterns

01/10/2008 21:50:03 »

Hi Andrew,

I am Alun's wife (I must have sinned in a previous life!)
I have recently started on IBT and just wanted to post a few of the observations I have made over the past three weeks.
Firstly I have to say that if anyone was a cynic to this process it would have been me, like a lot of people we are all programmed like robots to believe that whatever a medical professional tells us must be right, so the idea that you should sleep inclined in the opposite direction to that which is conventional was a mystery to me. Alun began this process about 3 months ago and I have closely watched his progress. I have to say that the bed looked very uncomfortable but he stuck with it and has gained so much from this process. I have seen him gain confidence, a definite improvement in his varicose veins but above all he no longer has constant pains in his legs and this is something that has bothered him for some 30 years.
It was this that persuaded me to give it a go.

I am fortunate to have little medical problems but a brief description would be;

Lower back pain
Pain in left hip on walking distance
Disturbed sleep patterns
Some spider veins

Now out of these the lower back pain has got to be the worst. In 2005 we purchased a very good quality bed, our excuse was 'look after your back you spend a lot of time in bed'
Well the back pain began and has continued every-night since.

Since beginning the IBT I have to say, and this is an honest evaluation, I have slept like a baby, it is complete bliss and definitely not uncomfortable.
I wake up pain free almost every morning and this is a huge improvement. I used to hold back from drinking before bed because I knew I would definitely be up during the night, now this is not the case. I can drink as much as I like and not wake up.

I am drinking a lot more, sometimes 3 litres of liquid(not tea or coffee) in a day.
I still get the pain in hips on walking a distance but I genuinely don't suffer for 2-3 days afterwards as I used to.
I definitely feel more energetic.
I have not noticed a significant difference in my asthma yet but this is difficult as it is worse during summer months or when I have a cold.

In the first few days I had really bad heads and spots and I can only assume that these symptoms were caused by the amount of toxins that were being flushed from my body at that time. The odd morning I will wake up with a headache that is similar to that you would have after a real good night out. On these mornings I know that I must drink a lot more and this clears.
I have felt tingles/nerve flutters in my legs and sometimes hands, more in the first week, but still occasionally.
My period normally follows the same pattern, though not always regular. As well as the usual mood swings etc, I will have back ache for a couple of days before hand and restless sleep, stomach ache for the first day, then I will have a headache for a day or so after the end of my period. This last one though came without any warning, and this is something that has only ever happened on one other occasion. Don't know at the minute whether this is good or not.
I have not noticed any significant change with the spider veins but I know it is early days and to me this is not that important.

Overall, I can honestly say I feel a lot healthier, I have more energy, I sleep so much better and don't regret it at all. I would definitely recommend it and urge people to try it. I am amazed that simply adjusting the angle of your bed can make such a difference.

Thanks Andrew!


Posted Date : 13-04-2015

My Experience Deanna Castro

Inclined Bed Therapy - IBT - My Experience

Deanna has suffered with ruptured vertebrae and excruciating pain since she injured her back. IBT has helped Deanna recover her health and life.

Transcript from Deanna's video:

This is Deanna Castro here, I want to tell you about this amazing thing that I have found, called Inclined Bed Therapy.

A man named Andrew K Fletcher, he invented it, he discovered it. And what it is is that you raise the head of your bed six inches and with that all kinds of things are healed.

I have seven disks that are bulging, three in my neck and four in my back.

And a man in a wheelchair who couldn't walk and who was told he would never walk again is up and walking.

So I figured if Inclined Bed Therapy or (IBT) could do that for him, what would it do for me?
And I have been doing it for 4 nights now and I have noticed a lot, my skin is clearer

There is oh my neck feels so much better.

As I move throughout the day, my neck has been gently popping and it feels really good.

I am more rested, I am having more dreams, not necessarily bad ones, just dreams and when I do lay flat, I laid on the floor the other day and I noticed that my chest was super heavy and my heart had to work so much harder.

The other cool thing is that m15 cm bed / furntiture risers / raisers suitable for Inclined Bed Therapyy son was sick and his is always sick for ever and my brother in law, head had the same symptoms and was sick for a week and my son was over coughing and a runny nose in 24 hours, which was pretty amazing, that never happens.

And my daughter, shed didnt have her bed on risers yet and she caught the same thing and it's been hanging around for a couple of days so hopefully the hardware store will be open today, it wasn't yesterday and I can get her bed inclined as well.

And I just wanted to quickly show you what it looks like with the risers, it's super cheap, we wnet to Ace Hardware and spent $15 maybe on the risers, you get a set of four IBT suitable bed raisers.

You only need two, so I put two on our bed and two on my Son's bed.

And then my Daughter is going to get another two and the other two will go in my bag while I am travelling. So in the hotels I can raise my bed.

So yeah you gotta try it, it's fantastic, anybody who has high blood pressure, ms, any kind of back problems, anybody who is alive really should try it because it is awesome!

I will link Andrew K Fletcher's Website below so be sure and check it out, he has a lot more information and he can tell you all of the scientific things about it. And there are some testimonies on there as well.

And I already have one other person trying it, my aunty said that she slept really really well, last night was her first night and she is well rested and my Husband he said that he has noticed his posture has improved and I can see that too. I feel like I have grown because my neck isn't compressed as much so that's pretty awesome.

Okay, I will show you.   This is what my bed looks like while it's on the incline.

This is the bed riser. it's like a little bucket that you put under the wheel of your bed and since we have a king-size bed we actually had to improvise a little on the middle there.

You can see I stacked up some magazines, well my husband did it. And my Back Book, well we put that under the middle leg :)

And then the other leg on the other side has one of those little buckets.

And that's it Bye



Deanna Castro

Posted Date : 08-04-2015