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    • NEW THEORY FOR FLUID TRANSPORT How does water real...
    • Thanks, this is more proof that trees are circulating sap, rather than the "thought up" one way lift through porous leaves" Animation of branches and leaves at night can be explained with changes in pressure, as the evaporation slows down along with sap cooling. Applying more tension to the sap on one side of a tree, and lowering the pressure of the sap in the xylem would cause the soft wood branches to bend and twist and releasing the tension and raising the sap pressure at night should cause the branches to move back in the opposite direction. high and low humidity can also affect internal pressures. Great find :)
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    • NEW THEORY FOR FLUID TRANSPORT How does water real...
    • Hullo Just came across this. They think the tree is involved in pumping. excerpt: Short-term plant movements are caused by changes in water pressure within tissues. It is generally assumed that water transport in trees takes place as a steady-state process with no variations faster than the day and night cycle. The new findings suggest that short-term change in water transport and tissue pressure is widespread. Journal article here: András Zlinszky, Anders Barfod. Short interval overnight laser scanning suggest sub-circadian periodicity of tree turgor. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 2018; 13 (2): e1439655 DOI: 10.1080/15592324.2018.1439655
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Myelin only grows in accordance to the direction of gravity!

Hello people with ms and neurological damage, is it time to wake up to Inclined Bed Therapy?

The damaged nervous system only grows in one direction!

Just like seedlings grow in the direction of gravity and just like the tendrils grow in jelly fish, there is a clear pattern of nerve regeneration using an inclined bed that is being ignored and yet here is the evidence that supports the fact that nerves grow in only one direction.

In the spinal cord injured patient and indeed the patient with multiple sclerosis, damaged nerves in the main nervous system are frequently and erroneously thought to be beyond repair. Yet we have seen that this is clearly not the case?

If we sleep for 8 hours on a flat bed. Gravity is working against the nervous system and confusing the direction of growth. So instead of those myelin tendrils reaching down to find the correct pathway below the injury site, they simply bunch up and eventually contract.

Free vertical growth of myelin figures
(1) The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, JAPON
(2) Sumitomo Chem. Co., Ltd., Shinkawa, Chuou, Tokyo, 104-8260, JAPON
Résumé / Abstract
Myelin figures which grow from a floating egg-yolk lecithin lump on a surface of water/glycerin mixture have been found to grow only vertically towards the bottom of a glass cell and never to grow horizontally along the medium surface nor radially. The structure of the growing myelin figures is basically simple rod-like or a bundle of a few simple rods. Helixing, twisting or coiling myelin figures were never observed under the present experimental condition. Taking the results obtained from the reported growth behaviour of myelin figures into consideration, it is proposed that one of the driving forces of helixing, coiling and twisting growth of myelin figures is thought to be due to a chemical potential difference caused by a concentration gradient along the radial direction perpendicular to the long axis of a myelin figure. The hydrocarbon chains in the fully hydrated stacked bilayer of myelin figures are proposed to he in a more ordered state than reported so far. The arrangement of hydrocarbon chains, both in myelin figures and in an egg-yolk lecithin/water complex, and the density of them also will be discussed.

Revue / Journal Title:  Molecular crystals and liquid crystals science and technology. Section A, Molecular crystals and liquid crystals ISSN 1058-725X
Source:2001, vol. 363, pp. 157-165 (13 ref.)

Editeur / Publisher
Gordon and Breach, Philadelphia, PA, ETATS-UNIS (1992-2002) (Revue)
INIST-CNRS, Cote INIST : 12857, 35400009997272.0130

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